How to give yourself oral

Oral Advocacy (2): Introducing yourselves

Oral Advocacy (2): Introducing yourselves19 Oct. 2016
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An instructional video

An instructional video about oral advocacy in mooting. This episode describes how to introduce yourself in oral advocacy proceedings. Produced by Legal English in Hong Kong with support from the Hong Kong University Grants Committee. More videos at

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I Tried Mastering Making Smoke With My Mouth

I Tried Mastering Making Smoke With My Mouth28 Feb. 2018
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I became a real-life

I became a real-life dragon!!!

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Elle Larson

I can do it

Satyam Kumar Singh

I did it at the moment i saw that..

Cam Xavier



Why do I recognize this dude omg.

Learning Artist

That’s how my mom would react, I would reply
Well you made me so your content sucks too

Saisai Dixon

I know how to do it

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Donna Gomez

My son just showed me he can do that and at first I thought my 15 year old was lying and smoking but they he showed me and I thought it was cuz of his braces but it's all about science ?

Aydyn Proa

I can do it

KD 796

Ngl I think my jaw is broken

sakioto Films

I learned how to do it just now from this video lol ?

Matisons 007

i can do that too

Uwakua Ochako

so it didn't work ??‍♀️

fox ninja gamer

Ooooohhh I think your mom is gonna be angry if you call your mom is not a great idea

Mohamed FAOUZ

Wtf I did it ones and a little smoke came and I've been obsessed with trying to do it again but no luck

Wolf Gaming

can someone explain how to do it cause it wont work for me



Hanny from the Block!

How did u have more steam than me!?!?!?!???

Light Glue

Lmao I’m trying to still do it

Madesh Desai

I can do it

Turn X

I Can Make smoke too But you do it better

asian bowl of rice

Everyone knows how to do it now lol

Elizabeth Wadsworth

The ice one is possible I love eating ice and I do it all the time

شيلبي شيلبي


Lindsey C

My cousin can do this


why does he look like doja cat

Zo Oky

This is me at school everyone tries to copy me lol


i can do it but its kinda hard

Oskar Poomrapee

Its ez i did it

Chris Gomez

I could do this but each time you do your jaw and your head begin to hurt

Ben Menard

Flashback to high school

Affinity YT

for some reason I can't fucking do it bruh

シ AWMxGeorge

I did it?

Connors N00B channel

it hurts my face trying to do this

Oilve -


Natty Getu

was this not something everyone else could do?

Arionna Herndon



I can do it

Patrick star

Bro I did this and my soul almost left me

ekipa 031

its real my lega does this all the time!


Bro how do you this

Free fire Fan

Nice video bro .... i laughed for hours

Tony McCarthy72

Yo same, then gave up after 5 mins

Miki Molty

i can do it


The outro song is called deadpan rain

amber woods

Im pretty sure some of y'all think he's cute right??

Ojay_ gaming

I knew how to do it before him ?????

Yolisa Mzizi

Jesus is coming soon,repent and turn from your sins... God loves you, start living for him pray, read the scripture and apply it to your life♥️??
Have a blessed day

Greasy Leaf

And where it all began....?

JJ Flips

I can do it

Shanu singh

Kon kon India se h✋

Castor ãã

U inhale smoke and then hold it for a tinyyy bit and then do that and it bring back the smoke u didn't inhale I have a vape thats how they do it....okay so ig it does work but u can also trick ppl by doing what I said...I am confusion rn how tf did smoke come out of my mouth with no vape wtfff am I gonna was faded smoke im gonna die right?

Henri Liam Bratt

4:27 we see the small vape in his hand pu is in slow motion


4:46 She is right

El Jay

Ppl at my school don’t do this, they get smarties, crush them and act like they get stoned.

Crybxby. _.Olivia

Instructions clear it actually worked

Durga Sankar

Omg I did it


I did this but with a vape and got suspended ??

Aiden Bentley

It’s real

Fake - _ -

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Its easy i did The clicking thing sins i was like 5


Bro I fking did it

Pulse Projects

I did it first try...

Caleb Sanchez

The first time I discovered this I tried to practice and I have been making lots of smoke just in 2 weeks, and I mastered it in a few months.

Mark isiah C. Cadayona

I can do it


Still can’t do it ?


I end up choking and vomiting

DreadApollo ?

loool i did it first time

Gerald Wijaya

I can do that easily
I did it without the clicking sound
Just compress the air in your mouth then release it

• Strawberry •

It’s true my uncle did it before

How You Do

I can click my tounge with mouth closed


I made a tea cig for cool snaps it was legit



Hanny from the Block!


