Guys caught having sex

How My Father and I Caught My Deaf Sister Having Sex - David Arnold

How My Father and I Caught My Deaf Sister Having Sex - David Arnold17 Jan. 2020
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Comedian David Arnold

Comedian David Arnold tells an unforgettable account of the time his father caught his deaf sister having sex in the house. Check out how it all went down!

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Comments (100)
Acidjax Eert Knad

Sounds just like Kevin hart

Norman Navarrete

I need to know the aftermath, I NEED TO KNOW


I can't laugh bc that's just too fucking sad. I can't imagine being so....what, lazy? Selfish? That the parents couldn't learn sign language. My son is nonverbal and I sure as fuck am learning sign language and using it with him.



Jason reyes

??????? I needed this ????????

Nathan Dalton

My friend almost got caught having sex with a deaf girl by her boyfriend. The story goes that they were on the couch having sex and the girls bf showed up knocking on the door and yelling " are you in there?" And the only thing my buddy said that confused him was " why is this guy yelling are you home if this girl is deaf" ??? TRUE STORY

Sarge Scum

Keep 'em coming




Crazy to see him doing stand up ??? hell yeah god speed.

Zachary Lee

Tho I shouldn't laugh at hand*capped people....this is hilarious

Rasta Fonz

1/29/21 one of my fantasies to have it with a deaf chick



¿ unNORMALized

Uh Huh!!! Yeah!!!???

Trevis Robotie



Lmfaoooooo yoooo this is hilarious lol ?


He said “UH HUH, YEAH” ? ? ?


I feel for her neighbors then lol


reads the tittle of the video
She didn't hear both of you or herself coming?

Goofey ButReal

My great aunt is deaf. All of her siblings learned sign language. However, her parents did not.

dustiest spade

Ever hear of a devil 3 way

Nicolas T



Was she fuckin' Lil John?

mongie sithole

The title got me here!!!

World Eater

He sounds like 3 comedians mixed into one. You probably know who I’m talking about too

Barth K

Man I was drivin when I was listening to this. I had to pull the fuck over I was laughin so hard. Grew up w a close friend lived a few doors down from me who was deaf. Brought back funny memories me. Thank god I never ran across him w a girl in the house ??

Chelcie Rhodes



I wanna her her side haha

Zachary Lee

Tho I shouldn't laugh at hand*capped people....this is hilarious

Andersion Hasan// Rasedul

The numerous airport especially identify because watchmaker lamentably spare worth a sad innocent. eatable, short loss

Zachary Lee

Tho I shouldn't laugh at handicapped people....this is hilarious

illa corp

uh huh yeah!

Gargantuan Claymore


Neural Tech


True Friday

I read that wrong

Sandy Red


Kyle Baber

Most underrated part of this set: “Robin, Telephone. TELEPHONE!” ???? who is calling your deaf sister!?!???

Candy Star

I imagine that for a parent finding out your teenage daughter is sexually active is a very different trauma than actually catching her in the act.

Mickey Mouse

You didn’t catch her having sex she caught you creepin

Ill Whodi

This was low key stolen from Gary Owens


Don't do the math on his fathers age when he had the deaf sister

Rocky king

I would comment on this video but I'm deaf


Thank god for youtube reccomended man



Common Sense

I think it’s safe to say that she didn’t here you , her dad or her boyfriend comin???

A Person

God she is never going to hear the end of this is she?

Mike Doe-Dough

Youtube stop suggesting things for me. Because this was AWESOME! ? Thanks!

Meena Meen



Family - "Robin, telephone, telephone"!
Robin picks up the phone... "hello?.... hello?

KStay Blessed



Uh huh! Yeah! ?? Funny as hell


Uh Uh Yeah ???


Thanks, not feeling happy a while ago, this gave me some happiness thank you

Kevin S

Funny but how the dad didn’t know she had a boy in the house tho lol


We know who was calling for his sister now lol

Jose Abrego

It's the sad truth that 90% of parents of deaf children never learn sign language.

dominik chernin

the crowd is 99% turkeys ?

MidWest B-ry ひ

This one made my morning

Angela Watson Lee

Oh my God! I have a deaf older family member, and the older generation never took the time to learn signing either.?


