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Los Angeles Lakers Players Wives and Girlfriends 2020

Los Angeles Lakers Players Wives and Girlfriends 202015 Aug. 2020
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Los Angeles Lakers Players Hottest Wives & Girlfriends (New WAGs) ★ 2020 | Ultimate Sports Today.

Lakers WAGs squad updated in 2020:

1. Rajon Rondo ★ Ashley Bachelor

2. Alex Caruso ★ Abby Brewer

3. Quinn Cook ★ Bria Nicole

4. Lebron James ★ Savannah Brinson

5. JaVale McGee ★ Giselle Ramirez

6. Anthony Davis ★ Marlen P.

7. Danny Green ★ Blair Alise Bashen

8. Kyle Kuzma ★ Winnie Harlow

9. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope ★ McKenzie Caldwell-Pope

10. Avery Bradley ★ Ashley Lauren Bradley

11. Dwight Howard ★ Royce Reed

12. Markieff Morris ★ Thereza Morris

13. JR Smith ★ Jewel Harris

14. Jared Dudley ★ Christina Dudley

15. Dion Waiters ★ Brandy

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Ben Murphy

Point well-made! BLACK WIVES MATTER!!!!!


LMAOOOOOO Howard is Dating LA Sparks player Te'a not her

Ronald Hernandez

McGee wife straight fire ?

Firing Squad


Peterson Oliveira

Boa tarde congrats vai Los Angeles Lakers campeão ??? amém BOM ??

domz zamora

caruso is SAITAMA

Mario Cruz

I make that kinda bread imma have to upgrade on my current significant other....or pay for a whole lotta surgery or some shit....???

Make Your Day

And The winner of this match Mcgee?

Bobby Brax

Who’s that girl with Alex ? Coulda sworn seen him with Rihanna last week LA

Sports Pinas

McKenzie Caldwell-Pope is so beautiful ?

About Time

All part of the show.

quentina danile

Congratulations I love love !


idc how old this is they was being messy and tryna start something putting te'a nd royce with dwight dont fucking playing wit te'a like that!!!! WE ALL KNOW TE'A IS HIS FIANCE!!!

Thelma Weah

Point well-made! BLACK WIVES MATTER!!!!!

Искандер Баймурунов

Dwight's girlfriend is Tea Cooper now

Zeke Hiroshi Cruz

Javale Mcgee's girlfriend/wives was so beautiful

Alexandre Azevedo

All hot girls..."coincidence"

Alwin Alves

Lol yall fix dwight one nobody aint fucking with royce .... tea cooper is the wife

Makka Velli

Change Dwight Howard girl , his new bae is Te'a Cooper WNBA ⭐

Zeke Hiroshi Cruz

Javale Mcgee's girlfriend/wives was so beautiful

Calix Ems DL

1.Danny Green
2.Mc gee
3.Le Bron
?hot wives

Josiah Cross

1:43 baby AD is on the way: Magic Johnson

Q-Mellowdays TV

kuzma grabbed two rebounds

Homeless to Greatness

Caruso still has thick hair when he met his girl.

Truth Hurts

Giselle Ramirez ???

Joy Gresham

I got seven Lakers who need to put a ring ? ? ? on it

styles J.

That's definitely not D. 12 girlfriend..... That's his nightmare from hell.....

Ridgell B

They're winnin and winning

Makka Velli

I Love Winnie Harlow she is super beautiful,, Kuzma won back to back????


Dwight Howard is engaged to Tea Cooper...Royce is His child's Mother.

Erico Saputra

Mcgee menang banyak

First Asian

where is kuzma's right hand???
Its in the right place!!!!

Brian Kim

Damn Javale is pullin dimes

OG Profficial

Dwight was wrong AF

Darel Daniels

Lebron and Avery Bradley chicks are uniquely gorgeous

Paul LéVesque

Avery Bradley definitely has the prettiest wife

The Keen Observer

Lebron James and Savannah James true couple , started from high school until now.

R 34

Of course kuzma got the worst one ???? yikes wtf was that

Truth Hurts

Champion + Chix + Money = ???

Jayson Tatum

AD's girlfriend is an L

Joem Villazana

C Kostas Wala p bang asawa

Jaye Cortez

Messy video chyyy... you know damn well dwight married to tea cooper...

Ultimate Sports

Los Angeles Lakers Players Wives & Girlfriends 2020

Dave HoopsBTV

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I am subscribed to your channel, please also subscribe to mine. :) Thanks a lot BIGTIME.
Thanks for your support.



Javale McGee winning


Dwight Howard's fiance's name is Tea' Cooper. They have been engaged since 2019

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MJ Milan

where is ronaldos gf?

Cable Ties

Deana jade - with me??

Kushal Singha

Ramos's wife was a nightmare for me?


Schweinsteiger? Wtf

Jaldezina Santos

why do we need to get the best way for your help in the best

Carlos Botelho

You are the best <3

kiro shenouda

Ramos and piqué

Abdessamad Ennouass

Sneijder, piqué and Messi have the best wifes

Technical Priyam

where the hell is ronaldo


You hate Ronaldo or what?

Sofi a

In Messi's case, he knows Antonella since they were kids!! She was always by his side, even when he wasn't famous. They're couple goals. Yeah, everything about Messi is a goal to be honest.

Ianys Mustang

Hey Pique i give you Antonella Raccuzzo and you give me Shakira no?

Stefan Momcilovic

schweinstieger's wife is Serbian tennis star Ana Ivanovic

hamza bikerr

\ | / |
♧ \ | / | ♤
\|/ |
■ |---<>-----| ♡
| /|\
$ | / | \ ☆
| / | \

Reza IQ 90

You're so hot my darling


Anto Roccuzzo?

brick wall

is it just me of there are so many Carolinas ?