Scott Fry

I used to do this in school. We used to blow spit bubbles too hahhah

Zeng Jingshou

I can do it natyrally

Lost Eye

I fuckin did it first try lmao

Danielle Ameh

wow what a good mom hmmm

itsBrx _ten

I just learned it 50 seconds

mariana mengue

Oh my gosh the end what a plot twist lmao

Bluepars 608

Hahaha the begining be like O-O


XD i tried this a couple times and it worked

tyreece hohaia

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Cam Xavier

Is that gonna hurt

Remil Legarde

Your success stalled my progress

Wesley Tindel

its real i did it a little after a couple tries

Bhad. Bxth

Roses are red violets are blue looking three the comments see if it’s true..?

meow winky

2011 I was borned at that year


Our Teacher At School Thought We Were Smoking?

Cam Xavier

So So So So So sad to not make it

Caden Roberts


Among Us TV

I learned it under 2 mins lmao

GRN Obsidian

Is it bad for you why does it make you mouth feel wierd?

Ramen Noodles

I saw this video two years ago and I’ve been determined to learn it and rewatched last week and I learned it today


it works

Matisons 007

and my father saw that

Andrew King

this is impossible but, you can make water vapor in your mouth

celly tjay

She's not wrong?

Ivan Shiwbaran

I know how to do it but I want to blow more

Jackson Ray

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How To Deal With Anxiety: Oral Presentations

How To Deal With Anxiety: Oral Presentations18 Feb. 2016
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Tati Lopez

I have to present tomorrow and I’m soo scared, I get so nervous that I start shaking and stuttering


I’m in a group of three and we had to write a script that taught a moral lesson ( we wrote about karma ) and our story is so cringeworthy and I’m scared to present it. When we wrote we didn’t know that we had to present it either. I have to be the only two boys in the script as well.?????????????? those are literally all the emojis that represent my feelings ?
any tips?????


Guys, act upbeat, tell ur self that this is gunna be soooo easy. And most importantly, read off the note cards or the slides the night before the presentation!!!!!! This is from experience!!

justMara Cruz

Shaking for a 1 minute oral recitation laturrr AHAHAHA I hope I could have the courage to answer questions on point.

Cailyn Vries

I’m deathly terrified for tomorrow. I’m doing a group project and I don’t wanna lower the grade for my friends!


i love public speaking, cause i know i’m a good reader and i have a high volume. but my anxiety hates them


Victor Santamaria esta aqui xdd

Xam 101

I got an A thanks to all of this thanks ? for everything thanks ???

Kiana Trisha

Mahself is going to report on Thursday?✨ this helped me a lot love ya! Jess?

hayley marshall

Wish me luck I have a presentation tomorrow

Surfing And food

I have a presentation in Spanish class in Spanish and I have to memorize it
I present tommarow ???


I have a presentation to do at school and my partner is also anxiety ridden, but not as bad as me. I’ve been anxious and now I’m getting panicky. It’s in two days and we r the first group to give the presentation. In my old school I have had anxiety attacks speaking infront of people and I’m trying to avoid that at this school. I also don’t wanna let my partner down.

• Sophia •

I have a presentation tomorrow so I need HELP!

madi b

i need to give a presentation at school tomorrow about Christmas and im terrified. we cant have any notecard or anything. whats worst is that im an introvert and im always looking at the ground (im always marked down for no eye contact and just standing in one spot)


Lmao I just have no self esteem no confidence and a whole lotta anxiety


This is more of a video for "how to engage your audience" and not for people with anxiety.
For people with anxiety, the best advice I can give you is: keep on doing them, and force yourself to do these things. Like go out of your way to do these things, even if you don't have to do it. Practice is the best thing. And it takes TIME. I've been trying to get better for years now and even though I'm astronomically better than I was, say 4 years ago, I still get nervous.
But I don't feel like crying anymore. And I don't feel like I'm going to explode. I'm still shaking, but at least I'm not in the verge of a panic attack.


Oml thank you so much!!! I have a speech to my class today and I'm super scared!!


Lmao, when i hear the word “oral” i malfunction ????

Hjørdis Joanardottir Poulsen

when i have to speak in fornt of the class i pinch my fingers together, and try to focus on a spot on the wall behind the audience.
And if it is an exam where you have to sit in front of a professor and a sensor, i always start by sitting on my hands, and then after i have started to feel more relaxed, i "free" my hands. if i do not do these things I start to fiddle, and eye contact just makes me more nervous. + i try not having anything (paper) in my hands. i will rather leave a sheet in front of me, and not touch it. because having it in my hands also makes me fiddle with it.

