How to edge male

MALE EDGE PRO how to use

MALE EDGE PRO how to use18 Oct. 2015
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how to use the male edge

how to use the male edge pro

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Male Edge Review and My Results - My Experience with the Male Edge Extender

Male Edge Review and My Results - My Experience with the Male Edge Extender12 Sep. 2014
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My #1 Extender Choice

My #1 Extender Choice -

I’m making this review video to talk about the Male edge, my results, and how it works. The device I’m holding now is a SizeGenetics Extender, but if you look into each product you will see that they are the exact same design, the only difference between the two is the colour.

I actually recommend the SizeGenetics as my number one penis extender, it has the longest track record and the best money back guarantee if it doesn’t work, not to mention the awesome results I’ve seen with it.

It was founded in 1995 by a group of researchers in Northern Europe and has actually been clinically proven and tested that you can actually gain size and stamina with the device.

The Male edge is the original penis enlarger that has been on the market for more than 17 years. It's the product of continuous research and development and constant improvement - all with the help of medical professionals.

I was actually happy to learn this, very few products in the Male enlargement or enhancement industry are clinically tested and proven to work.

As a result of the tests, the male edge is actually prescribed to patients, especially in europe.

This particular model is the SizeGenetics, the official one. It is very similar to the male edge.

This is a fantastic product, and it is proven to work. I’ve used the SizeGenetics extender in the past, but you will see the exact same gains with this product.

You can see the device itself has a number of different components, your elongation bars here,there's different sized bars, so essentially they come off so you can put on other bars since everyone a different size.

Right here is the base ring, which of course the the penis goes through here, the head of the penis will just go through here, which is called the front head piece. And you can tighten then head of your penis in with this strap.

Now the male edge is awesome, its very comfortable and can be worn in a bunch of different ways for maximum comfort, but you can only access these comfort options if you get the deluxe package. This is definitely a big part of why I recommend the sizegenetics, which I have in my hands here over many other extenders on the market. If you're going to be wearing this a couple hours a day for the next few months you want it to be comfortable.

You're supposed to wear this 4 - 8 hours per day, it really depends on the individual, how much you want to gain and how fast.

So you'd put the device on and it would create traction here. You'd put it on and it will force the head of the penis away, so essentially it stretches it and over time creates new cells making the penis longer.

Most people look at this and presume it's uncomfortable, but you'd actually be surprised. They've put allot of thought into the design of this extender and have done a few revisions of it in the past couple years. Keep in mind this is a device you have to wear for a decent amount of time to see any significant improvement, at least a month, but usually 2-3 months for any larger gains.

This product is pretty much the same as the SizeGenetics, just marketed differently, and I’ve worn the male edge for a few weeks to compare it to the sizegenetics and its very comfortable, and would definitely recommend that you try it out, but I would still go with the SizeGenetics overall. As with the SG I could definitely see wearing it 5 days per week and between 4 to 5 hours a day. It's a commitment but the results are worth it. This is one of the best products I've found so far for any person serious about length gains.

So you can check out the Male edge website, but I would recommend that you go for the SizeGenetics, which is a certified medical device backed by doctors and a little cheaper. I will put links to both products below the video so you can compare and make a decision for yourself.You can check out the link below to see what each different package comes with.

One of the best things I like about the male edge is that you can buy customizable kits as you need them, which is pretty cool, and what I like about the SizeGenetics is the 16 way comfort system and the proven medically backed track record that comes with the device.. So make sure to check out the link below to take a look at the both options, but I lean towards the Sizegenetics extender - it is an awesome penis extender and definitely guaranteed to help you see massive gains.

So that's it, if you have any questions, comments, or products you'd like us to review, leave us a comment on the video below, or visit our website and shoot us an email.

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Male Edge vs Classic Extenders. My Personal Review [Pros/Cons]

Male Edge vs Classic Extenders. My Personal Review [Pros/Cons]24 Oct. 2019
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I have tested the Male

I have tested the Male Edge device to cure penis curvature and improve penis size/erection. I'm really amazed. It's easy to use and comfortable because of its technology and design. You can order the Male Edge device officially(3 packages are available for purchase) here

BASIC PACK - $149.99

EXTRA PACK - $174.99 (additional protection cap + 2 rubber straps)

PRO PACK - $199.99 (5 rubber straps, 2 protection caps and 1 cohesive gauze) - recommended

So why should you buy a Male Edge penis extender? TOP-7 reasons:

1. It's so easy to extend (no rods)

2. It's easy to apply

3. It's lightweight

4. It's easy to change the pressure

5. Works perfectly to fix penis curvature(Peyronie's Disease) and improve penis size

6. Free worldwide shipping

7. Use code MALE10 to save $10 on your order

Click here to order now -

I tried 10 different penis extenders so far and Male Edge looks totally different and what's important - it's safe to use, comfortable to wear and it provides significant results fast.

Penis traction is a perfect way to straighten a penis and improve its size and erection. But most of the penis stretchers use the same old technology, which can cause discomfort.

Male Edge is totally different, you can use it at home and outside without any discomfort and side-effects. Try this device for a fair price. Visit the official site

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Here is the link to the official Male Edge website, where you can choose one of the available packages:
Male Edge Basic(Blue) - EUR 129
Male Edge Extra(Green) - EUR 149
Male Edge Pro(Red) - EUR169 [Recommended]

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