How do you know if you re a good kisser

Lake Street Dive - Good Kisser [Live Performance]

Lake Street Dive - Good Kisser [Live Performance]27 Feb. 2018
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Live Performance of "Good

Live Performance of "Good Kisser" from Lake Street Dive's new album Free Yourself Up - Due out May 4th on Nonesuch Records

Pre-order Free Yourself Up now:


Director: Alex Chaloff / Bucket's Moving Company

Recorded and engineered live by Dan Knobler at Goosehead Palace Studios, Nashville, TN

Comments (100)
Caiden Dopke

Trash, a good song is not repeating the same bullshit lyric over and over again. You’re a department store radio one hit wonder

Ty Wheeler

I sent this to an ex-girlfriend when we broke up the day this song came out. Said everything I needed to say in less than four minutes! For some reason my relationships have followed the montage theme throughout LSD's career. I hope they come up with another Neighbor's Song ditty soon ;) And no, I haven't dated a Bobby!

Glenn Center

Did I see you are from Birmingham?

Mike E

Great band. Check out the cover of this song by Foxes and Fossils also. Top notch.

Sonya Washington

Sounds amazing live??

William The Conqueror

Like # 8890 says greetings from Memphis, Tennessee.......another epic live performance.

Rafael Quaresma

meu deus, descobri agora. Que som gostosinho de ouvir. Amei demais

Sonata Harris

No one wants to admit they thought she was black? Fine I'll say it.

Anthony Anderson

To get a feel for how amazing her voice is just check out cover versions of this one can hit the "tell them I'm a good kisser" line.she is on another level from 99.9% of female singers.whew!!!!


Apparently, there are 197 people who are unable to recognize a gifted vocalist, accompanied by a group of talented musicians, when they hear it.


Fucking eh.

Libo's Workshop

She's just magical!

Julie G

Oh soooo true
From Australia... I hear ya !

Sofia Blakey

Love this song, but there’s nothing disappointing about this group! Their lyrics, musicians are excellent, it’s quality songs!!!???

Edward Case

Technically adept, and top-flight all around!

Ray and Erica M

Please come to Fargo North Dakota ????

Kelly Pagano

That’s a rockin song man. Love it

Walter Sol

ive loved this song for a while, ever sense i first heard it. great musicians much love for sharing your beautiful sound <3

Jay Lane

This has a Vulfpeck/Theo Katzman vibe.

Brian Dulmaine

Geez, this is so good

Gordon Anderson

WHEW! She could sell advertizing space on her teeth... in a good way.

Mike Walker

Foxes and fossils brought me here. Damn their version is way better than this

Stuart Strickland

If it were not for Foxes and Fossils, I would not know Lake Street Dive exists. Thank you, Chase Truran, for turning me on to LSD, and for delivering a respectable cover of Rachael yourself.

Mike Guinness

So 189 people must not know how to be a good kisser. Seriously. How do you not like this song or this band that you click to dislike this video? Sucks to be you.

Dynamic Dakota :D



285 dislike ...!?


this is an incredibly smart, catchy song. seriously some pop star should buy it and watch it go to #1

Cherry Blossom

Who Came here bc of Ross Dress for Less co.?


i told them

Sean Mangan

Keep it going folks.....wonderful

Cal Wise


Justin Phillips

I love you

Stephen Flowers

Lake Street as in Lake street Minneapolis?

Rebecca Nimmo

Damn years of hard work for such a huge, huge great band!! Thanks!!

Robert Nichols

She takes the back seat to nobody. Not even Amy Winehouse or Diana Krall. Rachael Price is right up at the very top with Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington in my book.

Geoffrey Birnbaum

What is their latest album? Their best ever album?

Brett Unger

Blue Onesy....


Damn! Strong strong vocals. Lead and back ground...

Paulo Tassio

Vim pelo vídeo do Márcio Guerra, quem mais???


I think i just fell in love with her

NyQuiiL Cold & Flu

This song comes on everyday at my job

TourGuide Ryan

Anyone else think the drummer looks like Jake Johnson from "New Girl" lol

Liah B


Michael Orozco

Really do like these guys

Big Mike

Another national treasure...

