How to act at a strip club

stripper + customer ETIQUETTE *what NOT TO DO at a strip club || act up get snatched up :*

stripper + customer ETIQUETTE *what NOT TO DO at a strip club || act up get snatched up :*31 Mar. 2020
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okay so girls like to

okay so girls like to walk up on customers, and try to get in on bags that ARENT theirs. therefore here is what I feel customers and strippers shouldnt do in the club!

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tatiana jenkins

im in atl too and I wanna start stripping but I'm only 19 so not many clubs gone hire me, any club recommendations?

Millionair Trends

Damn love that laugh n she covered her mouth..


Hey Flex baby I'm stressed out here at home wanna dance for me

Jada Shields

Lol you high asl

Kamikaze Krunch

I go about twice a year. I make sure i have enough money per dancer. I usually bring a notebook and right their damce names down to keep track. I have always tipped $100 for stage and spread out $50 throughout my time up until each dancer gets $200. $200 may not seem like a lot but you have to figure that 8 dancers plus drinks, plus bartender tips, tipping the door and of course i tip the “security” but i sneak the tip to them.

I tell the dancers i am not into lap dances but i still give them money throughout my time there untill they hit the limit and i make sure the dancers are well aware at where i stop the tipping because i the to spread it out.

I never touch the women unless they grab my hand and put it on them, thats where my hand stay or if they want me to message their neck which i do in respect.

Christmas i give money and each one a small box of chocolates.

I wonder after doing this for some years where i fall under.?. Then again i see a lot of assholes and creeps. New dancers i may gove a little more to boost their spirits.


Yayyyyy ?? this is exactly how you do it lol. I've been waiting on just informational content on stripping cause sis is getting a bag this summer. Sis is me ??

Lola Bunny

Miss you talking to us and telling us story’s ?

Zevney Palmer

Bruhhh I hate when I walk up to a customer and he looks away like trying to ignore me and I’m just standing there like...then I’ll introduce myself and he’ll just keep ignoring me or just shake his head. Like use your words nigga ? so rude

Shannon Reese

So pretty Flex!


You got that ole game girl

Shyy Baaby

Let’s take the time out to admire how good she was looking dis whole video???

Gaming with RichBoyMike


Selfless Storm

hey flex, girl I’m loving the consistency

Ami D

Where u get your corset from

Nola Chick

?? my woods never be that long??

Nahji .thejit

She is funny ???? n I love her so much, this is mama from the past I swear ??




Flex you feel us yes I c y u get yr bag

Janiya Ward

In Philly we call a blunt a “L” and I just lit mine, in my head we matching lol


I’m catching up! I wish we were friends ?

Ariana Cruz

Hey sis ?

Steph M

Heyyy flex boo ????

jjdawwgg 7

u rlly b loaded???

Kay Denise

Straight facts ? ?


Where did you get your corset/waist trainer from


Can I hit that

Katja KOOK

No means nooooooo period I hate that ish it like they don’t understand but great video it was str8 facts keep going mama

Key Tv

Flex can you do a nail vlog like on xo’s channel you did your nail !! Can you show us plz ily ?

Jimmy Nordan

When you going to make another hip hop video I love that video you made it badass

BrownSkinYummy ___

Tuned in for a series suhh!

Laila Yassin

OKAYYY SOO WHAT U DOIN if a roach ass bitch come up to you and yo customer but u gridin and on yo classy shit . what u doin to make the bitch BE GONE and still rack up?

Island the Dancer

Girl yess you need to tell some of these girls at my club in Atlanta this lmaooo frr

Ponchas Pilot 3: 16

Hey Flex glad all is well with you Looking good!


Hey babe what's up


MY GOAL= Get that Shmoney ?! Them dancers are Ratchet as fuck✔️

Versace's wife

Heyy frann?u so pretty

Shantavia Medlock

I felt that last part !! I dance in Atlanta & a dude did me like that “ trying to make me jealous “ & didn’t even Go to the club until I started working there ? weirdo

Shania McNeil


Southern Dreams

When they opening back up??


And can u be my bff?


I like how y'all always keep it real ???

Interracial Love

She be trying to hide her smile when she laugh but she has such a cute smile!

Krys G

I have a 3 song rule. If two songs pass and the dude doesnt want a dance, after the 3rd song, move on to the next.

If you're on stage and a dude is staring at you hard or throwing you cash, walk to them after your set.

Shyanne Tricket


rhonda cooper

Is pettyboy with you now


sexy flexxxyyyy

Aniya Daylazae

Just found your page and now you all I’m watching lol I love your personality ??


Girl this is really a customer service job...that’s crazy the stuff you have to deal with ? Love the video per usual! ?

Farris Himself TV - Victor Farris

“Know you that b*tch” period ??


I love the way u conduct urself...if u ever come to Vegas hit me up so we can put one in the air

Click for Seyram


Ronnie Allen

Not the "Big ol fake booty"!! Lol

uwaifo felix

good morning from your darling felix uwaifo

Charonthestixs #artbychar

Literally lit mine @ the same time sus ?

