Girls like assholes

3 Reasons Why Women Love Jerks @LayanBubbly

3 Reasons Why Women Love Jerks @LayanBubbly13 Mar. 2015
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Will N Josh

It's all about being a man. Not this wimpy,emotional and needy man that movies have made us think women want. That's the opposite of what they want. And feminism has made us think that's what they want. Women want a man that can take control and has the confidence in himself and does not worry if someone thinks he's an asshole. Because he got the woman you wanted and you did not have to kiss her ass to get her. Yeah it seems unfair but that's nature. The baddest lion gets his pick of the females. So man up and stop listening to what romantic movies tell you what type of men women want.

Seth Adame

Hahahahaha! Foolish bitch.

I. Ron Nick

All of this is bullshit. I'm gonna explain to you guys this way: Back in the stone age before humans introduced any concept of civilization and social structure, the attraction was different. Earth was a dangerous place, and your weak, timid man wouldn't be able to survive that. Women would rather be with a guy who pillages around than the guy who cares for people. There are stories of serial killers being flooded with love letters when they were in prison. In my high school was tall lanky shy introverted and always got shitted and humiliated for approaching them. Being cocky would help you a good deal and I'm not even joking right now. Don't go by my troll profile picture. All that I said is real. I'm 20 years old now and didn't get laid until a few months ago.

Theo Muhammad

you are sexy, are you single? I'm not even listening to the video I'm just watching

tex mex

Women want the guy their mother warned them about because they are self destructive. They purposely screw their lives up so they have something to bitch about and blame it on everyone else but themselves!

No Name

It is sad, but what she said is true. Because the cave women's brain has not evolved that much during these million years of evolution. Only a few smart apples are able to turn off their cave biological brain. Women like Bill Gate's wife and Michelle Obama are among the women who's brains have evolved. So fellas, if you want a happy and meaningful life stay away from the cave biological brains and save all of your energy to impress those few smart apples. Women who spend most of their time fixing bad men are the insecure, extremely needy, and clingy type of women, because the only relationship skill they were born with and have is controlling, manipulating, and steering their men into doing the things they want. Basically these cave biological brains are just looking for an obedient dog and man slave. When women are independent, secured, and spent most of their time to pursue their dreams like a career as a medical doctor, she does not need to be fixing and controlling men to make her feel happy. If you are with that type of women, you will be happier, have less headaches, and has a lot more motivation to give and take care of her. Also, do not fear that independent and successful women will emasculate you, because both smart and stupid woman can have bad personality. So look for both intelligence and good personality.

Love Us

Ciao... I feel what you're saying. I live in Italy now and I have been attracted to prostitutes. Before you judge, know that these prostitutes are some of the most beautiful women here, and the most vulnerable to really wanting a man that understands them. In my quartiere, there are maybe 100 prostitutes. I went around smacking them on the butt and walking off as smooth as I came. I feel that the more emotional a woman is, the more she'll think about me, and eventually I can turn that into love. Some love it, and others get mad. But I like when they get mad, because that's when I know they are feeling emotions. Anyways, I said this because you said not to be disrespectful, but I guess I have crossed that line, and its the only way that they will approach a man anyway, because they think they are the prize no matter how attractive the man is. Also, because they are so programmed to men approaching them, they don't know how to approach a man. I am not telling anyone else to do this, but I have found that since I am looking at a long term seduction, it has been the easiest way to keep them thinking about me, talking about me. Also, they will eventually see some of my better qualities and be attracted. I don't chase, and they must chase me for the relationship to go right. What do I look like going to a prostitute and saying things like Hi, whats your name, and trying to be a gentleman first. I am a gentleman, but women take the gentleman for granted at first sight, and try to disrespect him. So, I start off with an action that repels them, makes them angry, and stirs emotion, then they begin to realize this man isn't just a jerk, but has depth. Love grows out of pain baby, not Happy feelings. Sour before the sweet. Love has to be earned. I just want her to think about me all the time. Whether, good, bad, vicious. Whatever. Why do so many couples have some of the greatest sex after a huge fight? Appreciate you Bubbly....

Sincerely, Don Torrey


Women want assholes

Ed Ford

Women have a cardbord cut out of what a man should be ni there heads. Troble is no real man fits in that cutout.

steven rose

Well i understand what you are saying bout the whole confidence argument however, what about the women who dates loser men with no jobs and criminal record mile high? I dont believe that winner to me in my eyes.

Super Predator

#2 is funny. Assume the woman manage to do the impossible and changed a man, does she dump him right then and seek another broken man to "fix"?

