Emotionally available meaning

What Does "Emotionally Available" Even Mean?

What Does "Emotionally Available" Even Mean?1 Dec. 2015
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What is a woman thinking

What is a woman thinking when she says she want's a man who's "emotionally available"? How do you know if you're that guy...and do you even WANT to be? All the answers are here in this video.

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Brendon W

First comment and like from aus, qld!

Barabara Lund

Thank you! Too bad men don't listen to stuff like this. You are right on the money!


Yes yes yes you nailed it.

How to Process Your Emotions

How to Process Your Emotions7 Sep. 2017
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In order to be calm and

In order to be calm and at ease with ourselves, we need regular periods where we do something rather strange-sounding: process our emotions. Here is a guide to this essential psychological move.

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“It is a quirk of our minds that not every emotion we carry is fully acknowledged, understood or even truly felt.

There are feelings that exist in an ‘unprocessed’ form within us. A great many worries may, for example, remain disavowed and uninterpreted and manifest themselves as powerful directionless anxiety. Under their sway, we may feel a compulsive need to remain busy, fear spending any time on our own or cling to activities that ensure we don’t meet what scares us head on (these might include internet pornography, tracking the news or exercising compulsively). A similar kind of disavowal can go on around hurt. Someone may have abused our trust, made us doubt their kindness or violated our self-esteem but we are driven to flee a frank recognition of an appalling degree of exposure and vulnerability. The hurt is somewhere inside, but on the surface, we adopt a brittle good cheer (jolliness being sadness that doesn’t know itself), we numb ourselves chemically or else adopt a carefully non-specific tone of cynicism, which masks the specific wound that has been inflicted on us…”

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Noura M

god it sucks seeing men like this

Jeon Jiben

These videos are very helpful, all I can do is not skip ads

Rachie GAL

The school of life is first ever parent, I feel like crying


There was no how

nobody special

emotions from ideas. emotions are transient. ideas are flexible

who ever

this channel never gives u the answer it just tells u what u r doing wrong and whats happening so u can figure it out by urself

Tre Jackson

I'm going to take the rest of the night and be with this feeling of shame, sadness and disappointment

Victor Allen Cook

Keep them off of the Internet , the good and the bad .......


I don't know how to "be myself" when I feel like I can't be the parts of myself that are 'moody' or 'annoyed' or 'upset.' It feels like constant maintenance to perpetually generate understanding and empathy and kindness, especially when it feels like I'm the only one that can do it. I have all this grace for everyone around be, but none for myself

VJ Rhapsodos

Ok this is just creepy. I am processing a feeling of revulsion right now. 1:31 I tap out

Roland Coeurjoly

One way to process emotions is to write about them. Not publishing them publicly, but keeping notes to yourself.
There has been a lot of research about it, search for writing therapy .


I am just learning how at 38 years old

Felipe Ramos

Thank u

Natalie Karadsheh

Please provide arabic sub !

Knunnie K.

I’m scared of missing out. My college is high stress. Some days I just wanna cry.

Ananya Akruwala


Thank you School Of Life for making such an apt video about dealing with emotions. I am going to be forever grateful.


me: constantly listens to music, looks at my phone or watches anime or videos to not be alone with my thoughts

also me: huh... why on earth am i sad?

Emile Bichelberger

Fuck political correctness.

Owl Spagett

I've talked about both the people who messed up my childhood but it didn't change anything, that deep pit of dispare is still in my lungs.

I’m not worth it anymore

I can’t really talk to anyone in my family but here seems like the only place I can somehow express how I feel since it’ll get lost in the comments one day. To be honest, it feels like I’m going crazy, its like so many thoughts just come clashing down and I don’t know how to acknowledge it or do anything about it. Reason why I can’t talk to my family is because they’re judgmental, manipulative, and they’re kind of fake. When I try to talk about how I feel, they automatically shut me down before I can say anything else. For example, I wanted to do a certain career but they don’t support it at all, and there is someone that’s financially supporting me and they’re manipulative. They do a-lot for the family and anything I say they automatically agree with that person. As I’m typing this I’m extremely confused, and I don’t know what to do at all. This is basically my senior year and I’m confused on what career i want to pursue. If you read this, thanks for listening ?

