How to make love with a women

Futurama: Zapp Brannigans Guide to Making Love at a Woman

Futurama: Zapp Brannigans Guide to Making Love at a Woman24 Feb. 2009
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Into the Wild Green

Into the Wild Green Yonder DVD

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Federico Pena

can't we just shoot him!?

Evil Eric

Would women love a Lin Kuei uniform?


You know, as hilarious as Zapp can be, at times, there's still a LOT about this character that I DON'T like! And then, I find this.... a fanfic appropriately titled "Revenge of the Kif", part two of a three part trilogy. Check it:

AMF The Hedgehog

Such a pig!!!!

Jacob Millam

she's built like a steakhouse but handles like a bistro

Kelly Travassos

Is this actually from the show?

The O

Donald Trump was here

Niko Giove

And Snu Snu for all!


Number six - Sometimes rugged good looks and odors aren't enough to overcome a woman's natural ?????? - what does he say?

Evil Eric

If that was me assaulting Zapp's face, not much of it would be left!

Ben Short

that gay

John W 1711 Stock

Best dating advice ever! LOL!!! Except maybe, the last one. LOL!!






lol what about Futurama volume 4...?


I am the man with no name!........ Zapp Branigann at your service!


i suffer from a very sexy learning dissability, kiff what do i call it? sexlexia

Man of the West

I'm inspired


What a Chad

Jessa Lohnes

lmao. I love Zapp Brannigan

Neelam mann

am a women n trust me i suffer from the same disabilty as Brannigan's n my sis is my kif lol.................


Apparently sexual assault is taken likely in the future.

George aye

making love "at" a woman  lol


Hey... she forgot to show him her surprise!!!

Benjamin Evans

Baby wait! You didn't show me your surprise! LMAO


Are all these lines from the show? Is it all Billy West's voice? When did he do it?

LegoReader12345 hello

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh curse u zapp brannigan leave leela alone


holy shit that last part

geovanie flores

kif XD. unhhh...

Chun An


Jose Arreola

The maistro

Lawrence Lepes

This is funny!

Bill Dauterive

Hopefully this can be applied to lesbian relationships, I'll try it.

Haleigh Kirwan

I don’t think he would like his dates surprise as much as he thought lmfao


Have your servant boy scrub you’re backside to remove caked on funguses.


Always pack a lunch and a change of pelvises.

Taylor McGrath

Zapp Brannigan is so f*cking funny lmao.

David McKelvey

"You didn't show me your surprise"


Good ol' Zapp.

Sean Delling

I had snu snu

Kylo Ren

I will use this advice in my future attempts at seducing a women, thanks kind sir

Sir Woman - Making Love | OurVinyl Sessions

Sir Woman - Making Love | OurVinyl Sessions6 Jan. 2021
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OurVinylSubscribe 438 721

Stream/purchase this

Stream/purchase this song:

Sir Woman is the R&B infused soul-pop solo project from Kelsey Wilson (who previously made her mark in the bands Wild Child and Glorietta.) This performance of her 2019 single “Making Love” was recorded and filmed at OurVinyl Studios in Nashville, TN.

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About Sir Woman:

Sir Woman is the newest creation from Kelsey Wilson, co-founder of Wild Child and member of Glorietta. Wilson has been co-writing, singing, and arranging strings on over 15 albums and musical projects spanning all musical genres. With Sir Woman, Kelsey explores a mix of R&B, pop, soul, and funk. About her 2020 EP “Bitch” Kelsey says, “This EP is me finding what makes me feel good and falling in love with myself. A mix of everything that makes my body move — pop, soul, gospel, funk, folk, and R&B. It feels so right to make a record that has my actual heart in it,” Wilson said. “These songs are the part of me that wants to help people fall in love with themselves through music. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it."

