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How to Talk Dirty to a Girl Without Being Awkward

How to Talk Dirty to a Girl Without Being Awkward23 Jun. 2019
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Dirty talk is ESSENTIAL for a good time in bed. It's not optional. It's MANDATORY.

You fuck a woman's mind as much as you fuck her pussy.

But, it can seem a bit cringey. I totally understand.

However, you can get away with a lot in the bedroom that doesn't work in real life.


So become a fucking SAVAGE.

And I'll teach you how to do it without being cringey.

So watch!


Video Details:

00:50 - A sexy voice is a MUST

01:30 - How to talk sexy (

05:00 - We're emotional beings with a small capacity for rationale

08:00 - Girls, be dirty and slutty and whoreish FOR YOU, not for us

10:15 - Calling her YOUR slut is different from calling her A slut

11:00 - Be VERY vulgar

12:10 - Talk about the seduction about how much you lusted after her

12:55 - Talk like a demon

13:15 - Unleash your darkness upon her

13:35 - You can ask her rhetorical questions that she will comply it



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Edited by Radu Badilas:

Stay horny!

Hector Castillo

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That guy is so cute he got me clicking on that video even tho im a straight girl ?

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I love all your videos!! ??

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Nice teaching.. I asked about tone. Thing about tone is feeling it.

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18 Naked cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch BIG HARD THROBBING COCKS

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I love it when a man talks dirty to me. ?


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I never believed in liking a video before watching it until I discovered Hec videos


Hey Hector, i left a message on your IG DM some days ago, it appears that you've seen it & you didn't even bother to reply,
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I've been a big fan of GirlsChase for three years now tho, & I'm not impressed by this your action.
Nice Video tho.


This video is legendary ??

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Enjoyed the video...Very funny ????

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you could add the subtitles as in the other videos because I don't understand otherwise


you actually made me laugh out loud a few times

Best youtube channel by Sanchita!

truly hot video, i am also feeling extremely very horny

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1.18.19 rap

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this looks like a classic . *South Africa.

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You stuttered ??? ffs I'm cracking up man! I don't even know why I'm watching this, you're so fricken funny ????

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