Hooking up in car

WE HOOKED UP IN A CAR!? story time| Jade Kailani

WE HOOKED UP IN A CAR!? story time| Jade Kailani27 Mar. 2018
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How To Hook Up 2 Amps For Car Audio!!

How To Hook Up 2 Amps For Car Audio!!12 Jun. 2010
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casperskafsSubscribe 438 721

Had a couple people

Had a couple people wanting to know how to hook up 2 amps so I made a video explaining how. Hope this helps. :)

Comments (100)
Adrian Hernandez

can i hook up 2 amps one for highs and one for base bu can i hook up the amp for highs to seaprate speakers for voice need help thanks

Rashawn Garner

Good fuccin video

Captain Cleve Sparrow

Thanks bro. helped a lot!

J Payne

DON'T DO DRUGS! I can't believe that people are asking this guy for car audio advice!

Sean Beard

Sounds like ur from up north. As am i currently. Just an off typic deal. But u do good work. If ur in ohio i needa do business with ya..

Scotty Lawson

Could I hook up 2 amps to ONE sub ?? & if so, would I just bridge all wires from one amp to the second amp including + & - speaker wires and then put the + & - speaker wires from the second amp straight into the sub ?

Austin Johnson

how u did with the romote wires can u do that with the hot and ground

Jose pedroza

Amp installation for dummies??


good video



Gregorio Guitron

what amp do I connect the woofers too

E1 tony mz mz

Bla bla bla. No good


@casperskafs it was a blown fuse in my distribution block, MFer Pounds now thanks

GIA Gamers In Africa

I have an amp without a fuse on it. What do I need to do

Dalton Hines

So what amp do you hook the speaker wires too if your running 2 amps and 2 subs?

Matthew Steele

Can you run rcas to red and white on both amps ?

Grinch Gamer

Thnx bro u make it really easy to understand coz these electronics guys make it sound like rocket science n scary

Michael Lee

Ok so why didn't you tell how to hook the speaker wires for the subs to the amps

U Can Get It 2

Is it possible to run 4 gauge into the distribution block and run 4 gauge out?

william maldonado

Dude you rock. This coming from an undergrad Mech Engineering student hoping to have a badass ride. Thanks a ton. (You should see the notes I took on this).

2 ohm guy old man status


Pidge Gamer

Awesome video man, best one I've seen! 10/10

Jose pedroza

Dude are you hi?

Zackary Elam

Thanks man you really helped me out alot again thanks keep up the good work


Just run both of them independent for highs and lows and make adjustments at head unit it’s better that way two kits for highs and lows.

Riden Roam

you can also go to www.amazon.com. but there are many places that you can get a distribution block. if you r looking for a cheap way you can look at Wal Mart they have scochie brands.


Do I need to run fuses, after my power disturbion blocks or is the 1 near the battery engouh or should i run fuses on all 3 power cables?( 1 near battery 2 after block)

Stephen Carey

You didn't mention a power cap bro. Where to install that in this process. Otherwise it helped.


thank you for the video alot of help can you do video on hooking up 2 door speakers and 2 deck speakers to a 2 channel amp

Brad Spring

Hey, thanks it help me out. Appreciate the video

Linas Ulba

great clear explanation ;)

Sergei Podosenov

Finally someone who can properly explain how shit works.


People asking about rca's on 2 or 3 or 4 amps. Just go buy rca Y splitters. Very easy and inexpensive

Adrian Hernandez

Advice on remote wire with 2 amps

Cory Croteau

This dude is nuts. Lmao bam! Blow! Boom! Wtf?!?! Dying

Daniel Poulin

Dont matter if you use 4g. In and two 4g out?

Junior Erving

Man you made this shit look so simple. It was just what i was lookin fuh.


Ok I️ got that all set up! But now how do I️ make my 6x9 work with second amp I️ have the connected to the amp straight to the speakers (6x9)

Demery Rener

thanks man i will do

terrell lacour

Dude.I've been inadvertently popping in and out of your videos while installing a whoooole bunch of new audio in my new truck and you explain shit perfectly soooo SUBSCRIBED!


Thanx for the info

Navraj Raj

For remote wires we don't need a distribution box ? Setting up a powered Sub along with 4 channel amp, great video, thanks bro

vashtie persaud

thanks bro...simple and nice


Finished a blunt.. What to do now!? I KNOW! I will teach people how to hook up an amp! huehuehue good job fella

Chris Raven

meth not even once.......

Infamous Youth

My goal is more watts to my subs. i have 600, i want to add 400. i understand your video fine, but one thing i can't find in any of the tutorials is the speaker wire setup...do i run speakers from both amps or...? i'm running to 2 12"s and i wan the watts evenly distributed... Thanks!.