Dr. Harv

Thank You Layan. Knowing is understanding. since I found you, and started being more direct and upfront with women they are sticking around longer and showing interest. it was tricky at first, but I'm learning how to be assertive with out being an ads hole

DAM Master

The first thing they like jerks is because of one thing: Stupidness

Ricky 464

I dont agree with you in one point there are 3 type of men Alpha, jerk/bad boy and nice guy, the problem is that there aint many Alpha out there free, so women have no choice than to go for the jerk/bad boy, just treat women normally and be a little jerk in the process it shows her that her beauty doesnt affect you, your happier if you get her and your happier if you dont. I bust women balls all the time, it makes her feel comfortable around you, she doesnt need to have her guard up which makes the chance of having sex with her huge. ;)

Solomon King

Do not follow this GIRL if you are a guy.  You cannot learn game from a woman.  Check out "RSD"

DJ Marian

Stupid Bitch


Don't try dating until you are comfortable with yourself.

Jo Go

Woman loove it when they come in some ones life and the litterly change the bad boy into the good man and get .... rid of them ...

anthony siders

A lot of you should be ashamed of yourself all she's saying is become more confident and follow your desires in life you can get a woman. btw you guys want the same from a woman and don't freaken lie


She's says it's so rare for a nice guy to be confident. Really? I'm confident that my taxes shouldn't have to pay for the health care (STDs, abortions) and family courts that are filled with women who have wrecked their lives by choosing the "do not care" jerks. BTW she's lying about how women love to fix broken men. If that were true, homeless men would get more women than rock stars. Her logic is painfully ignorant.

alden coley

So, might I ask: Why do good girls love bad guys? I’ve had this question for a mighty long time...

Ny Chan

Don't let a woman change you mate . I have lost mates because there woman change them . Very sad . Love and respect them never hit them but pull them up when they try there crap .plse don't get walked over


I am that nice guy you haven't seen.

the LOGICian - theBeofox

Sge said there is something a man has that says no woman can put her down, she doesn't know what it is, but you NEED TO HAVE IT. My friends, that is the greatest secret ever given. It's called POWER. Never give your power to women. Never be controlled by women. A woman is self destructive, well most, don't give them your power, they will use it to destroy you.


Your full of shit...

Buddy Dyer

Be your own man. Real men don't have time for these games.

Dr Johnson Hungwell

Ironically women turn good men into bad men , I used to be one of those good men .

Michelle Carr

i have a problem with the guy that i like. i told him all of my past. he used that against me. he also said that i lost him 4 ever. help me!

Dr Johnson Hungwell

Most jerks were once nice guys , I used to be now I give zero fucks about them or being " nice" to them they'll only treat you like dirt in return

Jason Songwriter

This is good information. Thanks for posting

Jonny B

shit!! i am a jerk



Common Kai

I don't know... I can scientifically disprove you, there are different reasons why the female gender is attracted to the "bad boy". but good video regardless.


Layan Bubbly Your One Pretty Lady!

Charles Victoria

It’s because women don’t want a man who depends on them, they want someone who’s dedicated to their highest purpose in life.
Dependence = attachment = repulsion.

obsolete professor

17 yo daughter of friend went to Barcelona and came back with herpes. When I discussed it with her she said he probably didn't know he had it. I pointed out to her that she certainly found out quick that she was infected and I asked her why she was apologizing for a one night stand guy she will never meet again.

Nihilistic pancakeface

*Woman rejects nice guy
*Woman accepts jerk
*Woman has sex with jerk
*Woman has child with jerk
*Jerk acts like jerk to woman
*Woman says there are no nice guys

Bowman Thomas

I'm sorry but this doesn't make any sense and makes women look bad. Many men are dogs and cheat but no good man I know or heard of has rejected or cheated on a woman for being nice. Also there's no such thing as too nice that's bullshit. Being nice and low self-esteem are two different things. I have had women in the padt tell me that they are rejecting me or other guys because they are too nice. It's not something that guys imagine. If it's lack of confidence then that's what they should say. One of the reasons I am single is because I absolutely hate being mean to women. If I settle down with a life partner I want one that brings out the best in me not worse.

Richard P vancouver

layan like your videos.the plural of woman is pronounced "whim" en.

Theo Gregoire

Münchausen syndrome by proxy masquerading as good relationship advice.

The more deluded the Male is (egotistical jerk), the more attractive he becomes to a broken female, because he is less likely to utilise his internal quality control mechanism is determine the worthiness of the female he is attracted to.

