Girl having their period

Types of Girls on Their Period!

Types of Girls on Their Period!14 Nov. 2017
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Marissa RachelSubscribe 438 721

Types of girls on their

Types of girls on their period! Watch Mar's Video: ♥ Subscribe to Mariale: ♥ PLEASE HELP ME GET TO 1.6 MILLION SUBS: (Turn on Notifications to join the fam!) ♥ Comment which type of girl you relate to the most down below! I hope you guys liked watching this Types of girls on their period vid! Also check out my Types of girls at pool parties vid! Comment if you like videos like period life hacks, period hacks, awkward moments that happen around boys, awkward moments that happen at pool parties, types of people at the pool, types of people at the beach, the best thing things about a pool party, the worst things about a pool party, etc. Comment which of my awkward moments videos are your fave too like 17 awkward moments that happen around boys, awkward moments that happen at school, awkward moments that happen on your period, struggles on girls understand, first day of school vs. last day of school 2017, last day of school expectations vs. reality, and more! Tell me if you like Types of girls vids and what's another one you wanna see like types of girls at school, types of girls in middle school, types of girls on their period, types of girls in high school, types of girls on tinder, types of girls on snapchat, types of girls at coachella, types of girls in relationships, & types of girls at the gym! If any of these sound funny to you then comment which one! Make sure to check out all of my other awesome period videos like how to make a diy emergency pad, period life hacks, period hacks for school, how to tell your mom you started your period, how to tell your period is coming, how to put in a tampon, getting your period at school, starting your period, 5 ways to make your period come faster, Swimming on your period hacks, awkward moments that happen on your period, and MORE! Also watch my Period Morning Routine! Hacks all girls need to know! Everything you need to know! Let me know your first time period stories down below. You can check out the playlist here --- Period Playlist:

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Let me know down below who are some different types of people at pool parties that you notice!Let me know if you want any more Getting your period at school videos on this channel! Getting your period for the first time can be really scary but hopefully my period playlist is helping you guys out! Be sure and tell me any comments or concerns you have like getting your period in public, getting your period at camp, signs you're getting your period, getting your first period, and how to tell your mom you started your period. Getting your feedback is super important because that way I know what kinds of videos to make! Comment any other period vids you wanna see like Period life hacks for school, Period hacks for swimming, Period hacks for summer, period hacks for cramps, period tips & tricks, & buzzfeed inspired period life hacks. Check out my Period playlist for more videos like period life hacks every girl should know, period life hacks for girls, period life hacks for beginners, tips to make your period easier, my period routine, period facts, tampon hacks, pad hacks, and more!

Comments (100)
The Randomer

I’m a guy so I’m no type

vaishali Patil

I'm a chocilic

Tessi gaella

i hate periods

Michelle Antonio

The lucky girl

Lucy Pack

I’m the tampons girl lol

Maggie Edwards

im all of these girls

Anime Avocadoツ

me minding my buzz


Me: walks away...

The next day
tampon girl gets tss

i dont know if i should laugh of cry.....

Abi Jackson


Tala Zaitoun

I’m the one who gets really angry

Smol water drop

Im the cramps girl and pad

Crystal Beast

Im in team pads girls! Always! :)

-kuku sis-

i am the girl who has cramps, i am the girl who has cravings, the moody type, i am emotional and i am the pad girl

Reba Thompson

I am team tampon



Dinaja Gray

I'm the one that does not feel a thing

Hanna Banana

I'm the angry one lol

H Malik

Im the girl who gets cramps and the emotional girl lol...

Officially Layan

I hate when i get cramps

AriiXOreos Kids Channel

Im the lucky girl,??

save_the_ chickens

Im the lucky girl and the chocolate girl

Pink grenades Xx

Embarrassing TMI gurl

Harley Youth

I'm the prepared girl. My bathroom is filled with products and I carry a tote bag full everywhere.

Abby's World

I’m the lucky one on my period and I only wear pads

Ghost Tea



i’m “the lucky one” and “the girl who only wears tampons” lol

Gymnastics Channel

Thatasssss mee

la la la

I'm chocoholic every day ?

Daria Stoica

I’m the lucky one. Sorry guys ??‍♀️. And if someone has any tips of how I should tell my mither I started my period thank you so much. I hide my period for almost a year. And I was thinking about not wearing a tampon one day and then let the underwear on the laundry so she’ll see it. Wish me luck cause in 4 days l I’ll be on my period and I’ll let her find out somehow. This will be so Awkward but I can’t hide my whole life

Shawna Robbins

I’m the pad only girl, also I act normal ?

A. Landry

I hate pads but I love tampons


Sssniperwolf punching the air now

The Randomer

?? Brazil ????

