How small is too small for a woman

How Small Is Too Small for a Woman?

How Small Is Too Small for a Woman?5 Nov. 2020
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How Small Is Too Small

How Small Is Too Small for a Woman? Need More Tips And Tricks On How To Get A Bigger Penis FAST and NATURALLY?

How Small Is Too Small for a Woman?

Understandably, a lot of men are concerned about their size. However, there is a whole slew of evidence out there that proves this concern is overblown and misplaced. If you worry about how small is too small for a woman, we're here to help. Here are facts about penis size—and what women think about it—you should know.

1. The average penis size is much smaller than you think

It's no secret that men like to watch porn. In 2016 alone, the adult film industry raked in $13 billion. However, it's important to remember that porn is a fantasy—not a reality. One of the fantasies adult films portray is that large penises are the norm. It also portrays the false idea that women only get turned on by larger-than-life erections.

In fact, the average penis measures between 4.7 inches and 6.3 inches. This means that five-inches aren't just perfectly natural—they're incredibly common.

To understand why to keep in mind that the depth of the average vagina is only 3.77 inches. So for a lady, a guy who's five inches is actually more than adequate. In fact, anything longer can cause painful intercourse for a woman.

2. How small is too small for a woman? Most women don't think about it

In one study, an overwhelming 85 percent of women said they're completely content with the size of their man's package. By contrast, 45 percent of men reported thinking their penis was on the small side. This means that nearly half of men are worried about something the majority of women don't care about.

Even in cases where size mattered to a woman, studies show that women care more about girth than length.

This might be due to the fact that 75 percent of women don't orgasm from penetration alone. Instead, the majority of ladies need clitoral stimulation to reach the big O. In one study, 9 percent of women said they've never orgasmed from penetration by itself.

3. Even guys with larger than average penises worry about the size

According to one study, concerns about penis size plague even above-average-sized men. In the study, 30 percent of guys with larger-than-average penises thought they were too small.

Researchers say this misperception might have a simple cause. Namely, a man's penis will naturally appear smaller to him when he looks straight down at his body. If you're a guy who's worried about size, try looking at yourself straight-on in a body length mirror. This avoids the optical illusion of things appearing smaller when you gaze at them from above.

4. How small is too small for a woman: Being truly "small" is rare

Some males are born with a medical condition known as micropenis, which means their penis is abnormally small. Clinically, health professionals define a micropenis as being shorter than 2¾ inches in length when erect. In most cases, doctors notice the condition when a baby is born. So this is typically not something a man would discover later on in life.

There are treatments for micropenis, which affects just 0.6 percent of men in the world. In some cases, doctors can prescribe hormone therapy, which causes the penis to grow. Doctors may also recommend a phalloplasty to lengthen the penis.

5. The right sex position matters more than penis size

As the saying goes, it's not the size that matters; it's what you do with it. In this case, the cliche happens to be true.

First, men should keep in mind that penetration alone usually won't do it for a lady. In this regard, the penis isn't really all that helpful to a woman when it comes to an orgasm. Rather, 37 percent of women say they need the stimulation of the clitoris to come.

On the other hand, penetration can feel good when combined with clitoral stimulation. To make it feel even better, men can go deeper by penetrating their partner from behind. If you feel like you're on the shorter side, doggy style can give you a little extra advantage.

You can also try elevating the woman's hips by placing her pelvis on a pillow or cushion. Then, have her pull her legs to her chest. This allows for deeper penetration, which can feel great for both partners.

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Is five inches too small? ?

Is five inches too small? ?27 Dec. 2019
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This my first video ever

This my first video ever yall should fuck wit me nd like ?? its not the best buh iss the first

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Sammy Sosa

Lmao i was there when it happened


Bruh I’m 5’1... oof


Big Mike funny ash?

Bride Wants A Dress 3 Sizes Too Small To Motivate Her Weight Loss | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

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Allison McDonald

Well done, you looked amazing x


:O 40?! DAMN! Eating healthier and exercise really paid off!

