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What makes a poem … a poem? - Melissa Kovacs

What makes a poem … a poem? - Melissa Kovacs20 Mar. 2017
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What exactly makes a poem … a poem? Poets themselves have struggled with this question, often using metaphors to approximate a definition. Is a poem a little machine? A firework? An echo? A dream? Melissa Kovacs shares three recognizable characteristics of most poetry.

Lesson by Melissa Kovacs, animation by Ace & Son Moving Picture Co., LLC.


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no needed school boring

Libby Tatum


Rose B


Mister Monday

Am I a robot?!

Silk Studios Rowl4nd99

The temple were thou heart strains...
The wisdom and freedom to refrain..
The bliss i need to fill thy void....
The tears i hold to destroy...
The pain we feel ebb and grow...
So throw these seeds...our heartfelt feel pain thats follows thee and freedom to fly were there is no wants or need..... written by Rowl4nd99 on Instagram

T-Cave Playz

I made the worlds shortest poem lmao




"Prose poem" is an oxymoron.


Well, the natural step after that experiment is to feed the robots the poems the real people wrote and test them again and again everytime with new material for the AIs. Right?

Shekib ebadi شکیب عبادی

Sir i need more information about Shakespeare how can u help me?

Deyontae Patterson

i absolutely love the use of colour in this video

Silk Studios Rowl4nd99

Tis thy flame....fear and reign...
Saddest essence in thy end i tame...
Sacred cove thy heart refrain....
Thy battled few and fewer named...
Solemn oath I will maintain...
Wisdom is thy winners fame...
and fewer know that knowledge tames...
Into the flames few men will reign....
Tis thy day the battle drains...
Essence stays for men who acclaim...
Thy simple pleasure and hearts swallow pride and live each day as only good men see.....a Rowl4nd99 poEm...


Here's an update... They now know how to write poetry.

Knut Knutsen

Poetry has many faces.
Every one unique.

check out my poetry blog:)

Soul on Fire

A captivated mind can either grow or commit it's own misery...

Green Heaven

First attempt by AI [robot*soon] Google AI - write your free poem !

Anahi Delfín

Alguien más viene a tarea ? Jajaja

Abbiegale Maes-Archuleta - NGM Student

roses are red
violets are blue
is mayonnaise an instrument?


As of 2020, Artificial Intelligence have improved and poetry written by machines is now indistinguishable from poems written by humans.

Andrea Rauda

not my teacher making us watch this


Rhymes of Science...
A poetry collection

Daetwyler Bertram

wow nice job

#1_Gloabl Poetry

Anyone reading my comment, I wish you a blessing life ahead !!!
plzzzzzzzzzzzz help me to reach 1K,

Soul on Fire

In a world where separation is the law and where Love is freedom, but a dream, and hope...
Well, hope is the rope that holds onto the Dream. I have experienced the Greatest... In a place where lives are forgotten and light is seldom seen.

I have experienced Love in it's rarest and rawest form and nourished it.... Watched it grow and blossom while in a pit of darkness....


I yawned too many times throughout this video? I gotta write out everything in this vid for school?

Robin Kerkhof

"Me we" might be the shortest poem in the English language, but the shortest world wide is probably this one from the 17th century Dutch poet Joost van den Vondel: U, nu.


POV: your teacher posted this video that is part of an assignment

Ember Hydra

1 - 0 to the humans


Woo! Them robot rhymes are hot ?

This is ZAI

Check my latest poem about getting away from toxic relationship here is the link on my youtube channel, critiques accepted it will help me grow

Roasting Nerd

A poem is dance of words
With each stanza waltzing with words
A poem is art without the lines and shapes
But with its canvas filled with words
A poem is a song and an instrument
But with no notes changed just your burdened voice crackling along the waves

Most of all poem is art,
It is alive and manual
Poetry is a world filled with people different from all with rhyme or not,
It is a poem nevertheless.

Agustina Miranda



here from english class lol

Love of Lyricism

It would mean so much to me if you guys checked out my poetry channel

Osckaar Goldfinch



oh dont you guys hate it when you create something that exists already or when someone else stoles it.

