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7 Essential Grooming Items Under $7 | Affordable Hygiene Every Man Needs

7 Essential Grooming Items Under $7 | Affordable Hygiene Every Man Needs20 May. 2017
44 654 - - Click here to discover Aqua Velva 5 in 1 after shave balm - Thanks Aqua Velva for being a paid sponsor of today's video. - Click here to read the article 7 Grooming Essentials Under $7

Video Summary:

0:18 - Styptic Pencil

0:59 - Petroleum Jelly

1:33 - BONUS: Aftershave Balm

2:50 - A Folding Toothbrush

3:52 - A Tongue Scraper

4:35 - Floss Picks

5:52 - Hand Sanitizer

6:50 - The Right Hairbrush

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Comments (100)

Could have used that aqua velva last week...shaved my chest for the first time in years and got bad bumps and razer burn. Next time I'm buying that stuff before I shave.

Blood Frenzy

Nice Really HelpFull I Will Carry These Iteams And Share With My Frends Tooo

Muhamad Rayada

Hey Antonio, I have a question, i have a lot of black clothes and the main problem i'm facing is lints , i'm pretty sure some of you guys have the same problem as me, can you please give us a tip of how to remove and/or prevent lints to stuck on black clothes? Thank you very much sir?

sameed yousuf

where's face wash

David H

For guys like myself that don't have much money these types of videos are very nice.

Mr. Morris

Aqua Velva was a go to back in the day. It's one of those hidden gems that is worth more than the price.
I can't believe you forgot to mention gum. A god peppermint or spearmint type of chewing gum is a tongue scraper, dental kit, tooth brush and floss all in one. plus its one item you can share if a lovely young lady asks fr gum to strike up a conversation.


Antonio are you goons grow out your beard for us beard lovers this November?

Nodari Kirtadze

Can't wait for the hair brush video

Eric Von Wedel

a nail clipper is a must have when traveling.

Trevor Bullock

Oh man.. Usually you have good stuff but hand sanitizer??? That's so bad for you. Do a little research before you recommend stuff. Thousands of people are watching your videos. That's a lot of responsibility. You wouldn't recommend that people swallow the Mouth wash after they rinse their mouth....


#4 TUNG paste works much better.

Alejandro Hernandez

Great videos Antonio, Baby wipes, now they comes in Men presentations, very useful to have in the bathroom, car, suitcase, etc.

Manolis Marinakis

As a dentistry student I would like to add that you should NEVER buy a hard toothbrush, only medium and soft. Also ask your dentist to show you the correct way to brush your teeth(you are probably doing it wrong).

Favio Escalon

Orabrush is the best thing that has happened for teeth hygiene.

Remy Martin

very informational, thanks antonio!

Ben James

Lint remover is something I always have on me. I always keep samples of cologne in my car in case of an unplanned meeting im called to.


Styptic Pencils are awesome! The first time I found one in walmart I had no idea about them, but they are some of the most useful things I ever bought.

George Casiano Jr

Antonio, an Alum Block is a great multipurpose product. It works as a stypic pen, underarm deodorant, and foot deodorizer. Traditionally used by barbers as an aftershave because it's a natural astringent and antiseptic. You wet the block and rub it on after the shave and before the aftershave balm. Got a cut? Wet the block and rub it on the cut to stop the bleeding. Amazing stuff. It even comes in a deodorant stick form for easy application. Read about it and try it yourself. Let me know what you think! Thanks for your amazing videos @Real Men Real Style

Hamza Shaikh

small sewing kit

Doofus McBoofus


Savvy Me

Antonio I love your channel and in fact i want to start my own youtube channel doing fashion and style but honestly i don't know how to start. So i wanted to ask if you had any tips as to where i might start. Like the easiest free video editing

Eliran Sobel

Brushes, not combs?

Kahlil Hernández

Antonio, please also do a video about different types of combs.

Alex Galvez

I Recommend The Water Pik For Floss Alternative


If you use an electric toothbrush, use it to scrap your tongue - does it better than a tongue scraper.
Also, dental brushes do a better job than floss picks or dental floss. And a comb is a lot more useful than a brush.


