Friendzoned by a girl

2 Ways To Avoid Being Friend Zoned by A Girl You Really Like

2 Ways To Avoid Being Friend Zoned by A Girl You Really Like21 Oct. 2020
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Are you always experiencing getting friend zoned by a girl you really like? Are you just tired of it and you don't know what you are doing wrong? You wish you had the right skills so the girl of your dreams will finally like you back? My love then please watch this video! I will give you dating advice on 2 ways to avoid being friend zoned by a girl you really like.









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Vincent Connolly

Want a woman tells me she wants to be friends I tell her I'm not instead of being friends

Andres Alvarez


Haider Mirza

Right guess I'm from INDIA??.. ?

Jhonatan Silva

How can a blind man avoid friend zone?

Gary Kindred

Hi Arica! I really liked this video. I'm looking forward to your next Live Chat whenever that will be.

Douglas E. Middleton

You look fantastic today.




When a women says she wants to be friends she simply does see any value in you (i. e. - no status, no money no physical attraction). Just walk away and ignore her. It will be your attention that she will seek, but only to the extent she can benefit from it. Don't waste your time.

Jerry Griceman

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As usual a very vital look ?

Vincent Connolly

I move on and find someone else

Larry HM Hester

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John Thornton

Love the video as well as you but I cant seem to even get to even be a friend with any good looking girls

Seosamh O'Fionnaghain

Love to armwrestle Arica and those stunning slim muscles.
Arica is a knockout here!

Arica Angelo

? Apply for my Emotional Warrior Experience:

Joe Simmons

Thanks for another great video beautiful. I love the new setup


if she tells me that, then i say, well i'm not interested in that, so lets go our separate ways because thats not what i was looking for with you

Vincent Connolly


Adam Miller

Being direct is one of the best things you can do for yourselves. Cut to the chase. You’ll be so glad you did. Ps Love ya babe ?

Thomas pitale

Good evening Arica, thanks for showing us another way of getting out of the friend zone. Its never a great place to be.

Kyle Lewis

Can I ask if being friend zoned is the same as her saying that your her safe zone?

Dave DiCerbo

This sounds more like what to do once you have been friend zoned. And I like the 2nd part because by being direct, if she does get weird on you, now you know and can stop wasting your time and $$ on her.

DEMETRIUS Avenger Ironman

Cool background, and informative as you Always do. Love your natural beauty magic eyes.

Vincent Connolly

When a woman tells me that she just wants to be friends I tell well I'm not interested in being friends so I'm moving on and find someone else is into me wants to be with me


Roar ?! Don’t Pedestalize women! Manosphere 101!! Next...

Joe Mancini

I talk with a lot of guys in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s who have been married 30, 40, 50 years and their wives have “friend zoned” them. A lot of times it’s due to health concerns. A lot of times she just has lost interest in sex. But it happens, a lot of times.

Jonathan Factor

Great video thanks I do not have time for all her games

Andrew Doherty

ooh lala you look absolutely gorgeous.
have a fabulous day baby doll.

How to Get Girls to CHASE YOU | Leave The Friend Zone! Alex Costa

How to Get Girls to CHASE YOU | Leave The Friend Zone! Alex Costa2 Jun. 2020
177 945
Alex CostaSubscribe 438 721

Join The Inner Circle!

Join The Inner Circle!









There are certain tricks that will make girls chase you instead of you chasing them all the time. Most guys are able to do this and don't even realize it. Most guys seem too desperate for girls and girls don't want desperate guys and this is holding guys back from getting the girl of their dreams.Today I'm here to remind you that you should be doing these things to keep girls chasing you.

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On my channel you will find videos about men's fashion and style, men's hair, health, fitness, overall lifestyle, and of course, my personal life. This includes my friends and family, so please be mindful of that and maintain a positive atmosphere in the comments section. Don't forget to subscribe and make sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed the video!

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Farhan Rafiq-Hussain

I did dropped another girls name once but now our conversations aren’t the same no more what shall I do

Genius Moses

This guy is a bad Guy

Kal 06

I’m getting closer to this girl at school, thank you so much for the video! I’m definitely using these tips.

Rakshit Rana

step 1: be good looking

Rushi Desai

i appreciate you bro !
but truly all this tricks can't work in india ??

