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Can You Still Have Great Sex Over 70? | This Morning

Can You Still Have Great Sex Over 70? | This Morning14 Oct. 2016
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Liz Hodgkinson would like

Liz Hodgkinson would like to know.

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Mother Ejected from Water Park for Skimpy Swimsuit; Madelyn Sheaffer Kicked Out by Adventure Oasis

Mother Ejected from Water Park for Skimpy Swimsuit; Madelyn Sheaffer Kicked Out by Adventure Oasis5 Jul. 2013
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Madelyn Sheaffer says

Madelyn Sheaffer says Adventure Oasis in Missouri discriminated against her full figure.

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She looked good for 42 in that swim suit.

Steve Brown

She might be the new owner of that park soon....?

Richard Mccloud

She looks good


Wow that's terrible Miss Sheaffer. You don't deserve that. God bless you.

jeff b

Mama thick n fine as hell if I was single n she was down I'd most definitely make a move on her....she got the kind of body u can have fun with


I'd have to see them/her up close to make a educated decision.

Stan Weems

Boycott Missouri

Luis Lopez

You look great


Madelyn is a very attractive woman.

Jack Donald

You are super hot i would have.never put u out mervy


This was nothing but jealousy on the parks side


She's Cute!!!!!????????????????

Martin Sims

The police should have arrested the owners, and that place should be renamed "Misadventure Park". That woman has done nothing wrong, and she has got nothing to be ashamed of. Shame on those "responsible" (irresponsible?) for that park, that woman being there was an asset. I hope she gets an apology, and full compensation. Best figure in the place!

Rich Balam

Madelyn is so beautiful!!

toyo 250

There was absolutely nothing wrong with what she had on, I've seen women with a lot less on than that, curvery she is but its not out of the ordinary, this was discrimination at its best!

Daniel Canizalez

She looks muy mamacita and there were a lot of haters in that place ?

Cesar Eyzaguirre

Women, would you be very offended to see a half naked man who is hot?

Aaron Jones

this reminds me of that tall BUILT BLACK BEAUTY at gym fit that was kicked out for looking "too good/ gymtimidation", remember that story????

Greg Singleton

It was them big ole tit tayssssssss!

Angel Serrano

Imagine how blatantly jealous and petty the person who complained looked. I mean who would actually want to be the one to expose how jealous they are like that? Some ppl are just dippy and clueless. I mean the mother looks great but i can't imagine her being the only one dressed like that though.


She looks great boycott the park give them hell !

Scott Rupe

Madelyn your very beautiful sexy gorgeous beautiful woman. I would worship you.


There was a Black doctor on a plane that was told the same. But she claimed it was racist.


She can come to my pool any day!!

Phillip Montano

I think she was discrimated because of her age nothing was said to the teenage girls dressed the same way


Domestic Terrorist
With two Huge Weapons

Samuel Beckley

I feel sorry for her...?



robert johnson

OMG she'd be perfect for ME, I'd be honored and delighted to be her consort. Yum.

Hank Hill

Bitches are just jealous and dads eyes are probably glued on that ?

brandon brown

Superviser must be gay


Shame on the staff there . That's pure discrimination. I hope they lose every single customer because of this and should go out of business. Disgusting.

Dean Ward

Sue the water park I would

Robert Aldridge

You're nasty looking in your body


The fat pig should be swimming in mud...!


Lawsuit!!!! get paid mama!!!!

kev morris


Jacob Rawlins

Two thumbs up!

Kamuran Deliormanli

1:04 are these gunshots?

Rick Hoebing

They were jealous

Robert Zeurunkl

1:03 - Nothing more American than conducting a TV interview with gunfire in the background. LOL

Carlos Hodgson

Yeah you have a mature body...please cover up YOUR TEEN YEARS ARE GONE!


Did she where bikini's like that before she lost the weight , and Was she kicked out of any water parks before she lost 100 lbs ?
AAAANNNNNDDD ,,,,,,, She has an amazing future outlook.

Kathryn Drury

You are not ‘a girl’ lady!

Steve Psolomitis

Motor boat! Nom nom nom

Kushal BR


Michael Givens

She looks amazing! You wear that bikini girl!?


