How do you make friends as an adult

How To Make Friends As An Adult (10 Tips That Work)

How To Make Friends As An Adult (10 Tips That Work)23 Nov. 2020

How To Make Friends As An

How To Make Friends As An Adult/ Do you want to know how to make friends when you are older?

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In this video, social skills coach Myke Macapinlac talks about how to make friends after college and how to make friends after moving. If you're wondering how to make friends after 30, how to make friends after university, and how to make friends when you have none, make sure you watch the whole thing. By the end of this video, you'll discover how to make new friends, where to meet people, how to make friends after college in a new city.

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Comments (100)

I really like tip #5 open receive help and I was struggle that in beginning.

iam dgulley

This video is awesome. I learned some valuable information.

Shishir Khadka

Great video, Myke. I am thinking about hosting dinners for interesting people to bring them together, of course, only once we get over the social distancing norms!!

Justin Stenstrom

These videos are very helpful and informative.

Muriel Touati

Great tips to make new friends as an adult.

Social Confidence Mastery

Thanks for watching the video! Comment below and let me know how you're going to implement these tips!


These tips are so good and can help a lot of people out there :) awesome job :) Binge watching your other videos

Maria Neizvestnaya

I like how you describe building and social skills as a new habit, similar to exercise routine. It makes this easier to approach this important area of life?.

Olga Pogozheva

Great tips, as always, Myke! I never had problems with making friends, but as I grew older? I started to avoid people myself (even shifted to a remote job and then started a remote software agency). So maybe I need to socialize more now, and your tips come in handy!


I was wondering if this is one of your goals or dreams, missions, all of the advice and stuff you give to your coaching clients, drills, exercises, to make sure it is taught in schools all across the world.

That's what one social skills coach told me, I hope you share the same mindset.

Phoenix Rising Collective

Same! I've made heaps of friends online too!! ?

Dr. Naza Nalani

Great video!

Pilates with Kristia

Since the lockdown, I've been leveraging the internet to connect with more people. I love meeting new people on FB groups. Great tips!

Kristina Kushner

that is a great topic! it is always challenging for adults to make new friends, especially when it comes to common interests. thank you for sharing great tips!

The Carlos Method Fitness TV

Great video post, Myke. These are really good life skills to learn. It is important to be able to make new friends as an adult. Carlos & Bex x

Oriana Capaldi Ciudad

Being a productive person and be curious about everything and anything definitely helps being more interesting and so have more conversation :)

Authentic World Inc

As always, your advice is really thoughtful! Getting clear on what kinds of friends you want is a great idea. Thank you for the video!

Tiidii Living with Sabrina

You make a good point, I never thought about what kind of friends I wanted to have in my life. I just tend to be friendly with everyone and then contacting the ones I like most when I feel like it. But I want to be more intentional about it now. PS: You're videos are awesome!

Blaze Bell

I really dig this. It has felt tricky to make friends as an adult. (Especially this year!) Thank you!

Meghan O'Brien

Persistence is so key, a great reminder! Thanks for the share. :)

Crystal's Copia

Great info thanks for sharing!!

Live Without Limits Official

Yaaasssss, another great vid! MAking friends as an adult can be scary. But I like to think I havent met some of the best people in my life yet.

Alyssa Cotten

Making friends as an adult is so challenging especially during a lock down. great tips

Dr. Jon Tam - Career Clarity Coach

Great tips on making friends as an adult!

Rachel Smets

Online or offline, it's all possible!

Sandra Di

Great tips as always Myke! Making friends as an adult is definitely a big struggle that many people have. Well done! :)

A Lively Perspective

"You don't know what you don't know" - why I absolutely love books, podcasts, and videos like yours. Making socializing a habit is a brilliant idea. Thanks for the tips.

Ugo Arinzeh

Great tips. Especially during these tough times.

Xane Daniel

This is super helpful!

Six Figure Business Coaching

Could be quite challenging because of our pride as adults, but these advice are good!

TS Hall — the Stoic Medium

Well said. Self and environmental awareness are essential life skills for staying connected - thanks for the tips and pointers that help us avoid isolation and loneliness.