Kynan Holmes

Hippity Hoppity
Your Land
Is My Property


the smile on my
face doesn't mean my life is perfect.
it means i appreciate what i have
and what god
has blessed me with


Did you guys know Holy Quran is actually Arabic poetry.


roses are red
thats my bike,

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Jon Neiss

Online Poetry Resources - All Free, 7 Links....


Dodge Poetry Festival - You Tube Channel

(many live readings from the largest poetry festival in North America - Has included Poet Laureates, Beat Poets, Coleman Barks,


Poetry International - large website, tons of contemporary poetry,obviously a lot of international poetry - in original langauge and with translations, videos of readings...


Poems of Rumi


Poems of Hafiz


Classic Japanese Haiku - good translation

from Peter Pauper Press book...


Website of Spiritual Poetry


Monjika Dutta

A poem is a poem when the words roll out of your tongue like melted butter.
if you read something smooth or pleasing or beautiful to your mouth, it's a definately a poem
Just a theory I made❤️

Will Beyer

Hi Mr.Moon

Inky Is A Weeb

This dude’s name is Melissa?

Dank Daddy

Hello Phoenix. Doing English assignment I see.

Shruti Gupta

Why am I so satisfied with the inability of robots to write poetry?


so buring but nice

Silk Studios Rowl4nd99

Thy test of thine
Whence thy soul is thy mortals grow
Freedom Flys and bliss that thrives
A sacred cove and a love fortold...
A beauty of whims thats is known
Lonesome tones and rivers sown
Thy fathomed few.....and twilight ebb and tone and lonesome stone........thy heart is what thy hath grown...... written by Rolly Michael Diakiw Rowl4nd99 Instagram


Look at the World Like
its your First Time
Here, and Also Like its
your Last Time Here.
–Shenzai (me)

Zhylphya Ayler poemaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



Haylee byrd

Anyone got the English paper answers

Evangelical Poet

Did you know Africa got POETS?
Click the link to watch but a few...


“Limits have been placed on your potential from young so greater heights seem oblivious,
Many go through decades rediscovering their original sauce which is what makes it so ridiculous,
You believe you’re living life in a perpetual realm of satisfaction when it’s really just a prison,
So affected mentally you’re unable to see a way out because everywhere around you is blurred vision,
Settling for good doesn’t feel right when you’re destined for better,
A top prospect boxer spending his entire career mediocre is meaningless when his arms like a weak plant were prone to wither..”

Temmy Wemmy

I was forced to watched this

Walter Giardi

This is so boring

Edwin Hurdle

Hello everyone
This is my first ever poetry book.I am proud to become a self published author.Come inside The Write House because the doors are open for poetry.Order the book on Amazon.Here is the link

Stranger Danger

Shivering violently, onto my blanket I hold.
Turn up the heat motherfuckers
This room is too cold!

Martin Tobias Lithner

The year is coming to an end, the goal for my YouTube channel is in sight but still not reached. Help me out friends!

#poetry #author #Lithner


yo u guys watching ?

River R

sustenance of conformity
kills individuality
Take the manufactured medicine
Pills of shallow reality

maybe a poet, maybe a fiend
Does the writeR plunge into nightmare soUp
In pursuiT of the dream?

knife deku

I'm sorry but I am against following the rules, I want to break free and create my own style and work writing. Let me create without the laws imposed by those before me, they know not my creative way.. only inspire.


Roses are red
My boots are muddy
My girlfriend turned into the moon
That's rough buddy

English Literature & Critical Theory

A very important text for Feminism and Canadian English Literature

Le Nguyen

i like how it keeps shaking


bagami as trb sa ma uit

Adam Bright

Why should I be happy to know that we haven't yet created something that can surpass our creative and artistic limitations? That's like being happy that we've never invented something that can transport us faster and farther than we can run.