Robert Dye

The first time I heard this song it reminded me of a woman I dated, she was a horrible kisser so I can't give her the "good kisser" referral.

S Melanie 54

She’s got pipes!!




She is a sista!

old boehne

This band is playing my heart

Bruce Hanson

Lake Street Dive In My Town TONIGHT!!!!!!! I'M STOKED!!!!!!..
BTW, nobody puts Bridget in a corner!

Xan3119 ✓

i love your music

Torino Herrera

I am not a good kisser but am definitely a good listener.


Shocks my soul. I truely hear her. That passion.. I know what she is saying.

Madou Durdek

I'm sure you are Rachael.


You should listen to Foxes and Fossils. Chase might give you some pointers, as she blew this performance out of the park. Not top pop, but real soul in her interpenetration. Just a cover band, but will over whelm you.


Rachel always knocks me out!

Robert Nichols

She is a treasure. What a set of pipes!


For 3 minutes and 56 seconds I forgot I had depression and anxiety. Sublime.

Jose Lozano

When I first heard Rachael Price I thought I was listening to Inga Rumpf somehow ...
It brought back memories of those 60s, 70s .....
Thanks Rachel.

hhh hhh

sososososo beautiful voice


I hear this song everyday that I'm at work and had to find out who sang this song....I LOVE IT!


i just luv the band, the vibes and the voices... ♥️ glad there is music like this!


With those Hot Lips an Hips..Oh my Gawdliness..I'll bet you are an Awesome Puckerer too Rachel.. You go Girl..


Check out the cover of this excellent song by Foxes and Fossils. It is also wonderfully done.


Good Kisser? I'd love the chance to find out ......
Awesome-looking girl.


You guys rock!!!!!!!!! :)


i have crush......

Melissa Ramos

Who's here because of seeing this song on american idol tonight?

old boehne

You're a good kisser

ellen peters

Good stuff. Can’t wait to see them again in Athens.


please, come in France ?

E. Carpenter

Can anybody explain why Akie is only in like 3 fleeting shots of this whole 4-minute video??

zeb g

Its gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day

Amy Massina

American idols 2020 Amber brought me here. Y'all are addicting, love this song and the others I've listened too.

Aliyah Pernese


Cari Annette

Ya BETTA sing it girl!!!

Kala Le-Failure

She doesn’t need auto tune auto tune needs her

Jungle Jan

Bassist Bridget is the groove of the group.

jean semborski

This is amazing! Cant believe I havent heard of them before now.

Streeter Streeter

How the hell do they sound EXACTLY like this is the recording.... talent... that’s how ???

Giles Potter

Please come to Melbourne!

Matt Mantro

I LOVE IT! What an incredible singer. Band is lit too. Come to Florida!!!


Very nice college R&B.

How Bizarro

Unbelievably infectious


damn shes a killer

Aaron Tafoya

I am leanring this song on drums right now... To be honest, everytime I listen to it I just want to kiss her for a few minutes then go back to practicing.

Woody Schuler

Dang. This might be perfection.


Nick(Jake Johnson) from New Girl on drums!

Nicole Jones


Justin T

To the people that disliked this music. Burn in hell


My band director told us that he helped write this song I looked it up and omg am I impressed

Josh McMurdo

come to Atlanta! we need to hear the absolutely heavenly music down in the dirty south

Mark Demos

Somebody get Rachel to “Live From Daryl’s House”!!


I love her face. She is beautiful.


When will Rachael release her hair routine ?? ?

WP Jones

Mike C using a Sennheiser 604 for his vocals? Brilliant.

S Ericson

The drummer looks like Charlie Day

Seannie Linares

You guys so deserve more attention!! You are so good!!


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how to trick people into

how to trick people into thinking you're a good kisser

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Comments (37)
gemma kristiana

whos watching in 2017


"dry cracked alligator lips" XD

Sammy Ming

So I watched a video on how not to kiss and they said “don’t just sit there with your mouth open, you wanna move around” and I was like “so which way and how do you move your lips?” And I never got an answer from any other video

Trayvon Woodford

At least santa has hoes

Taylor Smith

Donkey Kong Lips!!! Ha you so funny HMU PLAYA call me or text me at [email protected] and call me at 239-300-6975. Luv u Donkey Kong Lips!!!