Some mint chewing gum because when you're on the move and you eat something then it's good to not only have floss picks to remove food but also take one gum to refresh your breath

Harris Zeboki

First time hearing a Styptic Pencil.
Guess I'll have a look out for it.

I personally use the DollarShaveClub. I have been using that for a fairly long time.

I'm looking forward to that hairbrush video. I just got a straight comb and I haven't thought much about it.


Antonio what brand of toothpaste do you use?

Marie Wouters

tower survive reaction lmhdk disagree action comfortable guitar.

Alan M

great vid, styptic pen or Alum block / bar is also good, a nose / ear hair trimmer . travel shoe polish and brush.

TV Blue

I have a question about the hairbrushes. I'm black and I have short coarse hair. I've been using the same brush for five years. Should I get a new one?

The Midnite Rider

Compact mirror.. Use to check between the teeth, stuff hanging from your nose and etc...

Shaun Meehan

I use sanipods for my toothbrush, it's hard plastic so it keeps the bristles protected but also has a small disc inside that keeps it sanitized


Antonio, I watch all of your videos, and I can tell you I absolutely loved this one. I just added "Styptic Pencil" and "Tounge Scrapper" to my shopping list, and I'll be keeping my eye out for the Aqua Velva 5-in-1 and some type of what you call "Professional Oral Care Kit"; I had no idea those were sold in stores and were so affordable. I'll be anticipating your upcoming hairbrush video, since I just use a comb now and would like to experiment a bit more in the future. Thanks for the great content.

Have Had

WTH! I have spike type hairstyle & my barber told me to use comb instead of hair brush. Brush are 90% for long hair.Make a video to remove my confusion!


Lip balm is probably one of the most important items I use regularly. In the summer it protects your lips from sun burn (those crusty lips you get at the beach - yes, thats sunburn on your lips!) and during wintertime it protects from drying out the lips in the cold weather! and even if you already get one of those issues already the balm helps smoothen the lips, prevents pain and healing faster.

Florin Muntoiu

Toilet paper...Such a small thing yet you can't live without it.?

Mr. rupert

nose hair trimmer.
portable perfume


Antonio, thank you for this video. I agree with almost everything on your list, but as an immunologist and microbiologist I have to step in. I strongly recommend not using hand sanitizer unless you're a healthcare professional and you need it to protect your (potentially immunocompromised) patients. Using hand sanitizer is actually bad for you; you need exposure to bacteria to keep your immune system up-to-date, so to speak. Furthermore, recent studies have shown that using hand sanitizer actually increases the problem of antibiotic resistance. Finally, hand sanitizer also kills the beneficial microflora on your skin. Washing your hands with regular soap after going to the bathroom and before preparing or consuming food is more than enough to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy.


what's the intro music ?

T Anders

One thing to mention in this arena that is very useful is a small toiletry kit that can go with you everywhere, be it in your car, EDC bag, whatever.

Get a small pouch or case and load it up with travel-size items (deodorant, travel toothbrush and toothpaste, mini mouthwash bottle, disposable razor and small bottle of shave oil, pocket comb, etc).

This way you are never caught off-guard with bad breath after a working lunch, BO after a meeting in a particularly hot office, or anything else life throws at you.


Use electric razor and there is no more bleeding

Ninja 87

As a nurse, let me say NEVER put petroleum jelly on any burn.

Craig Rattlesnake

I have bushy eyebrows. I can't live without a good pair of tweasers

Pavel Gavlík

looking forward seeing your hairbrush video

asturias ialbuz titlis

unless you have some kind of medical condition or mental illness, hand-sanitizer shouldn't be there for a routine use. maybe when traveling. that's why there's so many allergies and other autoimmunities started popping up lately.

Charles Berkman

Coco butter lotion for body and a facial moisturizer. Both can be purchased for under $10. I have seen a big difference especially in my face after starting to moisturize. Slows down that aging process.
You make good videos and appreciate how you disclose the paid endorsements.

love monster

Essentials !!!

Not your best video... sorry. (It must be hard to beat yourself). The sponsorship is a great concept, keep up!!!

An item that I like to have with me is baby wipes, toilet paper is not sufficiant! Surely not with the free paper of public area, anyway! Plus it's very useful to clean coffee tables, seats e.t.c. Nobody ever notice it but having a clean bum is giving me confidence.