Shekia Adkins

Hey flexxxxx, I'm bouta roll up with you. Love you ❤?.

Brit_Loves_ Tea

Like why even go to the damn club if you're NOT gonna throw down some bills bro!? ???‍♀️?‍♀️
What's your take on couples coming in? Do you or other dancers enjoy dancing for them? Or do some of you prefer dancing for the women? I only danced for a short amount of time. Like super short.. just long enough to get rent/utilities/food for the month. Lol Personally I liked talking to the couples, made time go by faster for me. And it was fun when the woman had never been to the club before. They're always friendly AF & paid well.

Ebony Duren

Hey sis I love your energy! How long do you talk to a nigga before you ask if you wants a dance I was thinking 30secs? Also how do you deal with customers that be tryna weasel they way into a free dance when do you stop the dance to collect your paper?


Girl you putting it out there I feel you a lot of truth 2 what you are saying women are suppose to be smart so why don't they follow your lead

How to act in strip clubs

How to act in strip clubs9 Jan. 2012
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Just a little guide on how to act in strip clubs

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sara Parada

True haha

ivan jursdotter

Girls, Girls, Girls!


Worst advice ever. haha awesome adam.

If you ain't a ho, get up out my trap house

Ive never been to a strip club while legal. I just went.


"tip the guy from Zimbabwe" hilarious yet so true


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This video has been requested many times so I decided to do a more detailed version from the last time. It's all about making small talk and making your customers feel comfortable with you in order to convince them to get a dance. Every girl has their own tactics they use, you just have to figure out what works best for you! I might've forgot to add other details, refer to my other video linked down below to get more out of this subject. Hope y'all enjoy the video (;

Thanks For Watching ♡











DISCLAIMER: This video is based on my own personal opinion and experiences, everything might be different depending on location and club. All videos are bases on clubs I've worked in here in the United States. Must be ages 18+ to watch! For entertainment purposes ONLY. Further disclaimer details refer to my About Me/ Channel info. & btw, this video is NOT sponsored but may contain affiliate links

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what if the customer starts talking about religion, politics, or trump? these are great bar conversations.


God damn you’re beat as fuck

Michi Roberts

Amazing video! Thanks Bella.


Watching this before I go to the strip

Liberty Greenstreet

I love your videos I’ve watched every one of them lol - keep it up girl ??

Christopher Knapp

I've been showing these videos to my friends and we go to clubs and use the info against the dancers lol. Not just this channel. So many secrets told and makes it easy to manipulate the strippers right back.

Alexandria Jones

great video!

Ayesha Durrani

you're awesome! thanks for all you share :)

Broly Sayajin

Hi Can I buy from U some socks Bella?

Tiff SUL

Can you make a video on what you’re supposed to do in the “private room”?

Morgan rhodes

I feel like I’m being to aggressive for dances right now but I’m so over how slow it is

Demetrio Landeros

BTW, I just wanted to thank all you wonderful Women for doing what you do. Like Bella says, a lot of times it's more than about the physical contact. It's nice to make friends. I always said, "strippers are great people" and it usually gets a little laugh in a group of people but I always maintain my position. I think it's dumb for people to look down on the profession, but this is a much needed service in the community. I'd much rather give $100 to a nice lady rather than go to some lame ass talk-therapy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ??????


Do you have to use a fake name? I feel like it would get complicated

Nina C

Yes! A stripper-tip YouTube channel, finally! Your channel is so right-on the money with your description of what to expect/do! I was a dancer for about 4 years in San Diego, and I couldn't agree more with all you're saying. Well-done channel and video, I wish I could have had access to work tips on YouTube for when it was slow... Also, read sales books! How to Sell Anything to Anyone by Joe Girard. I'd also suggest How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dave Carnegie (an old classic that'll give you tips to retain "regular" customers by enhancing your conversation skills). Finally, the books The Power or Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, and The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen. I ALWAYS had several motivating sales books if it was a slow day/night. It got me a lot of attention since I'd read on the floor, not in the dressing room.... God, I could go on and on, but you summed it all up! Thank you for starting a YouTube channel to help out fledgling strippers, haha.

Mephistopheles Lair

Do you think I can get hired at a club if I’m new and don’t really have experience??

Trumpet Apprentice

Imagine if you didn't know that someone was gay, that would be pretty funny


Thanks for sharing you’re awesome:)

Ciara Love

I love how you care so much about your Bella babies?? you write everything down to really put out what you’re trying to say. Love you!

Jessi Callahan

Being a dancer or not I love your videos ❤️

Racquel Benver

Yay a video on questions to ask customers would be amazing!!!

ViviD NebulA

I would love a dancer to bring up Pokemon! ??


"don't go grabbing peoples balls" LOL

Emilia Mendez

“Don’t go grabbing balls” ?

