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Watching An Adult Scene With Your Dad

Watching An Adult Scene With Your Dad3 Sep. 2020
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Comments (100)
Lesi Plays

bruh the twist tho

Samoht 85

Omg the plot twist

SwordsmanCN 85

Ryan's "dad": me an your mom worked very hard to make this video for you

Me: uhhhhhhhh yikes

William Adams

the twist

Laddimor Tzortzinis

That twist though. Not gonna lie, it got me.

mahdee noor morshed

shit went form 0 to 1000000 real fucking fast

Martin Hines

Sh it went from 0 to 100 real quick

Robby Genschel

That was the most unexpected plot twist I've seen in a while, but not better than the one in "The guy to be the first interrogator" video

a bad scout main

its their tape ._. ew

Heidi Wilde

WoaH, plot twist! ????


That rook a dark turn


well that escalated qickly

Julianna H ꨄ

Yup, I relate so hard. Watch GoT with mom was tough for sure-
Wait. That twist threw me, can't relate, nevermind.

The spy from France from Team Fortress the second

Oh god, that twist at the end! Jesus...

Jessica Yandere

Went from 0-1,000,000 real fucking quick!

Thomas Botea


Nsa Google

In any Asian family this is the point where someone changes channel or fast forwards past this and the next scene.


"They really got us in the second half"


that took a very sharp turn

W Fries

That. Was perfect.


they got us in the first half not gonna lie

Elan Wan

I kinda thought he would come out as gay but this is way better

Buzz Kill

Is it going to be hard for him to get out this uncomfortable situation?

No, it's going super easy, barely an inconvenience, he's a psychopath he does not feel any human emotions so he'd be okay with that.

Te l

I recently watched bridgerton and everything was fine until I decided to watch an episode when my parents when in the room and in that episode they were just FUCKING THE WHOLE TIME!

Edgar Carlos Duarte Aguilar

Does his mom look exactly like him too? Imagine the sex scene.

Dokta 46


B. D

First half: i can't relate

Second half: i hate it when they do that

D22 23

I can relate to this

Sahumulla Saud

Just.. wow(ow


For me it was more like when a inappropriate scene came on in a movie


James Lawner

That twist tho ?

Joe Piazza

I was watching a movie at my aunt's before and she walks in and the MC saves a chick from getting raped in a forest and proceeds to get gratuitous sex. Like WTF x2!

Troy Cassell

You put a mustache on your mustache

Something That Rhymes

He had us in the first half, not gonna lie

Stu's World

Did Ryan just "Norm MacDonald" us?

Hola Senorita

Things went from 0 to 1000000 real fucking quick

Otaku Manga Studios

To be honest though, who hasn't been in the situation where their parent who thinks they're being all liberal is telling their kid to not be uncomfortable with a sex scene? I honestly got traumatized when I was eight when watching the James Bond movies lol

Joseph Jeavons

Biggest plot twist in history

liner music

that wall is why intersting
ohh i have shirt
the floor omg its a master piece
(iner thoughts)

Thomas McQueen

Very funny, thanks

Jan Marco C. Ochave

I'd watch that?

Timo Nuotio

Goddamn, I didn't expect that twist..??


Relatable up to 0:34

Edit: this was a lot relatable then I thought it was.


Didn't see that one coming.

Hell Kaiser

He had us in the second half, I’m not gonna lie



Gabriel Olszyk

There are 887K views and he has 887K subscribers. True dedication

Chicken Nugget

what a plot twist

C a t

Hey dad what you think of the movie?


Oh yea..

I miss you dad..


I can't imagine parents showing their child a sex tape. Now that I think about it, why make sex tape at all?

Hedgie The Umbrehog

.... wow

Gaming Exodus

A twist!


Ok, the title says it all, but I am still shocked :D


So ryan is with himself watching himself bang himself ....awesome

The Dark Hart

I mean
They had us in the first half not gonna lie???

