Hair getting darker with age

dyeing my hair from brown to black

dyeing my hair from brown to black4 Mar. 2020
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in today's video i dyed my

in today's video i dyed my hair from dark brown to black, let me know which hair color you like better because i can't decide!!


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age - 17

camera - canon g7x

editing software - imovie

thumbnails - picmonkey

business contact : [email protected]

thanks so much for watching ?

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Christina M

Dark hair & light skin ???

Steph Burch

Next time you should mix the second bottle when you’re just about to finish the first one because it will already be developing in the bottle instead of on your head! Just a tip xxx looks awesome

Nassor Saleh

I'm so excited to see if new black hair!!

Larisa Terd

I just died my hair with this and I’m watching people dye their hair black

Laya Liggins

I hate ur friends?

maggie bratsch

ur friend was so rude to u when the boy was around ngl

Miss art

Brown!!! But it's your choice so black will be great too !


The blond girl is just straight up toxic she legit says “oh I never knew she was so stupid”
Who calls her friend stupid like that I call my friends stupid and laugh but like that’s a joke if
I call them and idiot stupid mean words they would know I’m joking but fr she called her ugly
Like she’s like the third wheel?

Eliz Fikret

you seem like a very nice person and you deserve better people around you

Anthony Vick

You look goooood with black hair

Sarah D'Lima

So none of these friends had $20 to spot you till you got home to pay them back??? You had to go home to get your card and come back. The whole time the blond chick was being so disrespectful:/ you seem like a good person, you need better friends.


Is your friend usually that mean to you? Is that just how y'all vibe or is she just playing up around that boy, because she got nicer when he left...?

Adelaide R

This video was us just watching abbys friends flirt with each other and lowkey roast her ?Your hair looks super good though!!

Mr. Anonymous

Black looks so good on you. ?

Shades of indigo

You CAN NOT dye over black dye lol

Chloe Sings

I kind want to dye my hair black

fayruz alzhrani

I am watching the video because tomorrow i will dye my brown hair to black ??

Lindsey McCormack

Would you recommend the dye brand I want to dye my hair black and want it to look good and feel good


ur parents so nice tho

jada rain

ur dad is so cute lmfao


Ahhh it looks so so good!! Your such a beautiful person inside and out <3

irina higurashi

Black hair look good on you!!

Sydney Beccaria

ok ik im loud but then i watch the videos and i’m like damn so i’m LOUD loud ok

Maddison Welch

Update: I love your parents ❤

Kyra cz

Am I the only one who thinks her friend was not mean. She was just joking.



Jake Parker

Your dad reminds me of Michael from the Office?

Emily Jerdan

“It looks G O T H” lmao?


as soon as the guy left she stopped being mean ??? im-


You're way nicer than your friends

Alex Roberts

This girl has so many friends lol

Im Azzy

omggg i have brown hair and i wanna dye it black so badd

update: i did it and im in love:)

kaylee davis

I like the black hair! I had black hair 2 years ago and i always felt so pretty with it lol. But now im scared to dye it black again because its so hard to lift.


i wanna slap the blondie


Your parents and family are so cool that’s awesome

Raccoon chipleaf


brooke rebecca

ik i’m late but they really weren’t mean to her... they were joking around

Rose K

ahhhh I can’t wait ///////// holy moly abby liked this comment ? I’m gonna go cry now// OMG EDITED AGAIN — DONT EDIT UR COMMENTS IT TAKES THE LIKE OFF :( ugh


Plz tell ur friend it’s not cute acting mean to ur friends in front of a boy


im dying and cutting mine rn

hagar habaa


my randomness

your friends flirt with each other by being a bitch to you? wow...

Amanda Russell

I’m sorry but those friends seem toxic.... idk them nor do I know you this is my first video watching u but they seem very rude to u and this whole video I just felt so bad

mah caronni

your friends are kinda annoying

Ellee Elizabeth

i love ur parents, ur dad is so funny lol

julianne kate

i love it!! i’m blonde and i’ve always wanted black hair because it always looks so shiny and reflective in the sun!! so pretty ! ??


You look amazing with black hair! I’m always too scared to dye it cause I have pale skin but you pull it off so well!


Watching this while we're in a pandemic feels so weird


I wanna do it and if my parents say yes my family will most likely call me goth but they’re always jealous of my hair cause it’s pretty or whatever so I’ll be the one laughing at them ?