Silk Studios Rowl4nd99

A prisms he adores...twilight fights at heavens rights....tis it is in God's wisdom whims, thy crimson cross and sons of God , give their love as its sown.. wept and weep sow thy seed and forgiveness is thy sacred deed...ohhhh towards heaven we bend thy knee.. oh I LOVE YOU GOD AND JESUS CHRIST AND THE REAL SONS OF GOD.

Mal Playz

Respect to Muhammad ali

The Intrepid Poet

Love Will Always Win In The End

Jon Neiss

Online Poetry Resources - All Free, 8 Links....

Dodge Poetry Festival

(largest poetry festival in North America. Once every two years. Has included Poet Laureates, Beat Poets, Coleman Barks,


Dodge Poetry Festival - You Tube Channel

(many live readings from the largest poetry festival in North America - Has included Poet Laureates, Beat Poets, Coleman Barks,


Poetry International - large website, tons of contemporary poetry,obviously a lot of international poetry - in original langauge and with translations, videos of readings...


Poems of Rumi


Poems of Hafiz


Classic Japanese Haiku - good translation

from Peter Pauper Press book...


Website of Spiritual Poetry


Nancy Merius

i love this guy

Bimp si Bimp

Roses are red paper gets shred come in my van and I’ll give you head

Jaxzen Strohl

why school

Haru Toshiyama

shout out to all my fellow schoolmates watching this rightnow, you in mr dunns class haha

kareem alfred

Titled: Destiny

Destiny can be male or female!
She can oval your productivity
Or he can spawn your misery,
She can birth your poverty
Or he can inseminate your dreams,
She can develop your fascinations
Or he can dismantle your creeds,
She can direct your future
Or he can bind your knees,

By: Kareem Andrew Alfred


ok i guess


Those who want to publish their poem in book can let me know...... A shining opportunity for you all

Sumaya Da'Ar

ugh i have this for hwwww

Liandre Marco Ricafort

I instantly clicked when I saw biggy


Recent discovery (my YT icon is a mathematical proof; click to view on Instagram):
The guitar may be an instrument created for the dyslexic ~ the guitar's "B" string inherently has 5#s/bs, and naturally its relative major is at the "D" string, with 2#s/bs. The napkin shows in writing that all "written" music can thus (theoretically) be transcribed and transposed into a single picture/pattern super imposed on the guitar's fretboard ~ thx

Jude Wells

I am being forced to watch this and I hate it I know what a poem is

Akun Gratis1

a good poem, by Robert Frost entitled 'The Road Not Taken', click this

Gregg Studios

All Hail Ali, 2Pac, and Notorious B.I.G.!

Daniel M

Haiku means haiku,
Haiku refers to haiku,
Haiku means haiku.

The Intrepid Poet

You Decide

Jacob Rowe

Roses are red pumkins are orange so its trumps spray on tan.



People Always Say. Bad Endings are "Bad. When Actually Endings are Just a New Begginings. —Shenzai


awesome for two reasons: useful content n straight talk. thank you!

Story World

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm bad at poems
So dont tell me how to

I tried....

Winwin Ryan


Ruhi Yadwad

Poetry is Art. Simple

Randolph M

Opened my eyes
Now I've awakened
Am I done sleeping
Or do I smell bacon

Atif Creates

Okay but we can figure whats NOT poetry, I guess everything else can form a meaning for itself. like its the same question with art, when you think about it, everything is art. so why is one thing accepted as art, other is not? because its not about the art, its hidden in the craft of it. me sharing my pain (okay check my channel pls thanks) could be a rant. but if I add the specific elements into it like Meter, Rythm, rhyme scheme. then its poetry. if I play instruments, get flows. then its thing we can consider is the fact that the Craft evolves with time. Rumi's time did not have the technology we do, so him talking about a message pigeon is normal. but for us if we talk about a phone or texting in poetry, its often considered lame but is norm of our time, so this should be the part of the craft too.


when haces tus momos en comentarios
el futuro es hoy oiste viejo
but te terminan baneando
o mi lente de contacto


That Tupac drawing was awful

Patty R

this was great, although maybe too hard intense for my students

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Dana Ross

Fantastic learning videos!!

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By: Ami Chand Bhardwaj


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