Alex Costa

Don't forget to follow me on to join our 1M giveaway SOON!

Thank you for watching !



Are you related to Eduardo Costa? Acho vc parecido com ele

Julie H

Start at 1:02
- Make her jealous (drop other girls name in)
- use social media to advantage (post something that you have a life)
- put her in the friend zone
(Dont chase, make it questionable whether you want her or not)
- dont text her back right away
(You seem desperate)
- join her social circle
(Become friends with her friends)
- disagree with her occasionally
(Only if you do. Dont be a yes man)

skorpia g

Heads up . Girls chase women dont. So if your past 25..this doesn't work if shes confident and hot. If shes insecure and hasn't dated much it can work. Women aren't falling for it. They expect to be asked out by a man and are looking for a MAN not a boy who plays games. Just a heads up fellas. Women have learned from their mistakes girls are in the process of getting burned. If you really like her don't play games. Ask her out. If you friendzone her - your friendzoned also. She has OTHER guys sliding in her dms? i agree with the social circle tip! Best advice.

kedar Ahalpara

Before 5 months this guy had less than a million followers and after those... Just above 2.87 Million.

You are super!!!!✨✨???

Yuvraj Singh Gangwar

And what if the girl is not on social media how can I talk to her...

Sayan Manna

I'm sure Robbi taught you the word banter..


Hell yeah

Hunter Orion

Thanks bro for the I am going to become the cowboy of girls ......?


FORTE series is not delivered to India ?️
Please make sure to delivery to India ?????????????????


Yo alex I wanna say ur a legend just saying

Ethan Kush

Waiting to see colab wit tmf

Marc King

But if you put her in the friendzone, she probably give up?

Farrell Treviano

Dude nice jacket where can i get it?

Angelo Jerez

First step: You have to be handsome


Hey.... how many of you feel like he has been repeating the same tips over and over, again and again with a little bit change in his new videos recently ?? ?

Simran Mehra


Reimond Britto


AleX G.

@Alex Costa is the bomber jacket from Bershka? I ve seen one similar yesterday, but without the hoodie part?


Alex is literally the father figure I never had


Girls are also.watching this maybe??


you know the biggest thing for girls to chase you is stop chasing girls

Quentin Wade

I dropped my cats name when telling her about other girls I am hanging with

Cristianno Criss

Which kind of headphones do you have A.C ?I can’t found it please answer me


What do you use to hold your hair on daily purpose?


Alex your so good keep it up ?? and this for the viewrs take care of yourself guys and I love you all I hope you have a great day ???

CleverWood SSS

Why didn't I watch this video a year before

Awesome Err

Women only want the top 10 percent of men yet being unattractive or plain ass boring themselves. Dating sucks for men. Easy for women.

Zoy Narzary

Alex.... Thank you brother ✊ u help me alot.... Changing my dressing style... Bt not good at getting girl hope ull help meh... Too

Giorgos Bazeos

but if you put her in the fz she will forever think of you as her friend


True brother "we" are all good.. ? ?

Mohit Kumar

Could you please make a video that video should be based on stretch marks

Ajay Thakur

In india:
When I make her geleous
She: aee madarchod apna kaam karna

ezra daniel

in short: don't be a simp

Taresh Shukla

Imagine every guy doing these... And then we all equal again...

obakeng sithole

Alex, is correct i did all he said and currently im dating the girl


This guy used to be a gamer this used to be a for real gaming channel ?

Kalpesh Fatangare

Guys, he is soo close to get a million followers on Instagram! Everyone u follow him! ? ?


shourya prabhakar

that was really helpful thanx alot brother you rockzzz


3-4 minutes advertising to follow up on Instagram and subscribe ??‍♂️

Ryan Moss

I applied all of these to my situation and it took a while but it happened.

Michael Smithwick

The resonant den terminally prepare because pillow extracellularly stay without a sore rugby. unwieldy, deeply cd


Alex what advice do you give to handsome but shy guys?

Raymond Sylvester

Awesome content Alex bro

Z Plus Lyrics Official

Girls stop talking to me after a short convo....I know no one can fix this...I thought I just wanted to tell you this....

Suhrid Majumder

East or West Alex Costa's ideas are the best.

Mahesh Km

IAM from Kerala ..