We have many of these enlightened women who are only attracted to broken males they can fix. They’re called single parent families. And the more broken she is, the more likely she is to have multiple children from different men she’s ultimately been unable to fix.

sergio sanchez

women want the 50 shades of grey life.....fantasy........she has most of this vlog backward

steve Kos

the idea of a woman actually trying to encourage a guy to be a jerk just for her to accept him, is pretty fucking stupid and sick, and that woman would deserve whatever mistreatment she would get from him if she encourages him to be such a horrible person and he agrees to it. if you want someone who is a horrible person who treats others horribly and want them to remain that way even if you were to have a relationship with them, then be prepared for them to be that way towards you as well since they would be that way towards you as well sooner or later. if you play in the mud, you're going to get dirty. when women get sexual with each other, they don't need the women that they get sexual with, to be jerks, just for them to be sexually good enough to them, so guys sure as fuck shouldn't need to be that way just to be sexually good enough to women, especially since women are supposed to prefer guys over each other since guys prefer women over each other. guys don't need women to be jerks for women to be sexually good enough to them, so vice versa shouldn't have to be the case either. if you insist that a guy be a jerk just for you to accept him, whether he was like that before you met him or where he wasn't like that at first but where he agreed to become like that after you met him, then when he would be a jerk to you sooner or later, you would deserve their abuse and mistreatment towards you, if you would be that stupid to ask for something so irrational.

Vivek Rajkhowa

Seems like a common theme here, be an arsehole, get laid, and get the girl. Be nice, get pushed over, and get left behind or cheated on. Remind me again, why do we need feminism?

Mike Benko

So be an strong man with everyone and all the time, but be nice and special to "the girl", and hide your vulnerabilities, until some arbitrary moment when she wants you to be vulnerable. 'Cuz she's a special snowflake. Ok. Gottcha.

Mark Eugene Lee

I'd place this baby in a couple of social situations n she wud crap her pants in like two seconds,,,,,,she knows shit about confidence,,

Mia Andersen

okay to all you who thinks that girls like that is stupid, then fine, you can think about woman what you want, i am in love with a so called "jerk" but i did not chose that, and sometimes i hate it, but he is a good man if you get to know him, and i know that it is risky, but i am in love with him and have been for a long time now and i can not love anyone else so dont be
jealous just becouse the girl you wanted maby wanted someone else, becouse maby she did not chose who she was in love with, and i am not good at english so if you want to comment on this i would be happy if you did not make fun of that

Bobby jo Williams

I always go for what I want but women never give me a chance


What a jerk!

anthony siders

I have standards must love animals, none smoker, loves God, works and doesn't drink, I never throw myself at just anyone I actually don't think a lot of women are worth my time in today's society

mem T

People are physically attracted to each other for various reasons (often times, it's because they remind us of someone else). Once in the relationship, that's when things can get ugly or good. Seeing the red flags and gaining control of your life is the personal challenge and where personal growth develops.


I would like to know why women are @ssholes rather than why they like @ssholes

Dr Johnson Hungwell

Good to know I hope they meet the scumbags of their dreams .

Sunny Kori

I wasted my 8:30 mins just to see this Red chick ! ??


you speak some hard truths


Well, that was a waste of  8 and a half minutes.


Bruv this BS is only in America. Our women want a nice hardworking gentleman to be a good lover and a good father in Middle East! Since our women are being submissive to us, does it mean we’re all Alphas? Damnn!!

Tim Stricklin

The jerk doesnt care about what people think . The jerk brings challenge . Their not easily controlled. . May there be light and love in all.

Phantom Pain

This is the tough love I needed - signed “nice guy”

Oran Riojas

What crock full of shit!!!!


Women are Very Insecure too


It is rare when a nice guy can take charge of the court and I do have strong confident personality... I am 50 and don't see myself be calm during the storm ! Masculinity is all elements of man and a softy .

Codemaster Jamal

I learned a lesson from this, treat all women like whores


To be Openly Honest women only want "Nice Guys" when they have a kid or two and expect the Nice Guy to clean up the mess Bad-Ass made...In reality Shes only using "nice guy" as free childcare and a walking ATM Machine while Bad-Ass is AWOL or in Jail. If shes childless "Nice Guy" is considered pathetic, predicable and a waste of her time so thats why the lady goes after the men that will treat her like crap. Many women dont learn from this and go from one bad-ass to another even if they have turned them into an empty shell. And No decent man wants a damaged woman.

Árpád Szilveszter Varga

This bitch makes me feel special haha although don't know if everything she's saying is true

Bruce Lee


Tremblay Jacob

#1 reason(drums) they like the challange of fixing a self-centered man.

Jonathan Gadzini

Girls are bullshit, this one with the bubbles too. No one part of this made sense.

James Carney

Thanks for the great advice.