About OurVinyl:

OurVinyl films creative live performances with both emerging and established musicians. Artists they've worked with include Tyler Childers, St. Paul and The Broken Bones, Ed Sheeran, Trevor Hall, Allen Stone, Dispatch, and Donavon Frankenreiter. They strive to push the production envelope by filming artists in unique settings that complement the music while capturing studio quality audio regardless of the setting. It’s all live, all one take, no punching in, no autotune, no cheating. Just high energy and true authenticity. For more information you can visit


She’s making love in her mind and she’s not even trying

She’ll take the words right out of your mouth

Not a witch but you know she’s controlling your mind

You’d make a move but she’s tuning you out

She’s walking through the walls

Right back into your heart

She knows it wasn’t right

You know it wasn’t hard

Makes you wanna be a better man

Makes you wanna take her on the town

You remember those legs, when she’d start walking around

Makes you wanna be a better man

Makes you think about it late at night

Everytime that it rains, yeah you know she did it right

She’s making love in her mind and she’s not even trying

She’ll take the words right out of your mouth

Not a witch but you know she’s controlling your mind

You’d make a move but she’s tuning you out

He’s dragging you along

Knows how to hold you down

Until he’s feeling good, he don’t need you around

Makes you think that you don’t have enough

Less you get a bit of someone’s love

Cause when you are alone

It’s him your thinking of

Let me tell you that you have enough

You don’t need a bit of someone’s love

Cause when you are alone

It’s you i’m thinking of

She’s making love in her mind and she’s not even trying

She’ll take the words right out of your mouth

Not a witch but you know she’s controlling your mind

You’d make a move but she’s tuning you out

She’s making love in her mind, he’s making love in his mind, I’m making love in my mind. It’s you I’m thinking of.

(Written by Kelsey Wilson. Arrangement by Taylor Craft)

Performing Musicians:

Lead Vocal: Kelsey Wilson

Background Vocals: Spice, Uncle Roy

Bass: Taylor Craft

Keys: Dancey Jenkins

Drums: Lunar Rae

Guitar: Spencer Kenney


Director: Michael Reuther

Editor: Tom Beal

Camera 1: Tom Beal

Camera 2: Craig Hill

Camera 3: Allen Ralph

Production Assistant: Amber Christian

Tracking Engineer: Matt Wyman

Mixing Engineer: Matt Pence

Mastering Engineer: Kevin Dailey

Photographer: Barbara Frigiere

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Al Girardin

Loving it!

Benjamin Irvine

Funky! Love it :D

As Calcium


8 Things Men Do Only For The Woman They Really Love

8 Things Men Do Only For The Woman They Really Love7 Aug. 2016
2 215 751

Learn "How To Get A Man

Learn "How To Get A Man To Love You".

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If he is really in love, he will do this for you.

There is a big difference between the way of showing love between a man and a woman. Women tend to be more demonstrative, more caring, loving and thoughtful. On their own, most men tend to be more practical, because it costs them too much to show their feelings.

However, when they're really in love, they will not have any problem to show it and there are 8 Things Men Do Only With The Woman They Really Love. Do you want to know which they are?

Here we give you a list of those 8 things, definitely with them you will know if he loves you or not.

1. Listens to you.

Men do not concentrate on something unless they really value it. If he truly loves you, he will have no problem to concentrate and pay attention to all you talk to him about, as your voice will be a melody to his ears. I assure you!

2. Argues with you.

Occasional, discussions are a good sign that he wants to do things with you the best possible way. It also means that he wants to find intermediates and a balance that makes you both happy. Otherwise, if he does not love you, he will not spend his energy to argue with you. Eye On this!

3. Fights for your love.

If he really loves you, he will move heaven, sea, and land to be always with you. He will face any obstacle that comes his way and will make every effort not to lose you.

4. Sacrifice his happiness for yours.

When he takes into account your needs at the expense of his, no doubt he really loves you. This way not only shows that loves you but respects you and that making small sacrifices for you does not bother him but makes him feel plentiful.

5. Takes your achievements as his own.

When a man truly loves you, makes your achievements his own. Who truly loves you will never compete with you, on the contrary, will encourage you to achieve all your goals and dreams.

6. He's afraid of losing you.

If something is true, it is that men detest being vulnerable and fearful, however, this will not be like that when he really loves you and shows you he fears to lose you.

7. He sees you attractive.

No matter if you just get up, if you have acne, if you forgot to brush your teeth and fix your hair, if you have your period and have drastic changes, the man who truly loves you will always see you attractive, for some reason he will not notice these details and if he does, they won't be a motive for him to stop seeing beautiful.