Nicole Britt

The hair color would have worked a lot better if you used it immediately after mixing it instead of letting it sit on the counter while you are talking sectioning your hair. The color process starts as soon as it’s mixed. Next time , fully read the instructions before you begin and it will work out a lot better for you. Your beautiful either way!

isabella jane

High key your friends are kinda jerks

Kendra Willis

Dude your dad is awesome

Meg vigil

It will lighten when u wash it a couple times

Hannah Paige Davis

It’s funny cuz I was talking about dying my hair on Friday with my friends and now I see this lol

Victoria Mo

Your dad is so nice!!!!????

Abby T

Ur friend is so mean to u

Alison B

Girl I’ll be your friend and dye your hair and definitely won’t call you “stupid” ?

Dominik Benz

wow looks awesome before too. you twoa re so pretty stunning queens. can you dying your friends hair ( girl) hair too

Makenna Ramirez

Your family seems so sweet ?? love the hair btw!! It looks really good!

Biblio Police

What a mess

Elisa Baughman

Your friends were actually getting on my nerves so much but mainly the girl.


Ayee sidney is back! Love your videos abby!

Wesley Howington

You need some new friend's they be annoying as fuck

Vivian Leigh

the blonde has got to GO. she's horrible omg..


2:04 wow, i'm surprised bc in usa are still using plastic bags in supermarkets and in my country, that is not even a first world country, they have made a law that supermarkets are not allowed to give plastics bags so that we can contribute to the environment and people have to go with reusable bags

PS: you look so pretty with black hair Abby!


did you dye your eyebrows too? i’m going from about the same color as yours to black and i’m not sure what i should do with my eyebrows.

yomary cruz

your friend is a little annoying lol

teegan paige

I do NOT like it friends

michelle kathryn

i def felt the red/brown vibe,, i no joke just dyed my hair dark brown yesterday?

Sammi and Taryn

I love your dad

Eve Birchall

Blonde one is a bad vibe

soph lou

okay but like it would be so sad if the blonde girl was being mean in front of the boy to act cute cuz she likes him hut the boy actaully likes the youtuber :>

Lilli Dillard

I love your positivity and girlll you would look literally amazing with any color hair ??

Lus Gonzalez

3:22 bruh that is rude


The dad reminded me of Michael Scott ?

Too Spooked

I'm getting my hair dyed next Wesdney! It's gonna be black and red. So the red tips of my hair.

Kira Yuki

My hair is around the same color as yours originally. I asked my mom if I could dye my hair black and I swear she had a heart attack. She acted like I just asked to become a stripper

Sara Silva

I want to dye my hair black! Did it stain your sink or bath tub??

Laris Sa

I want to dye my hair black so bad but my mom doesn‘t allow me?

Katelyn Leach

It looks so good!

Hollis Rivers

I've been subscribed to your channel since you cut your hair in that one video, and though I don't watch every single one of your videos, watching this video, I can visually see how far you've come and grown as a person. You are truly beautiful, and I feel like you've grown to be yourself and have begun to put yourself out there and you look truly happy about life and I think that's amazing :))

Miyawlayan Zombi

My hair is naturaly black anf i hate it

Maddison Welch

You're amazing and you're friends are not. Get. New. Ones.

Rick Miller

The change is hard to distinguish on video, but have fun with it. On another note, there are some "holidays" coming up: #OreoCookieDay (presuming a vegan variety) tomorrow, #CerealDay on Saturday and PeanutClusterDay on Sunday. So, Sweet Celebrations. Also, tomorrow is #WorldDayOfPrayer, while Sunday is #InternationalWomensDay. Wonderful Weekend to you and yours, Abby...

Jeantte Rivera

Can’t wait.


What I hate about dying hair is your new hair the grows is still the natural color

Cry Baby

ur friend sucks bb

Wesley Howington

You need some new friend's they be annoying as fuck


abby is an absolute cutie!! ?

Dejana Andjelkovic

How weird it is watching her be in store without a mask

Inaya Khalid

it looks so good omgggg

s3l ena

Your girl friend is hella annoying and rude


her friend..


You spelled dying wrong

Zuzu G.

Your friends are kinda... assholes and trying to act blatently mean and putting you down isn’t cute ):

Keira Lynn

Her friend is giving me a bad vibe rn. Bc of a boy. U know if u wanna boy to like you ,you need to be yourself. He won't like u if your ride . Just sayin

Palsy Friend

I saw the timer.....

