How do women think

How Do Women Think About Men? ft. @Seema Anand StoryTelling | TheRanveerShow Clips

How Do Women Think About Men? ft. @Seema Anand StoryTelling | TheRanveerShow Clips25 Oct. 2020
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Seema Anand explains how do women think about men. She also shares her personal thoughts about the same. She also touched various other sensitive topics like sex, physical intimacy, etc. further in the podcast. Seema Anand is a London-based mythologist, practising storyteller and a doctor of narrative practices. She lectures on the Kama Sutra and is an acknowledged authority on Eastern Erotology. Her TED talk on 'The Art of Seduction' on YouTube has been viewed more than 8 million times. She also delivers courses on the Mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita, Tantric philosophy and the Mahavidyas. Her book "The Art Of Seduction" is one of the best selling books of all time.

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Comments (100)
Surendar kumar Agarwal

Good ❤️?

Ashish Yadav

It's all about different phases in life , a teenage girl in 15 would like one type , the same girl in 20s would start liking other type of guys and the switch in taste goes on for entire life , we humans are not monogamous by biology , we need different partners at different phases of life , nature designed us polygamous but society imposed monogamy , all man and woman should have freedom for smooth transition of partners

Rajesh Angad

Ye interviewer aise idiot jaise expression aur body language de reha hai. Gay kahi ka ??. Obviously needless to say lady also is rubbish in all the way

malay rabidas

Bhai tu subscriber badhane k liye kya kya karega?

jocya arafat

Your English hurting my ears .

Troy Jones Sr

The Woman said: Don't be a fake because artificial people will be exposed in time. There is someone for everyone, be intelligent but don't be a jerk. Have some sense of humour because life is only serious in certain moments. Beauty is in one's mind and the substance of a person last much longer that good looking temporary flesh.. It's not Rocket Science people, just turn off the television garbage and grow the hell up..?????✊??☝

Movie House

Aunty ko ab yh KAAM chor dainy chahiyan. Dua krny kee age main abhee bhee bndon sa attract hona ha kya

Sandeep Rathee

Dono may kisi ko bi shram hai ya nhi y budi to bilkul ....

where quarintine has led me too

Iska tharak nahi khatam hok raha
Ab ye ghodde ki hi leke manegi

Raj Suryavanshi

Why is he looking down....?

soumyadeep Mondal

Ye Paisa Bolta Hain, ?


Dear Ranveer..
Plis, don't use your hand so much that people forgot to listen you?

Amazing Facts Kingdom



what man looks in woman:
1. face
2. Hair
3. voice
4. neck
5. color
7. hips
9. feets
10. woman who are feminine not feminist

Rishi Jain

Test your girl when you have Nothing and Test yourself when you have everything.

Ritz D

You are so hot

Nikita G

What Mam said is very true...the conversation that lasts long is most seductive things for majority high quality woman

SK Akbar

Sb bekar ki chz.. Do din bd sara attractiveness nkl jta h


Every women has her own theory but only real men knows how to achieve target ?

Sannakalla Nagendra

You don't need any advices when you are rich and successful

Sandeep Meena

Lol ! Go to hell..i will be whatever i am..and this is not my ego, this is attitude of my personality..i know i am best, i know i am not better than any other..i will make myself better for me..I don't care if i get a girl or not, at least i can live a life which i need to become slave of any other point of view..just stop your all bad habits and negative thinking and focus on your career and personality ✌

Ahmed Sait


Aditya D

Paisa hone ke baad ap handsome bhi hona chhiye aur apko achhi baate bhi ane chahiye.!!


7.7 billion people in this world has got 7.7 billion tastes and perceptions in life.. So we all have our own perceptions and we all different to one another,, I accept what she says and really loved to listen her mind and views,,, I never listened her talks before and this was my first,, it was really nice and never wanna listen this anymore..,,,, whatever was wonderful,,, let everyone on this planet live there life in there own ways and tastes,, before we die.. And for me communication or love or emotions or hate nothing really matters or is of my taste..... I believe everything is temporary and you carry only till your death..... So enjoy it to the best of you can...... Smash with some chicks or some hot guys.... Chase for hot ones.. Keep rocking....

k_ k_

Buddhi ka make up utaro pehle then c dragqueen will come

vamsi krishna

It would be better if he looks at her and speak...