8. Knows how to advise you.

A man who truly loves you understands the importance you give to your own people and that if they are happy, you will be too, that's why he cares and shows interest in everything you tell him and listens carefully even if the problems are of your best friend. In fact, he will show himself so interested that he will give you tips for you to help your friend.

If your guy does these 8 things for you, then do not let him go! He is really in love with you.



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This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:

Comments (100)
Nicole Bakoussis

I want a man to love me always and listen to me

Vinzy Senevirathne




Fun Science with BTS

We can apply all these eight thinga for a friend too. Because a true lover is a true friend. ❤

Santhu Hari Santhu


kenny dawson



usually if he was nice to me he wanted my wages. lol but I soon got rid. got what I wanted into the bargain. a beautiful boy and girl. he could sling his hook. I wasn't hanging around while he have affairs.x

Brandon Jukimin

You know what I used to do this shit and ended up heart broken. Love is not that simple, never give your heart fully unless she really care about you.

Shrîstï Dahal

I am 11 yours old I am watching this video for my future love ???

Ruthie May

When he really loves you, he uses his irritating as S--t robot voice.

Rajshree Khara

purple coloured background is not good

Ria Irawati

Ah masaa sihhh ? ?

Estrella Amlag

Hopefully i found the better husband soon.

Arvin John Galeno

The fantasies though

Elizabeth Martin

Wow. I can't wait!!!!!!!!.

Dilrukshi Jayalath

Thanks dear

Mahmood Ali

I got married twice and I didn't see any of these sinces


He does not listen

Jessi Dawkins

He dies everything guess i didnt know he lves me

lillian ndinda

Am 30years and a Kenyan,,not yet got my soulmate,,if you are serious watsapp me +254726041261


Right baby

riya R

1. Listens to u
2. Argues with u
3. Fights for ur love
4. Sacrifices his happiness for urs
5. Takes it achievements his own
6. He is afraid of losing u
7. He sees u attractive
8. Knows how to advice u

Natasha Jupiter

Hi my common law husband do all 8 things but there is one thing I don't understand with him Everytime I say I want to go see my kids he gets vex . I ask myself why

valerie valerie

Unfortunately, this man is an abstract painting.

Dilrukshi Jayalath

Thank you very much

Alphonsa Basumatary

I always got a fake love.... tired of I'm done... I'm happy living single... enjoying to the fullest... I'm happy for the girls who really got a loving guy who loves them a lot....may God bless you with your relationship

emily lawrence

Hello I know a man who can help you Attract that specific person you want within 3days, he helped me me Attract my ex boyfriend back contact him +1 647 493 7816

linet wekesa

My man has it all.. Am lucky to have him

lindile Vezi Ngcobo

True love does exist. The truth is that it is not meant for everyone. So if you have been given a chance of being loved be glad and enjoy.some only dream about it in their sleep.

Ngonidzashe Masvinu

Oh my God this is very true ?

Hilda Namaganda

And what's wrong with this Robot's voice????

Manuela P Muñoz

34 yes Husband still has these

AR upma

What if there's only 3 signs out of these 8 ??

Elizabeth Martin

Thanks for this'. So true. Thanks for this true much needed insight. I always knew just a blessing to hear it repeated! Smile. There really are some loving, faithful men. Yay.

Kusho Autar

I love this one it nice ??

lavenda nyakako

He does none of this and am now crying lol


Hex came back to apologize to me..said he was wrong...

Andlip Sajjad

My hubby have all this thing after 10 years of marriage we fell that every time we are just newly married

georginah ruguru

He listens to you
Argues with you
Fights for you
Sacrifice his happiness for you
Take your achievement as his own
Afraid of loosing you
Sees you attractive
Knows how to advice you


MY DARLING 1....... THIS VIDEO is out of this ?..l just ? ? IT.
HEALTHY z_&_ BB MY #1 ? ?
? ?


Unfortunately I had the opportunity to have a man who loves me with all those 8.but I messed up and went for one who doesn't truly love me

Rinita G.

What kinda love is that bro?

Rhel Seville

But he still chat other women

Maricel DB

If he really loves you, he will never cheat and never hurt your feelings.