Louisette Michel

I want a light easy period

Meme Qween

I haven't got my first one yet, but I'm doing research ?
Who's with me? ✋

Blake Billings


•Yoonie clouds•

im pad girl and im the lucky girl??lol

xoMiss Galaxyxo

Team tampon and pad girl ? ? ? ?

Hello Kitty Crafty Girl

I’m all of them except the only tampons cause I’m not allowed to wear tampons


I just eat lol

Evelynn Lignowski

I hate tampons because you can get toxic shock syndrome and pads don't do anything also little disc that slide on up there that's why I don't use tampons???

Meow Cat

am i the only one who looses their appetite when their on their period? because i feel like everyone talksabout craving stuff and i just loose my appetite

Takari Taylor

When my aunt is in her period she doesn't crave chocolate because she doesn't like it


Im the one that dont feel anything 0-0


im the lucky tmi girl lol

Adriana Cardoso

im the lucky girl

Angie Martin

I'm pad girl, angry girl, and girl who gets horrible cramps I HATE them

Jessica Elst

I'm angry......

gacha kailey

im all of them XD

Danielle Holder

Pads is the best ???

Erika Lobato

I love both of you

Tia frost princess

Oh my gosh u can’t wear a tampon to bed cause like u sleep more 8 hours I don’t even use tampons but I know that ur not suppost to wear them for more than 8hours oh my gosh. It’s scary

Shawn Bornman

I am lucky and the pad one

Nikita Gholkar

Crazy girl

Sky Maxwell

I'm the one who only wears pads xD

yeet forever

Team pads:like
Team tampons:comment
I am gonna like right know

Umer Waseem

I am the lucky girl ?

Nevaeh Mize

Um probably pads

Sophia Diaz

I’m the one who gets cramps how bad are you cramps 1-10 mine are like a 7.5

dzan tabakovic

Im the girl who gets cramps and the angry girl?

Sruthi Tanthullu

i'm the chocoholic, pads only girl, and the TMI girl. ( i only tell it to my BEST BEST friend tho )

Alissa Bauer

Mars friends with sssniperwolf

Mercedes Adams

im the cramp girl like me in class today heh-

Erika Lobato

Omg is mariale i love her amorcito de ??


Me: why am I eating so much today?
Next day: sees period
Me: oh

Cxlestiallights _

Is there one for all of them

Excellent Efimer

I want a period for some reason
I am suspecting February or March bc it is 6 months from when I started getting discharge and I took online quizzes that both said 2-5 months

Reply to this comment in 2 months and ask me if I got it and if I hate it

Morghan Karl

Well I just had my first period like a week ago and since then I’ve been very moody lately sitting on the couch eating Doritos

Petra Lynn

I’m the cramps girl, the chocolate girl, the tampon girl, the prepared girl, the emotional girl, and the angry girl

I got the short end of the stick ??

Stauroula Ts

I am the only uses pad person

Jenny Monahan

ima tampon girl most of the time

haven Bickers

Am I the only girl who hasn’t had there period yet lol

Carm S

I’m the chocoholic one ?

Merrill King

I am the one who wears only pads


i get cramps

Jasmine Hollins

I’m 100% the cramps girl the prepared girl and the angry person

Roise Donnelly

I'm actually scared

Miaco Sumi

I use pads. I don’t like to share my chocolate especially Nutella


I'm lil eating chocolate right now XD

Molly Carpenter

Luck and chocolate

Maria Livingston

I’m the chocoholic fo sure ?????

Kayla Flindell

I wonder how many guys have watched this ?‍♀️?

toufique khan

I don't have any cramps on my period

A1 stretch

I'm the emotional girl

Sidney Kremer

the hungry one that gets cramps


Pad knly girl and angry girl


I’m the

Never prepared girl
The lucky girl
The angry girl
The tmi girl
The emotional girl
The girl who only wears pads


I'm the tampon girl that cries over blues clues


Plz tell why my period is so little pls
Nowwwww love youuuuuu?????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤????

Star Horses

Pad girl mixed with emotional mixed with lucky ?


I’m a pad girl ??

Suzzy Princess

I have not gotten my periods yet Mom said I'll get it in two months some one Tell me how they are

Roberto Padilla

I thought that mar was sssniper bestfriend friend I never thought it was you???????

Alka Beldare

I am the pad girl

Saravan Rao Seemanchalam

can't you give me a pad

Tenaya Morton

Im the "emotional wreck" "the angry girl" the "chocoholic" Im all of the above

akeelah reid

I just started so wearing pad is not an optional

Abigail Elizabeth

These videos always come up on my recommended when I’m on my period and is it just me who gets a random bursts of energy when they are on their period? Like I do some crazy shit when I’m on my period ✨ t e h e ✨

Kristian L


Jasmine Hollins

Literally I can get angry sometimes on my period if my brother talked to me ?