Aunty is very excited.... imagine what she has done in her ages...bang bang....

El Profesor

Itne saare men's qualities sirf Sadguru me milenge.

chandra Bhanu

Why this guy is always looking down. ?lolll are you scaring for eye contact.


She had a lot of experience ?,low quality women signs

Evolved species

Honestly if i found someone like her i won't even try ?

Danger Hub ❶

whose aunty is this?


@Boys just beware of girls and women focus on your career first....all these materialistic things will come in your enjoy and explore ur self first....??

Gooki Kumar

Conversation se phele bta..ladki baat hi na kare shakal dekh kya kare..

Sameer Keeran

Seema anand you can sleep with anyone who talks with you good and make you laugh, certainly, but this not a bad thing. Society is a taboo. Madam I also have same taste like you ❤️ you?


Just be yourself and work on becoming better. Rest things will get into places. Leave women as a motivation and work on yourself.

Aman Tiwari

Who cares about woman.... Get life

Usha Ramaswamy

I agree with her,sense of humour,is Vital.

Surendar kumar Agarwal

Nice ❤️❤️??

Leelavathi Leelavathi

From one brother to another
Please please listen to
Patrice O Neal , for any advice on women and relationship in general

Vineet Yadav

बुढापे में भी कितनी सेक्सी लग रही हो!

Ronald Mcdonald



If you talk bout majority women in India - its money and looks.

Intellect and character doesn't matter much to em. Period

Amruth Yadav

Jo ladki hamko chahiye use hum nahi chahiye
Jis ladki ko hum chahiye o kisko chahiye...

Razi Khan

Why is he looking down


Oo yaar
She is being philosophical in this ,
Majority of people won't understand what she is saying .
Just be straightforward and summarise your point

kaustubh more

Women don't logically fall in love. They get attracted to a superior guy who doesn't please her much.

Ishan Khanna

In this case, I can never become attractive

Sandeep Hansdak


shubham singh

Ek paav kabar dusre parlour mai aur baate duniyadari ki

Satish Gangurde

Dear Mam ,what you said or interpreted is of significance and will b understood only by wise mens ??

Charan k

Not surprised for so many views. Wisely selected question to improve viewers. Anyway it's still useful question and nicely answered.

Jeetendra Patel

Just go dor gov job ?

Radha Datta

U have to be rich n sweet foolish

Eswar mungaru

Looks, money, assets these materialistic things will keep the women stick to their men up to some extent only....sooner or later or when they find another person, either they will ditch the first person or they will have discreet relationship for sure....

Love Kush

Q. How Do Women Think About Men?
A. Each Women think Differently
1) Handsome
2) Rich
3) Fair skin
4) Job and Study
5) Hight
6) Long Cook
7) Clever
8) Good Dress
9) Good Speak
10) Good Hair style

Justin Gomez



You don't ask fish how to catch a fish you ask fisherman ?‍♂️

Vishal Bhardwaj

One thing i would like to suggest you Mr Ranveer , i m very small to suggest but
Dont Shake your HEAD too much.

You just keep on shaking your Head.



Politically correct answers only

Usha Ramaswamy

Why are you making so many hand and arm gestures,looking down,when you are interviewing her?

rahul deep

Very complicated to understand ?

Prasanna kumar

Basically I don't so many words.

Raja Mohammed

No matter how much makeup people put on, no matter how pretty they look, their body language speak out what they tend to forget to reveal or want to conceal from us. A flutter of lashes and fingers tell stories. No one is smart enough to escape scrutiny when the body speaks

Ashish kumar

Just be goodlooking vro..??nothing else matter to chicks..?

Purnima Lohar

Dats true the tlk it attracted too???

