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Female Genital Mutilation

Female Genital Mutilation5 Feb. 2016
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Nancy Durrell McKenna

Nancy Durrell McKenna presents a series of her photographs that capture women in African communities such as Uganda, Ethiopia and Djibouti, where female genital mutilation (FGM) remains an accepted practice in spite of it being illegal.

Nancy Durrell McKenna is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker who has spent many years documenting the lives of women and families around the world. She is founder and director of the charity SafeHands for Mothers who work to improve maternal and newborn health: http://safehands.org

Many of these images are featured in the documentary ‘The Cutting Tradition’, narrated by Meryl Streep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUpToERm0q0

View more of these images:


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Comments (66)
Cass K

How do they pee?

Diante Johnson

Why is there no male genital mutilation

lou Lhotellier

A real thanks.

Juels Genua

How do they have sex?

Cee Bee

This is a dangerous and brutal proceedure which is wholly unnecessary.

michael barnett

These are ignorant practice and ignorant people

Armin Hadzic

Jos zive u kamenom dobu.Mnogo budala ima na zemaljskoj kugli

Gods Klanof

Indonesia Government prohibited FGM. What happened? Millions of Muslims went to the streets shouting: FGM is our religion, !! Indonesian Government removed the prohibition. Ha, now comes the truth: FGM is Islam. islam is wiped out in Angola, result 0.000% FGM !!

Gods Klanof

All FGM-ed women are Muslims! An coincident?? Don't think so. Check the links below: you must do FGM to enter islam!  *WELCOME TO ISLAM !!*

Fat Poop

Everyone defends Female Genital Mutilation by saying it’s horrible, and it is, but why is no one talking about how boys everyday get THEIR genitals mutilated. No one defends that!

Dorte Nielsen

Horrible story told by a very beautiful voice ?

Susana Nava San Juan Ulibarri


Key Crafter

Uganda knuckles? Anyone

UmmZaydoPotato Ummi

Human mutilation of any form is forbidden in Islam. Whether the person is living or deceased!

Blue Diamond

People are cruel



Chief Runner

I do not understand who is the Roma or Gypsy woman that goes around in Somalia,Djibouti,Eritea,Yemen,Oman,the UNited Arab Emirates offering khatana :to circumcise girls : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RID4FnKf7oE&t=118s

zodiac slut

WHY omg

Janice Johnson

Horrific,and now the Trump Administration's DOJ has ruled that this horrible practice should be allowed in the U.S.! They claim that it is allowed under our Constitution. Unbelievable.


Evil witch gonna die. I just cursed her diseased cancerous fungus molester torturing freak ass. Dead. You hear me.

dave bruber

You state that fgm has nothing to do with religion but in fact it does.Fgm is required by the Shafi'i branch of Sunni Islam and while the Quran may not mention the practice,there are hadiths in which Mohammed spoke positively about the practice.There have been many Islamic philosophers throughout the centuries who have recommended fgm also.The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt were going to decriminalize fgm after they won elections and came to power in 2011.

Mary tracy joy

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Severn Belle

No understanding of infection, aids, shock, the danger of catastrophic bloodloss in these people. This procedure is barbaric. They could kill these girls by doing this to them, all so their future husbands know they're virgins? Seriously, does being a virgin really matter that much? Fucking crazy.

Emma Leyva

Holy Shiit !

Troy Eppstein

In many countries, this is also done to boys. Why are they being left out?

Cheryl Collins

This has been their culture for probably thousands of years so I suggest outside people mind their own business!! If these other cultures want to change their customs then it's an internal affair. Other outside people of no color need to stay out of African affairs period!!

Bootes Void

If you got your kids circumcised then you’re just as ignorant and guilty as these people are...
The Same goes for all those women who only like circumcised men.