That was 31 seconds >:)


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Brown to red hair.. AT

Brown to red hair.. AT HOME! All the products mentioned in todays video, I got at Sally's beauty supply. I'll leave all product information down below? If you attempt to do this color at home TAG ME SO I CAN SEE!! As always, thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoy!!

All the products used to achieve this look!

I got all of these products at Sally's beauty supply

To lighten the ends:

? Wella color charm bleach

? Salon care 30 volume developer

The red color

?L'oreal HIcolor highlights in the shade "red"

?L'oreal HIcolor in the shade "red hot"

The root color

?Age beautiful 4RR dark intense red

?Age beautiful 3NN darkest intense brown

?Salon care 20 developer

Hair mask: coco and eve coconut and fig replenishing mask


Comments (64)
Audrea Bermudez

I’m obsessed!!!! ?? It looks sooooo gooooood!!!!!!!

Xghaida Xx

So pretty! ,but next time try loreal Hicolor in magenta without bleaching your dark hair you’re gonna love it

Brianna Dyck

This is amazing ! It's sort of how my hair is when I get it done at the salon. Currently I have the dark root about halfway down and then the ends are the vibrant red like yours. It is currently fading and I have insane natural roots, so I'm wondering since I already have the color lifted and bleached on the ends do you think it's fine to skip the hicolor highlights part and just use the red hot and developer?


Do u think it killed ur hair a lot or just slightly

Kristina Marquez

I love the pink red! My favorite is bright red. I also like cooper reds to.

Victoria Ashley

Oh girl. lower volume when you’re depositing color. Higher volume when you’re bleaching.

Megan V

I’m doing this now lol

bubble buddy

I’ve used these dyes before and the results were amazing . I was brunette . Never had to do it more than once


Absolutely love this color and root idea and plan to try it today Iv been doing deep brown and bright red for a long time and it’s time for a change and a bit of a more mature look since I just turned 40 ? I hope it turns out as good as yours did!

Riah 1121

I'm doing my hair the exact same colors tomorrow ?

Karin Ghosh

You're not supposed to use bleach with this, it literally says on the box.

Lau E

Uhm hair cut tutorial?? ?

Jamie Elizabeth

You are so damn pretty! So glad I found you tonight!

Kimberlea Blair

IT LOOKS AMAZING & this is so informative!

Voluptuous Beauty

So pretty on you

Jazmin Espitia

Beautiful!!! Omgggg what lipstick or lip como are you wearingggg on your lips at the end !?

Kristina Marquez

Mine is like that to. I do hair & u did as good I did. U go girl! Christy19760 on Tik Tok,check it out!

Mariel Colley

That’s it I’m dyeing my hair!

Naureen Zain Merchant

You look so so amazing with red hair and makeup


Lol I hope Brad Mondo watches your video one day, he will be impressed


I’ve used L’Oréal for years and my hair always lifted to a great bright color using 30 developer. I have super dark, almost black hair and never had to lighten it first and damage the hair more.

angela collins

Pravana 6.66 for touch ups!!!

Jill Bean

Wow!! That is your color woman


Beautiful hair color ? what lipstick ? shade are you wearing ? Thx

Irene Otero

Beautiful results. What amount of 20 volume did you mix the root color with. Also, what setting spray did you use for your waves i like that natural soft beach wave look. Thank you thumbs up on your video.

Dmm ice

It makes sense that it’s harsh, but does 30 volume have to be used?

T Cannon

Before: pretty; After: drop dead gorgeous!!!! That color is the way to go for you - makes your eyes POP! Beautiful!

Emy bakers مطبخ إيمي

it turned oouttttttttttt amazinnnnnnnng

Vanessa Linn

Love the color? so for the root you did the brown and the red together on the root, Right? and for the hair it's the red and the hot red but since you did it two different time can I put the two reds together and do the roots with the brown red on top at the same time ? Thanks

Emily Kerryn

But also if u go to a pro to bleach and dye thts at least $200 and us broke bitches dont hav tht especially durring covid

April Mae

Girl you could of gotten away with 10 developer. The 20 did nothing for you as you had alrady lightened the hair. Anytime you deposit a color, use 10. If you are trying to go a shade lighter that when 20,30 developer comes in. Also if your worried about the condition of your hair id try uberliss

Debbie 72

Love this & did it last night! Turned out amazing & I didn't use any bleach before the red.

Mona Elayan

Where is your vanity from??

Jamie Elizabeth

Wow those colors turned out gorgeous! I would be too scared to mix colors. I’m about to use Ion in Radiant Raspberry ??