Hakuna Matata

For young women -
1) Looks matters a lot
2) Body shape and fitness matters
3) Skin colour/health/hygiene/teeth/smile/hair matters
4) They would check out your shoes brand, clothes brand, your mobile brand, watch and then will give you a smile if all these things impresses her first.
5) No matter how much you love her/loyal to her/a good person/ she would remain single/flirty/in to flings(behind your back)/will have other potential boy friends, hookup guys etc during her young days. When time comes for marriage she will choose that sweet, good guy from her past or present to settle down or some other nice rich guy(esp. someone she can control and dominate).
6) After few years of marriage when she is in total control of her husband's life and he has fallen for her tricks, she will once again slowly start opening the doors for younger guys. But this time more cautiously and discreetly. No matter how good/honest/devoted her husband is, how many children she has. If a handsome, young, sexy guy reappears in her life again, chances are great she will sooner or later have affair with him.
(Monogamy is not in our nature) Love/romance is bullshit. More our society is progressing/developing more smarter girls are becoming. They won't settle so easily no matter how good you're, if she is hot, sexy and good looking. And if she has big ego, selfish or arrogant, then good luck!
Note - There are good women but their numbers are declining very fast. More social media is on the rise, more the likes, fans a girl has - her narcissistic personality will consume her entire self. More the men will chase such hot/good looking women more she will become proud, arrogant, picky and flighty. But if you are above the social ladder than her, then she will stick with you, if someone better reappears in her life, she won't hesitate to ditch you. (Female hypergamy).
As men we should settle after 40/45/50. Before that happy banging!

Sarang Mehta

Looks do matter...for the initial connect....n then u start interacting n talking about everything n more.... but yeah... communication holds it together eventually.
That said, u need MONEY!

Udayakumar Udayakumar

Why you interviewing, not looking at the person interviewed,because it will encourage the person to bring out more facts

beyond good and bad

Women logic : objectify yourself to the max
Then talk about women empowerment

kumar sathyanesan

women are attracted to money and power. no women is attracted to man without money.

sonu kumar

Ajji ghanta

social sage

Two idiots trying to look smart. Large frames and suger daddies only others just use your hands ?

English Helper

I'm very beautiful?????


Her experience says she has taken a lot of Banana in past

nitish bajpai

Don't chase someone out of your league

Raj kanaan

yeh toh koi 56 ki chappan kali dikhri at this age talking what she cannot

sonu kumar

Chachi itna jhoot

sayan Dx

Cap! Cap! Cap!

samiul noor

No man look good for too long unless he loaded ?


i don't understand anything what she says. sorry for that.

Prabhat Shukla

Be real.. be yourself.. because beauty will fade.. old age, disease & death are unavoidable..(no matter how hard you try)..
the fact is your trust will be broken & shattered someday in life.. people whom you love or trust more than anyone will disappoint you.. (unless your parents).
live life your own way.. don't pretend or try hard to impress anyone.. let things come naturally without much effort.. that's the way to live a tension free life.. don't think too much about looks, maturity, blah.. blah..
Life is short & already so much work left to do..
Life rule should be : Aao toh welcome or else bheed kam?.. Just love yourself & be fair.. honesty with honest, loyalty with loyal.. commitment with committed..
After death, it really doesn't matters how many people attend your funeral..

Rahul Gupta

UPSC Guy !

Sayyed Talha

Sonam Kapoor younger version

Ramesh Kumar

Matrimonial Site

Wanted boy IIT, IIM passout or IAS, IFS

Wanted girl ..सुंदर, सुशील, गोरी !!

आगे कुछ बोलना बाकी है ??

Shiva Prakash Shenoy

Let it be gender neutral, let them earn money and spend on expenditure and take care of the family like men do, enough of screwing of innocent men, horrible

Sunil Ghosh

Depends on person to person .No fix formula .foolish to summarise !!

Danger Hub ❶


Gangeshwar Goswami

One dislike for the acting he portraying that he is actually taking her interview but he just copied a clip from somewhere and put here to get more views and fool people..

Sjg Ghosh

After seeing goki's statue immediately subscribed❤️

Binoy Paulose

You so pretty but anchor he is very nervous maybe he is not able to this interview why he can't looking your face

Fully Faltu Channel

It seems the host is so shy that he is not even looking at the lady..leave alone looking in her eyes while speaking

007-Abhishek Kumar

UPSC ka naam sune ho? ??


Seema Anand ji is someone whom I would never like to miss....

Ranganathan Iyengar


The Big Picture

Shez explaining typical punjabi girls choice.

Praveen soni

Ma'am is talking about shashi tharur ??

Buy Now

Loyal and responsible


How her opinion helps me???????????????????????????