Mindy Martin

Y u creepy

mike olsen

awareness of feeling lonely is by far the most important realization i could ever come across, and i figured it out like this:
if you cant get in touch with feelings by default, its because you are far too logical and left minded to feel it as emotions.
soo for myself i began sitting or laying down and talking to myself as i was 2 persons the one a therapist and my other self the patient.
but not like in real life, more like this: ''its okay to be sad'' go as deep as you like into the heart and feel what ever you want to feel''
today you are sad and that might be a cure for now.
loneliness is just fine for now.
crying right now feels right.
its been a long time since i felt anything, maybe i should dive deep into the heart and see if i am still there,,,, the boy who was once happy.

it all went completely hay wire when i forced myself to be happy with all this positive stuff, it pushed everyone i knew away like the wind.
there i something so damn pure and raw that comes when you begin to figure out yourself, and i have been all around the internet for all sorts of solutions to anything and preached for the truth, but finally i give up and i say this: go where you think it is and in the thinking you also let the heart inside.
i didn't know how to go into the heart without using my head, and i think its more common than i like to admit.

Niaz S

I am in pain and I don’t know how to express it


The artwork of this video is so good.

Victor Allen Cook

Keep off of the Internet , the good and bad .......

Justin S

yo i need some of that obsessive exercising problem

Lauren M

I find it hard to express my feelings. I try to talk to my mum but I just feel so stupid, she doesn't understand how I feel. I'm overweight and really hate myself...I feel like if I be more like everyone else then I would be happier. I started starving myself but it never felt right, it was like I didn't want to change but I did. I always put on this character at school like I'm brave and don't care what people think but inside it hurts. A lot. I don't have any friends and I feel like I'm always being negative so I put on a fake smile and act like everyone else. School is the hardest, I always feel so self conscious...like people are looking at me and talking behind my back. My sister went to a mental hospital because she tried to hang herself so after that everytime I wore black or just looked sad all my family would be like "stop copying your sister" you don't know how much that hurts, knowing that you can't talk to anyone...I keep everything bottled up until I can't take it anymore and cry in my room then act like everything is fine when my mum comes in.i feel so alone and I don't know what I'm feeling anymore. Everytime I laugh, smile or do anything positive this sharp feeling of sadness dawn's over me and I just stop smiling. I just want it to stop, I want to stop feeling. Words hurt, I get called fat all the time and it's affected me so much. Some days I just want to give up.

grunge kookie

When I try to feel my emotions they hurt so bad PHYSICALLY like I have a piece of glass in my body. I’m really scared with dealing with them idk what to do...


I thought it was common for it to be the other way around and not be able to escape thoughts about reality and who you are and what troubles you.


That's it? Where's the fuckin answer? LOL


We all know this , but hearin it 3rd person is comfortable

raginald7 Mars

Those Mind Opiates Must be Illegal. You do more Damage than any Good! You push Mind Drugs – not health!


Work had been my refuge andhill hiking. Lockdown has helped me unmask the pain loss of my partner. I need to allow joy into my life so I have started painting, planting a few veg on my balcony and cooking. Reaching out to show kindnesss to others - which has helped. Habits of sadness are behaviours which need to be faced and changed. Not easy but small wins bring a sense of achievement and hope.


Wow, nightmarish animation. If that was what you going for, kudos.


"But first we must pay for our self awareness with a period mourning in which we gradually acknowledge that in some area or other, life is simply a lot sadder than we would want it to be."

Lance Ricafort

This is a master piece

The Katrina Ruth Show

This is a really insightful video. Thank you for sharing!

Eli Jones

This doesn't happen to me with just sadness and anger etc, what happens to his happiness all the kinds of emotions

Stacia Jaeger

I listened to this twice. Did actually tell us how to process our emotions or did it just say that we were not.

Russell Baker

Hmm... you didn't really lay out exactly HOW to process your emotions after all


Who wants to hear me vent or you vent to me or just let out our sadz✨?✨ (I will reply with my Instagram)

LP999 LindaJanePolverini

Thank you School of Life and Alan D B. I add everything to my studying relationships playlist, I am applying knowledge here and really trying . I love life, others and things have been tough but you provide anaswer, clarity, comfort, immense gratitude to you all. !

Not a Serial Killer

I just want to die right at this moment because im so angry and sad and everything so i came to this video again to calm down

Isabella Perez

I just saw a video about this that I thought did a better job of explaining this idea. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vltPc_grbbI

Mariusz Wiesiolek

How to accept and be present when it hurts?

Shine On

appreciate the content and the video concept.. wow!

Lion koo

Who's watching videos about this because you can't talk to anyone about your problem at home?