Elizabeth Dowell

Thanks for this great video

Epic Real Estate Investing

Great video as always! As adults, we really often overlook the need to make new friends, which is quite sad. Thanks for your tips!


The struggle is real! Especially since I am planning to move to a whole new city in a few months, this is just what I needed ?

Elizabeth Sampson

This is such great advice! I love the tips!

Evolving Belief

Another great tips!

WholeWorker - Paul Peixoto

Great job, Myke! Many forget that making friends is a lifelong pursuit.

Seah Altura

Making friends sometimes a bit challenging for me. I hope these tips work for me. Thanks for sharing!

Katie Volant

I really agree, we need great social connections! That's what makes life amazing!


I will show this for my husband. Tanks for the good tips!

Dr Sno

Thanks for this, Myke!

Professor Tanya Speaks

Great tips. Leveraging the internet actually works. We just need to see its other functions. Thanks for sharing.

Trish French, MSW, CAP, LCSW

Very insightful and will be sharing with my clients:)

Johanny Mota

These are great tips!

CodaQueen Astrology

Social skills don’t come natural to everyone. Thanks for making this video!

Tribal Trade Co

This is awesome! Making friends as an adult can really be challenging. Thanks for sharing!

Tania Martinez

Yes! Why do people expect us to just know how to socialize?! We do need to invest time to learn how to socialize better!

Fulfilled and Fabulous After 50

Another great video! Such great tips for making friends as an adult.

Erin Kurt

This was such a great video- clear actions to take - I will share this with my 13 year old son who struggles with social confidence

Tara Klippert - Foods and Feels Wellness

great tips!!

Eden Gold

Social confidence is huge - and it comes from how you truly feel about yourself. Insecure people I find tend to think that eyeballs are on them in social settings, causing them to act differently and not be their true selves. When we are confident in ourselves, we project that into any friendships we wish to create <3

Ani Wey

Great tips! I always believe making friends can come naturally when you are doing something you love like a hobby

Anna Svedberg

Love your videos and your work Myke!! I think being curious is such an important one :)

Michelle Roots Fitness & Nutrition Coach

These are such great tips! it's truly hard to make friends as an adult - great video!

Miss Devvbee

Moving to a new city after college, this was such a struggle for me! Really appreciate this video and your tips!


Your channel has grown so much!!!

Amanda Pelletier

Tottally agree that persistence is key to making new friends!

Arturo Johnson

Great tips! Like what you say about Leverage the internet. Thanks for sharing!

Yanisha’s 3 Cents

I moved to a new state after college and have just been sitting in the house tbh. I haven't tried to make friends in the area! This video motivated me just to get started and be intentional!

Justin Stenstrom

Keep up the great work Myke

Train With Zein Faith Fitness & Fun

You bring up some really great points! I do find it harder and harder as I age to make genuine friendships.

Kathryn Robinson

Thanks for the video. I really enjoyed it. ?

Yulia Tarbath

Those tips are amazing, it is so hard to make friends after becoming an adult.

Wine and Wisdom

Making friends is truly difficult going places you actually like once you figure out who you are will definitely put you around like minded ppl

Carina Belmonte

Great insights, I love making new friends but when I was younger it didn't take so much effort. Great content! Keep creating

Goodmorning Mathy

Saying yes to the unknown is a great way to make friends. It reminds me of the movie "Yes man". It's scary specially when you're moving countries but it works. ?

Basia Richard

The money means nothing if you have no one to share it with. So true. Great video Myke!

Monique Bushee

love these tips! you always have the best advice for my introvert self haha

David Mitchell Jr

Love this. I feel it’s much more difficult to make friends as an adult. I will defiantly have to implement these.

Tiffany Thomas, Your Wealth Mentor

Educating yourself is so important!! Thanks!

Briana Borten

This is so helpful now more than ever. Thanks for sharing!

David Neill

This video is quality ?❤️

Antonia Agbonkpolor

These are brilliant ideas. Thanks

Trent Kennelly

Definitely can be tough when you’re an adult. This really helps!