Wilsonandco -

they had us in the first half not gon lie

Marvel Disneyfan

“How do I get my child out of the house?”
Google: Sit them down, have an honest conversation, and set up an achievable but firm schedule of deadlines to meet.

Joshua Campbell

This is gold


What a twist

William Plaud

Okay, thought this was just an, "Oh, we watched a movie with an adult scene in it". I was not ready for this...

John Poiuz

The twist!

Anon ymus

Your mother and I worked very hard on this video...
I died

Usmaan Bilal

Wasn't expecting that plot twist


it was normal until 0:33

Hope Cates

That took a turn

Biggs Media

0:35 shit just went from awkward to Alabama real fucking fast


woah plot twist

Sammich gaming

holy shit that caught me off guard

Mr. Riddle

I like how it was his parents in the video

Leon Vieira


Io Keehu

Why are captions in Vietnamese

Sergeant Cooltama

i love how his greeting is always " Hi there hello. " It reminds me how my goodbye is " Bye, cya later. "

Kaden Triebel

They had us in the first half, not gonna lie

Satya Graha

my dad changes the channel saying "what is this rubbish"!


I did NOT see that coming, and I wished I didn’t see anything.

Mark Nielsen

They us in the first half ngl

gamestar the game boss

They had us in the first half not gonna lie..


me and ur mom worked hard on this XD

ToxicEggos 27

"wow making a sketch about a kid watching his parents do it is TIGHT"

Cheryl Blossom


Chawana Chilengi

Misdirection 100000


this is the opposite of what happens


When I tell you my jaw DROPPED

Random Objectives

They had us in the first half not gonna lie

IcyUncleChris 76

Found a channel to binge watch


This took a hard turn

Robinn Blood


Mathis Wacko

They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

CubertSacc68 DilbertSlapp69

Do the women in the Ryan universe also look like Ryan?

Or are there no women?

Mad Titan

Lol this is basically the dad from American Pie??

Tina Lynn

That stormtrooper shirt tho... :D


He had us in the first half nit gonna lie


id pay for that

Slinx Fn

Thataaa that took a bit of a turn for the worst


Nsfw scene: *appears*. Me: thats some nice carbon dioxide in the air


Oh my god

Best Ryan video


the actual heck did i just witness...



Satya Graha

Omg!didn't see it coming!

Celestial Sapien

I cannot possibly be the only one to realise that the captions are in Vietnamese

Love scene from Dirty Dancing with Patrik Swayze and Jennifer Grey

Love scene from Dirty Dancing with Patrik Swayze and Jennifer Grey7 May. 2009
3 336 337
DiorMeliSubscribe 438 721

love scene

love scene

Comments (100)
Maria Felix

What's the name of the song when they're dancing????

Prod By Looney

Great scene

Jarred Schenke

WOLVER....ooops.....*quietly* wolverines!

yo moms a hoe

they're so drunk with each otherrr


Still here and love this movie and this part in 2019. R.i.p Patrick.

Erin Costa

I miss guys who can dance. If they have rhythm on their feet, they have rhythm in other places ;)

Rosanna Goddess Roe Baby Burt

I always loved when she touched his ass then his neck not kissing him that whole time drive me crazy... Such a teasing dance n after the butt rubb. Kiss damn

Martha Morgan-Silva

I met Patrick in Prescott, Arizona. He crashed landed his plane right behind my backyard. When he opened his door, a whole bunch of beer cans fell out. He smirked and winked at me! I almost passed out! He was really drunk. So sexy this man was!

Jayne Stagg

Now thats a love scene.

lauren White

Man, what I would give to be Baby in this scene, he was an effortlessly sexy man.

Rosanna Goddess Roe Baby Burt

He knew when to dip her perfectly how she learn to bend that god. Its this damn song moves ya


yeah um where can I get a Johnny?

Ollie F. Norals

Intense love scene. Absolutely love it !!!