Lars Lo

This video makes it sound too easy for somebody who has suffered their whole life (40 years) and no therapy worked so far to be find relief.

jorge anguiano

Maybe I'm too stoned to actually realize it but how is this a guide or a how-to video? Great work by the way, but maybe I'm too stupid to understand the how-to?

jkf Pogii

Im watching these video because i want to face or deal with my emotion but i dont know how to or where to begin ? i feel empty

Diontae Daughtry


Janhavi Parab

The best strategies for dealing with emotions are strategies that blend thinking and feeling. Abha Banerjee, Chief Mentor at Success India, talks about how EQ can be blended with leadership https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhwzxvZ3PF8

Daniel Wang

the animation is a bit too disturbing


Journalling is a really great way of getting your thoughts out of your sub concious and into the open where you can properly examine them.


Ich empfehle ein einzigartiges Produkt, um negative gespeicherte Emotionen aus Deinem Körper und Energiesystem zu lösen.

Kane Beauplan

this narrator makes he says bad and scary

lee •

it would be great if y’all could put these on the podcast app on iphone or soundcloud or spotify


These animations are stunning

Vivekanand Ahuja

The title of this video should be - 'Why don't we face our emotions'. There's very little information on how to process them...


Everyone says we need therapy but no one mentions the $100+ price tag for each class..

Marlene Roseboom

“Jolliness being sadness you aren’t aware of” ... wow. People often think jolly people are happy. Often, the reverse is true.

MovinMountains ASAP

yes I am in fact sad and angry


There was an explanation of what we do, but not an explanation of how to provide the love and self acceptance.


I don't need enemy, It is inside of me..

Robby Ravenwood and the Fun House Porcupines

Loved this it was succinct didn't have to listen to boring examples of people's stories - or some guru's life story of how they were in corporate america then had an ah ha moment - ZZZZZZ - got to the real point- society hates emotions! Of course except ANGER that one is OK

Aerin Gossett

Your videos describe a situation but they never actually tell you HOW to do something.

Arju Sangwan

Sorry but isn't this animation a bit depressing for this content?

Victoria Calderon

Well this is really helpful rigth now


I found this video useful apart from my efforts to process my emotions.

JD_ Romion

The animations was so creepy lol ?

Shine On

the script is so well written... wow! in just 3 minutes dig so deep... loved it .. said almost everything in 3 minutes..

salt pepper

It simply hurts a lot ?

J. C.

Had my shrink tell me not to supress my feelings during a session recently... I didn't know what he was talking about. I told him I hate the word "feelings" and that I hate emotions in general... So here I am learning about this stuff. For the record, I am a former Marine in my late 20's... Strength and masculinity are the virtues I've idolized my entire life. I feel too emotional as it as... Too "girly"... And yet, it seem that the solution I need lies with... Emotions.

ThunderBolt OwO

I always bottle up my feelings and I don’t know how release them that’s why I’m looking for videos how release it.

Rude Crude Socially Unacceptable Studios

I'm angry and sad. People don't like being around me.

Adriana Adnan

If i watch this every morning i think i can get better ??

Cassie Winter

"We grow depressed about everything because we cannot be sad about something." This is so true and so powerful. There's a difference between noticing a feeling and allowing ourselves to full engage with and feel it.

kim sarang

I hope i can meet this narrator one day. I really wonder how does he look like.


'We avoid processing emotions because what we feel is so contrary to our self-image, so threatening to our society's ideas of normality and so at odds with who we would like to be.' - This is so true. I don't know how to overcome these issues.

lucy slotta

This video should be called, "why you don't process your emotions and how you do it". This is not a "how to" video. Grossly mislabeled.

Tejas Tambule

Emotions are created in body, of humans and also animals by the secretion of hormones and neurotransmitters.
Animals and humans are different in handling the emotions. Because humans are step ahead in the stage of brain evolution.
Nature develops the human brains, by creating a neocortex, a new lobe in the human brain.
This neocortex is a that human beings can handle their emotions, as compare to animals.
I have developed an APP named EMOWIS (Emotional wisdom), by studying the science behind the emotions.
I hope it will help the people, to use their neocortex to handle their emotions.

toaka 556

"We gradually acknowledge that in some area or other, life is simply sader than we would like it to be "

Zeö .770

I wish this was taught to us in schools.
I really needed this back then!

Alexa G

Finding good friends who actually listen has been hard for me. Most just want to interject or give their opinion before I can say what I need to. Luckily I do the other 2 things mentioned.

Bishamonten Rozy



I been sitting looking at my school laptop for 14 hours, I didn’t do anything and I’m about to graduate. 4 years of hardwork going down the drain

Garr Van Orden

This was not about "how". Only that we "should".

Robot One

I still don't know how to process my emotions

Generation-Y Guy

This guy looks like and talks like my previous therapist.