Crystal Monge

I love this! I want this hair now!!!?

Laura Abra

Ok so did you mix the red and red hot to get your overall colour? Thanks


Maybe I missed this, but did you also use 20 developer with the root colors? It's absolutely beautiful!


You're so cute! The color is So beautiful. Love how you blended it in and it's not just solid red. thanks for the ideas!! I'm mixing magenta and intense red. Also following the directions of no pre lightening so yay! hahaha Wish me luck!

Krystal Whitaker

I am a red head fanatic, 10 years going strong!! Lol what are the better brands of color to use?

Lady Judy

Omg gorgeous ???

Christina Sanders

Did u say the red hot alone is what got u the deep red on the ends?

Sonaina Girl

We can see you in the mirror lol

Chloe Caven

Really thinking of doing this color but without bleach? ?

Dina Redding

Love this looks amazing

Brooke Coleman

Can you do won with amanda William


So confused... It's literally supposed to be used without lightening. You say that out loud but proceed to lighten. Totally ruined the point. But thanks.

Beth Jospeh

Wow that's beautiful ?


Can you tell us where you purchased your desk and mirror? I'd like to buy one for my daughter.

Krista Perry

Dexter that ish hahahhaa i love her shes so hilarious

Zotos Professional

We love this tutorial! Thank You for using our AGEbeautiful hair color! Be sure to tag us in your beautiful photos and videos on IG & Youtube!

alexis Sylvester

So would you suggest red hot instead of red ?

Lauren Dimas

I love it so much!!! The red makes your eyes pop! Who else thinks Brad Mondo should see this?!!!

Kelsey McDonough

Im so obsessed with it ? and sleepy Winston in the back

Amanda Serrato


Jes N

Omg I loved your hair in the end ❤️


How did your overall color go from neon red to dark red ? It’s not the same red whatsoever so what second red color did you use over top the initial red other than your roots ? Your final color isn’t the red from the beginning of your video. This is confusing.

tearose mom

My natural hair is very dark brown with Auburn highlights (in sunlight.) I've always been drawn to red. I've used loreal hicolor hilights in red and magenta (one of each, mixed together with an appropriate amount of developer.) Scary part... I used 40 vol developer. ? However, it turned out fantastic. It was extremely red from root to tip, but that is what I wanted. Amazingly, my hair was not damaged much at all. I guess I got lucky. LOL. I love how your hair turned out!!


Lo hare!!!!???

Kate Haas

I think it turned out so beautiful! ? I’ve already done a balayage/ombré blonde myself a couple months back and so I don’t think I need to lighten up anywhere and now I want something different for fall. I’ve been a red before. My question for the last process you did, did you use foils to make sure the dark didn’t saturate on the red or just section and color roots first then mid to ends? I just don’t want to ruin the red by laying the hair on other pieces. Thank you so much in advance. ♥️

vanessa scott



You look so beautiful. I need a make up tutorial on this look! Or a list of products especially the lip color! ❤️


I’m in love..but I need to see the root part pleaseeeeeeeee lol when you refresh?

Austin Carroll

Hair is so ?????

Carlina Walker

This is the most informative hair tutorial I have ever seen, and this color is stunning on you!!

DYING MY HAIR DARK with Age Beautiful 4NN

DYING MY HAIR DARK with Age Beautiful 4NN26 Aug. 2020
1 115
Lady MermaidSubscribe 438 721

Disclaimer: NOT a

Disclaimer: NOT a professional colorist. Just a DIY mama!

Products used: Age Beautiful 4NN cream color

Age Beautifil 20 volume developer

Comments (5)
kytown 4

I just got back from Sally's and couldn't believe I got the same exact color before I even watched your video... Your hair looks great by the way...

Zotos Professional

so pretty! Thank You for trying AGEbeautiful!

mason lol

thank u so much for this

Giancarlo Cárdenas

Are you the girlfriend of the most dramatic man in the world? If that's right, I just wanna say that your boyfriend is an inspiration for all of minecraft players
(Excuse me if I made some mistakes: my english is very bad... I know)

Deb Storybags

You look like Snow White. Very pretty. How do you like this shade compared to the chestnut brown you had before? I’m at 53 garnier Nutrisse right now. I switch often and trying to decide which one to do next. Btw- my youngest daughter has blue eyes and your skin tone. She has hot pink hair at the moment. She’s an art student in college. Her natural color is med golden brown.