Sarah Lunafire

The Quran does not talk about it but the Hadith (which is more important to Muslims than the Quran as it discusses at length how to be the perfect Muslim as laid out by the life of the prophet Muhammad and his followers) does say that circumcision for both male and female are required. The prophet Muhammad speaks positively of it also.

Brown Sugar

So sad ? I mean for female is just sad and painful.. All the terrible pain she will experience during sex and again that will be arranged marriage... sad!

Miranda Felty

Fucking horrible. This needs to stop.


It does serious harm to women due to health issue and infecctions due to unsanitary condition and effectively rizbs the girl of sexual pleasure for her hole life
Since they cut of her clit and leave just a small opening now she dos not enjoy sex she endures it since age 9 like aisha
They mutilate little girls and sell the deformed minor to a grown man to rape like muhammad raped aisha- sick
Male curciumcision is just removing a little piece of skin not chopping of the kids dick- a woman in islam is property

BG Labelle

Not sure what disgusts me more, the fact that men began this ritual to obtain total domination over women or the fact that women do it to young women for money. This is one ritual that I don't care if it is their way of life or not. It is SICKENING AND INHUMANE and the women that do this for money are disgusting and vile. Instead they should fight against this practice together.

Axle Concepcion

I lost my voice just screaming to my pc saying F*CK INDIA

Jess Hanson

Sewn together? How do they reproduce?

Lenka Mojau

What about abortion and prostitution? the lady should be concerned more about what is happening in western world where women think they are free but not.


Disgusting ritual............... yet here in the west we allow circumcision on boys.


What the fuck did I just run into

TheNoobFlutistTM Ear Rape Recorder


Scott Zenewicz

Why. God I love the clit and pussy lips feel soooo good. I'd b pissed.

Jane Doe

Who even thinks of something like this?

Shawna Young

if I lose my right to speak let me be silent in this community. This is inhumane to say the least. How on earth can you comprehend going through life without having an orgasm at least once a week or even yet,, once a month. What a grossly unfair thing to do to your daughters.

Julie Marsden

Some ppl say oh its a cultural thing well it doesn't make it right where in the koran or the bible that says female mutilation is okay? If you want an example of female mutilation done on a man the man would have his whole penis would removed. These are just barbaric and its for men that want this done, you will read that most women want it done but they are brainwashed into thinking man knows best. If a woman wants it down do it in hospitals where they are put under in sterile environments. These women have a voice and they should be screaming from the rooftops to say NO MORE NO MORE THIS IS MY BODY AND ITS MY TEMPLE NO-ONE ELSES BUSINESS these woman must educate and get through to the next generation this is just wrong


My vagina just starting hurting after watching this!


Ignorance is dangerous. Knowledge is key. What they do is vile and sinful.


Un-f#$%&<*- real! In the western region, males might be circumcised due to hygiene. But it's not taking away their ability to urinate, have sex, or poop. These female's are being raped of all, more! I'm disgusted of this cultural practice. Serves NO PURPOSE!

Moonlight spark

Yes appreciate for telling the truth. It’s not religious rather a customary practice.


In ja booty c;

Deana Terrone

What stupid ways of thinking. Barbaric and ignorance

Nancy being Nancy

WOW! Thank you for sharing this


What a barbaric charlatan evil practice which demonstrates how cruel and primitive this so-called "Religion" really is

Franco Torres

Wow..this is brutal!!




She looks like a first class witch.

Brooke Rose

How do they have sex? Do they not have kids?

lou Lhotellier

But I've got a question. For this brutal custom they are using old material and no anaesthetics. So my question is : is it better to give them good materiel, product to make the girl sleep all along this operation and proper place to do it , or is it preferable to forced them to stop this, by law and punishment.