édification spirituelle

Nice video.
I'm new on youtube and i would like to invite you to visit my youtube channel
Thank you in advance for your visit and support


I was doing a french presentation and I was so nervous my hand was visibly shaking. To add to the obviousness I was holding a paper so it made a lot of noise and my voice was all sHaKy

k e e t e e

Hey. I think you worked hard on this video, but i dont think you quite understand this subject properly. Speaking while being nervous and speaking with anxiety are two VERY different things. With anxiety disorder, doing a presentation (of course depending on your level of anxiety ) can be mentally crippling. It isnt a matter of reversing or just telling yourself it will be okay. And I dont think its fair to those with the disorder to act like its just a small thing you can brush off- because to most its not.


Wait a minute, I am a stutterer, I will have never thought that people that didn't stutter when through this anxiety problem.


I really don't like presentations, especially when I'm alone. Seriously, I was a nervous wreck when I did my first presentation alone back on 5th grade. Somehow I managed to pull it off (I had my hands in my pockets the whole time which the teacher complained about in the end ?)

pee nes


Ruby Amon

I love it whenever I have a presentation I'm gonna nailed it

Cxɴᴅʏ Vɪʙᴇs

I'm supposed to be presenting something RIGHT NOW but i just cant join the zoom im debating if i should join or skip but i don't wanna do either I really don't know what to do and it ends in half an hour so i have to make up my mind soon!
Edit: I might skip if anyone in my class sees this i'm sorry but i just couldn't join you wouldn't understand..

Aku Deku’s Gender swap

I like to think that the lisa in my class have anxitiy

Shanna Robertson

I don’t think this applies to my level of anxiety honestly

Elaina Long

I have a presentation + my first job interview tomorrow after school, my anxiety is going crazy. Wish me luck :/


Please wish me luck I have a lot of presentations and I am so nervous and scared please wish me luck??


Write your whole script on a sheet of paper and write each section/topic in a different colour


Thank you!


I have a presentation later...???

Dia Rui

I have an anxiety disorder and social anxiety but I’m a teacher LOLLLL

1Million Subcribers

I had a 92% in my class then i didn't do the final presentation and my grade dropped to a 78%... two letter grades in a 5 unit class lol. I had the entire powerpoint done presentation done. I drove to my school, parked then drove right back home.

Regonal Harry-Kebisu

Thanks! ?


i have to teach my spanish class on tuesday ?? y’all i cant even handle being a student and they expect me teach a class

Trippi Strawberri

I get anxiety when ever our teacher EVER says "presentation" ;-;


This could work for people with mild nerves. Though for someone with pretty intense anxiety like me, wanting to engage my audience is the last thing on my mind. Even if I pop a couple ativans, I still come close to a full blown, on the verge of tears, panic, and want to run out of the room.

Pyare Baloch

Dear, would you plz be able to tell me that how to relinquish from English fillars.

Markus Andre Jessen

Helo to future me?

XOAnii yahXO

Omg I’m so nervous I have to present a project on Thursday or Friday and I feel like I’m gonna faint can anybody pls help????

Carolina Pereira

Well this was quite unhelpful

I hope it helped someone somewhere cus to me it just made me feel worse

Sandi Klasson

Prices on are among the cheapest that I’ve seen. I needed some draft to improve afterward and received the perfect version from the very beginning and long before the deadline was due.

leah x

Last year we had one and I couldnt do it because I was getting anxiety attacks and stuff from thinking about it so I did it in front of my teacher at break but I was younger last year so I think she kinda made an exception (she was still mad tho) and now we have to do one and it’s a different teacher so she doesn’t know that I didn’t do the last one. I don’t know what to do I have been panicking about it since I found out today I think I might need to speak to the school support teach. I don’t care if it makes me fail when I’m older because I can’t do them

loaf of bread

I have my leadership presentation tomorrow HEEEEEEEEELP!!! Also I speak too fast helllp!!!! The PRINCIPLE will be watching as well as two other teachers gahhhh


Then my face be getting all red

Kimberly Nguyen

I am doing oral presentation for JROTC class and so do have any advice and sometimes when it time to do presentation I getting so nervous at beginning in first place and but I did few time and I was nervous still


These are great presentation tips, but to be honest most of them doesnt do much for the anxiety.

Zoe H.

I'm probably going to open my presentation with "hi, so I'm deathly afraid of doing oral presentations, so we'll see how this goes". It'll probably help people empathize with me and let them know I'm really nervous... And human.

Lorie Bedard

I’m sorry if this is just a story where I try to make people feel bad for me. In no way am I trying to do that. Sorry if that’s what you take it as. Also sorry for assuming that’s what you’re thinking.