Lisa Schulze

I had letten a guy broke my hearth severely. I did not think about him much afterwards, occasionally looking back in bitterness and cynic commenting. Eventually I almost forgot about him, then one day I thought about how he hurt me and what he did to me emotionally. I broke down, experiencing how I started to cry as if someone told me a loved one had just died. I could not take it and lied there crying like a baby for an hour, fully aware and concious of what was happening. I watched myself doing it, just told my inner self "Sure, go ahead. I am surprised, yet I will follow your demand and grief in despair" and afterwards I had this strange feeling of self love, thankfulness from my inner self, and tge feeling that is was what I surpressed all along.

Ghania Jelani

"we avoid processing emotions because we feel is so contrary to our self image" that hit home!

Widyasari Purba

I dont get anything from the video


Emotionally damaged ppl that don't manage to get anything anyway, are meant to die from it.-what I took from this video

Indrid Cold

I have found it extremely beneficial to not react to emotions at all and approach all situations logically, not emotionally. Emotions have not guided me for many years. I do not think emotions play an important part in the 21st century.

Veronica Agama

Thank you

Haise Sasaki

As a person with BPD, any emotion is scary because I'm afraid that I'll something stupid or wrong to process it.


The thing that bothered me in this video is that probably a lot of people also don't process emotions because they just don't know how, even if they'd want to. Not everyone can afford seeing a psychotherapist after all.



Yolande Arrindell

I have to watch this at such a young age.
I feel, Bad.
And i don't wanna feel that way anymore..

Katie Rimmer

So many people in the comments with the same likeminded feelings and emotions. We all feel so alone yet there are thousands of us here. Wish there was a community somewhere like in these comments where we could all go and chat on a zoom call ?

What does "Emotionally Unavailable" mean? How to deal with someone that is "Emotional Unavailable"

What does "Emotionally Unavailable" mean? How to deal with someone that is "Emotional Unavailable"15 Mar. 2020
1 369
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Todays video is all about how to deal with someone that is Emotional Unavailable and how to cope with someone that is an Emotional Unavailable person. You may find yourself in a relationship with someone that is an Emotionally Unavailable person, and you do not want to be in a relationship with someone that is an Emotionally Unavailable person, and you do not want to be in a dating situation with someone that is Emotionally Unavailable. WHY? I will explain why dealing with someone who is an Emotionally Unavailable person can break you and do more harm during a relationship or in dating. ?

This video will talk about damaged men, women and partners, and how to deal with someone that is Emotionally Unavailable. This video focuses on dealing with emotionally unavailable people during dating, relationships and Situationships.?

Getting to know someone that is Emotional Unavailable is a huge red flag, and I talk you through how to deal with an Emotional Unavailable person and how to cope with someone that is Emotional Unavailable.?

Someone that is Emotional Unavailable has toxic traits and this can be very hard to deal with and it is a sign that this person has not healed what they have been through. Dealing with someone that is Emotional Unavailable can make you feel neglected and low about yourself. ?

An Emotionally Unavailable person can leave you feeling broken in a relationship or in dating and it can leave you feeling really upset and hurt. If you are with someone that is an Emotionally Unavailable person they can have narcissistic traits and they can leave you feeling like your with someone that is an Emotionally Unavailable person. An Emotionally Unavailable person can be a narcissist and an Emotionally Unavailable person can leave you feeling like you have suffered from narcissistic abuse. ?

Do not let someone who has switched their emotions off make you feel like emotions are not normal, you are allowed to be emotional and emotions are normal but you have to be in control of your emotions.?

Comments (12)
Mind Drifter


Jozay Thaxton

Like I feel your words. Like I feel like when you said the person only thinks logical your emotions is too much you're too sensitive they would think you're too immature or you might or you're a baby. They kick your motions and throw out the window or throw what you feel. And they use what you feel against you

Emily Mann

Simmy, i was dating an emotionally available guy. after the 7th date he told he wasn't ready for a steady girlfriend. Is this what happens?

Jozay Thaxton

Thank you you are God sent. thank you thank you oh my God oh my God thank you.

Ethan Prinzy

Thanks for the information


Just stop dealing with them whatsoever ?

Mina Kalsi

I am emotionally unavailable… But I am very much aware of it and how it can affect another person so I do my best not to put that person in the situation. I’m very upfront with it. Emotionally unavailable people can be empathetic as well. It’s tough because you don’t wanna make someone feel bad but you genuinely don’t want to be fake either


Thanks for this video ...really helped me decide to finally cut off my emotionally unavailable mother.

Jozay Thaxton

?❤️❤️❤️? ty ty ty. God speed.

Nick Portillo

Love this

Rayne J

Its the worst?

Jonathan Grabban

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