From someone in public health: Hand sanitizer is NOT a substitute for hand washing!

Sergio Lelevier

Travel size band aids.


Scientifically proven that flossing isn't important unless your a dentist. Mouth wash will remove everything that you would be able to do with flossing. Just pointing that out

Glenn Misztal

Fantastic information. Thank you.

Stjepan Matić

ear cleaning sticks.

Ryan Booth

NO PETROLEUM JELLY (or any type of oily product) ON BURNS!!

Argenys Garcia

I have the same aqua velva 5 in 1 aftershave in the thumbnail they're great! ??


I feel like I'm one of the few who actually appreciates the sponsors on RMRS, I don't mind them at all, and if I can have some help upping my game or finding better deals on products then why not!


I totally agree on tongue cleaner. Bought one out of curiosity a few years ago since then can't live without it! People, do yourselves a favour and try one for yourself - it costs next to nothing...

Help, I'm on Fire

try and swap petroleum for paw paw

Thomas Stewart

what type of advice would you have for men who rock the "Telle Sevalez" or the bald head...✌ thanks for your videos sir.


Lip Gloss......Flavored lip gloss, not the red or pink ones, just normal colored ones with flavors. She doesn't want to kiss cracked, bleeding sandpaper.

When I was 19, my girl(s) would kiss me, just to see what flavor I was wearing, switches things up. Its a playful thing between you and her........ Try it ;)

MC_ Sea

I had no clue that some of these items existed, I guess it's time to go shopping.
Also, I would probably recommend some sunblock to prevent sunburns since they can be really uncomfortable, look unattractive, and are bad for the skin.


A dildo


I have a question, I'm about to start shaving and I understand that I need to use aftershave cream or gel. However I have really bad eczema around my neck and face in which I use creams and moisturisers on a daily basis.

So when I shave should I use a commercial aftershave or should I use my cream for my eczema?

Kind regards Nikesh

jousuf Q P

now your is a commecial announcer . not a model director . ? we are not fallow you more . bay bay


Anti white head patches. You can get 36 for like €2 and they can remove any white heads under one or two nights without any scars.


aqua velva??? dang, that stuff has been around ever since I can remember (my daddy wore it and old spice) ... didn't know they still made it


Good ideas on these. It took me WAY too long to discover the Water Pic, and am now addicted to the thing! You can't believe what you wash outa your mouth, AFTER brushing and flossing!
I have very sensitive skin, and will try the Aqua Velva balm!
Maybe a video for us "seniority" guys who want to keep our skin up well, preventing whatever wrinkles we can ... general ideas on men's skin cream and the options. I often combine a dab of coconut oil with a blob of Gold Bond Ultimate hydration lotion for men.
Just my two cents ...

Nikolai Abela

@realmanrealstyle I can't use hand sanitizers because they are bad for me and cause dyshidrotic eczema. Basically bubbles on fingers. what can I use instead???

Matthew L.

Anyone notice how Antonio has unbuttoned one too many/ lost a button on his left sleeve?


Folding Toothbrushes, hm, never thought about that... excellent.
I use Jason's Toothpaste  (No Fluoride crap, all natural)

Hand Sanitizer, I have the mini ones in the car. If people wonder if they really care for them, and drive? Think of when you goto get gas and handle that pump. Now imagine from that pump, touching the steering wheel, holding your woman's hand, etc. All without washing it. 

For that reason alone is why I have em in the car lol.

Hairbrush... Not needed, I'm Bald ?


I tried Vic's Vapor Rub as an aftershave. Menthol was good in that it cools down any skin irritation.
Petroleum part took care of dry skin and razor knicks. Might have a sort of pain reliever/anti-inflammatory effect also.
I bought generic, about $3.00, was called chest rub. I think it was not as strong smelling as it was years ago.
Tried it was winter and by time I made it thru the hotel lobby I could barely smell it anymore. I only use a little work it into skin.
Online they say it helps to keep away mosquitos. I intend to try it next time I go to a BBQ. Not as bad smelling as the insect stuff.

Elias Moussi

Hand sanitizers aren't as essential you mentioned; we use them in the hospital because it's faster than washing our hands, but not as effective as the old water and soap, trust me on this one! Nevertheless I found them very useful when I want to eat something while on the street and don't have a bathroom near you.


