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Big Bang Theory Scenes w. Penny and see through nipples // Kaley Cucoo

Big Bang Theory Scenes w. Penny and see through nipples // Kaley Cucoo8 Jan. 2012
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Boy she is hot...

Boy she is hot...

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Primitivo Chapa

Penny's shirt is see through her nipples are not


'It was at least 5 mississipies', everything is always shorter for them women :P

brooks hill

She never had a last name , before marriage.


I'm used to seeing the series in the French version, Leonard's voice in the original version is funnier, his voice is a bit noisy while the French voice is flat.

tony pina

What's his deal?... Guys

Publius Velocitor

"He throws the book-shaped present into the bin." Wait, is somebody narrating this, or is that a voice in my head?


Weird, I couldn't see through her nipples.

Brian Wieden

I beg to differ, wine, late night television & a credit card are a great combination, although ebay & a paypal account are quicker, & you actually get things in the mail you have no idea what they are & opening them is a pleasant surprise, eg, night vision goggles & a tactical sling shot to deter graffiti artists & hoons at 3am.


Fantastic girl especially with long hair. Not so hot with short hair anyone else agree?

UncausedGrunt 1235

Damnit! Why did I click on this

Lord Faladar

Nice . she got her Moneys Worth that's for sure.

sudszy jag

Penny is so hot, she will arouse a corpse.

Your treeesh Kid


Gordon Lutz


Hason Morris

Penny is so dam fine

William Phillips

Sorry, I'm no Doctor Phil, but it dosen't take a Psychology major to detect that this actress has some depression issues.

My Opinion

Grow the fuck up you fuckin perverts

Marcodisius m

I don't know about you guys, but I was paying attention to her shirts hahahaha mmmmm

Larry Lang

see through nipples? I've sure missed out in my life, never have i seen a nipple i could see through.

Vido Shaweddy

1:54 gigidy

Janos Istvan52

They are all wonderful ... The actors the writers, etc. I'd put it up there with the caliber of MASH. Seinfeld etc... I even watch re-runs...

the goblin

Too bad we never got to see Bernadette's I bet they were the size of teacups .?

Garrett Mitchell

You pervert

Teodors M&M

It’s On E4

Kim Milliner

I always like bbt, we are friends. Ooh dear god.

Tim Mitzlaff

What a surprise she believes in all that Hollywood nonsense. Oh, I just watch this show to look at her.


It must have been freezing in that studio.

yellowdeer 7


rob russell

This is so demeaning...awful.... Shhpuld not be online.... Even after i watched it 4 times it was rude.... Hahhaaa

Spectacular Spider-man


Colin Fidler


carlsagan lives

No bra,yes. See through nipples? Not so much.

Arav Gunness

Shit i wasnt ready for that computerized voice


Well, it seems white is the hot garment for Penny when the only one...


Oh Voodoo is real. You don't wanna mess with voodoo, lmao

Ford Prefect

Her bum and hips are in the wrong place


The One Thing They didn't show... Her Ass ! The Lady has the Finest Ass in Hollywood ! ! ! and they kept it out-of-sight :( and I Preferred her Tits Before she had them Enlarged ! ! !

kevin stonerock

While I know I’m on a cell phone I didn’t see anything. I think you’re allowing wishful thinking to light up your brain. Take off the funny glasses so you can see what the rest of us see.


Padded bra

Alan Dunstan

No visible nipples and even if there were I don't believe anyone (with the exception of Superman) would be able to see through them.
Not 1 but 2 thumbs down!!

Frank Garcia

Why was this recommended to me

Lynne Moritz Napier

It is my first time leaving a message like this n could think of no place better. What a fantastic show. Everyone works so well together. The show has only gotten better. I also hate it's no longer running, but I still cant get enough. My favorite episode is when Sheldon n Amy lost their virginity. I mean her hair so just great. Again great casting. I hope all of u n ur love ones ssmtay happy, healthy n safe. Have a blessed day,week, month, year n life

Jade Dorsey

ෆර්ගස් ඇයව නැවත ඇද ගත්තේය මම අද රෑ ඔයාව ගෙදර ගෙනියන්නම්

Timothy Haskell

Not Jennifer Aniston, but will do in a pinch.

Tim Morris

That's why she got the Big $Bucks!!! Same with the girls on Charmed, in fact one of them admitted to using stinging nettle jelly on her nipples to make them Rock Hard. That's how you keep a guy's attention!

Luis Masci

Why does the tittle speak about Penny's nipples? Se ve menos que cuando voy a una playa

John Wood

Wow, you guys are hard up !!!!

Susan Johnston

I miss Big Bang- they need to do a sequel! Everyone would watch it!

arthur herrera

damn shes cute I woulda just settled for a ride to the bus stop.

Bob Goodman

I've heard of see-thru shirts but never see-thru nipples. That would be amazing!

Alex B71

This is a disgusting objectification... and I willingly watched it.

The Bear in Exile

Eh ... she's OK.

Speed Razer

How many people want to see
“Big Bang Theory” The Movie.

John Rogan

Howard makes the most convincing nerd!

Aaron Christian

360p? That's all you got?