Abhijeet Salunke

She's too old.. Nahi toh we would have made a great match

7 Secrets of A Woman's Mind | How Do Women Think | Women's Dating Psychology | BeerBiceps

7 Secrets of A Woman's Mind | How Do Women Think | Women's Dating Psychology | BeerBiceps20 Jan. 2019
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What's good you guys? In today's video we're talking women's psychology! This video is your ultimate video on MENTAL TURN ONS. We're covering aspects of attraction and dating - what do women like in men? what do girls like in boys? This is your ultimate mental etiquette video. If personality development and seeming more attractive is your game, then this video is going to be your goto! How to be attractive to girls! These are my top 7 tips. With the help of these mental and psychological turn ons, you WILL be playing the dating and relationship advice game very well. This is your bhaiyya, your love guru Ranveer Allahbadia bringing you the top 7 psychological turn ons for girls! Watch, share and subscribe :)

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Comments (100)
Peddi Ganesh

Best tip : rather watching these videos go build your career and money
Remember what a wise man said
No women chooses 6 packs over 6 cars !!

neha rahate

really a nice video , good men are attractive when they are simple and caring , being a good guy , such a simple thing but most attractive one .

Marcos Matrix

So obvious. Everyone likes good, popular and sourcefull human being no matter if its man or women. Lol ? This is like telling people " a yellow circular thing known as mango is tasty" instead of saying " Mango is tasty" ?

Random Videos

All this is of no use. Just get rich ✌??

Debanjali Saha

Please make one about a mans psychology too Ranveer!

Sanjay Patil

In short be Kabir singh but don't be Kabir singh ?

Awesome Dreamer

I really enjoy this video seriously it was really helpful i shared thus one wid my male frndzz n My bro. Ranveer I request u plz make this kinda video for girls I really need it

Computer Set up

Aap apni video Hindi mein banao

Sharad Gurung

06:13 I m a decision solver and a problem maker.

Kirti Valecha

But one more thing not all the girls but few girls like me just want real you . I mean just be the boy who r u . Show ur uniqueness .

being radhika

Can you make video on man's mind ?? please

Anshika Bathwal

I agree???

Harsh Vardhan

Ranveerr: you should know how to cook

Me: oh yeah, I know how to cook

Ranveer: not just Maggie


total gaming


Awesome Dreamer

Plz make this kinda video for girls

Himanshu Mittal

Didi ko toh hint hint khelna hai.

Rajshree Sharma

I would want a guy with good sense of humor so that if I say something he doesn't get offended or angry. It's a real turn off when I'm not able to put out those rising jokes in front of someone.

skyzn rckz

In short don't be a nice, kind, trustworthy, Positive, respect everyone nd confident with a goal in life...nice guy that's the secret to woman's heart nd mind...nice guys are liked by everyone❤️

Sudeshna Roy

Women mind is very complicated


My girl says I am too cocky. What's the difference between being cocky and confident?

Lone Wolf

2:18 thank me later

Ashiriti Sharma

I love you ranveer..I'm your big fan❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

3D World

Bhai isme secret kaha hai?

Jagmeet Singh

Bro Hindi me batoo

Reema Rathod

See... Here the one who understand girls..??.. Who says it's hard ?

Neil Dsouza

I've seen girls liking bullies!

Tushar Tipartiwar

but boys should not select girls as their crush based on their physical appearance. Because a girl with beautiful face may not be the best but if she has good qualities she is the best ..... but most guys ignore this point .....

Akhila Krishnamurthy

Disagree on the cooking point though. Good cook doesn't mean he is loyal or good with kids. I know some friends who learnt cooking so that they don't have to think to get into an argument with their spouse which might lead to the spouses not cooking and they starving lol. ?

Alankrita Mathur

Let's make it simple...we girls need a partner like Ranveer Allahbadia <3
And boys should look up to Ranveer's personality and try to inculcate all his qualities

Bipasha Palit

- fuck off

Who does that!!!!!


Created this id recently , helping boys in making a decent Instagram id so that they could possibly there crush .
Have a look and follow if you find it good :)
Btw I am giving follow for followback to everyone .

Keerthy Jain

Should u date a guy who doest pay on the first date ?

Khushi03 M

Must hve helped, genuinely good..


Ladki ka chakkar hai babu bhaiya ladki ka ?????