I appreciate your channel, but I think your style is rather limited. In general, the 50's plus metrosexual. whitening toothpaste is bad for your teeth, good call on the enamel protection. My point being here is that your style is entirely laughable to the blue collar crowd. We don't much care for putting on airs. Beards, especially well maintained are stylish, and MANLY. Maybe you ought to do a cultural exchange to working America?

Keshav Kumar Pandey

thank you so much sir its very good love u sir

Real Men Real Style - Click here to discover Aqua Velva 5 in 1 after shave balm - Thanks Aqua Velva for being a paid sponsor of today's video. - Click here to read the article 7 Grooming Essentials Under $7

Video Summary:
0:18 - Styptic Pencil
0:59 - Petroleum Jelly
1:33 - BONUS: Aftershave Balm
2:50 - A Folding Toothbrush
3:52 - A Tongue Scraper
4:35 - Floss Picks
5:52 - Hand Sanitizer
6:50 - The Right Hairbrush - Click HERE To Join our online Facebook Community

Abdulelah Algharbawi

Thanks man, for really taking care after us (real men). Great stuff, as always! Cheers

deep blue

i liked it when you appeared shaving  during this illustrating video  it's nice to preform what you're saying

Daniel Rios

?? Viewer for 2 years, first question,: Antonio, I notice that your shirts look small around the collar. And often you have the collar and top button undone. Do you have he same problem as I do? Fat Neck, slim fit, 17.5, 32/33 or is it that you are buying shirts that don't fit in the collar, but you make them work anyway. Please advise, TY - Dan Rios

mayank bravo

"I know most of you guys have toothpaste. Hopefully, you do".
Very funny. I love your videos.

Joseph R Snyder Jr

Peppermint Spirits Alcohol Free. Bathroom and carry with you. When you brush your teeth in morning spit out frothy paste but don't rinse. Floss your teeth with some paste getting in between your gums. Then rinse. A few sparing drops of peppermint spirits alcohol free with freshen your mouth and breath. When you're at work or out and about unable to brush your teeth a few drops will do the trick.

Gaurav Tiwari

nice tips

zeke davila

Hair gel

A Man A Cat and his Dog

Suggest little kit including tweezers nail clippers piece to scrape under nails etc.

Use on face after shaving from Amazon. Dove men's face wash. Non irritating and cleans face and prevents shaving burn. Also doesn't take all oils off face where skin feels moist unlike a desert devoid of oils.


Great video, but I have to disagree with the hand sanitizer and shaving cream parts, soap and water work better for both.


Don't forget some moisturizer and sunblock with a high SPF rating to protect your skin from harmful UV radiation and stave off wrinkles


Antacids! Worth a million bucks while you're waking in the middle of the night with no recourse. Good vid - thanks

183 373 Neil Coelho

and yea i would carry a deo stick as it last longer then deo spary and is cheap and easily portable

DL Lambert

some say to avoid alcohol on your face & neck. after-shaves & colonges can cause stings or redness.

Felipe Pereira

Antonio, thanks for the tip on that pick floss thing, I'll see if i can find those around here! they sound cool.


So the first one is like a tampon than.

Gregory Bainathsah

I love how you go straight to the point. No unnecessary dialog

Giordano Michael

A loofah is a pretty useful tool! If you're a guy who uses body wash, it helps you get more out of less soap.

Todd Brown

If not already mentioned, small scissors.

Smart Joe

5:55 Covid-19 made this an essential lmao

Pau Gelabert Sachse

lol number 6 would be nice


Eye drops for eyes with or without contacts; combs; q-tips; nail clippers for hands and feet (the newest hand nail clippers fold flat and can even go on key ring, called French-style); comedone, to remove pimples, blackheads and whiteheads; single-serve hand sanitizers; hair blower; beard and hair clippers -- much more.

bhavesh khatri

i want to improve my dressing but under transformation i mean under fat loss plan for 4 months
can u suggest me something about this
i am an teen ager 18

Sofiane Sweek

Already have 80% aha

Petros Porfiridis

Do not use hand sanitiser it weakens yoir imune system .... water and soap more than enough

John Smith

petroleum jelly - vaseline