Alice Slade

She's so gorgeous either way. She just has this bright, bubbly face that makes me want to be her friend.

Monday x

Her aunts eyes said physical distancing

licasya iskandar

I love this channel .. I think it's better if your channel has subtitle ?

Katie Mcdonald

They didn’t even get to ask her the question? she just said “yes to the dress” ??

v is a g00d boy

Why do y’all Americans love simple dress for weddings? Here in my country yemen, the girls wear puffy sparkly beautiful white dress. My sister got married almost 2 months ago and her dress made her feel and look like a princess. It was puffy and super sparkly and soo beautiful, I cried :’)

lilly loves rain

Even when she did have the weight on she looked gorgeous.


40 pounds wow x x x


Like just thank God for the other two


The aunts are surprisingly ugly!! Even more when compared to the bride!!!


Bride is adorable



Maddie :0

And right there we have a bad bitch honestly she proved all of them wrong

Michelle Kleingers

She was beautiful before she lost weight. She's just as beautiful now! She has such lovely eyes and a beautiful smile and I love her natural hair.

Lps cupcake 2009

"instead of losing 30 i lost 40"
me: cant relate lol


This woman is such a strong personality, it's inspiring.

Zoliswa Nyila

You right she can’t loose 20-30 pounds

She can loose 40?


She did that!!!!!

Carli Strydom

You go gurll wow she looks fire i am so proud that she lost fourty

Carol Durham

You were beautiful when you tried on the dress ? and now you are that much healthier and less butter is healthier but everything tastes better with butter I know it’s a long road to travel but I’m with you i love ? to cook ?‍? with butter

music madness

Awww I’m so happy that she lost that weight and then some and proved them all wrong for laughing at her

C Comstock

I lost 30 pounds in a month and a half when I was 19. Working night shift- ended up having 2 of my back teeth shatter within 5 months from the drastic loss of nutrients. I’m all for people having weight loss goals but that amount in that short of time is not healthy.

Lorraine Niece

She looked good in the dress at the store. Didn't have to loose weight to look good in it.

Caterina Serio

Wow. Sis chapeau.

Ashanti’ A.

She’s so pretty!

Violet Fantasy Art

She and her sisters are both so insanely beautiful, and her determination is beyond admirable!

M Light

Where there is a will there is a way!

sooper salad

id never b able to elope id want everyone to see my dress lollll


I’m so proud of her ?❤️

Sara P

Her groom looks like the cop from cloudy and a chance of meatballs

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No one believed she could lose 20 pounds here she is losing double that number

Jasmine Sheniqua Hawkins

Yasss!!!! I’m happy she proved them wrong !

Daisy Luisy

I really love the staff.. Omg they are so kind hearted.. And the bride, so prettyy???

Zambales-Tuppil Quehune D.

Oh my God she loss 40 pounds that's amazing

Ricky Shaw

i am all for the bride and how she actually achieved her goal. but it is indeed a bit risky to buy an expensive dress 3 times smaller for when you'll lose weight in daily life.but i agree the entourage could've used better way of saying that.

Peaches Bp

I love her she proved everyone wrong and invited nobody ?


Wait.. She's 26 in this vid? No hate but she really look atleast double that age..

Daniel Erickson


varuna saini

Oh she did it lovely❤


thats gonna be a challanege for you, because you like to eat that hit me-


She looked 20 years younger at the wedding wow

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What's the need to elope

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Her husband looks like CJ in gta

mozhi ZN

all the dresses were ugly


She really FLEXED ON THEM. Yes girl. Love to see it.

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5:51 did she kiss him with her eyes open-


Her mom lookin like sid the sloth

Dolly Hooks

You go girl!

Cole Smith


vanessa shipway



I hope she lost it healthily

Ryana Earle

Yassss queen ok?‼️♥️

Inge Esther

I think she lost 40 guests! You go girl x

ShawnShawn The Leprecaun

Glad for her she looks great bit she did not lose 40 lbs. I doubt 30 even. But God bless.