Jasmine Naimool

Team pad

Problems Girls Have During Their Period | Nubbad TV | SGAG

Problems Girls Have During Their Period | Nubbad TV | SGAG6 May. 2018
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Nubbad TVSubscribe 438 721

Ladies, we're in this

Ladies, we're in this together! ? ?. Dear guys, try to be understanding ya?



Chiou Huey -

Djin -

Tiara -

Nadia -

Brightman -

Annette -

Xiao Ming -

Mark -

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Comments (59)
Makaylah Spencer

james your are so mean

Chloe Bun

Sya's sunglasses tho

Joy Aesther Chan

Can relate!!! Up till I tried wearing menstrual cups, so now I only experience cramps heh :)


1:31 I got it outta nowhere and it’s the hottest fucking day/week of the year ??

A random person

707th ;-;

Catherine Go


Hear Hear


Jocelyn Ong

So damn relatable

Nur Elyana Mazlin

Nellie "I Just change my bedsheets
Is like Bed Shit

Pebbie Pai

i just started hving menses too...feels like hell


Gg Charles

I LikeMilo


iffah batrisyia


SSyfrim The Recorder




Sunny Sunny

Disturbing in many ways ?


Prepare for the Buzzfeed invasion...


once in class, my blood went through my skirt and onto the floor. my uniform is fully white. and i’m from a mixed school.


This is the moment where girls have to be united haha

sungsfile !!

HAHA can I say so relatable ??

Ever Green

haha she shld have just used her bag to cover the stain

Ashswin Raj

Eh guys where are your working hazards?

Kancerous Dog

I thought nellie don have menses also like that

Tey Play

Awsome Video ?


Am i one of the rare breed of girls who dont call pads "bread"?

Jimmy Ng

I understand how u feel girls

xuan :D

335th viewer

min yoongi's gummy smile


Hannahisrllyweird Help-

61st comment

Yumisall Allisyum

1:28 pink bean

fluff in the dark

2:31 so relatable ?



Masha Plays

What is the song at 3:15 - 3:35? I really need the name of it ;-;

guava girl

Can someone help make my period heavier?


I hate being a women. Guys would never ever understand. Still vividly remembered when my mom had a bad cramp and my father could even say "got so pain meh".

It's AC


Midnight Turbo Foxy

thats totally not me when I'm on pms

Lidan Chen

relatable man ?


Got 面包 or not?

Joo Jin


evely Tiburcio

Omg i relate bc i just changed my bed sheets then i got my period ??

Yun Hui Tan

I think just saw suga and jungkook on sya's computer


Woi my one come during exam leh... And like its lit exam so I tenf to noy eben finish wirting with the given time
So I cnt go toilet ouy
Then aftwr exam over i stand up-- stain.

It's AC

All the likes are girls




how can no one talk about that tudung woman watching bts euphoria HEHHEHEHEHE

Res GT

Omg hahahaha this vid had me dying



Chong Gan Terry

Omg xiao ming is back!!!!


Wahhhh soo rich ah can afford ben and jerry ice cream....wait.. its empty.



YYN unicorn

I am the 5th comment yay

Edit: and 9th like

Vida Bakuniene


Regina Manressa

Relate af

Baiduri Sew

tbh nellie looks so much thinner now. before this she looks quite thicc but now ??? is she eating welllll????

ashley tan

did i just saw bts mv (jungkook 's song ) at timing 3.34?!?


HAHAHA literally my friends everytime they're on their periods

Fahri Ramadhan




day in the life of a girl on her period ft. QUEEN MARY

day in the life of a girl on her period ft. QUEEN MARY5 Sep. 2020
113 126
Daniella PerkinsSubscribe 438 721

period. .. PERIOD.

period. .. PERIOD.

Comments (100)
jayden lewis


nyasia williams

gained a new subscriber ❤️

Bella Ortega

i dont take pills when i’m on my period

Jacey Vansandt

Did u know after u have kids if you want kids then you can have surgery so you can get rid of it idk what it is called but yeah


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Miss Enza

I dont use pills ... im elite .. being elite focking hurts

Life with Mikinze

Wait am I the only one who is rewatching all the Nickelodeon shows she was on?

Anelia Heremans


Rachel hart

*watching while on my period

aesthetic lesa

Who s love her "biyyyyyy" and her videos ?!!

Kanyema Mbo

I love u dani

Gaming Academy

Dani "I just love my period I want to be on everyday!"

Me "Girl wat?"

Dani 2 seconds later " Wow I just hAtE iT"

Me "Same girl, same.........."

Amy Govere

Hey dani! R u still gonna do a part of changing my aesthetic?

Adeola Peter

I am sorry guys but I am out

Tirzar Alder

I was

Amarie Jayla


rita holdorff

i love how i knew you went to malibu yogurt just from the picture in the back hahhhahhhah i love that place!