Josh Mckee

Have a bubbly what.... that’s not her thing is it?

Tmpqtyu Tmpqty

it's not "so called" it's real jerks, you women understand that you are married to them only after about 5 years

Miss D

It must be a combination of the key they playing in. That and the distortion through these honey I shrunk the campbells cans treehouse teles. iPhone 7 had loads of support going on about iPhone 8 and X release dates stole the stage away from 7. I’m seeing more and more issues with mine everyday and only got this 4 months ago. 7 can get tossed in the made on s Wednesday pile. I’m going for the 8 tonight.

Mitch King

If you subscribe to this, male or female, you're a POS.

Riggamortis _

You have a big chin lol

Yeeer Boy Greg

That fucking laugh though XD

Idekel Castillo

You are Interesting & Fascinating



Indigo Dragon71

Its a father figure mental trick a lot of guys use upon women to control and manipulate women to get what they want out of the women they are seducing and working them for all they can get out of them women they are playing like a harp. Women do the same thing with men who have a strong mother son connection. A very nasty emotional game that is very draining and causes early aging for both men and women. The bad thing is when someone meets someone who treats them differently from how they have been treated in the past and it scares them. OMG they really care about me "panic" all those brain synapse's firing differently from how they have been trained by past relationships will really freak people out! ? ???????????? A real emotional roller coaster ride for sure!

ryan roddy

Isn't human psychology just fascinating!

Bruce Courtney

Maybe you just got a broken face lol. You can't fix ugly...

robert Frate

Hi lanyan,
I like your video, it's sold information, been there done that! Most woman like me better when I act like that! Yet, if I became somewhat nice in any way, they walk all over me! If your a jerk, stay this way!! Woman I've dated, try to change me, not happening! I am who I am! Regards, Bob frate

Being a youtuber is controversial

It's ok to love jerks, but don't expect them to be loyal.


what if you are fat? what will you do to get there attention

steven rose

And also you can defend the badboy all you want but you know those men never last longer than 3 months just ask all these other women

Byleth Eisner

That's the stupidest thing i ever heard
laugh track plays in the background

Alex Haleniuk

She looks Middle Eastern Christian. Syrian? Lebanese?

Ujagar singh

Ever wonder why domestic violence percentage is so high

Ernesto Amigacho

wow, indeed this lady makes perfectly sense . I have been nice all the time with women cause I have never accomplished anything in my fucking life , and at least , thinking to be nice , it would get me close to them , but then I ended up alone as I was before because I have not done anything to gain their attention and respect .

BossHoggJDK K

this is a fucked thing I didn't this intentionally for a whole summer about 7 years was a jerk pretty much more of an asshole than a jerk and straight up got way more chicks and numbers I've always have had this pride thing so I said fuck that I anit pretending to be something im not because most chicks are lame,but I did get more pussy.

David Abiodun

Shut the fuck up lady!! Personally, girls don't mean a things to me. I'm making my bank account full. I fuck the girls and give them money and send them away to go protect themselves. I only protect my money. I don't protect girls. The only girl I protect is my mother and woman lucky enough to my wife. Don't have no love for any for any girl!!!

John Lopez

3 ways for good guys to get girl

1. Develop a little bit of attitude show a little confidence just don't over do the attitude
2. Be the hero go get the girl and show her respect talk to her before that jerk shows up to claim her
3. Be more talkative and vocal in your approach be respectful and honest
This is advice to help good guys get The girl layan this is The 2019 way , 2019 the confident good guy makes his return my friend

joseph Howell

Never take dating advice from a woman

Robert Daseler

So many girls prefer to date assholes over nice guys...and then they wonder why they cheat on them

30 Seconds Out

I would do terribly nice things to you Bubbly. ?

Frederick Kasanda

So there men out there who need help to men. They should be ashamed and switch gender.

Domino Kareem



The real issue is that the government and the media and our own families constantly lie about what women like, not the fact that women like douchebags and jerks. The entire social order is built upon favorable lies about women, and negative lies about men, women are the real underhanded, callous assholes. The problem is that the force of the state is behind this lie, guys are told that they will be accosted by the state and thrown on some government watch list if they don't believe this lie, then they're rejected by women for not doing what they just said you'll be thrown in jail for doing. Every message from the government and the media is that these poor women are just dutiful virtuous victims who want nothing to do with sex, and that men's sexuality, attention or desire is the biggest menacing threat to women which must be crushed at all costs. This is all because women can run to the government and claim to be victimized if a guy who isn't hot enough comes on to her or says something sexual to her. Stop that shit to eliminate this problem with "nice guys".

lort retsam

So women want a bad boy that they can fix to be a nice guy and then cry that they have a boring boyfriend and leave. Makes sense. For they men out there who still dont know how to get a woman. Stop chasing women for a while. Fix yourself first. This means, dress well, smell decent, work out a little bit but the most important thing is have your own life. If you have your own life, women will see that and will be interested. The women who are not interested are not the one you want in your life becaue sooner or later the relationship will fail because you didnt have anything in common to begin with and it will not change during the relationship. Stop watching those dating gurus who say you have to approach her from this angle and say this and that, its bullshit. If you see an intresting woman go up to her and so hi, nice to meet you my name is ... and start chatting. You sooner or later find out if SHE is interesting enough to date and not the other way around.