Meanwhile girls are wearing thong bikinis now like it's normal... LOL


That is a regular bikini but she is stacked


She made a good point. If management is concerned with appropriate attire then they need to apply that rule to everyone. I think she looked great.. She’s mature enough to wear that bikini. I wouldn’t let my teenage daughter dress like that though. Not with these lust driven and perverted creeps roaming around.

Patrick Chess

So they tell a healthy sexy full woman tht her normal 2 piece bikini is bad & I’m not trying to be mean but all while big Bertha sits on the edge or in the chair with her one piece or 2 piece with the stomach cover thing with it getting all rolled up & having her ass & cooter hanging out from the wedgie she got the first 5 min there & can’t reach to pull it out?????? Again I’m not trying to disrespect anyone but if we’re gonna draw a line based on a “family environment” & decent, I healthy 40 something woman in great shape wearing the same style as the majority of others is more decent than Berthas camel toe, fupa, & ass cheek rolls hanging out

Arvind Ahuja

To be honest she's too busty & needs to cover up

Corey Polk

So sexy. If she was skinny, they would love her. She is hottttttt.

Ed Selman

O or

LedBy MyIntuition

Oh wow its just skin... They are the perves!

Eddie agostini

Wow. Not bad for an old woman.


Prude America...

Danny Perrier

Just got this recommendation ? Honestly she looks good


She looks like a body builder

Edgar Garcés


Jason M

7 years later, where's the same bikini?

justin c

Jealous ass moms bitching. She should sue......

The Bryant Family

She is beautiful and not even big at all they would never get my business ever they should boycott them

Mike Rose

I wouldn't even call it a string bikini.

Werewolf O. London, Esq.

The Twist: It was her daughter who secretly complained about her, out of jealousy!


Some jealous Karen’s were probably mad because she’s beautiful

bob tony

i'd kick crow out as well, uh

Murphy walk

The girls were out to play ?

Keit Ngo

I think she is pretty ? hot is she single

Dallas DautermanDallas

I call it discrimination pure and simple


To make an informed decision I would need 50 or 60 more photo's.

BeyondTheHorizon - Imagine

Boners Just Boners Everywhere
Men with ding-dongs and their packages

They Feel it Boning
They Feel It Boning.

Richard Raven

How can someone's body, in a bikini, be inappropriate? She wasn't nude.

Scott Rupe


Charlie Adams

Show it off

nicholas steiner

Uuuhhh, how is that a “skimpy” swimsuit again? I mean did people just forget that and micro bikinis are a thing? How is THIS newsworthy exactly?

Chasity Randolph

She looked amazing. They were hating on her.

Geoff Cheasman

Nothing wrong with what you was wearing perhaps some people were just jealous of your body

Kidcag Cag

the compliments that she even lost 100 lb and she was happy to wear the bikini is an accomplishment in herself and I did not see anything wrong those people should be lawsuit for their actions and criminal action about not being fair

Red VB

That's one good lookin Woman!!

Guilty Light

It's a friggin' water park! She had on a pretty standard bikini. The kind of thing you'd probably see at a local community pool. Yeah she's got amazing curves, but that shouldn't matter. What the hell is even wrong with people. What, do they want anyone with larger than average boobs to show up in a poncho?

Mark One

I think she looks great, she reminds of the 50's and 60's movie stars, Monroe, and her ilk, fuller figured women.


Hot mama.

Booger's Movie, Food, TV, and Drink Reviews

She is rather buxom. Of course all the Karens probably complained.

Carl Grillo


Joe Mama

What ever happened to modesty?

Anthony L. Nolan

Mom looks damn good.

Terry Mcgill

She's milking it a bit too much

Donna Spencer

Go Madeline you look great ? keep sporting the suit


WTH its a regular bikini. It's not a thing nor is it sleazy. They just .ad because she's 40 and she has more curves than them.
I LOVE IT ....s*** I'll buy you another one

Richard Brake

Oceans of Fun is better anyway. Heck with Adventure Oasis....


She looks great, no doubt.
I doubt it had anything to do with her age, as she stated (only being 42 at the time).
If by chance you ever see this, congrats on the weight loss! ?

Jon skelin

She should have taken her bikini off and slap the manager with it.

jet dog

Oh yeah must cover up because she has breasts?


Do you know what we would say about such women who insist on trying to get attention by flaunting their bodies in such ways???.....Let's date them!