Yash Talreja

These things actually friendzone you



Shivangi sharma

Here 2 lakh viewers are boys rest are girls ?



manoj tikaniya

Womens also have this types of etiquette

Sameer Singh

Thanks brother i love you more than any other your personality inspire me very core of my heart?


Next Video: 7 Secrets of A Woman's Pussi!

Harshil Nori

The girl in the video is so attractive.

supah hot fire

Paisa feko aur tamasha dekho?‍♂️


I am going to learn cooking now??


Idk why I am watching this

Tadvi Ankit

Hindi ma kadhi

being radhika

As for girls... you made it to 100% authentic and you got our nerves

Free Music

I just saw in description .
Zomato: @beerbiceps ?

Vishal Kumar

Bhai hum kaha Dhirubhai Ambani School Se groomed/ schooled bacche hai.
Jo itne easy women ko approach karle.
When sex ratio in. Class is 1:0 (Mechanical Engg) then it's hard to spend time with a women.

Mustang GT

Ironically , I have all the qualities you mentioned but am still single.


I wanna watch the men's psychlogy version of this video

Adil Khan

Don't be a bhoot backside of choot

Rishabh Choyal

I'm 15 year old but I can cook food and have 2 gf they are 17 year old ?

Aastha Dash

Yahan saare raaz khule padein hain..❤ seriously! How do you know us this well i wish someone sends this to my boy

Life is Divine

Bro also explain guyss to manage their Ego .... Today every guy just wanted to crush a girl under his Ego.... They run soooo fast to get a girlfriend... N for a same girl they run in reverse when it comes to marriage.... They go speechless when it comes to confess the same love in front of their parents .... This is the reason every single guy exist gets marriaged to someone else's girlfriend but not his.... Sort it out if you can.... Thanks in advance ...

Subhasree Banik

I am a girl and i really agree ?

Computer Set up

Aap ki dusri. channel Mein style ki video banao

Rachana Gala

Hi, One think you missed or overlapped indirectly is : clarity. That is what we love. Ya you spoke about it indirectly, otherwise mostly you are there

Mayank Dahiya

Men-: Even God can't understand these Women.
Me after watching this vidio-:Really


I can't believe a man understanding woman at this level... Just amazing ?

Neha k

The man who has althese qualities is d sexiest nd d best...

adam atiyeh

Google/YouTube-Adam Atiyeh

Vishal Sharma

Bhai Hindi mein banaya kar video Yaar

Rohit Roy

Nikhil chinappa - how can you expect loyalty even from your pet dog.??

manoj tikaniya

Video dekhte dekhte lagne laga ki ladko ko ab kamar kasni padegi it so complicated


Why r u single ?? Ranveer ??? ??

Kirti Valecha

Absolutely correct ? Ranveer you told about exactly all those skills or things we girls find attractive in boys .

Rupesh G

Someone set my date with this video Girl?

Manish Mahawar

A girl place me down on the scale but also she not fade away from my life but she tell me that don't disrespect anyone and be calm
And I love it.

harish raj

I was all of this. Still she dumped me???????

Aryan Jain

Sir ..plzz video on how to impress a guy ...

Mr. Gourav

Ladki aunty si lagri thi

deepak bhatia

Where are all these guys.


Describe also models instagram in description, they can be popular tooo

aditi singh

U r very handsome ranveer ?

Ravi Ranjan

You are damn good bro:)


I'm glad he mentioned mansplain. Most guys do it and it's irritating.

saktimaan saktimaan

Love from jamshedpur jharkhand 2356

Saakshi Rajput

WOW.. So Real Understanding about Women.. Give me your Heart Ranveer????????

Vishal Bhardwaj

2 minutes of silence for the cleavage of GIRL in this video.

Pooja Rajput

Thanks bro ?

Majid Raza

Akshay beech mai kyun aata hai

Vishal Bhardwaj

why not u teach girls the same,,,,,,why only we boys should put efforts.


But about mansplaning it's not like everyone gets offended or something when a man is explaining something to them it is just the way in which they explain like it shouldn't sound like he knows everything rather he should be polite and mature enough to understand and respect that not everyone knows everything.


Such an influential man you are....

Suryakant Dixit

Why should I be one to impress.....what’s interesting about her.....I mean a boy can also be handsome and filled with qualities.....she has to be the interesting should not invest too much in last don’t run for women n do your best in life


Yes, cooking is a plus ?

kris thomas

What's her @ ?