Jamila Salim

The father to my child has exactly the 8 signs

Marium Khan

What if he exhibits only one of the eight?

Camille Ochoa

Actions speaks liuder than voice always !!!

Sody Voeurn Sody

1. Is make me laugh, my voice is like his melody, I always have things to talk and problems to tell him, he never tired to listen ❤

Lorna Batoon

So my husband loves me so much..tnx God


Heart between among them

Suzanne Hodder

My boyfriend after 30 years has 8 things he things he will do for me and so much more., I hope it last forever.

Phyllis Grellman

If he really loves you he won’t talk to you like this robot

Kelness Banda

I haven't find any of these matching in my life anyway i will always love myself more to avoid disappointment ??

Jonnada Sridevi

Yes my boyfriend have all dis ??

Gladys Shai

Thanks mine has all 8

mamshie jeanne

He doesn't trully love me. He just want kids and someone who will take care of him that's all.

Snothile Zulu

I'm such a lucky girl ❤️❤️❤️

Chinchin Ng

I was doing homework for WRTG, why am I here?

Maame Nuamah

You are so right


Wat does he love in FRIEND with benefits...

uglyaßßpotato xoxo

I wish my crush liked me ?‍♀️

Rinita G.

I landed to be always with her even risking the pandemic because she needed me & her security was threatened when you maintained pin drop silence ..When this sweet lady was in trouble right ?

rose ntoi

Six over 8


How do we get a woman in love ?

rashmi ramphul



InshAllah we both will be together and never apart


I wish I get the man ,, who s having atleast 4 qualities in him among 8 of these qualities ,,than ,I will love him more than him,,,,

jess x

300th comment ★

Kwame Osei

My boy do all this 8 things, but he is married.

AR upma

Please reply

Heirly Nancy

The person who has this feel l don’t love him!??

Banri Pamshong

I have found a true guy who have all that 8 qualities??

Rishika Singh

This video is so true??

Ra Mark

OMG?, My husband is 8/8❤️❤️❤️. Thanks for these video

aqua 12

I will never have this too ugly ?

Nothando Dlamini

I wish to find real love since am single


Right so that why I'm here with him

Ennolisha Kay

I Like that part, he will move, heaven, sea and land all for love. Yeah my baby does that... ?❤

christina lubumad

Wahahaha 8 things men do for a women omg. I don't know about 8 things , but me just one thing , move on and stop listening to real idiots ?

Kathy Belyea one of my favorite songs

I love you more

Ituala Williams

I'm married I feel like I'm single I take care my kid's by myself mother staying home. Husband works only thing he does is paying rent that's. I take my kid's to park, store he does not want to be around all he cares is himself

Lavishhlayy H

The men who really loves you


I don't find any of these qualities in my husband...I'm so frustrated and feeling regret whatever decision I have taken....please God help me and give me strength...

Gracy Pinto

Six out of eight...


I love you my sweetheart Angel KD ?? ❤️? ?

Tse Favour

Pls tell me how do I do I love him so much we go out on a date when I pay for a drink he also pay for the 2nd round at the end of the date he gives me a kiss on my lips and goes to he's house lie he's avoiding me not to go to he's house please can someone tell me he's intentions wether he's serious or not

Candice Machella

Men lie to weman all the time

Sukanya r

My husband has none of these traits..

Ashmita Mukherjee

8 out of 8


beware if they r too nice they usually having affair behind your back. lol

Sofia Patagan

Yipee, my husband really L?ves... Hihihi... Lucky me.. ???

Shiu Shiu

He truly loves me ??

Angel Thami

I think he is my true love... ?


A chick did this stupid video lol

Rahma Seleman

This is very true

Tse Favour

Can I ask a question what if u love a gay n he's like telling u are more beautiful than he's ex but he's not going for beauty he goes for character but I try as much as possible to show him how good I can be dispite the fact that am beautiful and I respect him but he sims not to love me the way I want I always text him 1st but he replies when he sees my msgs but I still ask questions if he loves me?? Pls can someone answer these questions for me??

Dilwala Asish

I have done all these. But she left me

Lock Down

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My Love

My hubby still has it.. REVOWing our wedding ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Same is case with me??