James Crook

Man this is more than a summer fling I wish I met a girl like this in my life


Help me god. I’m biting a hole in my jumper. Between this and Marlon Brandos street car named desire I’m ruined. I will throw Rocky kissing Adrienne in there too. 3 best scenes ever. If anyone can recommend another on par I am all ears.


This movie makes me so sad because I want something like this so much. I can’t dance for shit. But this is so sweet! It’s not like those sex scenes that are so awkward and forced that you can’t even look at it. I long for something like this.

cc backup

This love scene is something Netflix will never accomplish .


How awesome it is to hear this Odis Redding song from Swayze playing with the radio in this and this:

fleri bazil

DOES ANYONE KNOW THE NAME OF THE song playing before they dance ?


I love this scene:)

Sunshine Mitchell

What a sexy man.

The Chefette

I didn’t realize until I got older but isn’t Baby like 16? And Johnny a grown asa man?

S Wallace

One of my top 5 movies of all time. I'm a 70's baby. ?

Marco Lorenzetti

Man I would have liked to see Patrick Swayze and John Travolta competing in some dance contest

Joshua Desautels


Jacob Lescallette

10 year old me watching this scene with my mom ???


I don’t understand how they do that because they hated each other in real live

Paris Vaughan

When you come here in 2020 to find out if it’s the same song that Patrick swayze has a love scene to in road house! Maybe he liked the song?! 2 for 2! Damn this man was handsome! Gone far to soon! x

allycia de Bruyne

What's the name of the song again?


Whew! So damn sexy

Gerardine Cizmar

I had to see this again after watching I Am Patrick Swayze. I've already seen this countless times and it will never get old. I can't believe he's been gone 10 years but when I watch this, it feels like he's still alive. What a gentleman.

Michael Leadingham

Is it weard that I get a hard on everytime I watch this scean

Yvonne Craven-Griffiths

There we go! Gorgeous ??☝????‍♀️??


My neck hurts every time I Watch this scene...I would be dead in her stead

Melodyrose Breisch

What song is this

Charlie Mae

They just have amazing chemistry in this movie for how much Patrick Swayze had to basically beg her to be in it... I couldn’t see any other actors having their parts quite honestly?

Wilmo Fictitious

The way he coddles her, jesus christ

Kara A

How did these two not get it on in real life?
Also, true life story: when I was 11/12, this was like the only bra available for pre teens. Lol.

Manjola Kallushi


Sonia Bishop

Love this movie, this scene is so sensual and romantic :-)

Jennifer Massengill

I've had this..and trust me..its everything

Mattea Meyer


David da silva ferreira

This is my all time favorite song on the soundtrack !!! Thank god for you Salomon

Aivar Jaanus

Could someone help me out. Ive heard this line somewhere else. Has it bren in some other movie or show, as a ripof from this one or used as a quote??

Prod By Looney

Best movie ever


Girls, if a guy ever treats you like this do everything in your power to keep him cause he's a treasure. Even though this is one of first sensual scenes that these two had in the movie, they still danced like they have been together forever. One of the most romantic scenes in movie history!

Xeno ArtsyFurry

This movie makes me want to take up dancing again

James Tabram

Every time I watch this scene I rather get embarrassed or butterflies in my stomach ?

Jenny Wolswinkel

I remember reading (years ago, when this movie was new!) that Patrick worked out the love scene with his wife. They recognised that it's so much more sexy when you don't see everything. Their smarts paid off, and now I need to go calm myself down...

Donna Lamb

Whenever this movie plays on TV they always cut this scene out and it's the best scene in the movie!

Ricardo Fortea Guinea



He’s so beautiful, like piece of art! I swear, I’d have been gazing at him and admiring. He’s absolutely gorgeous!

Cici Esqueda

Bi culture is drooling over both Baby and Johnny ??

Matt Martinez

Soooooooo? What song was it?

Titan Titan

Seen this movie so many times. The sacrifices some men do to satisfy their woman.

Roger H Werner

Jennifer Gray was such a damn cutie. I loved the way she played Ferris Bueler's sister. She and Patrick Swayze were great together.