Lenka Mojau

I think that Europeans has a tendency to label anything that they do not understand and their aim is to belittle each an every practice that has African origin. My question is are those so called mutilations having any serious side effects on those ladies? To me it appears that they have been doing this for millennia. At least they are not dancing naked around drunk men, they are far descent women than most found in the western world, they may be uneducated but are quality women that every man would aspire to have. It appears that they normally have healthy children born the natural way. The caesarean way of having children is not called mutilation, oh what a hypocrisy. I had a circumcision which was performed at an hospital and I have an operation on the anus (removal of piles which has some negative effects), now do you call that mutilation as well. Please look for an appropriate word like "incision" perhaps. What about tattoes, are they not barbaric too?

Bri Banner

Why remove the organ that females use for pleasure??? That's messed up

Geraldine Motitswe

I think that it would have been better if the traditional circumcisor was speaking while demonstrating.

Petar Spajić

18 years should be done earlier

Jess Hanson

K so she can live like a queen & keep her lady parts?! Is that what I’m hearing? Crazy how culturally different we all are.

Benjamin Davis

This is so fucked up. I hope that this ends forever.



Image lush

Bravery? You mean stupidity

Stephanie Hill

Everyone who yells ignorance just shows their own regarding the practices and socio-economic and religious backgrounds addressed in this video. Learn more about the implications it often has for women in these communities if they are not "cut" and then think again why they believe it is right and necessary. Yes, it makes no sense to us and seems barbaric. But so do one night stands and abortions to these people. Look in the mirror first. You don't have to approve of something in order to understand it. You can strongly disagree with a practice and tradition without denying these people their humanity. You are no better. If you believe that, you have already defeated your own argument.

Jennifer Alexandre


Most common Clitoral Hood Piercing |?Genital Piercing Must See!

Most common Clitoral Hood Piercing |?Genital Piercing Must See!3 Jul. 2020
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This presentation contains images that were used under a Creative Commons License. Click here to see the full list of images and attributions:


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#endcuttinggirls EP21 FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION IN NIGERIA16 Mar. 2017
502 379

Welcome to

Welcome to #endcuttinggirls series. This UNICEF supported platform provides updated information regarding Female Genital Mutilation in Nigeria and information on all efforts being made by all stakeholders for its abandonment. The videos are being compiled by UNICEF trained young advocates against FGM/C Episode 21 is a short version of episode 1, which summarizes facts on FGM/C. These facts includes its meaning, myths and conceptions, history, short and long term effects, then its statistics. Kindly watch and share. You can also subscribe for easy access to other episodes.

Note: As much as we want all viewers to express their honest opinion on this video, @endcuttinggirls will not condone any form of offensive statement and violent utterances to anybody. Viewers are encouraged to leave comments in an atmosphere of mutual love and respect

Comments (100)
Rocksteady Rein

It is now happening in America! I need your help to stop the Female Genital Mutilation that is happening in America. DOZENS, maybe up to 100 little girls lives are ruined and a Federal Judge says that's okay! Why isn't the American Government stepping in to enforce the laws on the books? If we ignore this, it will become common practice in AMERICA! Let's organize to stop this NOW before it goes on any longer!https://www.facebook.com/stopfgmintheunitedstates/…

中国制造 Made in China

There should be a law, the person who does the cutting should be put into jail.

Rhonda Jackson

MgM does not stop (HIV)CONDOMS DO!Each one teach one!

Michelle loves animals

Starting @ 4:07 omg that poor baby screaming in agony. People are disgusting

Ezra ed Toledo

why I've ever search this .
so disturbing

Karen Cortez

I just told my husband about this. He was disgusted by such thing! This is sooo wrong ppl! Leave your dumb traditions behind!

Kristina Gurgian


Samuel Gamato

People who do this should be castrated

Ronald Southart

Muslim males are obviously intimidated by women, and the mutilation in this way of pre-pubescent girls proves it.

richard walker

Boo hoo . keep yer legs crossed

Daphne Ho

Curiosity killed the girl.... I should’ve never search for this. It is hard to believe this is still happening in this modern society ??

ongakka makke

The govt did not stop genital mutilation but encourage it in Indonesia and Malaysia because of their extreme view of Islam.