One time I was on the middle of a presentation, I didn’t forget what I had to say but I just stoped talking. I was shaking ALOT and I was breathing hard. People were wondering why I stoped talking. According to what I heard after, I turned ghost pale. And all I remember is peoples judgmental faces before I fainted. I’ve always had really bad social anxiety but for some reason when I present in front of people I know it’s 10x worse. They’ll laugh and laugh and not give a frick about what I have to say. And afterwards they’ll make fun of every single thing I did. Even if they noticed I was breathing faster than normal they’ll mock me for it.

I’m sorry that’s all I had to say. I’m sorry for the venting. Sorry it just like a whole paragraph about me. So, yea, sorry.


I literally have really bad anxiety and I am doing a Public Speaking presentation in front of the Grade 7's & 8's in my school so wish me luck!

Abby M

I get so mad cause I would so much rather write a long essay or just present in front of my teachers

Zoe Francesca

ugh I wish I could just be in a class with like 20 or so nice, non-judgemental people.

Teenage Impact

I agree with it's not a one size fits all approach. Most people think that they should learn one approach. It depends on what's most effective for that person.

Eljuanpa Zurita



Engaging your audience is not a tip on how to deal with anxiety. Its a tip on how to make your presentation look and sound nicer. Might want to focus on the actual topic of the video

Jenna Snyman

step one: don't have anxiety

Dick Piano

i would rather go through medieval torture than give a presentation.

Zach Nieman

I usually don’t stutter at all but put me in front of a class and I’m fucked I can’t get my words out I stutter I get stuck and I look like a moron and it’s weird but more girls in the class my anxiety goes sky high and I worry about getting laughed at by girls but if it’s all guys I don’t care ??‍♂️ weird ain’t it.. but anyways I’ll never do or take another public speaking class ever again I almost passed the first time and once was enough

PbsCSe Mate

You are doing one thing really bad, looks fake to me
Stop talking so fast and slow down?!


I’m just scared cuz there are grade 8’s in my class


The fun thing is that teachers make us do presentations in order to improve our public speaking, but like I have been doing them ever since elementary and I still get anxiety. WTF teachers, Oh and please wish me luck cuz I got a presentation to do tomorrow.

Ferret fan [real name Logan]

What I do is I think if I get nervous who cares my classmates won't. The teachers will yell at them. I also remind myself that is only three minutes.

Haley Dill


Carmen Fernandez

Thank you


I have a final presentation in English tomorrow wish me luck.

Suga's pup

I don't want to look at them

Alexandra Freyvoll

i have a presentation tomorrow, and im already shaking like crazy im so nervous

Denisse Melendez

Guys, so I had a presentation today right. So she called out my name, I walked up in front of the class. I COULDNT EVEN READ THE TITLE CORRECTLY. I was shaking, sweaty stuttering and I sounded like I was about to cry. I felt everyone’s eyes laying on me. My heart was about to burst because it legit felt it beating on my entire body. I eventually finished. Sat down. And texted my friends how bad I wanted to cry. By the time it’s lunch, we get in the car AND ALL I COULD THINK OF WAS HOW I EMBARRASSED MYSELF. I wished I could’ve been like anyone else. I told them what happened and cried for 10-15 minutes straight. Now all I can think of is that Ima be known for the girl that can’t talk right. My friends told me I’m stronger than my mind, that I need to control it. I feel hopeless. Told them I wasn’t going to show up to school for the rest of the week. That’s how bad it was.


Who else is ready to still cry and almost fall to the ground during it? I know I am.

Glitter Land

I have a presentation this week and I am freaking out. They are my worst nightmare and I shake during them and can't help it. What makes it worse is that I have to memorize everything and can't even look at a flashcard. I also don't have a great memory so, wish me luck.

Dramatically Dreamy

Honestly, what I tell myself is that if you're doing a class presentation just remember everyone is worried about theirs the teacher is the only one really paying attention to you

April Richards

I work hard on developing my writing skills; however, sometimes I don't have an opportunity or confidence in my writing. So I use essay writing websites only when there is no chance I can write the paper by myself. Now my favorite website is It’s cheap yet worthy. All the paper are returned on time, and all are totally unique.

Shelby Reno

I missed all week last week. And that’s when I missed a social studies presentation and a make-your-own-instrument in music presentation. Now I’m rly nervous bc there are mean kids and my class and I’ll be the only one presenting tomorrow. ?

kiwi momo

I am so scared because tomorrow is my speech that I didn’t know about so please wish me luck. 11yr

Hussam Alshammari



I Just want to present and sit down idont want them to ASK OR ENGAGE with my topic


before a presentation i plan many things that will probably work

*but during the group presentation*: shaky voice, palms sweating, stressed, breath holding, trying to look at the people but cant because it got worse, shaking everywhere, thinking that people will judge me after and they did, thinking ill ruin it for everyone else in the group.

idk why but i feel happy to have it lol

Emily F

Tips??? This video didn't help whatsoever. What it would've helped is sharing some phrases or some important ways to start a presentation. Thumbs down!

