How to do waxing at home naturally


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Amazing beauty secrets no

Amazing beauty secrets no one told you

Sometimes we tend to spend a lot of time reading magazines, watching videos and browsing beauty websites to find the best skincare and beauty products that will keep our skin glowing and prevent us from aging. Besides, looking young is something all girls strive for even at 25 years old. So, in this video, we are sharing with you some amazing and natural skin care tips and tricks that you probably didn't know they really worked. There is no need to buy expensive skin care products when you can create your own natural ones.

Have you been in a situation where you urgently needed to shave your legs but you didn't have any razors or proper wax to do it? Well in this video, we show you an even better method. We show you how you can create your own stripless wax using sugar, honey, and, lemon juice. You simply mix all the ingredients together in a glass bowl, put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, and when it cool to the touch start using it.

Have you ever been in one of those embarrassing situations where you went out for tea or coffee and your lipstick is transferring everywhere? Trust us, we know the feeling and we've all been there. That is why we came up with this amazing beauty recipe on how to create your own peel-off lipstick to get you out of trouble. Simply mix some peel-off mask with some red food coloring and using a brush apply it on your lipstick. After the mixture dries, peel it off and voila. You just created your own waterproof lipstick.

For those of you looking to become better at makeup and try out new and more effective ways to achieve a perfect look, we have a number of amazing makeup hacks that you will love.

- Use an eyelash curler to apply mascara in order to make your lashes more feathery.

- Use a bobby pin to apply lash glue on your fake eyelashes to prevent them from getting tacky.

- Use a strainer to clean your makeup brushes quickly and effectively.

Watch our whole video to see all of our amazing makeup tips and tricks that can help you with your beauty routine.


0:07 - How to create your own stripless wax

0:49 - Awesome beauty hacks

2:10 - Feathery lashes mascara trick

2:45 - How to apply fake eyelashes

3:47 - Anti-aging face yoga

4:24 - The Facelift - face yoga

5:37 - DIY lip scrub

7:08 - Insane hacks for your smile

7:44 - Teeth whitening remedy

8:39 - How to lose face fat


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Ayesha khan


Amar Belghit


Abhishek Yadav

Wow !!
Everyone wants eyelashes like yours and will end up eventually beating you with lashes


Wow so nice

Kashvi Singh 2006

I am just in love with this channel but I miss Vicky victoriia

RoRo Baled

افكاااار ولا اروع استمروا ????


Does limes work for the first one

asma sultana

Can we use lemon instead of lime

عبدلي ليديا




Rakesh Malik

What to do if we do not have microwave?

Lavonna Shiray

7:00 ewwwwwww

Niki Das

At 0:43, I flinched when I saw them rip the mixture off their leg. I flinched so hard that I fell off the bed... Ha, ha! 1 Like = 1 Prayer for my poor, poor butt that received the worst of the fall.

Amina Kuzumova

7:00 ich glaube das ist Aus getrocknetes Mehl oder!!

Millie Maycock

That sugar wax can burn your skin off !! ?

Izabel Parchina

1:40 and how you accidentally make such an eyebrow

nestor rivera

I'm pretty sure all the girls who are in the 5 min craft vids look perfect LUCKY!?

hi,this is the deadest channel you will ever see

1:00 I tried this hack, it worked
Next day at school
me: wait I amnot-
Me : ok...

Olson Family

Eyelash curler one sucks

Skiper Kasa

Thanks for your videos ♡
I'm french ??


Hit like for Girls ?

Mallory Walker

I have tried the one with strawberrys and it works

Tahreem Sadaf Rehman

Amazing video

Troy’s Phone

What are the measurements for the wax

Min Lin

Ami I the only one who's triggered because they repeat the hacks in another vid

Shahzya Jeffrey

Ughhhh that wax did not work scammers hate this channel???



Khya Wiggy .-.

7:11 No hate, but she looks like the Grinch..


Awesome ?

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Howard Li

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Sornapudi Prasad Rao

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5 minutes craft can I ask y the wax one doesn't work


Wow that was really helpful thanx for the remedy. Love you all guys


At 3:54 it had the bright side watermark there.
I mean c’mon 5 minutes craft!

