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How to Give Full Body Energy Orgasm to Women

How to Give Full Body Energy Orgasm to Women2 Jul. 2015
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Giving full body energy

Giving full body energy orgasm to women is easier to achieve than you think. Click the link below to download your FREE step by step guide:

If you live in London you can learn to achieve full body orgasm and other Tantra secrets in person with Shekina. Click here to find out more about her private classes:

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This only works if the person receiving this energy is in heat, horny, and in a state of needing sexual desire. If you do this on a person not in these condition, you'll run into legal problems.

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Татьяна Fedorovykh

Hi, Shekina! Thank you for your courage and for the video you'r sharing!
I want to explain something to you and your partner about how to go on deeper in the practice:) If you all that I say already know, then forgive me for the interference.
Sorry for my english, I'm from Russia.
I was at Prem Gitama's tantra practices this March, and read a book written by Anisha Dilon(Tantric Pulsation), both work with energy orgasms including in their practices.

When there is resistance in the body to the movement of energy, some block, then the movements of the body-limbs are fast, sharp, jerky.
When energy finds its place in the human system and freely moves up from the
base to the crown, then the waves of relaxation and pleasure are
covered and enveloped on all sides like an ocean.
In short, in moments of resistance of your body, you need to keep the focus on the
RESPIRATION with your open mouth-very important!, be in the presence and allow everything to happen, observing like from the outside and inside- at the same time.
When you are already in the process of permission, the movements become like a spontaneous dance, even though you are lying.
I hope I clearly explain))
Thank's a lot.

Здравствуйте, Shekina Ray. Спасибо вам за смелость и за видео!
Я из России, была на практиках Гитамы и читала книгу Аниши Дилон(Тантрические пульсации)-обе работают с энергетическими оргазмами в том числе. Так вот))
Когда возникает в теле сопротивление движению энергии, то и движения тела-конечностей становятся резкие, толчкообразные-как у вас.
Когда же энергия находит себе место в системе человека и свободно движется вверх от основания до макушки, то и волны расслабления, удовольствия накрывают и окутывают со всех сторон словно океан.
Короче, в моменты сопротивления нужно сохранять фокус на ДЫХАНИИ РТОМ, находиться в присутствиии и позволить всему происходить, наблюдая со стороны.
Когда уже находишься в процессе владения этим состоянием, то движения становятся будто танец, хоть ты и лежишь.
Надеюсь я понятно объясняю)) Спасибо большое.

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She already knows I recalibrate the body energies since the late 1990s.
I did this first exercise being beside her body and asking how she felt from time to time and while telling me, I could feel she had tensions near her precious parts with my hand floating at about 1 inch above.
She felt like I was gently passing my hand on the hair while she was astonished seeing my hand floating above.

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Female Orgasm Brain Scan Imaging with Sound!

Female Orgasm Brain Scan Imaging with Sound!19 Nov. 2011
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The brain belongs to Nan

The brain belongs to Nan Wise -- a 54-year-old sex therapist turned Rutgers PhD student.

When Wise reaches orgasm, almost every area of her brain is activated.

"Secondary to an epileptic seizure, there's no bigger brain networking event," said Wise. "It's a fantastic opportunity to examine the connectivity of the brain."

By understanding the events in the brain that lead to orgasm, Wise and Komisaruk hope to find clues about what might be going wrong in the 25 percent of women who rarely or never have one.

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