Joseph Deprimo


Marketing Guy 1

Most consistent pokies since Rachel Green!

joking Joker joking about jokey jokes

3:55 in the german television he says "seconds" instead of "mississippis"

Craig Stewart

She is the sexiest woman walking the face of the earth and she plays this sexy girl next door without effort ??

Frankenviews *

It's an old tv trick to add sex in a network show, made popular by the old "Charlie's Angels" show in the 80s. Jennifer Anniston did the same during her time in FRIENDS.

liz marquez



broda... take your beer. great recopilation


not much of a see through but sure a nice girl to rest your eyes on.

Mike cool

Penny is not hot. Bernadette is better

Photo Trekr

Kaley Cuoco was the only reason I watched that show.

Glenn Lewis

Love the pokies ?(o)(o).

Anne Nielsen

It's just nipples, and boobs are nothing more than fat and milk producing glands...

sherm dog

I see why there needed to be nipples.

aryan rajshekar



Fun Fact most girls don't go to sleep wearing a bra in fact not girls if it's there own apartment or house will sleep with nothing on at all. Maybe wear a wife beater and panties, I know I know crazy concept.

Robert Dambeck

Not enough nipple

Rob Adams

What was that narration at around 2:50?

Shot in the Heart

I love her voice

Brian Hillebert

I love The Big Bang Theory so much, that I went out, and bought all twelve seasons!!!!!


She is Beautiful

Not so Anonymous

I mean, Rachel and Monica also had see through nipples throughout the seasons of Friends, so.. I think it's a Warner Bros thing?

Giorgio Cristini


Jed Rusk

She's a babe

Jim O

That white crop top is the star of the show!


Not good at all. Jennifer Aniston has way more and better nipple shots and that was a decades ago.

khandwa style

Well the terrible jokes killed my boner

Neal Sandoval

ive seen all the episodes and never noticed that, im straight and i would f** Kayley all day long, but im not that perv i guess

Wayne Worley

What I wouldn't give to have her sing me to sleep with soft kitty!?

Rudolph Dean Jr

One of my favorite shows


Winter Buttons for the win!!


She is a keeper.

Jim D

she is such a piece of ass

Josh Taylor

Them there are fake "pokies".
"Friends" did it all the time.

Rob Adams

Sheldon actually did split in two, remember?


If only every boy could have a Penny to fondle!

Gerrit Fridericksohn

She has had breast augmentation. I wonder if she had things injection into lips, cheeks, or.. She is not a natural blond.

Teodors M&M

I Watch The Big Bang Theory On E4

Primitivo Chapa

See through nipples.. I couldn't see through them...



sahid sk

Here we are man of culture


Fake boobs

Macken Apigo

Can anyone explain why she don't wear it because for creating the illusion that she's just in her apartment with friends she trusts ?


odd that in all the years of watching the show I never noticed that.

Gabriel Diaz

isn't that what makes sitcoms good? remember rachel? XD


I'm a big fan of the tank top she's wearing at 1:16!!

Anne Hathaway Poses Topless, Talks “Pointy Nipples” And Haters In Harper’s Bazaar

Anne Hathaway Poses Topless, Talks “Pointy Nipples” And Haters In Harper’s Bazaar9 Oct. 2014
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Anne Hathaway is baring a

Anne Hathaway is baring a lot in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar. Aside from posing topless for the publication's November issue, the Interstellar actress opened up about being under public scrutiny, recalling the hate she received when promoting Les Miserables and how her ill-fitted 2013 Oscar gown made things even worse.

Knowing she would be scrutinized by every move she made during the 2013 Academy Awards, Hathaway says she made the last-minute decision to wear her infamous pale pink Prada gown instead of her first choice gown, which she says looked to be a "lilac version" of the dress co-star Amanda Seyfried wore to the ceremony.

Comments (31)
michael driscoll

what a stupid reporter

Lee Connelly

ANNE rocks and cant look bad..whatever shes in is perfect..or hopefully..NOT in! Yummy!

Shiny side down

See the real breasts in "Broke Back Mountain"

Harold Stafford

much ado about nothing-what an immature society we live in !

Menlo Menlo

Totally not worth it.

Robert Johnson

That was useless


lay miser rob lay??? where is that guy from???

jim evans

The commentator needs to learn how to correctly pronounce Les Miserables. I'm assuming he's an American who has no knowledge of other languages. My American I mean he's from the United States.

Doug Knoke

To me that girls Ware a bra is a waste of money why ware one:?

Fiona Baker

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Prayda? ?

John Rogers

This is Hollywood crap.... No one here cares.... "<Delete>... movies."

jim wilcox

This is B. S.
You don’t need to go any farther,

What Fred Said

What a waste of my time!

Michael Rauch

She's gorgeous and the commentator should be tried for mass murdering so many words in his commentary



Ooygin Yardel

Do I care?

Harvey Wallbanger

Can’t get past the nose.

Mark Kelley

She always did look beautiful

Jay Mitchem

Go get em Anne !

dennis curling


Melissa Morris

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Frederick Wan

She is a man. Look at the square jaw and he straight hips. Good Lord they are everywhere!

Wilbo 98

U look good


Relax people. Girlfriend just likes to show her bosoms. What's to complain about.

Dan Van Hoose


William Black

I like anne Hathaway she is great actress and she is very pretty




oh no

yes please

Noah Ah-Nee

There no hater over here for you.

Mike Woodson


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