James Beck

I have a four Chanel amp to two tens, and I'm trying to hook up another sub with a built-in amp, I have split my power, ground, and remote. But my four Chanel amp has two line in no out, it's line in Chanel 1&2 and line in 3&4

Michael Duncan

is it better to separately ground each 1 instead of together like that? I don't think it would be bad if its a clean connection

Brent hurst

is it ok if i have my 0 gauge to rear and use a distribution block 0 guage to 2 4 gauge inputs...... will that effect my current or whatever you call it for electrical. will it waste my 0 guage run to rear is what im trying to say as far as electricity flow casue thren the 4 gauge will go into amp? kinda confusing lol



Darrell Henderson

will it work the same way if I use one amp for ma highs


Thanks for the video brother!!

Joe Lewallen

I want to install two amps one for bass and one for mids. The question I have is about the RCAs I have a pioneer deh- 64bt it has two RCA preouts one says R/SW and the other says F for front I guessing. Which one do I install my RCAs into? Because I heard one of the preouts only sends out lows not mids if that makes sense and I want to install both

Yanis Hameesh

ur awesome u explained it better than the pros did.

Hunter Davidson

I’m confused, ever heard of a passive crossover?

Watch Me

why is my first amp that is is taking the rca input, controlling my second amp gain? thanks


He said getto style I said getto Fabulous lmao?

Leonardo Larios

thanx bro

Mark Williams

Can you hook 2 amps to one sub? I have a 5 channel amp and a mono amp. Using 5 channel amp for mids and highs in my jeep but 5th channel doesn't push sub like I need it to.

Godden Blow

Yep and now going to be banging up the trunk on them punks !!!

Tony Prado

Where can i buy a battery Like That ???

heather losalo

Hey I know this is an old post but I have an 06 Tacoma base cab so my h.u has two channels just left and right which I have a line out converter 2/channel I want to run two amps but my amps don't have pre outs so... What do I do? If you could answer this it would be awesome cause I'm stumped even with y splitters :) thanks!!- heather

Anthoney King

sorry meant my SUBS fail to start up

Uncle Phil

thank you for helping me, this was directly to the point and actually helped me out alot.
So called "crack monkey" knows what hes talking about!! thumbs up

Justin Patino

I have 2 questions. 1: For the 2nd amp, could I just hook the ground to the negative on the battery? 2: Could hooking up 2 amps mess my stereo up?

Alex Avalos

what if I have a epicenter hooked up and I'm going to hook up another amp for the mids?

christian luster

At 2:44 . The distribution block that takes a 4 Gauge in and two 8's out .. I was wondering can you just wire the 4 gauge to the 2 8's ? or do YOU HAVE to have a distribution block ? @casperskafs 


if the head unit has 3 preouts for sub, front, and rear doors, do I run all the rca's seperate or do i connect them at the amp?

jamie cole

if you  are asking this cat questions. yall need to lay off the weed.   and i guess i need to stop drinking cause i watched the whole video


Good video, answered my number 1 question. Thanks

Tavarris Mayes

Can you do a video on with an equalizer already installed please and thank you

Anthoney King

Hi i found this helpful was idiot prof now still leads me to a question i have 2 1400 watt amps one for stereo and one for subs and split my remote wire but a lot of the time my remote only activates one of the amps its driving me nuts and help will be great thanks oh its my 2x 1000 amps that fail to start up
cheers paul

Rory Stryker

My question is i have a 12v 4 channel amp with my nexus 7 as a( headunit)for my main speakers i want to hook up a subwoofer but with the signal being amplified will that Fry my sub amp if i get one?


duuude i have 2 amps but the sound always out only bass... i have the same setup like you i don´t know what to do :( thanks

Garry Cook

how do you run your speaker wires when running 2 amps for subwoofers

jim mckay

I have 4 awg coming from battery to capacitor to a fosgate r500 can I split with 8awg to an adiobahn 75watt 4 channel ?

John Hill

im installing a 400 watt crunch amp from the80-90's old and large for two 12'inch woofers, and also a 1000 watt crunch for the 4 other speakers, I have all the stuff to hook it up , new speakers, wires, rca's.. the only thing im worried about is having enough power in a pt cruiser...…. im considering possibly an 8 farid capacitor...….. would I need a second battery? and if so how long would that battery take to drain down, and how it has to be charged.. can a car be hooked two two batterys both being charged by the alternator ? and I have a brand new JVC 6.2 dvd head unit,50 watt mosfet for the two tweeters in the dash will be hooked to the head unit.. the head unit has 4 channel hookup plus sub

Arron Young

Do I need to use a Fused distribution block or can I just use an unfused block? both for the power and the ground?