Shreya Agarwal

I think he just explained my dream man ... And I also got reasons for my past crushes ??

Aakash Meher

Remember these things ..... just a mature girl can understand ..... bachiyan nai dekhti yeh sab!

Shuvam Amin

Thanks bhaiya❤️

Shagun Saroha2160

U actually expose girls????❤️

Prince Kumar

I can cook single and honest bt still single

Shreyash Saste

Hey beerbiceps i believe that you make men attracting videos for one type of women ..i have also seen women falling for the opposite quite frequently....can you please make a video on what sort of women are out there and how to impress

Home sweet

Can you please make a video on man's psycology ? Coz this video is so on point ,want to know what man wants in women..

Divya பாரதி

All are sooooo true man!! Especially even though its a life skill there's nothing sexier than a guy who can cook (bcz I'm a foodie ?)

Naman Gullaiya

Ranveer do you trim your hair on your hands and legs?

Abhishek Dhas

Humanity highlights:

Year 1905: Einstein came up with theory of relativity
Year 1969: We Landed on moon
Year 2018: One of us men understood girls

Anupama Bhatt

Your potential loyalty scale levels are off the roof??..?

Andy M

Bhai iss hisaab se to ladke woman ho gaye

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xQc Reacts to Do All Women Think the Same? | with Chat!26 Feb. 2019
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Comments (100)
shadow blade

the girl wearing hijab is a muslim and she agrees abortion should be legal but it is forbidden to abort a child according to the quran. this doesnt make any sense. wtf


Am I deaf or is the volume really low

Maddie Willett

Girl with the pixie cut is gross


remember boys, never approach or talk to a woman ever again, guess going gay is the only way

Eyad Mostafa

The chat is spamming stereotype emojis ffs


spawn kill
I absolutely lost it!! ?

Tabish Rahman

Chat telling him to "DON'T DO IT?" while giving his opinion is the funniest shit Ever lmao

So Nix

women arguments are so feelings-related

Ma x

6:21 A cat will not flirt with you, you should get 10


3rd wave feminism is disgusting. Majority of women disagree with feminism today an that factual.

Xellos Kaczor

"Every woman should be feminist"
"Women should be what they want to be, men and women are equal"
"Not like this tho"


this culture is whack from 6 years ago

Samuel Valentino

when the hijab women agree that abortion should be legal. that moment i know she is not real muslim

Sea Swift

I wish I could debate someone on this it would be a fun topic to debate about


12:52 she literally contradicted herself she said that women should be above men or some horse shit like that earlier in the vid

Tom Johnson

5:36 woman logic “I’m going to kill it because it MIGHT have a bad life”


Feminism is dumb


Chats full of incels


They proved they have different backgrounds and beliefs because there are different races.

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Chat has clearly never touched or talked to a woman

epic bruh moment

5:27 she is a muslim and strongly agrees that abortion is ok... the hijab she wears doesnt mean shit to her allah if she supports killing unborn children. LOLOLOL


The fuck are they laughing at jeans jacket for? Having to be feminist because you are a woman is really anti-feminist, you are denying a woman of a free mind.

Jamie Carolan

Holy fuck who were let on the life boats on the titanic first women and children who was forced to hunt for the food, men , who was forced to fight during the wars ,men, but now the march around looking equal rights u do have equal rights and use are priveliged (i know ive prob spelt that wrong)

Rapolas Rs

Boys and girls should be raised the same? Then why tf if you give a boy to play with dolls, they dislike and cry about it, and when you give cars to a girl, she does the same. Only when you switch it up, they become happy.

Yomero 247

Abortion can solve world overpopulation, but I ca. Solve over population with the japanese method


Male changes tire?

It’s expected of you.

Female changes tire?


Luknes Uten kikip

They talking about how mom raises the kid but my dad raised me and my brother because mom workes and don’t care about us


"abortion should be a right"
"no strangers can even talk to me"



i feel like an asshole for being a guy because apparently i have internalized mysongy, most likely raped a girl before, and im sexist. yea i guess that makes sense all guys suck


I bet that short haired troll gets flirted with a lot

Maddie Willett

Okay but catcalls don't count as flirting, thats harassment

Marcus Emmy Thomassini

Blonde lady gets sexually harassed in 2013 and claims that she's never come out about it. Well you just did OMEGALUL

Adam Ruck

I think it's pretty funny how their opinions are reflected in their style choices.