The Fantastic Tripletts

Great tips. We can't make friends acting like a kid.

Green Mable

Great tips Myke! Yes making friends online is not so scary anymore, friendliness goes a long way virtually!

Brandee Blocker

Thank you for the tips!

Annie Mulkins

Thanks for the tips. Much needed because one of my struggles is socializing..

Expat Essentials For Italy

These are all good tips. It's sometimes worth thinking back to when you first went to school, and how you made friends all those years ago. Kids are fearless when they first me other kids, and it's often the case adults have to overcome those initial fears to becoming sociable again.

Black America's Health

Really great tips! Social interaction is so important for health and wellness, but many adults pretend they don't need it. Thanks for sharing this content.

Jessie Frahm

Love the idea of taking initiative of for instance making an event. I could certainly get better at that.

Rachel Smets

I love how you use the gym in your videos too, I do it too, I guess because we relate so much to actually going to the gym.
YOu have to go back regularly and You will get more muscles and fit, and it wont happen if you go just once!

Matt Wong

Important skills to share, nice job!

Jane Stoller

Making friends as an adult can be challenging. Love your content!

Oswald Digestive Clinic

Nice video Myke and great topic!

Kahila Hedayatzadeh

I appreciate your comment about being intentional when you are socializing and inviting people to be part of your life. It's so important. Thank you for sharing.

Chessa Kali

Great tips!! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing. I love learning new things & skills & definitely gives you more topics to talk about & connect with more people ??

Justin Stenstrom

I deff took a few good tips out of this one myself!

Ali Nowak

Very good ideas. Being open and getting out helps.

The Big Booty Boss Academy

Keep it up man ? this is amazing

Ev l Storytelling Coach

Yup - as an introvert, I definitely reserve my energy for people who I actually choose to have as my friends vs just making friends with anyone.

Sunny Kind Journey

Really great tips. Thanks! ?

Smart Money - Personal Finance

Awesome content!

Think Your Health

Thanks for these tips. Tip number 2 resonates with me, being more intentional in where you “ hang out”.

Jaime Tan - Enlightened Spoon

Love this! Totally agree that it makes sense to make friends with people with similar interests. Met so many cool people through yoga, pilates and gym classes! definitely gets harder the older one gets... especially when people have young kids. It takes more of an effort to stay in touch with friends then.

Jonathan LaBianca

These are great tips man

Lisa J Wood

I had to push myself out many times and it was so worth it. I've made some great friends and incredible opportunities have come my way because of it. I was painfully shy as a child. I'm so glad I've "come out" and love doing more interesting things. I need to get my niece to watch your videos...she's 16 but suffers from insecurities.

Becca Wood

Great words of wisdom Myke. Being intentional in choosing our friends is so key to determining what type of social life we have. I've found that where ever I live, getting involved in community events is a great way to meet and make new friends.

Drost Video

Good topic.....Great tip to be intentional to connect with the right people...I love biking trails so beginning to invite friends to join me

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Black Kittens

You're make up is super gorgeous !!

K8 Evans

haven't watched more than the first 30 seconds but needed to say HAIR, having the darker and slightly warmer tone makes your skin GLOW bitch!!!

Yesenia Hernandez

Omg ilysm

Crimson Loftwing

I just love your personality! You seem like someone I’d be friends with irl. Thanks for the videos!

Kyrah Chislon

I needed this. I just moved in my own apartment by myself and I'm lonely asf ?

Samantha Pool

This is super helpful! I didn’t really have friends in highschool so now that I’m a fresh 18 year old who is super antisocial because I’m weird, this was very helpful

Mollys page

This just came on after I watched an apartment video lol but now I wanna be yo friend lol ?

Sofia Emerick

About the problem where people are worried they did something weird, whenever I do something awkward, I just call myself out on it. I will laugh and say, "I can't believe I just did that!" Usually the other person will laugh with me and tell me its no problem, and then we move on with our lives. Maybe other people might find that weird, but it always makes me feel better, so I don't care! :)

PS you also seem like the most fun friend someone could have.


