Exercise equipment to strengthen legs

Leg Machine Gym Workout - Leg machine exercises to tone and strengthen your legs

Leg Machine Gym Workout - Leg machine exercises to tone and strengthen your legs26 Jul. 2018
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An awesome workout you can

An awesome workout you can do in the gym with the best leg machines. Tone and strengthen your hips, butt, quads, hamstrings, and calves with these 9 awesome exercises. Perfect leg workout with machines for beginner and intermediate gym enthusiasts.

Check out the whole workout right here on our website: https://tone-and-tighten.com/get-toned-sculpted-strong-legs-now-best-gym-machines-for-your-legs.html

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I appreciate this :)

Naila kausar

Am experiencing that my thighs are getting bigger after leg press , leg extensions , squats
What should I do

being joggi

Hello I want to contact with u

nyaxxy nyaxxy

Thank you so much...really helpful! Will I gain some weight around my thighs if I'm consistent with these exercices

Mohsin Abdulla

I love exercises


Leg extension How many repetition,set can do?.
Is it can do this exercise everyday?, Is it not overworkout?

skye sage

I like when u have your wife on YouTube! Power couple.

Leela Sarkar

I have lower back pain,can i do these exercises


Jared I absolutely love your videos dude, but Leg Extensions ( from what many people say including other PT's ) can be very damaging to the knees. What's your take?

Tracey Lindsay

Thankyou. If the knee is clicking not whilst exercising what would you recommend ? Should one still do these exercises ? Thank you

Teddy Arthur-cooke

I have left femur fracture and it's been 1 year and 2 months can I start these exercises with small weight..

Rach Zenou

could you lose weight around your thighs doing these machines?

Aesthetic kawaii. Heartbreaker anime

I love exercise but I am too lazy

Yusra Rafiq

do i lose my leg fat by using these exercise?

BEGINNER LEG WORKOUT | Using Basic Gym Equipment

BEGINNER LEG WORKOUT | Using Basic Gym Equipment11 Nov. 2019
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Hello, beautiful!

In this video, I'll be taking you through a beginner-friendly leg workout!

The full workout is written down below & make sure to take a screenshot of the diagram at the very end of this video that gives you pictures of the exercises along with the number of reps and sets for each.

Don't forget that your fitness goals are fueled also through your nutrition, so always remember to stay consistent with both your nutrition & training.

Remember to use weights that are challenging for you but that you can also work with while keeping proper form.


1) Goblet Squats | 4x15

2) Leg Press | 4x15

3) Leg Extensions | 4x15

4) Seated Hamstring Curl | 4x15

HOW TO SQUAT | https://youtu.be/DUWK_gKcRCc | https://youtu.be/_mV64bZHJxc

HOW TO USE GYM EQUIPMENT | https://youtu.be/3irVy7zN47w

HOW TO USE THE LEG PRESS MACHINE | https://youtu.be/UYdx6ammdwU

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FULL BODY WORKOUT | https://youtu.be/k3aniSBWZlg

DB-ONLY FULL BODY WORKOUT | https://youtu.be/25RmzjDtGUE

BURN 1,000+ CALORIES WORKOUT | https://youtu.be/oRbkj3ThCMw

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*This video and description contains affiliate links. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue creating more content for you. Thank you for your support!

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Jasmine Riel

How come you didn’t mention what weights you used? That’s the main thing for beginners they don’t know what weights to start off with , like on the leg press and how much was the dumbbell ?

Avril Dunn

Could you please tell me do you do the same exercise for 4 sets in a row or change them each set. I hope that makes sense ?
My trainer had to quit the gym and so im doing it by myself and feel a bit overwhelmed but don't want to quit


Ahhhhhhh I missed the notification I need to know your uploading time t this point ??

Tara Swain

Thank you for this! What weight are you using? X

Leonellus Creation

Hello ma'am, does this work for young lad aswell?

Khiari Barino

I just started at the gym last week and I've been using your videos!! I appreciate the beginner videos so very much!!

Tiffany Castrejon

Love the video

Delia Giriada

th gym is scary omg

Brianna Lopez

Yes, loved this video! I think you forgot to link the squat video, just to let you know!

T. Arlette

Loved your video. Definitely will subscribe to check out more. Thank you!

Chengchan Kong

FIRST! YES!!! <3

Alberto y Yuri Aldape

More beginners videos!!! They truly help thank you!!!

Reps With Rach

So awesome ?


I have leg day on Monday I'm here to make my workout lists tho its saturday cos i literally ignore anything about workout on Sundays lol

Zimzala W

Thank you so much! I've been only using the treadmill at the gym lol I will try out this routine tomorrow!

Shayy Butter

killed it girl!

Naomi Kong

What’s up, guys?! ?
Hope you all had a terrific weekend!
❎As always, workout diagram is included at the end of the video for you to take a screenshot of & take to the gym.
Leggings & top are from alphalete.
Shoes are Vans Canvas Sk8 Hi.
Headphones are Bose. ?

uma pipdika

Hey i m almost a beginner joined gym...as i dont lift weights due to upper back spasm ..if i do only lower body weights will i be able to tone upper body also..and loose weight...will i get loose skin if i dont train upper body


Do you have to do the 4 x 15 sets one by one machine - or can you do it in a circuit way, coming back to each machine 4 times?

Bahumi Mhlongo

I've recently joined the gym, felt so silly in the first few days especially, but watching your videos has helped so much - you're so good at guiding and motivating. Plus you look so good haha killa outfits. Thanks Naomi!

Divine Lavish

you’re actually the best

Selveena Ersapah

Thank you so much

Quick Leg Machine Circuit Workout

Quick Leg Machine Circuit Workout20 Jan. 2015
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Today I'm running you

Today I'm running you through a quick, 10-minute leg circuit with some of my favorite machines at the gym. Includes a how-to tutorial of each machine as well as killer lower body workout!


LEG MACHINE GYM WORKOUT FOR WOMEN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyIJb9bwCoo&t=53s

THE BEST LEG WORKOUT IF YOU HAVE KNEE PAIN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sapkxwJSuHA&t=196s

NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED LEG WORKOUT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_HFrpNRqRQ&t=70s

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troll bagienny

nice video cheers

The Doodle Master

You're the Bob Ross of the gym dude


Thanks, good video!

Raul Rodriguez

Great video! You look so young. :)

Sara Milstein

Thanks so much!

Andreas Johnsson

I got some problems with my legs and lower back that is weak muscles, but I heard from a guy that the second machine you showed does train the muscles in the lower back as well but is that really true?

Ayanni Smith



Will leg curl machine and extension machine stunt my growth? Or somehow harm my knees?

Marqueshia Richardson

did you realize the microphone? and how many reps on each leg machine what do u prefer?

Mad Loomz

i wish they had that detonator like adjustment lever at my gym , neat shit right there .


Could you do a circuit for glutes with machines at the gym, please?

Danny Soto

My legs shake so crazy when I’m doing the leg extensions no matter how much or little weight does anyone know how I can fix this or I can’t fix this ?

Hey 21

Most professionals (most reputably AthleanX) say the leg extension machine is a bad exercise. Puts too much stress on the tendons in your knee.

Xavier Quintero

Thanks bro?


Very very helpful!

Makayla Ericksen

Awesome video! Thanks:)

Mohd Danish Ansari

U r so handsome really

Neechi McGuire

Thanks for doing the videos at the gym, they are so helpful and you do a great job explaining how to do them and the benefits!

Looby Lou

Very helpful thank you ?

Syed Muhammad Umer

First 2 exercises how many sets