Jean jacket is on point other than that outfit, good lord. Lol

marcos calderon

how do most women agree with killing babies. wtf is wrong with this phycopathic world


Man...ppl make me wanna become a murderer Sadge .


10:08 how u get statistics if u don’t know


"I know how to change a tire" bruh some of these people look like they can't even ask for a condiment at burger king and the others probably think australia is a state

Surge Is Bad

I hate this. There is no pay gap

Tabish Rahman

Excuse me but how can you end toxic masculinity by ruling the world as a women. It is like saying i will make everyone not feel insecure as a person or make people have control over their anger if i rule the world. Isn't it a individual thing? What can government do to cure someones inner problems. Gender has nothing to do with it.

Eris Floralia

Sample size of 6 feminists hmmm not biased mkay

comedown machine

islamophobic chat

Ahmad Khalid Durrani

10:36 xqc about to release his molten core

The Cruz

Que asco de feministas , ellas solo quieren ser mejores y en ves de ganarse eso se ganan enemigos.

Boss Attack

6:02 the reason why girls can’t make up their mind , but they always have a stereotype guy every girl wants , just weird to see them debate && nobody agrees on most questions


Conclusion: They do all think the same.

Spaghetti Sauce

The women who don’t wanna be flirted with are the women that nobody finds attractive


Flirting and catcalling are two different things.


some times i feel bad just because i am a male even tho i havent done anything


she is not muslim if she agrees with half that

Some Randome dude

Video talking about feminism
XQC: laughing
Randome News Site: Write that down, we are about to end his career.


these girls be like "oh more girls in power" okay then do it ya know what men work harder and that's a fact 25% of world leaders are women and they worked hard for that men just worked harder okay if u did work hard I think that people would be okay with you having a vagina and not a dick

Elliot DeHart

I can’t breathe, I’m gasping for air

Ma x


Finn G

Feminism is the same as being part of black lives matter. Sure not ONLY black lives matter, but we highlight it cause these lives Are valued less by many people.

Eli A-G

"Hey dude, nice ASS!"

Crackpot Studios

I predict that the Incel Andy’s in chat will mindlessly spam HotPokket
Edit: Incel Andy chat did


If feminisms goal is for equality, why did that women agree on the prompt: I believe the world would be better if it were run by women?


This is bullshit lmao

Mike Kim

Well, back in South Korea we had a female president that was stealing money from the government for so many years. And she’s probably not going to even be in jail for longer than 6 months.

Soccer Rules

Wow chat is retarded sometimes

Shira TheLION

if we had more diversity in leading jobs the fuck these girls just think anyone can become a leader ....


There’s a difference between flirting and catcalling


Boys and girls are different .

Jordan V28

they should say "abortion" when someone gets spawn killed, like in a game like in some games it says like " 5 kill streak " when you kill 5 players,
they should make one for like when you get a million kills it goes like H-H-H-HITLERRRRR

Rahul Manoj

No one fucking said all women think the same.

Bevi Voices

Men and Women just naturally behave differently. It’s not right to teach them the exact same. Genders are genders for a reason. There are differences


Why the mother fucking fuck should abortion be legal. It should be done for maybe rape, insect or if the mother could die by giving birth.


xqc skippping thru it makes me lose respect for him because he thinks the world is fine when its not


Women want a man by their side, but then what is a man if everyone has been raised the same way? There would be no masculinity or maybe it's natural.


i can tell that the girl in the hijab is not actually Muslim if she were she would disagree about boys and girls being raised the same.
islam teaches us that boys and girls have different needs and are different mentally and physically.


Did people actually listen to the opinions or went "oH dis wemÄn. WemäN dämb!" right away?


2:52 so men are the only not ones that do that and females have never done that. Utter bull crap

Jonatan Helge

Raised the same means the kids will be hanging out with eachother believing they are equal in everything. So what happens when the kids fight and some girl or boys confidence is smashed to the ground. How about not thinking everything should be fair, because it never has been fair, ask the dinosaurs lol

Ham Sandwich

Fun fact: the wage gap thing is a myth, the study didn't mention that men work overtime, work harder (because they like to be competitive), spend more time at work and take more dangerous jobs compared to women


"I totally agree with what you saying, but" this is flashbacks to highschool English classes man.