David Thomspson

Because they never have to worry about losing him to anyone else,nobody in their right mind would want him.?

A. M.

I was wondering how so many jerks are roaming around...fucking evolution!!

Ed Ford

The single mom eperdemic is proof of this.

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Comments (38)

"oh that guy's acting really mean or THAT GIRL is acting really mean" they aren't just talking about men omfg

Russell Johnson

I think girls like jerks.

epic gamer

Some of the blame go on the women though.

Andrew M.

Ryan Gosling is a great counterexample and he is sexy as they come. Quit listening to this BS.

Bappo Entertainmento

You know for a fact that the audience here is guys lmfao

Ujagar singh

So that domestic violence percentage does not goes down !!!


I dated a Narcissist she is gonna die miserable thank the lord I didn’t get her pregnant

John Lopez

Part of the blame should go on women too

Ryan vtec

they love jerks because they are masculin not needy feminine men. Only problem sometimes jerks are jerks and woman wonder why they get heart broken lol. (you get what you deserve)
I come off as the nice guy initally which interns doesnt get me laid lol. There is a strong side of me i rarely show people and it takes time for me to bring him out. Basically im doing everything in reverse with woman ahah. Life!


Its because the most important thing to women are looks

nope nope

That's definitely not a word. 3:04

clorox bleach

a channel of good contents with less subscribers

Im A Monster

It's just never a woman's fault is it?


Because you are shallow and like bad boy jerks.

Olivia Swann

yeah that rings true....I've always been very sensitive and I got hugely messed around by two narcissists in a row

king George

Men usually love sweethearts . And women usually love assholes.. what's that tell u about women's souls n men's

maricela day haysus

I dont drive and i cant apoligize its awkaward

Sir Azazel of Lowkey

I have a better theory, but I need to ask a question first...did these supposed narcisists have what you would describe as a 'attractive appearance'? If the answer is yes, you don't need any complex psychology lessons, you were just thinking with your genitals. It's ok, guys get it on with horrible girls all the time or chase them and do things for them, ignoringbthe fact they are total jerks, just because they are hot. It's called thinking with your genitals. Women are no diffrent there.

Devesh Bhatt

Live and learn. Stop justifying stuff you jerk.

Anticapitalist X

There is no such thing as positive narcissism. It is an oxymoron. The opposite of love and goodness narcissism. Narcissism can never be positive; it is always negative and destructive.

B Dom

What does she means at the end with huge

David Cleland

being so nice and only talking is so boring tho

Andrew M.

Sometimes there is no “why.” It just is.

Ricky 464

Jerks donf let no one step on them and they dont take women serious something that nice guys do and they know how to create emotions on women.


Are they just talking about men because...I’ve dated women just like this

maricela day haysus

Im broke

Myla J

We hate jerks because they are jerks

Abdul Reflectt

I don't think having good relationships with family & friends is always applicable for someone who is not a narcissist because often people can be socially isolated due their having been emotionally abused (often by narcissists) and are recovering via slowly developing new and healthy relationships.

Welcome to ClownWorld

Hypergamy, There's your answer.



Every guy here is salty as fuck

joseph jones

The reason is because you are only attracted to what you can see with your two eyes. Your shallow. No emotional depth. People like this care more about the look and feel rather than the substance and emotion. Pathetic.


This is beyond moronic. I see dude that are never nice to anyone attracting women. They knew right away he was a piece of shit. They consciously made the choice to think they could change them. There is no waiting period.


Cousin of crimson chin


These dumb bitches really need a Psychologist to tell them how to spot bad people ??


Why are you dating a jerk

Because the good guys get snatched up and they’re girls don’t let them go
Leaving jerks that is why it is easier to find jerks

That is why dating up especially is very dangerous

Chaka Azam

proud to be an asshole

Abran Hezan

Is there point where someone is both nice and narcissist.
I feel like one

John Lopez

Girls love jerk's because they themselves like dignity and self respect and seeing self worth , they seek validation from the wrong men


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