Watch Me

i have rca going to first amp input and going out to the second amp input thru the first amp output. i cant seperate the two amps settings? they are 2 different sub amps

Joseph Sepe

use y splitters , i female giving birth to two males,. dont use line out it sucks. y splitter use as many for as many amps u need. i did line out it sucked so i used ysplitters and no issues


Thanks so much, your video was very very helpfull :)

Stanley Song

am i able just to hook up both of the amps separately or will that like short something?


Thank you for the vid, I like it how you don't rush and explain it simply, can I ask if one amp is for sub and other for mids do you go out out the first amp with the rca's? My head unit has rca's for sub and mids shall I just put them both into the head unit. Thank you

Anthony Walker

Could I just use a distribution block using all 8 gauge wire and just ground the two amps separately?

JW Outdoors

One you get to amps together and you have 3 subs and and 8 speakers do make one amp for subs and one amp for speakers or do you use one amp for 4 speakers and a sub and the other amp for the same??

Matt Rosich

Why are you so zoomed in the whole time? And if that’s how u do it why are your Amps blown? And have no battery or deck? But ur entertaining for sure. Tweak on bro!

James Edwards

Need help got 4 12s in 2 different boxs i have two 1100w mono amps think there one channel they only have one stop for pos an nag i did everything this way they come on everything works fine till i turn my head unit to like 38 red light comes on thats with amps turned all the way down added compositor still same thing about to add another battery but not sure really what to do at this point if you could help that would be sweet

Pea Holland

plz help me figure out how to bridge 2 amps to 2 12s kicker .

Tony Garza

I have a four channel amp, but only three channels work. would u know why? Anyway since only 3 channels work, I was thinking of adding another amp. Using one amp for two speakers and next amp for two speakers. U do a good explanation but I'm not a hands on guy so would let a friend of mine do the work. Thanks for the video.


thanks heaps for this. helped me a lot

Tina Glaspie

Thank you so much for postin your videos, I was so stumped before I watched your vids, now I have my system poundin!! Subscribed cuz, your the Shizz Mr.!! Thanks again...

Bo Ttorff

My head unit has two sets of rcas in the back. If I want to run a dedicated sub amp and a dedicated amp to my mids should I run both sets of rcas from the head to each amp or should I run on set of rcas in then out of the larger of the two amps. Which will give better results?

Juan O.

So i just got a new deck only to realize that it has 2 pre amp outs. One for the Front and the other is Rear/subwoofer. I recently got a car that had 2 amps already installed. One to power the Door Speakers and the other for the Sub. How would i go about connecting the 4 channel amp and mono amp with only 2 rca outs on my new deck? The older cd player in the car had 3 lines out but it was a piece of crap thats why i took it out. Would i use a splitter on the Front outputs on the amp side for the 4 channel amp? And then dedicate the Rear/Subwoffer channel just for the sub? Just trying to make sure... Thanks

John Jacob

Couldnt you have shortened the video to the line out segment and afterward? After all, one would assume people already have the first amp set up if they are researching installing a second....but i do understand the need to create videos of length for monetization purposes

Eric Dixon

actually been the most helpful video ive found thank you

Demery Rener

would i need n extra battery, or would it fry my radio?


Is it safe too hook up tweeters too a amp and run two different amps to one battery like a 0 gauge and a 8 gauge without a distributive block

r cosom

lol..hit it on the head bud


if the head unit has 3 preouts for sub, front, and rear doors, do I run all the rca's seperate or do i connect them at the amp?


Best understanding. And detailed ??

U-Haul Car Transport Trailer | How to Load and Hook Up | Tyler Moves to NYC

U-Haul Car Transport Trailer | How to Load and Hook Up | Tyler Moves to NYC9 Aug. 2020
7 323
Fix it BongbongSubscribe 438 721

We made a quick lil' video

We made a quick lil' video on how to load and hook up a U-Haul car trailer / hauler. Hope its helpful!

Congratulations Tyler on graduating medical school and becoming a doctor.. NOW WHO'S GONNA HELP ME BLEED MY BRAKES?!


#uhaul #cartrailer #movingtips

Comments (6)
Pistons & Props

Good tips, but I will say that I usually leave the ramps down while trailering it. That way if the car falls off it will just roll off the back nicely.

Grant Fanning

Three thumbs up

Mota 0116

Chains supposed to be X-crossed, before pops out of hitch ball.

cheese burger

Freaking hilarious , thanks for the video


How is winter in Virginia? Sounds like a nice warm place.

Grover Phillips

Do you think a few guys can push a small car that won’t start up on the auto transport?