Uuuuuuuuuuu l love your hair ?


P. S. Yes, obviously, I watched the all your videos ever and follow your life closely * creepy grin* :D



i dont know my name

i am genuinely considering moving to oregon in order to befriend you. i don't even live on the same continent as you. but i am genuinely considering.
you are an amazing person and you always manage to put a smile on my face somehow. whether it is a tutorial or an instagram post or life advice my day tends to get better thanks to you. thank you <3



Away with winds

Lauren, will you do video about your hair? You know people are obsessed and thirsty

Celeste Geary

Your fiddle leaf fig is so beautiful and mine just keeps dying!! I've moved it all around my apartment to no avail :(

Anja Books

Literally thought you’d say cafe and you said panera? I shouldn’t have laughed so hard but I work at Panera so I thought it was so funny


Thanks Lauren this made my day. I recently got out of a 5 year relationship and found that I don’t know how to relate to people and make friends anymore. It’s been a really lonely few months. I was starting to feel like giving up and just hanging with my dog forever but this is giving me hope.

Mikel Angelo

Michigander, Represent. #GoBlue

Katie Kilgore

Talking at my quiet coworker and after almost 6 months she finally talks back lol

Deanna J

high key need that recording of your voice saying "Nobody is thinking about you!!"

Nicki Purnell

Lauren if you messaged me on Insta asking me to hang out I would 10 thousand percent accept. <3 :D


Ugh, I don’t live in a huge city and I tried Bumble BFF and it was exactly what I dreaded and why I can’t make friends here, they are all outdoorsy drinkers, which isn’t a problem in general, but I know these types of people already, I wanted to find a non-drinking (truly no judgement, but EVERYONE I know drinks and I don’t) indoorsy friend and I put in my bio what I was looking for, lol I didn’t say non-drinkers in my bio, I just looked for bios that didn’t mention drinking (every single one did), but deleted it before anyone even had the chance to message me because I swiped through every option, which wasn’t many.?


Thank you for this ?

Christine Wikerøy

"Lauren, your local psychopath coming soon to a town near you!" Think about that commercial rolling over your TV. ? I can't stop laughing! You can come here any day? I love this video! I didnt think it would be this hard to make friends as an adult, but I really is!

Tatiana Moniz

Thank you so much for answering my awkward question! ♥️♥️♥️ Also gurl your hair looks incredible in this video, peek messy bun realness


Love this video. I have a tip for anyone who suffers with mental illnesses, try meeting people at a support group. I battle with depression and I went to a depression support group and met my best friend there. We instantly clicked because we both knew what each other was going through and listened to each others story. We were able to talk about our depression and not have to worry about being judged. We made plans to meet at a coffee shop after group and we have been best friends ever since :).

Away with winds

I have like only 4 real life friends, in 3 different cities but man, they are gold. Remember, your friendship probably will last more than any of your relationships.

M Kulla

Wow, this came at a very fortuitous time in my life. I just moved across the world from the US to Australia and I know NOBODY here. My fiancé has his friends from school who live here, and they're all amazing and wonderful and I love them dearly, but it would be nice to have some friends that I have made on my own as well. But I'm introverted and shy as all heck so

How to make friends as an adult

How to make friends as an adult22 Oct. 2014
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Making friends gets harder

Making friends gets harder as we age! Dr. Karyn Gordon discusses why this is, and shares tips for making new connections in our adult lives.

Comments (9)
Anu Anoop

I don't have any friends....

Jamie P

Do you like dinosaurs I like dinosaurs what's your favorite dinosaur me to you want to be friends...all done....

Giusie Cugno

They say where to make friends but they don’t tell you how

Mathew Lee

What is the name of the host?

Person Incognito

I like how the Dr. said she had friends in their 20's and 60's. i've always kept this philosophy.

Cherise R.

What the heck is she sayin at 5:40 ? Lol ? tongue twister

Deanna Mcmillan



The 2 friends look alike!! Like sisters.

Lola Kathol

I though I had a friend a year ago. Every time I would invite her to go out to lunch or coffee , she would cancel on me.