Laura Stepanyan


Sumaiya Kabir

That wax hurt too much

My Simple Routine

Very halpful video ✍?


hey, i tried the waxing hack and thanks a lot for what happened the sugar and the honey turned into stone in my precious little bowl, please dont post stuffs if they dont work... because i just wasted my bowl

Poonam smart kitchen

Very nice ??????
Thanks for sharing....

Luciene Weiland

Could I use a green lime ???


The wax remedy didn't work !!!! ?

Pescar de Pandemie

super ???

Ava Vaughan

your wax got got a holee lot of honey on my legs so I wasted my money for nothing buying those ingrdeints

nafeeskhan khan

Plzz update new hacks

tasnim choudhury

I love 5 minute crafts...???
And your crafts are really outstanding???

Gigi Mathew



Con nhỏ 2 3 nó xấu

Ash Goetsch

The first hack didnt work! Just giving you advice, you should add measurements

Ivana Nenadic


adeola ayodele


Nourel Houda

like Sur commentaires Pliz?



Sakura Haruno


Talia Cho

I used 1/2 cup granulated sugar, 1/4 cup FRESH/RECENTLY OPENED honey, and 1/4 cup lemon juice. Heated it up for about 15 seconds or you could heat it up 30 seconds then cool it down. Hope this helps!!! ? Wait... never mind

الماسات الاخوات

خل اشوف كلمة (الله) كم لايك تجيبلي او كم اشتراك

Anasztázia Málik

4:42_nel szopik??

abril citlaly

Love this Dong

Arohi Raichan

My favorite YouTube channel is 5-minutes

Aditi Patni

Can I use honey and coconut oil for chapped lips?


Tori was a moron I have no clue how I could just say hi and brown green orange brown green


Cadê os br que só vê mas n faz


Although this is a cute video, it is one you all just "recycled". Please provide new content. I don't like to see the notification from you, and then, it is an old video that you just reposted.

Fauziah Daud

At time 0:30 i dont have microwave oven. So i want use what

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I love this channel. Its so useful.

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Nice for evary girls


Amazing and natural skin care tips and tricks that you probably didn't know. Adooooooooooooro.

Sad Face

It’s always the same life hacks but i still like the videos -.-

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If we don't have oven then what to do for wax remedy

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5 min craft girly: Insane Hacks For Your Smile.
Me:Wow what a smile!!!!!

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5:23 i thought it was a tissue paper


عبدلي ليديا


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I want to wax my mosutache but i'm scared i will have to do it once per week. Plz help

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Don't use coke to clean your mouth. It erodes your teeth and makes them go yellow

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Yr ak question h Mara ki ya 1 hack kise na try Kiya h Kya or ya work krta h kya


00:14 Does this work


Lipstick must have been of low quality.


LOL yes we will have always been in there and we all need a little more than that we will be there for thanksgiving I love you ? ? ❤️

laurabsaucin '

0:12 did not work for me so... fuck u bitch?

Asha Sheekh

Almost broke my neck at 4:14??



Btw I’m not trying that...

Jayla Elmore

those eyelashes

Harriet Kitchen Recipes

Nice :-)


7:32 I tried this hack and now my tooth enamel is completely ruined:)
Though as a 12 year old, I should probably know better than to trust the internet but I’m pretty imbecile and moronic lol

Sornapudi Prasad Rao

Love you'll guys muahhhhhhh

Nayana Kalita

Thank you so much for bringing all these girly hacks❤
It's so easy and effective at the same time?

Sameera Alwash


Bruh ness

Can I wax my unibrow using lemon and sugar?

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Omg this is amazing i love u guys cuz u never let me down ?????????

thiccbowwwy potatod

My mom needs this


Tori was green brown brown green orange brown orange ? orange ? and green brown orange ? orange ? and green brown orange ? orange ? and green brown orange ? orange ? and green brown orange ? orange ? and green brown orange ? orange ? and green brown orange ? orange ? and green brown orange ?

Tatjana Marget


Krissy likes Bleach

5:38 I would joke and say HEY THERE'S THIS NEW INVENTION CALLED BURT'S BEES C- But sometimes using chapstick isn't enough

5-Minute Crafts GIRLY

Hey girls, any plans for the weekend? ? Secrets for your perfect smile 7:11

Smart hacks for any occasion >

_weird_ person_

What are the measurements for the sugar wax at the start? I made one but there was something wrong with it so it became very runny, idk what I did wrong.

KL Lokesh

I ? u 5 minute crafts! But can you please share other beauty hacks without repeating the old ones. Please......