Lori W.

??? when they said she had an inner goddess... She let that goddess out!! Yes girl!

Lizzy Derkson

“I don’t think she can lose that much I’m not many months”

Okay, sid the sloth ?


i don't like that her consultant is encouraging her to go with a smaller size, her aunt is, this is a recipe for disaster

That Person

She's from Alabama tho...


I lost 20 kg in 3 months


Good on her for losing the weight, but her man loved her the way she was.

Doris Carroll


Alejandra Gonzalez

Honestly its good that she wants to lose weight she wants to take care of herself but if she wants to lose weight just to look good on the wedding day that's not right. If your getting married then he loves you the way you are, embrace it. Everyone, no matter the body type, skinny or a little chunky ( what my fiance says to me sometimes lol) is beautiful!!! For anyone getting married this year hope you have a good one and may the pandemic get better for your big day ?

Becca Johnston

My question is how did she loose 40 pounds!? I want to!?

Paula B. Amaro

The dress is hideous... She's gorgeous but that box dress was a no


She’s so cute, her smile is beautiful!!!


Her mom looks too much like Sid from Ice Age

Hayden and Jaycee

Sis really said “cut that bitch off my waist got thinner”

Adrianna S

I’m not trying to be mean but......
The mom: ? ? ?
BUT she is very supportive!

Tracy Singh

Does anyone have an update on her?

Nicole Martin

She looks stunning. She did the right thing proving everyone wrong

Carli Strydom

I kean my mother said i should start jogging with her and i did now i slim

Slime Monster 379

“We eat all d time”
Me: yes, to survive

Weeping Willow

I need to know how she lost that weight. I could use some help myself.


It’s great that she proved everyone wrong... but I understand why her people were hesitant in supporting her extreme goals. Most people lose that much weight that quickly by restrictive and destructive methods.

Zion Case


lady Margaret

Amazing???good for her

Kimber Boucher

My moms maiden name is graves!

Vorname Nachname

Did they kiss with tongue ?? OMG
Not at the wedding

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Wow - she looked stunning -- what a great will-power. Beautiful lady

Ashley Christina

she rly said, “f-you ima lose the weight & more,” & i stannn

Georgia Crisafulli

I’m happy for her I know I could not loose 40 pounds in 3 mounths

Tia Clarke

She doesn’t need to remove 2 ribs she just needs to stop eating all them ribs!


You go girl!!!!!!!!

SunnyRae Star

OMG! what a beautiful bride! She showed everyone, lost the weight and more and has such a great attitude!
Hope only the very best for them❤??



Lollipop Jimin

She's an amazing woman!?

Riley Mishina



Everybody calm down. She didn’t lose 40 pounds if you compare how she looked in that gown in the salon and on her wedding day. I might go that far she didn’t lose weight at all. I mean look at her face that remained with the same curves as well. I think she is beautiful as she is.

Aeky Sandoval


Debora Zahn

Young Lady you did super. :)

irene angelucci

You guys.

Bride shows up in the third dress:
Me out loud: AWWWWW ?
bride's entire entourage: AWWWWWW ?


SsstAr 22

But she’s so pretty

Ella Ruth this way to life changing truth!

Hailee Bailee

Me: sees her lose 40 pounds in 3 months I can do that!!
The 3 cheesecakes in my fridge: HIIII
Me: No I can’t

Selina Kidane

She lost 40 pounds in three months- I’m jealous

Debora Zahn

Honey, it's not the butter. Butter is good for you. We all want to eat healthier, we also need to take the best nutritional supplements as possible. Cut back on the fried foods and walk. :) A nice fast walk for as long as you can. Build up to 5 miles a day 5 or 6 days a week and you will be surprised how awesome you look and feel. For the Supplements ask me. :)

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say yes to the veil should be the name of this show

Eri chsn

My name is Erica

brianna puppy

I wanna know how she lost all that weight so fast! ??