Kenneth Jr

I'm literally not on my period cause I'm bored and if your reading this your bored too

Precious Adeleke

Who else's noticed dani hasn't posted a new video for this week

Nazario Formoso

Are you going to follow the series knight squad

Andrew Unsworth

How did she act in knight squad


I’m not on my period

dehydrated help O-O

all the boys be like:


only good thing abt periods is the excuses that you get

Miami AD

TMI = to much information period

Brenda Navarrete

This reminds me of Owens vlogs


Bro literally she's so hype, like when I'm on mine I go from the energizer bunny to a corpse faster than corona traveled through the US

aesthetic lesa

When she say she love be on her period i was like ????? omg seriously ? ???

eve owino

I love it when she says back and it sounds like its a slap

Sandie otha

I love your grandma

Abby _x

I’m on it too rn ?-

Noreen L Blanco

6:30 my mom would be shy to do that??

Regular Potato

Y'all should wear I pad to bed when you are pmsing and you know your period is due

Elise _Taylor

Cycle buddiesss??????

Taeler Brown

I get before cramps and afters cramps and today i woke up with cramps and its the worst feeling to me??

kiki tlo

Today is my last day I hope

Jasmine Duncan

I started a few days ago

Lord Michael


Laura Beatriz

Fala em português

holy child

10:00 liza dis you ?

Alex Lopez

were you in a nickelodeon show? If yes, which one?


Jesus Christ is coming back soon. He loves you dearly and calls for you to come back home to Him!
that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.
He calls for repentance and belief in the Gospel. It’s time to fully surrender to Christ. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Slimaz Coke

? I was like the first time in history I see a girl that love seeing period I hate mines

Asia Walker

Trust Jesus

Lebogang Makauza.

I loooveee youuu! ?❤

j a y

Sometimes on the first day of my period I just stay in bed all day because it's too painful to do anything.

Aubrey Lancaster

I really wanna count the number of times she says period in this video, but don't I have the patience!

Syd Scott


Alaina Smalling

That first min tho..??

Audrey Tiara

I never have cramps when I'm on my period

The.#1 T

Can you do one girls on their discharge? What even is it

Amarie Jayla

9:55 she pulled the Liza

Raco Moore

Aunt flow GANG UGHHHH??


me when i got my period for the first time:

Mariangel Molina

I'm on my period, and whenever I get back to this comment Imma remember this was the first period I used a menstrual cup. More specifically 21th of September 2020, the worst year


The amount of times she said period is just...

Claire Cius

POV: ur looking at the comments to see who commented PERIOD

Adrianna Harvey

I’m on my period

Ritika Jain Official


Jerry Barrett


Laijauna Marie


Tinaishe Chinwadzimba

Why.don' show

Makiyah wiggins

ik i'm late but the fact that i came on straight after i watched this video is kinda wild

keikei kei

I also had mine a week ago and I'm seeing this a week later lol

gg flowergirl

Cycle buddiesssssss

Tonycia •

Dani is too funny ?

j a y

The best thing is when it starts while you're on the toilet so it doesn't even have the chance to get on anything.

Kassi Adkins

2:58 Where was this when I was like 13 and asked my dad for help with the stains?

Amani Omar

her eyeliner is on cheCkkk

Kelly Linnert

Hi Daniella, this was bothering me but I wanted to ask u what was wrong with your teeth before you had an invisalign.

Cover Lovers

Who else hates when she says bye? That means the video is over!

reshok mateta

Love ur vibe ??

Annette Melchior

I love knight squad ♥️????

leticia lubrino

Dani are you still friends with Owen and jace

Jerry Barrett

Ur braging on un

Mayasha Silva De Silva

Where is the sweater from with ; Fuck

Elle Taylor

Why is your grandma 10x cooler than I am??????

Cupcakes Zp

She is so funny is she a comedian she should have her own talk show????


I love you ,you're so wonderful who else loves her

Jerry Barrett


Alishba Akhtar

I- ?
daniella's energy is unmatched
n how many times did she tell us she was on her period ???


Fun family you got there aka grandma ??❤

Girl help 444

Cycle sisters

nuggets pretzle

to all the guys watching this bc they ant to know what its like


I didn't even notice her sweater at the start lol...

Ashlynn Hennings

No one can stop Danie?

Baby Janessa

Me literally watching this on my period!?

Daniella Haddad

Hello my name is Daniella!

Vitor so capa

Oi sou Brasil

Red Spark Fly

I'm loving that green beach outfit for a period day!

Niza Mbao

Babe when are you coming back, I have missed yeah?!!!!!

Jayla Sphon

literally the funniest video ive ever watched.

Claire Kotarski

I just got off mine!!!

Alisha Katrina

Okay but why did I literally just stop my period in the middle of this video??? Did you just Bluetooth me?!

rhian kandil

boys won't understand

Its Chaycee


esther otuonye

I luv u Dani


Periods are the worst

j a y

Watching this on my period.