DIY Sugar Waxing at Home - The BEST Hair Remover Technique - PAIN FREE Waxing??

DIY Sugar Waxing at Home - The BEST Hair Remover Technique - PAIN FREE Waxing??4 Jul. 2019
3 769 501
Jasmynn IveSubscribe 438 721

What You’ll Need:

What You’ll Need:

- 1 Cup Sugar

- ¼ cup lemon

- ¼ cup water

- Candy thermometer (optional)

- Old Cotton T-shirt


- Mix all your ingredients together in a medium sized saucepan

- bring to a boil on Medium low heat

- Stir every 45 seconds or so to make sure all the sugar has dissolved

- Test your wax to make sure its ready

Is your Wax READY?

- Your candy thermometer temperature should read firm ball

~ If you don’t have a thermometer

- Get a bowl of cold water

- Pour a spoon full of wax into the bowl of water

~ If your wax dissolves…. it’s not ready

~ If you can pick up your wax and roll it into a ball then squish it in between your fingers that’s how you know it’s READY!

- ~ If you pick it up and it is difficult to roll into a ball that’s okay…. You just made hard wax

- ~ If your wax breaks off into little strings once poured into the water…... you’ve gone too far and must restart ☹

Follow Me :

- Instagram:

- Twitter:

- Twitch :





Things Used

• Camera: One Plus 7 Pro


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Josh May

Could you try this on your face ? Also do you powder your face still ?

Tilly Toad

Do Americans say one/fourth instead of one quarter?

Kawaii me!!!

I overcooked maybe and my wax is super hard now. I got to try once more now ?

ام محمد

الرجينة تع العرب

Sun Shine

Where's the hair?

Sajita Devkota

Does it hurts or not plz answer it okay

Wagon Wheel

Reminds me of the days where the neighbors in our building used to come to our house and they’ll wax each other with homemade wax.

Massou Traore


Julissa jackson

This can be used for face too

Rando_ weirdo.M

Ah honey this aint pain free?

Anoushka Barua

Girl am envy of u .I always had hairy legs n arms n underarms... n waxing , shaving any type o hairemoval treatment doesnt works.. I hv heard that waxing regularly makes follicles weak but for me it's just d opposite plus my pcos doesnt help my now I dont wax n just embrace all my hair on skin.. I mean how much I can wax when my whole body is covered with hair..

Rachna Hair Studio

Hi Guys

Very recently I have started my own YouTube channel. Being a busy mom to a special needs child finally I have converted my passion for hairstyles into reality. I hope you enjoy watching my videos.

Please like SUBSCRIBE and share
Thank you

will Simonds

On my husband's YouTube lol but I noticed you used a cut shirt. Is this because you didn't have strips or are they somehow reusable?

daisy day

im am a woman and my leg hairs are long, like MALE MANLY MAN long, and I’ve been epilating my leg hairs for like the past 3-ish years (yes i chose the most painful method). Never shaved because it will make them thicker than they already are. Recently I decided to wax because i left my epilator at home and im stuck in a diff country cos covid ANYWAY. If u have long leg hair like me it is still a bit painful BUT to lessen the pain, u need to wax in really small sections. Or just wax when the hairs aren’t too long but long enough to wax. Waxing is the best ngl, but u have to maintain it through exfoliating regularly (1-2x a week) to avoid ingrown/strawberry legs. Goodluck to everyone who wants to try <3

Pupu Mohapatra

This method is not painless!!! I did this many times...

Katelyn Chan

I really wanna remove my hair growth from my body? but I'm scared of using wax cause I though it feels painful. But when I saw your video it also had a guide and it really motivated me to do waxing thankyouuu?❤️

Bubbly Sunshine

Wait so can I do it without the strips?

K rajni thanks guruji Sharma

Hello yes it's helpful good video thanks


Thats hit leaomanade

Vinu D

Video name: painless waxing
My leg: wt?️?️

Otako Laila

بس بئلك ئديمة يا حليمة???

Lexi L

john 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

matrix vodafone

I had fine hair until I started waxing thankfully I never waxed my thighs, so they are still fine...But my calves? ??

Queen Wolf

Can i preserve it?! If yes for how long?!

Shyanna Hamilton

What can I use instead of lemon

Kawaii me!!!