Tensang Gurung



Half of these are already divorced

Zak Palmer

Pique wife is sharkira


You are beautiful and hot too

Lobzang Dorjay

our legend mr , gerrard & his wife is the best couple without doubt.

Amazing 543 1

WAG means Wives and girlfriends

Wayne Adrienne

Mario Gotze and Muller

Danny Groening


faruk celik

We'res ronaldos boyfreind , I mean girlfriend ?

Tom Ga

some are not the mos current anymore

Idontknown man

You should react and not just sit there

Nasir Abukar

Some were good looking, the other wives/Girlfriends were "ok" but nothing more and some were even worse than the average woman on the road. Rolando's one has to be a 9. The title has to be changed to "Wives and girlfriends" and the hot part needs to be taken out.


before i open the video i was 100% sure that cr7 willn't be in this list :-P

Kahina Loren

Bit interesting.

Some of these footballers have stuck with their childhood girlfriends.

Pick them out :p

Ryan M

Why didnt you say sagna was punching above his weight? hes ridiculous looking


What team do you support????


after the first 20 i stopped. not all that . i was kinda tripping. lol just my opinion.

Lauryne Lopes

Perrie Edwards and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain !??????❤️

Marko Krajinovic

this is old schwainstaiger is with ana ivanovic

Petroleum Rocket

Ramos and his wife are hell sexy
Sexiest couple so far

Zafri .Z

Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio are the best couple.

raul Busters

Deana-Jade husband has the best good-looking wife of all..she has a very gorgeous face....!!!

Elvis Wu

if im not wrong bastian schweinstieger's wife is not the one shown in the video


Neymar, Götze and Pique have the best wags


Hole on didnt you have a FIFA Channel ?
DeanaJadeHD i think

Fkeego 11

Do u pin comments

StudioIII Demugo

aguero and princes jajaja falto

Amanuel Wolde

I didn't know Alexis had a wife. He eats and breathes football

Candra Pierr

This is for messi fans lol ?


As much I know Basti is married to Ana Ivanoic who is my favorite tennis star, Basti retired from Germany and she retired from tennis after they got married

Saimon Tewelde

you need football player boy friends lol

Shaikh Ameen

i love ramos messi pique and mario gotze wife or gf


"Jesus chraist" learn to pronounce it is Jesus Christ

Forever Purple N Gold

When you see who Chris Smalling is dating


Schweinsteiger takes the W

Giroud and Drogba can hold this L


You're prettier than most of them lol. So cute how you dance to the music

Жека Наоборот

Bastian Schweinsteiger's wife is Ana Ivanovich.

Selman Khan

Why not ronaldo.

Essio 1

Schwainstiger is with Ana Ivanovic

shayan mohammad

you are so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️


react to dybala goldean boy by teocri

Marko Smrzlic

Bastian Schweinsteiger is married to Ana Ivanovic, not this lady.

Oscar Orozco

U should be on the list

Rachael Ross

Calum chambers has the best wag ie me


She's not Maria Teresa Matus(Arturo Vidal's wife)...she's Federica Nargi (Alessandro Matri's girlfriend) :)


if they're not on the video.. then they probably like it in the ass.... now stop asking.

zeyx edgar

jorgelina cardoso = outrageous


Totti punching lol. The man is a fucking god and he's no ugly git. That picture was a shocker. He could have his pick of any woman in Italy. Rooney punching? Coleen is the lucky one.


Daang gerrard definitely has the best girlfriend!


whoever composed this music i wanna punched this guy on his face

Minar Rahman

cesc fabregas' wifes name is seaman!?!?!?!!?!


they are girls not a cup of tea. they are pretty.but not hot. women's are pretty not hot. see them with good vision

walid cr

hey you are bautiful do you want to marry me

Rizvee Rifat

Messi should change.just one girl for the whole life!!!!!Thats boring

Saint Lucius

I'm a dortmund fan but i must admit, philipp lham's girlfriend is a golden diamond

Lil Panther



You are hot too

First Fifa


Therta Hosokulu

Where is cr7..

Rachael Ross

Who is the presenter she's cute


Sarah Brandner is Basti"s ex girlfriend.

Ragav Sampath

they missed cr7

Jonny Godoy

top 5
alexis Sanchez

boopathi rajan

lucky girl's

Seigneur Beerus

A lot of girls in this video are not pretty

Bile mohammed Aden

this channel is the best keep up

Nouman Khan

She's only enjoying song

Young Kickerz


zizo l10

you are beautiful

Aleš Miko


Saint Lucius

Ivan ractitc is gay

Anjal Chhetri

How can you not know about pique and shakira? They have 2kids ??‍♂️

comedian hh

schweinsteiger is maried to anna ivanović !!!!

Chelo A

That's not iniestas wife! lol

Jitesh Kumar

Loved ur reaction as always. Even ur beautiful tbh Deana Jade. Ur bf is lucky to have u.
Love Football ?

maka lele

Such a shame to not put Xhaka's gf there!

Your Nan sub

I bet you 1 million dollar that no one would read this

Eminem Gang

Where’s cr7 at

Shah Alam

Do react to any of the indian videoes,,ur subscribers will just go boom...this is what most of the youtubers r doing

Ruskimeister XD

where is Ronaldo??? LUL


Coming from a country where wives don't change their names on marriage seeing the same last name just makes me think "related?".

nabin khanal

Who wants to swap their wives and girlfriebd .Just curious !!!??????

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