Jerome Santos

haha onestly i have meet you on chatroulette and all you said was dayumm im out.and i was like wait a minute he did not just do that i made chatroulette for nothing...


This is actually hysterical... and insightful. cheers for the send dude; keep up the good work :)

Adyn the Weird

I've never been kissed before. I dated a guy for a year and a half but we never even held hands haha.

irv gentry

I agree with your commentary. You got to keep your lips moisturized, your breath and tongue must be fresh and beard groomed. If you have that together, no woman will have a problem kissing you.

jack shaw

Very funny


jajajaja you are funny af bro

Olwethu Majola

Whos watching in 2020

Tafara Makayi

Matt u sad???

Erin Tucker


Saphire Amber



LOL Do the dougie!

Lexi Preston

Bro you’re 12 in this I can’t believe this crap? 2019?

Keyra Lilombo2

you look nice matt

Katherine S

This is my new favorite youtube video! Dude, you're hilarious!!!

Rob George

You're the best

wendy farnsworth

who be watchin dis in 2018 aaayyyy almost the good ol 2019

Lil weirdo

No wayyy


Who dont like kiss nice ass...?


Hello dangmattsmith I like you thing right now 2020 and I knew you make part2 lol


Oh man

irv gentry



Dsl lipps

trevor miller

Second comment even more boss

Daniel Kudratt

Best quote: "Now for you girls out there, a little scruff is not okay!"

ThatRandomCheeseBall YouFindOnTheStreets

Ha, and the funny part is that I watched this two days before Christmas, Hohoho to you too


hhahaha your funny


Dat Angelina Jolie Tumbnail doe

Oreo Galletas

Well at least I'm under the 301 viewer club ;)

Kim Caraballo

Lol I love his sense of humor!

Fat Lil Kid

lol 2012

fairy renjun

Who watching this on 2020 eYy?✋


hilarious and nice xD, i liked it :)

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Comments (100)
Jennifer Mclean

Professional kisser and I only kissed two guys I didn't know that I was a pro at kissing I always thought that I was the worst

Girisma Gurung

I got playful kisser (i got 240 points) like if you got this too

Dominic Hall

380 I'm a passionate kisser

plex_ periodic

440 I'm 13 what ?


Passionate kisser

letmekissyouonurmouth muah

My first kiss 10 years old she was 10 10:00 we've been kissing but then she had to go in I kissed her goodbye and went back home my mom yelled at me because tomorrow was school but I didn't care that was my first kiss

Jack Meoff

3 e

Jack Meoff

11 c

Alissa Swinea

I'm the perfect kisser ??

Marina Murga

How do I do these????.....oh wait I know now and I got passionate kisser

Gacha Mia

I’m the professional kisser

Keycha Mateus

I'm the passionate kisser

Bayou State Outdoors

Got 540, I’m 13 ind I’ve kissed 3 girls

Akshat Agarwal

My score is 320❤️

Jack Meoff

12 e

Melanie Schulze

i got professional.. i’ve only kissed once.. i was 12-


50,40,40,20,50,30,50,20,30,30,50,40 = 460

Sara Montgomery

Perfect kisser

Sophie Steiner

Hey I’ve got a professional kisser! Omg

Clarence mann Smith

I never kiss somebody expect my family on the chick so girls if y'all didn't hit up my Snapchat it's lilcam


I'mma professional somehow

Evelyn Taylor

yes i got perfect kisser and i never even kissed anyone


Ima perfect kisser❤️???

Saria lope

Scored 360 lmao like a 360 degree angle ?

Passionate kisser

I have only done that one

Me :I see ??


I got 430

Saejinaa 44

I got the professional kisser and i havent kissed anyone ?


1:25 Well, buddy, I normally grab her ass or gently touch her face so..

Kinlie White

I got professional kisser wow that’s Cray Cray

Aaisha Malhotra

I got professional kisser ????? ooo man how talented I Am... Aaj pta lgaa ???????????