SwifftyKK 'Hello'

I have to do a presentation tomorrow and I have to not read off the board so O have to memorize it but I can't ever remember what I am saying. So I always fail. Also is it just me but I get extremely sweety and hot when I get nervous.

Arif Uddin

the data she shared it was tremendous well but her accent is too fast to understand.

Jenna Snyman

do not tell someone with anxiety to "relax"


bro I’m gonna cry :’)

Tiffany Grace Music

Sadly the people in the audience aren’t there to hear what I have to say because it’s my class they are forced there ??

Slavic Maestro

My problem is that whenever the spotlight is on me I have to go to the toilet

gianna v

I have to present a poster in my class on Monday ? IM SOOOOO SCARED I feel like I’m going to faint when presenting ???

Pyare Baloch

Wowww!! Meritorious ideas.

Surfing And food

Presentations ARE TORTURE ?


Thanks..mind is in three days to 30 people's go time..

Tshegofatso Makgalo

I really hope this will be helpful, I have a speech tomorrow and I am super scared!! Ohh and I have anxiety!?

Thanks for the tips Jess
(Btw am a new subscriber ?)

Alisha James

I am an actress and performing on stage with a group of actors is easy and fun for me but when it came to choir solos it was so much harder because the focus is just on you. My biggest issue is that I worry about messing up or how the audience will react so my mouth gets super dry and my hands shake so then I am tense and the performance is not as good as I know it could have been. Today was the first day of my oral communication class and I already gave a speech for bonus points. I rehearsed in my mind what I wanted to say so I just walked to the front of the class and answered the prompt on the board. I started saying my sentence out of order and it made no sense so I paused said "excuse me" and restarted, it was embarrassing, but after that everyone in the class started going up to speak so, maybe I broke the ice and made people feel more comfortable since I screwed up. I have to give a speech Thursday introducing myself, so wish me luck!!!

Jason Ong Himself

engage with activity, body lang eyes, move your hands enthu, stand tall n str, relax, breath compose urself, use card/story, practice


A HUG FOR U JESS !! ONLY FOR U JESS !!! : ) ?????


So my anxiety is so bad that the week before I presented, I threw up and collapsed. I’m starting to get more comfortable with presenting with groups since I also got stressed out when it came to how people felt about my anxiety.

When you say you have anxiety, especially with public speaking, people get the wrong idea and think you are insecure. That couldn’t be farther from the truth, at least for me. I am very expressive and like to take charge of situations. My friends describe me as a fierce person and someone that people would want to be friends with. But as soon as there’s a presentation, I break down into a nervous wreck. But of course, there have been some times in everyone’s life where they felt insecure.

Here’s a list of issues that I thought my anxiety would create, and here’s the truth about them;

- Not being able to present doesn’t mean you won’t get employed. Oral Presentations is just a tiny bit of the criteria and employers look for your overall scores, not the notes.

- Most of the time, no one notices that your nervous.

- Setting a goal for yourself isn’t easy, iv’e been doing school for over 8 years and just started setting goals for myself, instead of just saying that you’ll get there eventually. For ex. The next presentation I have in groups I’ll try my best to go in front of the class.

- It won’t just stop in a few days. Takes months and years to outgrow an anxiety.

I’m going to be extremely honest with everyone reading this, you need to take one big leap for this. The steps to get better are super easy after you take one huge step forward, like presenting with a group. Eventually there will 100% be a time when you will have to try to be brave enough to do something out of your comfort zone. But I’m not gonna say that time has to be now. That’s your choice. You choose when you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone.

I just realized how long this paragraph is....ouch. I’m honesty writing this to make myself feel better since I have a presentation soon. Be safe and good luck!

Kit Kat

I'm going into 8th grade and I am a terrible public speaker.
Like one of the top comments says, when they hear the word presentation, they can't function.
That's basically me.
So I got put into a theater arts class, instead of getting into the computer concepts class.
I'm super nervous because we have to write our own play, then perform it infront of the class.
HELP ME!!!!!!

Jenna Snyman

practice does not make perfect, when you have anxiety you will always be nervous

kayla nicole

just gotta grab life by the balls. UGH, I have a speech tomorrow and I am nervous but I gotta do this.


engage your audience? man. sometimes i wanna just have them turn around or leave the room