Smiley Madness

That’s so scary.

Tammy Howard

How in the world do these African women later have sex relations with the men who have very large and long penises if they've been sutured shut. What an evil and stupid practice!


Женское обрезание это традиция многих народов, и ни кто со своей политикой колониализма не имеет права диктовать свою волю запрещая женское обрезание ??☝️

Mr. Darcy

Can stem cell research reverse thiss???

Black fyre

Anyone who supports this should undergo the procedure first

Dorothy Butler

I hope you all burn in hell"

Danielle Berry

WHY do this?

Vanessa Zhang

God damn it. What’s wrong with these people!!!!


I'm fucking disgusted, how the fuck. This is like Male Circumcision except not fucking good...


We ignoring circumcision ay

Pernilla Artistic


Lilly of the valley

This is the most horrible thing that can ever happen to a woman...meaning they will never enjoy sex...people should be persecuted for this

Davids Goliath

Traditions like this was made by sick minds

Texas Made

Yoooooo wtf

Janet Andrade

What the hell is wrong with these people to even begin to believe this is okay

Victor C.

If you believe FGM is bad but circumcising baby boys is ok, you're a fucking hypocrite.

gwyneth chloe gilana

My vagina felt pain watching this?? but fr though who ever thinks this is ok needs to get thrown into a mental hospital

Satrisuman Dahir

I have undergone one but before i was it was completed my dad came to my rescue and I remember him trying to stop my bleeding.....I would never let my daughters or any other girl what I went through such a pain for both physical and mental forever

Alia Guerin

What primitive men do to control woman while they fuck around.

marlene khen Manto

Putek nmm yang retual na yan. Buti nalang d ako naging bahagi sa ganyan. Ang sakit siguro nyan bilang bata naiimagine ko lang grabe sigurong iyak.

Somya Singh

This is sick

Dee Best

No wonder why their men are always after women from different race.. man ur women are not even women..

Sarah Smith

but hence it is practised by most of the Islamic nations ?

Michelle loves animals

....and that's exactly what this is. MUTILATION ?????


Can anyone give examples of African people who don't have a history of practicing FGM?


I feel physically sick. Fuck culture, this needs to be banned immediately

Nikhil Ranjan Paul

FGM is a superstitious stupidity. These types of foolish activities are not there in Spiritual Hinduism. Sanatani Hidusism is the best way of life. Read Vedas and Bhagvadgita and try to understand it well.

Jean Stephens


සමහර විට ඔවුන් ඔවුන්ගේ ත්‍යාගය නැවත මතුපිටට තල්ලු කිරීමට කම්මැලි විය හැකිය” ඩ්‍රෝන් යානය යෝජනා කළේය


Terrible and horrible


Such a sexsist tradition. Type 3 is just a way to forcibly lock up girls uintil they are married off. You don’t see guys sewing their dicks to their stomach so they can have sex, but it’s ok to sew a woman’s vagina closed so they can’t have sex uintil they sell you off to some guy.

Karabo Khumalo

As a girl I've never been so traumatized


Cultural enrichment anyone?

Comedy Cre

fgm is horrible shit

Joseph Rijesh Antony

Yes... Must be renounced such brutal rituals...


I'm speechless ☹️

Alethia Brown

What the What is really going on ???


i can't believe i willingly searched for this
.....im traumatized


Why don't they cut the male penis off, that will help with population of children that starve and die because male s keep having sex and help make babies that will not live because they don't care. As long as they have sex. Then they blame the mothers for everything.. How about the female.s just say NO ! TOP HAVING BABIES ! If you can't support them...



Mary Agbale

Its demonic

Dalia Rota

How about men cut off their dicks for a change?