Raghav Upadhyay

Hi i just want to say that please please make your products available in India. I like your products and i really want to use those btw love your videos ❤️

Cristiano Ronaldo

4:50 friend zone

Rishy Mudliar

Can we get some things for some of your indian followers like me on dressing Up Tips for us as well!

Dr Mridula Kar

Love from Bangladesh

eew www

I thought he would say big fat ass ??

Play boy s

Hello sir. Please make a video on some styles way to ware joger and t shirt

Ragchaa Bazar

Alex do a lookboock

Esmerai ventura

This is me bruh?

Amish Vashist 3rd B


hammad ahmed

Clicked faster than a beta male marrying a chick with BPD

Meer movies

I made her jealous now im alone


You don't.

Abhijeet pareek


Luís Borges

Don't waste time on someone that plays games. F*ck that!

Zac Wu

Awesome vid! Much better & more practical advice than lots of "dating coaches" out there, lol

Its Intresting

hi alex costa i love your name

Neil Moomey

All women love me asymptomatically

Soumil Seth

What if we have done all this and still she didn't come after me ??

Kim Brce

Make her jealous, treat her like she's not important playing mind games? Sounds like a perfect formula to attract a needy codependent girl with low self esteem. A woman who knows her value will be immediately turned off by this immature behavior.

Aditya Thakur

Is this a bershka bomber jacket

laksh kaushik

all the girls are gonna get mad after seeing this video as all their hacks are REVEALED.


Alex Costa please show me your DMs man ,

Sumit Kumar

Indian girls need SRK type bf brother... Indian girls are attitude queen


You used to be my idol
You're just disappointing and clickbait
I thought you were different
But you're just like the rest
You don't stand out anymore
We don't have the life you have and your words don't have any effects anymore and stop moving your hands so much it's annoying
It's been a great 5 years but time to unsubscribe
I learned something from you but you couldn't grow with your audience
Have the best of luck ahead and I hope you change

Ruman chowdhury_9

Did his subscriber increased? Or i am wrong

Manuel Vega

Haha the best part is that the tips you’ve just drop made me get a girlfriend


Can somebody tell me if a girl call me when she is bored what that means?????


Send her crumbs. Use social media to show your best aspects. Make her work for it.

Jack Perenick

Where did you get that bomber/hoodie from????

Lopez Balvin

Can you make a video how to wear boots in summer style

Shiva Trivedi



And thats exactly what I do

Cem Tuğanlı

Dude you look like Robert Downey JR

Aman Tik Tok

Hiii bro I am form india I am your big fan and your style is ossam.i like your videos.


Are you related to Eduardo Costa? Acho vc parecido com ele


Are you related to Eduardo Costa? Acho vc parecido com ele

Ryan Moss

This video is magic I followed all these step and I have a beautiful girlfriend that admires me and we are great together. Thank you Alex costa

A 59 rahul kashyap

i m hear cause i find u funny thats it?❤️

Rishi Barapatre

My Crush is messaging me and I am watching Alex's video to not look desperate?

Adnan ansari

This guy is seriously saviour of the man community!!!??
Keep up the good work!!

7th Soul

There is nothing like Alex

adison buhr

Hey, Alex could you do a video for teenager's style?? it would be much appreciated


Bro my crush winked at me with both of her eyes should I make a move?

Jame Time

@Alex giving out how he got his girlfriend ??


Are you related to Eduardo Costa? Acho vc parecido com ele


I hope girls dont watch his videos , or wel will be doomed

Plain Font

The girl in the thumbnail looks disinterested

mark kevin guanlao

hey alex, dudes your tips are so cool.

How To Not Get Friendzoned By A Girl

How To Not Get Friendzoned By A Girl25 Dec. 2020
Julius LincolnSubscribe 438 721

In this video I talk

In this video I talk about how to not get friendzoned by a girl. Most of ya’ll get it twisted too often and are not direct with her. That’s the reason why she friend zones you because of you being afraid to make the move, but with this tactic that I use all the time, you surely will never ever be friendzoned again in your life! If you are in the friend zone, it will be hard for you to escape the friend zone but I will make a video about “how to escape the friend zone”

Hit me up on instagram if you have any questions!

Instagram @22Lincoln.

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