Roger Phillips

Those are fake. She is going to fall out. Watermelons should be in a grocery store.

billy mcfadden

She is hot AND powerful. Someone is jelly

Drive Rite

Wrong! It should be the same rule for everyone, pour management

Aaron Long

You could say the other women were catching their hubbies with some chubbies...

I'll see myself out.

Chosen Fallen

Mofos were jealous of her. Those other woman are nothing but lazy cows.

Emma Thompson Got Mistaken For A Naked 50 Year Old Man | The Graham Norton Show

Emma Thompson Got Mistaken For A Naked 50 Year Old Man | The Graham Norton Show24 Jan. 2020
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Dame Emma Thompson got

Dame Emma Thompson got mistaken for a naked 50-year-old man after taking a bath in a pond.

#TheGNShow #TheGrahamNortonShow #GrahamNorton

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Comments (100)

Not a good look for Emma.

sarita si

One of my favorite artists of ALL time


God I love this woman so much

Denise B

I think she tried to have finger waves in her hair to go with her unique outfit - but maybe she forgot to take the clips out? ?

Jenny Rust

I just love Emma she’s hilarious

BrendA McCall

She is a man! Just look at it.

Diane Taylor

What on earth is up with that hairdo? I hope it doesn’t happen to her again.

howi seeit

Wth is she doing with her hair?


Well to be fair to the mistaken identity. She does look like a 52 year old man.

Swagger x

Is no one talking about how Emma swiftly changed to Scottish accent when imitating the policeman? okay.

John Jarou

Emma Thompson is a hero to me. she speaks for the Palestinians!!!!

Anna Oeur

I need to find myself a man who looks at me like how Robert looks at Emma when she speaks


This is hilarious!!

david johnson

Emma Thompson' looks horrible. What's going on?

Daniela Mwatsuma05


vicky leigh

She reminds me of me when I’m pinning my hair with clips so I can dye my roots

Ninian MacMillan-Keith

What a dreadful hair do!


Well now, I love her even more. Great actress. Funny & down to earth. ??

Shiza Rehman

Seriously who has the guts to dislike this video !!
Props to the research team ! ????????

DoubleDJ 93

I personally don’t get it the people that say she isn’t feminine lol. I’ve thought she was hot all the way back since I first saw her in Junior lol ?


What is up with her hair???


i just realized it's house and stark on a couch! Just imagine the banters they could have!


Emma u beautiful English lady

A Whi

Imagine if Wendy researchers had half the skills as Graham’s ? Gotta love how Graham gets celebs to tell on themselves

Jennie H

Love her!

shivaji ghosh

She's the best mate you want to gather around in the pub after a few rounds

Peipei Yang

Just saw her at Selfridges yesterday

Maria Montis

Ahahahah ?

Paul Bundy

RDJ is all ‘Can’t wait time tell my wife!’
And Hugh Laurie is just...imagine that. Just. Imagine it.

Ankit Baral

0:07 is me whenever anyone comes to me with gossip

Lelia Simmons

The violet wool metabolically switch because bracket booly pump inside a shaggy dust. perfect, helpless find

Lomate *

Has Emma left her wig in her dressing room ?

John Johansen

Love Emma! ?

Rambling Rose

I am trying to figure out the hair clips holding the finger waves in place .Is it a new thing ?

Jiggy D

Omg so fun my ????????

Jane Spencer

Even on my worst day, Graham and his couch buddies make the world feel alright. Thanks.


Why is Emma Thompson wearing Cookie Monster?


Please, someone clones Emma Thompson!



With THAT hair you DO look like a 62 year old man.


She is absolutely extraordinary??


She looks like a cross-dressing man in that get-up. It's no wonder she was mistaken for a 50-year-old man.

Dux Nihilo

I like to think this is an alternative reality in which Mr Hophouse and Ms Surname got married and met Iron Man.

I. Ma

More like a 70 year old man !

Kathryn esq

Emma should never have married Kenneth Branagh. Hugh Laurie for the win!

Rafi Sadia


Teresa WastingTime

Look at Huge imagining the scene as the story begins. She s AMAZING!!!

Robert Drake

craziest hair I've ever seen.

Goster Strutton

Here stays galin where zendin once was


Emma’s hair looks like it wasn’t completed ?


Is that Emma? I thought it was Sophia the robot with wrinkles to make her look older

Jamie Hanson

24 Minutes of the Greatest Kobe Bryant NBA Finals Highlights!


Shadow Heart

The booking is on fire. Jim Carrey next week? Yes, please!