Divinest Beats

its rural parents that still do this. When the old generation dies out. This will stop


I got mutilated in a mental hospital in Singapore and there is severe pain in sex, itching and pain, peeing more often. I feel very sad and depressed but no one believes me. I hope u can show me some support and subscribe to me

emir emir

This should be banned fully, anyone who does it would be arrested. Even if he/she doesn't get arrested they should have annesthesia.
Stop FGM

Yasmine Malaïka

Slavery! Controlling human being like to controls others with their of life.

kitt car

Discusting barbaric act

i love sunflowers and clouds

All this for men...
Please stop we are not pets that have to be controlled


I feel sorry for them...

Mohamed Tagedin

What is the actually f*ck is this. Normally I don't swear but this is bullsh*t. No girl/woman deserves to go through this and then you have peolpe just doing it likes it's no big deal.


Stop this psychopats.

Mulatto World

I am pretty sure in FGM cutting off clitoris reduces a chance of clitoris infection!.

naimo ali

I hope this stops controlling women is outdated and cruel.


It is good to be educated

Octavia Hollywood

This is just disgusting and uncalled for justice for these woman

Razor316 Justice

All in the name of keeping them from hoeing ??? that’s rough?

Razor316 Justice

Sounds rough

Divinest Beats

stop child marriage in islamic north

Lady Gia

Ignorant and unjustified.

Matinul Haque

FGM is a barbarian practice that must be stopped without any further delay. As a muslim I pray that this anti Islamic and anti humanitarian practice must come to an end immediately. May Allah bless us all.

Glitterbox Glitterbox

Maybe their afraid they’ll masterbate with it or something like that?


This is a way men try and control women. I feel sick after watching this. Thank God my Nigerian dad never followed this tradition.

Mix Tv

this is my report in monday

Ru sh

Its so painful.... Whoever started this shit must be a f#####g idiot

Rare Rare

This needs to be stopped

Hitesh Joshi

How will they get pleasure if there will be no clitoris

Laila's Art


Solveig Sokcanic

horrible , insane, criminal & must be abolished!!!!

Thulani Bida

What’s wrong with Nigeria..... thanx god South Africa don’t practice this stupid culture

ดีเจไม้มือถือ บ้านนาพาเที่ยว

Hello ❤️​?️​?️✌️??️

Lillian Gray


Pella Lee

It's a practice conceived by MEN who must control women and deny them pleasure, wholeness. It's a sick, misogynistic practice that has nothing to do with anything. No religious edict, it's not culture, it's violence against females. Hearing that poor baby cry was so traumatic. How can mothers do this to their daughters? It' must be stopped.

Duke the Husky

I'm a guy and I find this extremely disturbing and shocking. Stop that practice NOW!!!

Delwar Hossain

Stop this

No Future 68

This is downright disgusting to to to a woman!!! Males getting foreskin removed is done as a health issue. But this butchering to females is evil!!!



john martin

Was it really necessary to add pubic hair to the vagina illustration?

John Adkison

We believe that everyone has the right to the genitalia they were born with. Genitalautonomysociety.org

Wayne Handley

Sorry sum bitches doing children like that as parents it's your job to protect your children not mutilate them you are sick in the head and sorry as hell your pardon my language but it is what it is the pieces of s*** you don't hurt your children like that

Mehwish . Calligraphy

Its haram !

Elizabeth Walston

They all need to go to jail for that s***

Neelam Patel

Damn it ,? stop it....stop it

Ziman Nur

I been trough this stupidity culture
When i was a child i was only 7 yrs old
I still remember the horror
Cut me with out painkiller or putting me on sleep, my eyes were widely open 4 women were holding me tight and one was cutting.
I still cry ? antil today i am 26 but i am so glad that i saved my lil sister
And told my mum if you ever do to them i will never called u my mum and she stopped


This is coming to America with the help of the DemocRATS who is selling America out to the muslims.

Yaser Khan

This is inhuman ,how they can do that ?


Horrible ?

Adesayo Adigun

Omg this is horrifying

Britswiss Ameri

Man made religion TO CONTROL WOMEN and Torture various ways possible.