Sophie the Infallible

Would you be able to do a video on how to get an aggressively touchy customer to stop if there's no security looking?

Amber Chavez

Girl I love you I always say the quieter u become the more u can hear.. people will tel u everything you need to know !!

Amber Chavez

Remember the names and smile on stage !!

Danny Meyers

I just discovered your channel. Great points. I subscribed. good luck


Bella is there a difference between Latinos and the black guys my observation is Latinos boys get less talk time and more dance who pays more what is VIP

Alec Bergen

Ya and she said Kash and Jaxsen can come

Nina C

I had a wonderful setup with a good friend of mine who is REALLY into sports. Whenever a promising customer came in (one who I thought was my niche, or I felt would be a lucrative sale) and was obviously there to also watch a game, I would text my pal and ask if he knew the score of the team that my potential customer is into, plus a few details on the team or players. It made me look like the biggest sports buff ever, which almost guaranteed at least one dance! One night, that technique got me such a sum of money off of one customer and I could replace my friends recently broken bong, haha. Oh the stripper life. I kinda miss it but I just turned 30 and have been out of it for 3 years, so I'm good lol. Excellent channel!


Serious question, what do you think if a man were to get a big boner during the lap dance?

Demetrio Landeros

Why do strippers ask a man if he has a girlfriend?

Bella Parmer

I really wanna get into this world but I don’t know where and how to start...Need your help!!!

Cherry Days

I've been binging your videos and you're freaking great! Thanks so much for all this authentic advice. I can tell you really care and I really appreciate that so much!! This video really helped me to kind of decide that I do want to give dancing a try since I really would like to do work that makes people feel good while talking to them and have a good time. There aren't really any jobs like that except for bartenders and dancing at clubs! haha

Jemima Just

literally so helpful <3 subscribed and turned on notifications. starting next week :)

R Lj

Thank you for these advices! I have a question tho, about our personnal life:
What if the costumer ask about our availability, like if we are single (especially when we already have a boyfriend). Do we have to be honest and risk to loose their interest or should we lie because being single would be more appealing to men?

WINSRegularBroadcast TV

This video really helped me, thank you so much !


How many days a week do you strip?

Submissive Emily

I can read people very well so I think this part will be easy for me



wacky cheeznwhsky

Thanx so much I'm supposed to a "vet" at this point but six years in and even still your advice is so clear and concise I find it very useful. There is very limited information out here to help girls new or experienced. You explain yourself so well and I know your helping a lot. I believe high tides float all boats but most dancers want to focus on the competition part when relating to other gals. Thanx

Rose The Redhead

“Be sexy affectionate not sexual affectionate” that’s the best advice ever


the best tip i've learnt is to always make eye contact. if you're shy about looking people in the eyes, look at their eyebrows. it looks the same to them!

Maya Alyssa

Yess girl this the exact video i needed ?

Tianna Marie

You look like a sexy vampire .

Laura Martinez

For the club I want to work at , the process is different , you send a selfie, front and back picture of yourself, when I texted the manager asking if they are hiring he took 2 days to reply , once he did he asked for the pictures and I sent them to him. He replied with "thank you. We will get back to you ASAP" is this a way of him saying no ? It's been a day and still no reply.


what to do if a costumer is starting to get distracted by a stripper doing her performance? or if the costumer want to see me on stage first?

Megan Noel

Thank you!!

Brittany Beddow

Bella ! Please help me. I'm about to start dancing and I'm a breastfeeding mom! I'm nervous that guys won't want to talk to me or get dances. Also I don't know what to do/say to get private rooms. I worked at ricks for 3 days pre pregnancy and I only did 20$ dances and didn't make much at all. Pleeease help me!

Celine Celestine

can you make a video about how to do your taxes?


What to say if a customer ask for my number ?

Kyla Fox

Once i was making eye contact with a costumer and i walked into to the bingo ticket machine and the customer always comes see me now


I wish y’all approached guys in the real-world.

Danny Black

Wow you have a very interesting channel!! I love how authentic you are saying how it is

Ms Lanii

I love this, very detailed and clear. Good to know im doing some things right. .

Miguel tvid

how much for you?

Vava Slayyy

Exact video I needed I love u sis?❤️


Dont be ugly

Doris McKellen

Giiiirl yesssss I'm a stripper and I would 100% buy a dance from you if I were a customer in your club!!! You're adorable and charming.

New Life

Do you know how powerful this is? Most women I meet at work don't even want to have a conversation. Just the 'intentionality' makes a big difference and makes people feel like you care. Thank you for being real.


Another tip from a customer; don’t be on your phone when talking to them. It’s kinda rude. That’s why I leave my phone in my’ll be there when I leave. Plus it’s fun to just talk to them.

Henry G

Bella, Question, I been going to this club and I like a Cuban girl. she gave me a few dances and I never touch any private parts, she kiss me everytime I go to the Club. I really like this girl. Is there a way to know if she seen me as another customer?