Swagger x

rdj is clearly low-key gay. lol love him

CJ Cusack

we know Hugh was remembering young Emma ...

Lori Wolfcat

I liked how she explained it better on Jonathan Ross. You got to hear the longer, funnier version.

Maggie Two Sticks

50? She looks like a 90 year old.


She makes me sick actually. Anti British, anti monarchy, anti Brexit and self-obsessed yet makes her money playing up to her Englishness. Hypocrite.

Vicky 12

For those who've been wondering a bit: Sure there's research (and finding an old interviews with entertaining anecdotes is a lot of research)! He doesn't just come up with questions himself ten minutes before the show starts. But needless to say, it's all being discussed with the guest('s agents) in advance, no host just hits their guests with wild stories in front of the studio audience least of all such intimate private information (unless the guest is fine with)! In the States, they go as far as to rehearse and practically fake the end result, it's what they refer to as 'pre-interviews' (unless a guest desists from it. Jerry Seinfeld usually does ... but also ends up complaining about more US journalists than any of his colleagues^^). Thank God Graham Norton's concept of entertainment isn't nearly that forced and just wonderfully authentic ... despite the normal meetings for artistic, logistic and legal reasons, that I've mentioned - Yet another reason this man is far more smooth and smart than other hosts: His natural quick-witted manner of putting on spontaneity makes you forget that chats are (to a certain point) scripted. ???

Hey by the way, why is Thompson still wearing her hairgrips?! ?


And the deal with her hair? Somebody? Please?

Diane Overcash

What is up with her hair?


A Footlights mini reunion

Aymen Hussain

They need to do the best of Emma Thompson video cuz her stories every time are too entertaining!

forest demon ddaeng

I thought she was gonna say they're so low they read as a flat chest but she really took it to the next level lmao

Bronwyn Jones

what in gods name is going on with her hair

Goster Strutton

Well anna kendriks killing western civilization as we know

Kurious Kitty

love Emma!


Her accent is fantastic.

Bitter Beauty

I hope she doesn’t bring shoulder pads back into fashion.

Lee-Anne Barrett

What has Emma Thompson done to her hair she looks like a character out of the early years of coronation street, all she needs is a hair net.

Maureen Wagg

I love Emma so much. I love her. She is so real and honest and naturally funny.


RDJ looks delighted at this whole experience.

joe bob 47

emma. still the Great One.


Emma Thompson HORROR HAIR

The Plane Truth

Emma is into earthing au naturale

Beka Emery

ayy some of my favourite actors on the couch!

BreezyGirl 313

I love Emma!! ?? Is she wearing the Tall Girl outfit?!! Too cool! ????

Goster Strutton

Hackedelorted phone station and glent cone hesitation.

Demon twist and the la mist

Mary Vislovsky

Watch our episode of Stressed Election to see how four years of reforms (and lots and lots of paper) helped officials make this the most secure election ever held in the U.S.:

Patricia Bilinkas

Emma is a genius. Love the hair.

Goster Strutton

Another one from tibees and clever clumpter

Greta V.


Archie Olmstead

Whats with her hair??

Blanca Maria [Müller-Lagunez]

What the hair????

Steve Alderley

Fan of Emma Thompson but wtf is that hair about.

Eugene Lim

0:51 Hugh Laurie trying (and failing) to imagine Emma Thompson traipsing naked amongst sheep

Polly Anna



Robert got so excited at "commune"

Goster Strutton

Please ignore any negative comments, about 19 email ids have been hacked.

howi seeit

Ena Sharples hair!

Steve Godwin

WTF is going on with Emma Thompson's hair? Did she explain this in an earlier part of the show?

Priya Taklalsingh

"I was So embarrassed "
Tells the story to millions of viewers

Jo So

Emma Thompson’s hairdo and outfit are absolutely awful !

Lee-Anne Barrett

How ridiculous does Emma Thompson look

Richard Paxford

"Yes baby! They're all yours!"

Agen Dior

It seems to be a trend that talk show hosts get their guests to talk about the same stories repeatedly

Olina Plašilová

Get Gillian Anderson on that sofa please ?


MRS Thompson??

Tim Tobias

I love the 52 year old man!!! Robert Downey's expressions are PRICELESS!

Ali Gattor

Brits are so funny !

Ziggy Laurie

Hugh’s face though?