AKA Azturex

Feminism is so hypocritical

Dwit Beathead

What that blond girl was trying to say was that feminism is meant to empower women to make their own decisions and to be liberated. So if someone tells you YOU SHOULD be something in this case a feminist, it takes away that empowerment and that ability to make your own decisions.

Crackpot Studios

xQc as President: Guys this is bait guys I think Russia is baiting us the fuck that’s bait düd


dude. too chooses. shut the fus

GM Wizard

Dude you have to raise boys and girls differently you literally aren't supposed to raise them the exact same yes you can hug them and tuck them in at night and give them milk and cookies n shit but boys are supposed to learn from there fathers the suff that women simply cannot teach them how to dress and talk and walk how to be tough and how to workout and pick up girls how to drive everything vs a women you teach them them similar things but the opposite the mother teaches them that stuff in how to be a woman how to dress ect. Keep in mind that there are biological roles in having a mother and a father in a kids life one is suppose to show them how to be tough and protect their family and the other, the mother, bc I have to clarify in 2021, is supposed to show them how to love and have compassion for other people. This is why you cannot simply deprive men from their children by a divorce paper or some shit bc they need both parents

ᴊɪᴍ ʜᴀʟᴘᴇʀᴛ

The world is already run by women.

Edit : Kitchen got autocorrected to world

xSkirat 8

i think i agree with the women with glasses and all the others seems a bit pepega


The black girl in front is so fucking pretty.

A.K. W

6:28 xDDDDD

Rafael Reyes

5:17 B R U H


where I live, the minister of education is a female, and we are at the top of the scoreboard in EU when it comes to "illiterate people", "school dropouts", "failed high school finals"... the schools are so old they are falling apart, there is no warm water or toilet paper in the toilets, some schools DON'T HAVE toilets... also the prime minister was a female a year ago, not only she was illiterate but she also worked side by side with a politician that went to jail shortly after...I don't want to assume that any women in a government position would be bad, but maybe look at someone not by his gender BUT his abilities to be in that position... i'm not saying that women can't have government positions, i'm saying that i highly disagree with the statement of "better world, if ruled by women", that's literally calling yourself superior, and what do you know? feminism is supposed to be AGAINST calling yourself superior, when it comes to gender... if women would rule the world there would be no difference right? Cause men=women right? the level of hypocrisy is sky high. btw i'm not going to say which country i'm talking about, i will let you guess if you don't know yet :D.

Yuri Mink

there is no pay gap, im so tired of women saying there is. It has been disproven by studies, economists, including FEMALE economists, they dont have a shred of evidence to support their statement and still they think they are right, smh


If women are paid less employers would only hire woman.

Riven Of A Thousand Voices

I feel like diversity is bullshit if you have the ability to do something I don't think most people would mind if you were a furry, transgender, asexual fuckin potato, as long as you can do the job well, earn the position rather than be hired because they needed diversity

Mr. Mr

Feminism is stupid, just ignore being a woman because it doesn’t mean anything.


I think XQC is really a closet republican but dosnt know it?


I hate people who say there should be more women in power even though most of the time they just choose the best but a lot of women don’t understand and just say it was because they were a man

Welington Matias

I hate women

Magician Mickey

Imagine a Muslim woman saying abortion should be legal smh... like actually i doubt she knows anything about islam

Shira TheLION

the muslim girl is a hypocrite . in islam women can never be leaders it's haram .

Thish Dude

5:17 "spawn kill" istg had me soooooo good ?????


Why do you think feminism exists? If they think women are just as strong or stuff why do you think they are "oppressed by men" when the difference in numbers is less than 1 percent? I dont think women are worse but if you think you are oppressed its because men work harder, if u think you are the exact same then why have you been oppressed for so many years? Stop making excuses to complain and actually do something, if protesting doesnt work enough dont push it too hard, try another way like,you know, leaving men no choice but to treat you equally because they would be losing on what you could offer if they dont. Try that maybe it will work.

Thish Dude

Who cares about women enough to do this? ?