Alright, so I did the waxing which was legit minimal pain especially because of striping with cloth.
This was my fist time waxing and I definitely loved it. I think I'll stick with this for really long time. The only downside is that it becomes hard every quickly, I didn't even completed forearm yet it starts to become hard. When o try to heat it up, I end up overheating and yeah it became complete waste ?
But as of first impression, it is definitely good one. Thank you so much sis for helping us know how to do it well! ??

Pubg girl

Is it works??? ?

shiv singh

Use jeans for wax strip


When people keep transferring something from one container to the other, all I can think about is how many dishes they will have to wash later and how much water will be wasted

Aesthetic Creator

Maybe u r masochistic....that's y it doesn't pain?

marwa army

I will prepare Sugar waxing when summer come ? I'm super excited

Nasrin Amirian


Bailey Fisher

There is no such as painless waxing. Waxing and sugaring both rip the entire hair strand out of your skin. The most painful part is when your skin gets pulled as well. To minimize pain while sugaring or waxing, pull the skin as taught as you can before removing the strip. There is also 4 different kings of sugar wax; this method is the strip sugar.

gr khokhar

kutti di puttr


how can you put that hot wax on your skin?

Yasmine Eddynari

Also my name is jasmine?

mounisha mamidi

I tried doing this at home. trust me when I say this, iam a MONKEY.
Real thick and long hair everywhere on my body.
I tried a small portion on my arm. Made sure it wasn't too hot, it was warm enough to hold my hair, I used a butter knife to spead the sugar and it did hurt as I was applying since my hair is dense and long.
And as instructed I placed a piece from my old cotton tee shirt.
Time to rip?
I was sweating bad, gathered all my guts and pulled.
It did pull out hair and it was painful (4 on the scale of 10).
Waxing at a salon is much painful for me may be like a 7-8 of 10.

But what I saw after I washed my arm is that it turned red and has tiny bumps all over the area I put sugar.

And for my thick hair it wasn't 100% effective since some hair was still left.

It was fun experimenting but I wouldn't do it again.

Hope this helps people with thick hair✌️

Megan Gounawan

Do wee have to put lemon?

Jaida Victor

can we use lime ??

amina kerazi

مغربية دازت من هنا

Sewer Rat


Shilge Js

In our country lemon are small size you use big size(india)

Hey Jennie here

I have never sugar waxed I have always shaved so how much do you need for your whole body ❓

Je Moeder

Its the wrong way, you have to put in on with the hair grow and pull it off against the hair grow

Itauna Carter

that shit worked so good I’m mad I bought this wax kit . now im a pro with the sugar wax & reusable strips .

Privato Privato

Che classe sei bella come il sole????

Tina Kutumela

Can it be used on the genital area?

Beatriz Reis

Now try this on the bikini area like the brazilians women does. Im brazilian but Im still not prepared for this step.

blue moonx

I eat it sorry

Annabella Flores

Guys even tho its cooled down be careful it can still be hit and it was quite painful for me ?

Kavita Chaudhary

Can I use it on sensitive skin ??

Jharana's Vlog

This is not perfect method of cooking sugar wax I know how to cook very well bcoz I used to work in a saloon and we r using sugar wax only


I can't believe people shave/wax their arms! I've neverrrrr.


I can't see any hair's on her legs ?

Miss Masoodah

This hurts its full of pain

Mama Edits

I have a question.
Instead of of using the stove to heat you wax thing can you use a microwave instead.?‍♀️?‍♀️

massiha a

i wish my legs were like that :( mine r a jungle ?

Sandrine Mini Vlogs

How do u even handle the hotness of the melted wax ? help!!

John Adamz

I want to marry a girl who don't have hairs on her body.???


Its 4:52,am and got this vid recommended

Batoul Elzein

Here's an advice for you ladies
Add a pinch of salt to the mixture before putting it over heat cuz then the hair thet'll grow will be softer and thinner and less black


I don't know about others...but I have tried sugar waxing two to three's so much time consuming, messy ...I personally prefer shaving...even veet is okay...but not sugar waxing...


Even youtube knows how hairy i'm in quarantine...


im too lazy to do this lmao

Raven Philomath X

How is this pain-free?


I have tried sugar waxing when I pulled on it it was like pulling my soul out of my body not fun and definitely not painless

Healthy Cooking With Fouzia

Amazing recipe for making your own waxing at home

Umesh K

Can I use this for removing my private part hair?

