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3-year-old Rage is learning to speak using his PECS book

3-year-old Rage is learning to speak using his PECS book10 Jan. 2018
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Watch as speech therapist,

Watch as speech therapist, Brittany Fleming, and occupational therapist, Valerie Holiga encourage Rage to communicate using his Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).

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Grace Morris

This is so cute

Naadiya Nanthany Abdullah

Amazing..... Great job. So happy for him❤️


Thank you for sharing!

How to Communicate Using PECS | Getting Started With PECS Phase 1

How to Communicate Using PECS | Getting Started With PECS Phase 114 Sep. 2020
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Using Pecs to communicate

Using Pecs to communicate helps make life better for children with non verbal autism as well as for anyone struggling with communication difficulty. In this video I explain how to start using the picture exchange system to encourage communication and language building.

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lps productions


Claudia Ruiz

Very helpful ?


Thank you SO much! Just starting out with PECs ...and this video is very helpful. Looking forward to more!! ;)

Hermit TV Junkie

Thank you! My son's SLP made him a PEC board right before Covid but she didn't talk me through how to use it with him....and then she moved away. This helps a lot.

True North

Kudos for reaching out to others!!!

It is for sure a challenging journey to navigate and especially alone where services are not available. We used pecs for my 7 year old he was non verbal until 5 1/2. We used pecs for communication without agency support. With some research we learnt about the what’s and how to’s.

So it really is always great to listen to your insights and have the knowledge passed on to others. As parents knowledge is empowering to enable us to support our child and enrich their experiences of communication.

As my son become more verbal, he used the cards less, however for schedules and understanding the process of morning routine/night routine, toilet routine, bathroom routine, going out activities and dealing with emotions I feel/I want we still truly benefit from visuals. They bridge the gaps and absolutely form connections.

As for my son auditory processing is more complicated and dependent on not being distracted, not being tired and not being overly affected by sensory needs... such as stimming, seeking and avoiding sensory input in any given environment. For my son we do use language and the pictures to this day. They have and are always incredibly reinforcing his language and independence. Visuals encourage the desire and motivation to communicate through pecs, sign and verbal language. Often for my son even if something was missed, lost in translation and/or or forgotten in the auditory processing the words... the visuals encourage and reinforce understanding for everyone.

He is a very visual learner. With music however he is an audible learner. He loves movement... thus so all ways of learning for various specific skills are sometimes combined and utilised. We are still working through speech issues and processing individual thoughts... it can be a journey of looking forward and every now and then I look back and realise how extremely far we have come. With a lack of communication the meltdowns used to be far more intense and long.

Communication is absolutely supported through allowing freedom to access it, as uncomplicated as possible in an individual way that motivates and teaches a child their voice is important to us all.

Blessings and Thank you for the GREAT vlogs!?


I really want to start pecks with Emma bear
Thanks for this video I would love to start this soon

Just MayC

This was very helpful. My son is 8 on the spectrum so very good job on this video! I use an ipad ( lamp app) and looking into another way for him to communicate. Thank u!

Julie Wilbur

I work in ABA and this is great.

Geometric Headdress

Great video! My son was nonverbal and not interested in sign language whatsoever. PECS is awesome.

Shabbana Nazir

Good ❤?

Tyreese TJ REESE Joyner

Good video


It's so crazy how hard it is for our kids to learn how to speak. Mine was throwing himself on the floor when we would request from him to say juice or milk at 2 years old. Then at 3 he finally was able to say those words. Now at 5 he still mainly communicates with one or two word phrases independently. We totally said no to pecs because we wanted to encourage verbal communication. I think we got lucky that he is just at that borderline of sever autism where with significant prompting and daily reinforcements we were able to get his speech started. Even if we are still at a very basic level after working hard at it for 4 years. At the deep end of the spectrum, it is way hard to get our kids to progress.

Neurodiverse family adventures

I’m always greatful my son is verbal. When he was young his communication skills were very poor and transitioning was very difficult PECs really helped plan his days or when he became non verbal due to overload. He doesn’t need them anymore but still has moments of mutism when overwhelmed. There are so many free websites to get them too which is fantastic. Now the apps on the iPads are brilliant. Thanks for sharing

ate nanz vlog

Hello baby boy your ao pogi keep safe lagi


¡Tarde, pero seguro!??
Cómo siempre, un buen video ??


I found this video super helpful. I'm sure this will help new families learn pecs. Something I found helpful is using items that aren't easily accessible. My son looooves cars but he has a giant truck bin in his room so it's not something he would request. We keep kinetic sand on top of the fridge and so my son is a lot more likely to use his pecs for that.

elder bastard

I'm an autistic adult and im just about to start using pecs for the first time! I go nonverbal when I'm stressed or overwhelmed or just when there are people around I don't know. I think more people should consider it for their kids. sometimes it helps when you have the option to communicate without talking. it can even make verbal communication easier. I'm glad to start using it. I think I could have avoided a lot of meltdowns and frustration if I had a backup for communication.

Atkinson Atkinson

Thank you!! ?

Ana Ramirez

Hi, your video was very helpful but I have questions. Once they are used to using that image ,do you leave it on hand for them to use at anytime? and whenever they become familiar with using a couple of pictures ,what happens if you don't have the food or item they are requesting? Will that have a negative impact on them if they are not receiving what they requested? Thank you so much for your time on making these videos. Will definitely be subscribing!

An Introduction to PECS (Classic Video)

An Introduction to PECS (Classic Video)29 Oct. 2019
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Originally released in

Originally released in 1998, this CLASSIC video provides a brief overview of the potential benefits of the Picture Exchange Communication System® (PECS®) as well as the 6 phases of the protocol and features the developers of PECS, Andy Bondy, PhD, and Lori Frost, MS, CCC-SLP. Since the original release of this video, Pyramid as a group has trained more than 300,000 people in PECS in over 85 countries and grown to include office locations in 15 countries worldwide. The body of research supporting the effectiveness of PECS as an evidence-based practice is substantial and continues to expand, with more than 155 research articles all over the world.

For more information about Pyramid Educational Consultants, the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), or PECS Training go to or contact us at [email protected]

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cordelia ntsubi ramono

I would like to know if you do have an app for pecs?

Giovanna MASSA


Maura Irish

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vani latha

Very useful video

S Khan


Jamie Anderson

This is very helpful thank you so much

Tim Smith

Great video, thank you for posting.

Thalita Lorene Lima Ferreira

Muito obrigada por compartilhar.

Peace's piece

Very helpful video

Ventriloquist Katerina Sopidi

This is so inspirational and lovely to watch. Well done!

Amy Miller

This was great!