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How to Text Women (+4 Real Screenshot Examples)

How to Text Women (+4 Real Screenshot Examples)16 Dec. 2017
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To tackle this broad

To tackle this broad subject I'll show you 4 easy pointers to keep in mind while texting women - all with real screenshot examples.

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I see. Good advice man. Thanks


Traguito = a cute way to say drink, cocktail, etc

Fasil Malik

Where is the link to successful anatomy of a tinder conversation Marc?

Willy Wonka

Dude you're corny text messages do not work

Chris P

Hey man, i've been watching you grow over the last year. HQ and informative video! I personally recommend that you make these a little more entertaining. I know you are familiar with Jesse and Kong but I really love their "infotainment" concept and I just wanted to say that because I can see this growing

O Milli

Better to be over flirty than not enough

the alienated earthling

hey can you add the pdf in the video description?


I've seen maaaany movies (even your movies which are amazing and you're so energetic) about how to text girl and the sad thing for me is that by doing all the rules that I've learned everywhere and i experienced myself I can't get to anyyyyyyy girl even one , you can't believe that maybe I've texted all girls on earth not just a few , i think this problem can't be solved by these movies , i need a company to help me and then you can show these examples to these dear subscribers , if i doubted you help me out i wouldn't ask you bro , i want you to help me

Jerry M. Seth

Winner of a video, been searching for "how to make a tinder profile" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of - Neeyedaly Romantic Pussnap - (search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my colleague got cool success with it.

Mitesh Mohapatra

'I just got a scholarship', 'Cant catch a break' in the same chat. Breaking rule #1 'Be real'

Sievny Thav

corny af

black cat

that name thing real shit, I was learning German and used to have tandem app to talk with ppl, where you can reach out to native ppl so for obvious reason I used to sent msg to only girls (not pickup line or something but very nice like about myself and my reason to msg her) but response rate was low. i used to copy paste my opening line and that cause me to send wrong name to one of girl and she laughed about it we started talking and later on I purposefully wrote wrong name and response was better


Bro you look way better with that hair

Nero Caesar

Rest day? A definite sign she was interested in hanging out. The capital letters were used because she was hoping you would get the hint. Her laugh to your response was more of a nervous laugh because you didn't pick up the hint, or maybe you did and are playing it cool. I wouldn't have said the donut response. I would have said, "Free for a hydrolyzed protein shake later tonight?" And if she gave push back, I would have said, "You gotta get your macros bro". I use tinder all the time, and have had great success!


"Dann autocorrect" lol

Reginald D'Arcy

shes a vegan, so shes a dick head

Niles Black

Mackelmore? That you?


uhhh, good video up until 12:40 which was literally nothing. You're seriously way over reacting for how "smooth" him saying "damn autocorrect " was. Were you really that desperate to make this video longer for some reason, or did you actually believe this super generic phrase was that most basic of exchanges showed something insightful? Because it doesn't at all, and I'm quite shocked you would try to make this to be anything at all as it's no... anything... at all.

kevin yancey

I’m new to the channel and I think you’re awesome!
I do well in person, but I suck at any kind of texting haha.
I’m going to binge watch all your videos to get my skills up ??

Matt E

are you serious? "how do i text women?" youre a fucking loser. JUST TEXT THEM!!!! fuck

Sam Fisher

if i dont text her first she wont text at all

Tich Mbiri

Awesome presentation skills, solid audio, great flow and informative


Girls don't have to put effort in anything! They really don't have to do shit!

4evermusic61 Popular Music History Chanel 1970- 00

Hey there,,funny but Ive even tryed this site or App and to my big dissapointement..IT doesn,t work,at all..all women just interested in facial apperiances,,or body structure or any special kind of jobbs, carrers,,or something else.
Ive been in this Tinder for like 6 months..and got like 5 interested question of like 50 request,,? This site Tinder SUKS according my own experiences..:-((
And remind this to,that all thoose women might have like 50 Different men they are texting every day...and only talks to a few interested ones..! chance getting seriopus results of this its very small...


Cant catch a break was meta on the situation


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http://bit.ly/Talking2Girls Word-for-Word Lines for Texting Girls - THE BEST SEXTING TIPS, SEXTING IDEAS AND SEXTING EXAMPLES AND DIRTY TEXTS

"I can't believe just thinking of you is making me want you this much."

What would your reaction be? No doubt, give it a moment and let the thought settle in - you're going to be turned on like CRAZY.

This type of naughty conversation can happen anywhere and at any time, during a break time in office, even as passing time at the airport or while relaxing at home; irrespective of the time and place, it entertains and engages you.

Read on to know more about sexting and its examples.

Sexting Tips Used By Women

- Hey baby, I can't wait to have you inside me.

- I've been a naughty girl, I need to be punished by you.

- I start to tease as I run my hand up your stomach.

- Hey baby, I'm so wet.

Sexting Tips Used By Men

- How bad do you want me because I can be there any minute?

- Totally had an AWESOME time with u. I owe u an eskimo kiss!

- Can't wait to see you. Ur like the bratty little needs-doll I've always wanted.

- It may be hot outside, but it is only going to get hotter when you get here.

Sexting messages are sexually suggestive and naughty, sometimes driven by a frenzy mood. However, it gives some new life to your day, and excites both males AND females alike.

Want WORD-FOR-WORD lines for Texting girls?

You have GOT to see this free report:

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Aubrey Wallace



Yes Chase, absolutely. They worked on friendster, on myspace, they work GREAT on facebook - and of course they work via text messaging as well. Texting is PREFERRED for these methods, but FB still works great with em :)


You got some more sexting tips for men. Love you information on texting the sexting ;)



Jeff Colledge

Would love to have cheeky an some

banner woods

Whoa shit man, you didnt mention the 4 extra guides you're giving away too - this is like hours of shit for FREE - thanks!


Haha yeah - i'm curious why a GIRLS downloading it, but thanks - I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


LOL - Yes Linda they well - guess we know what way YOU swing eh?! :)


Hahaha - now THAT'S what I'm talkin about man - go nail her! :) (and yeah, PM me for my email address haha)


Absolutely Anderson - absolutely. :)

Scott. p

Who wants to play

maya riley

What. The. Fuck. Is . This?! This is one reason why teens should not have a goddamn motherfucking phone because of this shit right here! And yall wondering why the youth are the way they are. -Angry Black Girl


don't worry people we man arm't into vocal or words this tip only works for woman

Louis Blair



Works like a charm - AND they're flattered you're giving them that kind of attention and asking them out (or in) :-)


Hahaha - this is awesome! I'm thumbsupping this post - and it's my video!


Thank you?


Haha thanks man


Hey my pleasure! :)

Amy Baker

I sent one to my bf and I was NAKED fuck you men