Rosanna Goddess Roe Baby Burt

They dont say it. But he took her virginity here hymmmm a thought 30 yrs later

Donna Vaughn


SouL Daksh VA. class hai meri

So sexy

Vinícius Scaliante

Vinícius Scaliante dos Santos

Francisco Gonzalez

No it's a great room ??????


This scene was Baby's coming out. Co ing into her own asking and speaking up. Her showing control when she ran her hand slowly over his butt, that was the moment she grew up.

ToastTea 111

Dammmnnnn the way he just threw her shirt aside was hooott af, like wtf bro how come young Patrick does this to me??

milk bag

I'm cringing and drooling at the same time

Nanda Dias

00:01 Song???

Shelby Ramirez


Prod By Looney


pearl darkey

I never get fed up watching this movie. Broke my heart that we lost you Patrick ❤️?

Tiberius Edwards

My favorite movie of all time

The Librarian

A classic that will never ever age!

Fritz Foster

I'll never forget the summer of 1987 in Detroit. I turned 21 that summer, and it was hotter than usual that year, when this movie came out it was steaming. Then in July, 3 Inkster police officers were ambushed and brutally killed in the line of duty. We were still reeling from that when Northwest 255 crashed on take off at Detroit Metro Airport about a month later, leaving one solitary survivor, little Cecelia. Yeah, I'll never forget that summer...

Dean and MaryAnn Tuttle

Bruh why does he play that song in every single movie he's in? LMAO

kelly mcphaul

I love how his Texas drawl comes out. ❤️

lu chan

what‘s the song where they start dancing


She knows a lot of moves for being a Virgin. ?

Stephanie Pereira

Loved this part in the movie and this oldie tune with it

Robert Ritchie

I remember my summer fling when I was 15. 32 yr old single mum! Great gal, Great gal

Anastasia Beaverhausen

Best goddamn 5 minutes of my life. Jesus Christ I need a cigarette. Whew.

Dora Rodriguez

❤ love this scene.

Arianna Denitto

This is probably the hottest and most romantic love scene ever, gives me goosebumps everywhere, everytime I watch it.

Blackcat 21

? feeling his arse 3:58

Fernando Trindade

And thinking that these two actors hated each other at the time of this movie?
There is a thin line between love and hate and in this case, their hate for one another contributed for the image of "love" :)

Jarred Schenke

But where's the clay spinner?!

Starr Smith

It took me literal years to realize they barely even kiss in this scene.......

caroline Harty

So this is where Darry went after Ponyboy finished school

apple bottom jeans

my favourite scene out of the whole film.


Wow and think that in "Red Dawn" she poured all her orange juicy on top his´s ironic how fire they had hidden for each other, their mutual love/hate in real life just turned their scenes on a sexual bomb.

Tanisha Morgan

Lawd theyll never be another. I had a huge crush on him. May you rest peacefully baby

King Brilliant

A film for pubescent girls and gay men.

Сашаклассно Данило сигл

Интересно жена его когда морела какая реакция была?


1:55 - 2:09

Djarthoun Ahmed

She's really pretty.

Marioara Rotariu


liliane garibaldi

cette scène est la plus érotique de tout le cinéma ! on ne s'en lasse pas .....................

John Lynch

Q a

eternityy 2809

Uff Patrick Swayze I wish to dance with you You are the best great dancer showing so much emotions RIP Patrick Swayze

I Love Christmas

Jennifer Grey still looks like that now! She has not aged!
RIP Patrick Swayze❤.

Relax CreatorM

He's so damn f*cking sexy, how is this possible??


Imdb trivia says she gets naked but test audiences didn’t like it so it was cut out. I guess right after this she takes all her clothes off originally. Not sure what was wrong with her being naked though maybe they found it not fitting the film.

Lone Erkland

love this

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Comments (3)
Angel Nature lover

She is beautiful

Jacoby Shaddix

She is very beutiful

Zade dredo

Song name