I don’t know how I read that as “How My Father Caught My Deaf Sister And I Having Sex”

Denise Abrams



It's so sad when no one in the family bothers to learn sign language. As an interpreter I see it so often, and it causes a lot of pain and strife between Deaf adults and their families. At least TRY!! Meet 'em half way. ?? Talking to each other is how we connect, how we learn things about each other and the world. Deaf kids miss so much!


Thx youtube


Spoiler: It was Lil Jon. "UH HUH. YEAH! OKAAAAAY! WHAT??! YEAH, YEAH!!

Zachary Lee

Tho I shouldn't laugh at hand*capped people....this is hilarious

Kevin Escobar

Ok I was howling on this one, could barely breathe lmao

marco velazquez

Who in the fuck calling her if she's deaf homie.


Maybe they were just listening to a lil wayne song

Gas Station Coffee

Dear Youtube recommended,

Umhmm yeah! Now THIS is what I didn't know I wanted to see!

Wolfgirl Robin

?? one of the few times that I like what the YouTube algorithm puts on my suggestion page

fair is fair

You sir are stupid lol ?

Mae Comeaux

My aunt is deaf and my grandparents, Dad and uncle do not know sign language whatsoever, we just communicate some way somehow and shit gets across ??

Cleo Brogan Chandley

The new mary respectively rub because interviewer immediately cause beneath a eager foam. bizarre, weary millimeter

Judah King

H e sound like he could be a preacher lol

The bees knees

It’s really depressing that they didn’t bother to learn how to communicate with her properly. Also why should you watch your kid have sex and bring your other kid to do it too? they knew what was going on. just leave them alone, let them finish and then tell her later that you can hear them and that she should be more quiet if people are around, at most reach in your hand and flash the lights if you need them to stop. It’s just sad and gross, how is this comedy?

dj perry

I am in tears

Sincere Mckoy

That was absolute comedy. Hahahaha

chris q

I didn't even watch the video, but I am guessing the story is "meh meh meh, gnv me da bng dk"

Thatbigdudewithglasses Music

“Uh huh YEAH!”


Damn one minute in and this just makes me sad. Imagine your family not caring enough to learn your language.


Imagine seeing your daughter get her back broke.

Mark Tan

I'm curious... how do you sign "sex"

James Franco The Duck

I love when theres an audio book ad for a video about a deaf person


Wtf did I just watch ??? ????


Stop??this?? fuckin!??


K.O Allante

My friend has a deaf father. He always makes a joke about how he never listens to him. I feel like if I laughed it would be a moral dilemma.

Eli Smith

For everyone asking about the telephone part, a TTY phone (teletype phone) is a thing that was used to basically text over the phone. There is a service you can use with one that lets you call a regular phone with a person in between typing for one and reading for the other. I can't say for certain if that's what they had, but it's a lot easier and more reflexive to shout "telephone" than tty or teletype telephone if that was the case.


That's not even funny, just sad


"uh huh yeah" could be a fire song too

Zachary Lee

Tho I shouldn't laugh at hand*capped people....this is hilarious

Yoshiki G

Ah-huh yeah!

Truth Be Told

Bruh I had to click it, just because of the title ??? I’m glad I did

but why

Chocolate sundaes? Would love to know how this turns out if there are days when only non black comedians can go on stage. Yep, thats called double standard.


I'M SCREAMING !!!! ????

Nolan Sphere

Now thats one hell of a video title

Andres Lopez


Irock 56

I remember a time when we had morals and would never repeat something of the sort, now we brag about it. Disgusting!

the psyc_one

Damn you got me rollin.

Zachary Lee

Tho I shouldn't laugh at hand*capped people....this is hilarious

Young Ross

Who is this

Zachary Lee

Tho I shouldn't laugh at handicapped people....this is hilarious


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Donny Sandley

For anyone that beliefs he was the bigger man for not fighting the man or beating the hell out of the woman is exactly right ? because people do kill for less

Douglas Moore


Candace Torres

Love it!!! Put her on blast!!!!

Miss Vlad

What a pitiful boy...

angels4693 Tv

Wow ?

Daisy's Glam team

He did Good ????

Morgan More

Well done not worth going to jail for if he did not take the pic she would deny it happend

Uncle Blue

That damn BBC smdh

Lincoln Fong

cheating ? not yet married, my friend, so it is not ~ even-though every thinks they OWN their mate-friend no one OWNS his mate-friend, even in marriage ~ and using social media with photos is being a low life ~

Vanessa Sance

You are amazing Kudos❤️❤️❤️