Tahani Afif

Thank you!! It works like magic ?♥️


How long do you let it set b4 u pull the strip off

• Star Master •

I hate how women naturally have hairy legs but it’s seen as “ugly and unnatural” not saying you’re saying this I am here after all aren’t i and some people just like hairless body but I just hear that too often great video tho thank you ♥️?


...Why am i here....I literally get separated from my mind sometimes and i just press anything and get lost in my thoughts, istg i thought this was a cooking video...then i remembered i pressed on a Sugar Waxing video...ill just keep watching ig...even though i wont ever do this XD

It's Me Cherry

Plz if this work plz reply


It's not painless, but less painfull than wax or other depilation technique. The drawback is it takes sooooo looooomg to do it!


i can just do this soon, not now bcs i 1st needed my own house... i can't do this at home bcs they'll just ask too many questions and never leave me alone... ima be like, stfu leave me tf alone and mind ur own business.. it's just irritating when they putting too much eye on me on what im doing with my life. lmao

Myar Albaba

In middle East we do that but just in another way

Rimsha Aym

I be spending my whole life in Waxing your body at this amount of Wax on body???


I have very thick and loooooots of hair... this is so painful for me... I wasn't able to finish one leg

Paiten Walker

The powder can also be used to know what bits you've already done


yall need to understand the pain is because your hair is being yanked from your legs. not bc of the type of wax lmao dumbasses

Jersey Lips


Sakshi Karanpuria

But as it cools down it become hard candy


Is this coochie approved?

Marshall Cohen Carter

Can i use this on my asshole

vishnu priya

Mention the start and end time of sugar boiling

Ti’teona Jarnaee

Can this be used on pubic hairs


why does ur legs looked stunning even tho it hasn't shaved yet? in the THUMBNAIL

Miss Thang

I think this only works for people with light hair. ?

Denise Timana

Can I use vinegar in place of lemon juice? If yes, how much should I use?

Zina Nawzad

It’s need alot of time ueseless ?

Alinab Alina

Painless = lie

Alanda Gayle

Does it have to be lemon from the citrus family?

Michia Vlogz

is this good for your cat?

Δανάη Ζορμπά-Σφαέλλου

Guys I tried it and my skin peeled off? it was really painful? don't try it⚠️⚠️




women shouldn't shave or wax ....


I've got this done at the parlour. It's not painless

سلطانة & DIVA


samara sha

I feel like how painful waxing is highly depends on how much hair you actually have, your pain tolerance etc. ? I have thick, dark, long hair in general, and due to having it waxed practically every two weeks or month for years, I think my pain tolerance is higher than that of my friend with thin light short hair who only gets it removed like twice a year? Type of wax in my experience hasn't really made a significant difference in terms of the amount of pain felt, by rather the technique etc! ^•^

Subha shini

Is it painfull ..plz rply me


31 315
IamManishaSubscribe 438 721

#waxing #homemadewax

#waxing #homemadewax #sugarwax #striplesswaxing #striplessunderarmswaxing #homeremedies

Hi guys

In this video i Have come up with amazing home remedy..that is how u can do your underarms stripless waxing at home by yourself

Here's the ingredients u need for preparing the wax

1. Shugar (cheeni )

2. Lemon ?

3. water


1. Put the shugar into the bawl

2. Remove all the seeds out of the lemon

3. Put half cup of water

4. Boil the mixture for 20 mint

5. After 20 mint transfer the wax in to the small bowl and leave it for cooling at least for 10 mint

6. And follow the application instructions as Given it the above video



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Ravi Verma

Wow nice upload dear you look so gorgeous ? armpits are so cute ?

arts قناة منوعات

love your armpits

koka. media

Beautiful hair armpit❤❤


Thank you so much for your video. If you please can you make a video for us how you use sugar paste to remove your legs hair if you please. It's my pleasure to subscribe to your channel.

Miss goswami

Kya kisi ne usse kiya hai isse plz btaye kesa hai

Iphiginia shabong

Is its removed permanently??

jasmeet singh

Juicy armpits ??

Miss Aashi

It's painful for teenager or not....??

Thakur sandhya

Fir hair growth honge kya nhi di

yogita goyam

Nice armpit

Ankita Zala

This works... Thank you. During this lockdown and summer I really need armpit wax.. thank you.

shalinee kumari