Orlando Dela Paz

I kissed my mother


Hey i got the passionate kisser it kinda suits me


The passionate kisser ??


I got perfect kisser

Batman Xochilt

I jus needa practice mo

diamond dog

I got 400 and only have kissed. 3ppl...

Maman Christian

B 10
E 10
A 10
D 20
Question 5
E 50
E 10
A 50
A 30
B 10
A 10

Vanessa Ortega

I got perfect kisser I have never ever kissed someone except my parents I got 580

Jack Meoff

6 e

Jack Meoff

10 e

Jack Meoff

5 a

Delilah Mendoza

I’m not even a teen yet, haven’t ever kissed no one. Why am I taking this quiz? ????

Xiu Rou

Hhhh I got playful kisser, i have never kissed someone in my life ?

Kia Dunn

I got 550 my first kiss was when I was 4!!!!!!!!


well then, never kissed anyone, but yet I got passionate kisser to go with my passionate zodiac, The Leo.


Wide shut

Queen Ali

I'm the passionate Kisser???!!

Phoebe 109

There are 12 questions in total

dark ice 0

Wow I kissed someone more then a lot of people but I'm younger then them lol

Jack Meoff

9 c

Best Roblox Gurl

i have a bf so ye and i got 520

JEYkeyToMyheart 01

270 but im single and never kiss anyone before . Never mind...

ayo milfs

480. i



Karissa Crager

I was a 650

Jack Meoff

7 d

Black Widow

Mine is passionate

K Cardoze

I got 610

Kim Shung


yo Smith

I got passionate kisser (360) points any one else??

Rittwika Mahato

Passionate kisser ??

Alpha John Albert

Im 17yrs old and my rating is the professional kisser ? 460 haha

Jack Meoff


Prashanta Roy Chowdhury

The professional kissers ? hands up please ?

Roxana Garcia

ima perfect kisser lol

Khan Sahab

I got 430

Jack Meoff


John Lovelace

I got 340 points

Malaika Miteo

I've never kissed anyone but somehow I'm a passionate kisser. How does that work out?

Angel Johnson

i got 490 apparently i am the professional kisser lo the funny thing is i only kissed 2 guys in my entire life

Kim Shung


Ashley BM





wow I'm a professional kisser even tho it never kissed yet?

Me Me

I guess the quiz says I'm a professional kisser...I got 430

Lidija B.

I M PROFESSIONAL KISSER ? ... mind Don't worry my lovely partner you will be perfect ???. ..

Kim Shung



Professional Kisser squad where you at!?! ?????

TheTrueMr F

Dang I’m nearly in high school and I still haven’t gotten my first kiss yet sang

Gabe Vargas

Im a playful kisser and I’ve been kissing for a fat minute??‍♂️

Jack Meoff

4 e

L Girl

I got 410 points!

Jack Meoff

8 e

Kibakou wolfsbane

Wow I not what I was expecting I haven't had my first kiss yet but according to this I'm a pro kisser 46

Om Prakash Verma

I got 360. I'm a passionate kisser. ❤??


310! Well shit

Early-B Earl

610 perfect kiss I am the boy

Faradilla Soleman

50+10+30+10+10+20+10+10+50+30+50+10 = 290
The playful kisser

Blue Heart

The passionate kisser! :)


I got 500 and I'm 13 is this bad


Question 5 I was to pick a but I got my first kiss in pre-k and got caught by the teacher ?

taylah bramich

I got the passionate kisser!

Who else?

Ruthe Alius

I got passionate kisser
Never even kissed anyone before :O:O:O:O:O

Darkside Downfall

Even I'm not have this experience but I wish I could kiss my crush one day...

Anindya Banerjee

Professional!!!!! ?


560 i fell like a slut but a good kissing slut

Maxpein Zin Del Valle

390? Hmmmm

sPiLl ThE tEa SiS

I’m the passionate kisser... Lol. I have only Got those “kid-kisses”... Sooo, let’s just say that i haven’t Got my first kiss, and that i did it really good in this test ??

Just Us!

I Got professional kisser and I’ve only kissed at “spin the bottle”? lol


Professional kisser like here

Stuart Matthews


I’m 11