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Hard Time-Cheats *Leon Coureg*

Hard Time-Cheats *Leon Coureg*21 Nov. 2014
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Game Link: http://www.mdickie.com/prev_hardtime.htm

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Cheat Engine: Hard To Find Values | Game Hacking

Cheat Engine: Hard To Find Values | Game Hacking27 Apr. 2016
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Showing how I find a

Showing how I find a specific hard to find value in Dead Space 2. Some times values we want don't give you a bar or numeric value, so we have to apply different steps to find what we want..

If you would like to use my codes, I made a trainer for Dead Space 2 v1.0, you are welcome to have it: http://www.mediafire.com/download/yk08z5cmx8t59cf/DeadSpace2Trainer.zip

Chris Fayte @ Cheat The Game


Join US at: http://guidedhacking.com

Sn34kyMofo Finding TIme in Terria: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfULE0DPdp4

AOB Scans Demystified: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TYAd3l2mkY

Want to hack your Android games? Binomi89 specializes in it. Go check out his channel and he can get you rolling: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKc0qK0zUJWhN7Mv9GHw4g

Grim Dawn Registry and Offset Explanations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNMh7LYZ5yU

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Enpä Keksi

Just started messing about with CE after I discovered it had a table for Borderlsnds 2 that included the means to change the time of day and how fast it progresses. Now I'm trying to find out how to do that with other games. Figured a good start could be Borderlands 1, as it probably has a similar set of values to look for. In this instance, a 0 to 200 value dictating the time of day, and a 0.1000000015 value for timescale. Searching for the latter in BL1 yielded far too many to be any use. No luck with the former value, either. I didn't expect this to be easy, but it's suddenly become close to impossible. I suppose I could try a game that has an in-game display of the time. Ergo, a clock. One of the Grand Theft Auto games could be worth exploring...

Anyhow, since Borderlands 2's timescale can be adjusted, it means someone was able to scour through the thousands of values to find the one that affects time of day and its rate. Makes me wonder how, though.

Linus Reid

This video gives me a reason to learn more about CE. Thanks Chris! Keep it up bro


Would you be able to find out how to alter your speed on the game "Trials Fusion" I would think that would be kind of tricky since the triggers are pressure sensitive in that game.

All about Games

nice work


im looking for a value (duh, ofc i am), however all i find is values that change to the display value of the one i want, but in no way affect or is used by the one im looking for nor its display value. if i change them nothing happens, if i freeze them nothing happens, if i don't freeze them they return to the same value as the display value of the one im looking for. so they are getting the value from somewhere, and the op code for them are "add [eax],al", its an add but even so they change to a specific value, regardless if its higher or lower to the prior. the value im looking for is most likely encrypted as well, most likely with a function and not xor since i cant find a single xor in the opcode. needless to say im seriously confused.

mata mata1

Chris thank you so much, i love your videos !!! please never stop :D

Guiltas 008

i have a question i have one number the number wont change to lower or higher lets say the number is 0 im trying to find the value of that specific 0 to increase it
how would i do that?

edit: all i know is that the value is 0 but i need to find a specific 0

romain barbessol

je n'arrive pas du tout a trouver la valeur que je veux sur ce jeux http://armorgames.com/play/17911/zombidle d'accord c'est un jeux online mais normalement sa devrais marcher dit moi si tu arrive a changé une valeur du jeux stp merci

Bang ADI

Its Look like smart. But I am sure that you can not Hack Go Fishing 2 On Facebook.

Rowen Nazy

Best engine float video ever ? ? ??

Ahmed Sairat

i got confused from 14:47 onward, how can i learn more about this?


Very good channel!


how did you scan without clicking next?




is there a way to find protected values


@ 15:27 on the memory viewer. What do the numbers directly under [Protect: Read Only Base=1AA0000 Size=18F000 Module= deadspace.exe] mean? 00 - 27 - are those considered off-sets?


Nice vid man I see you utilize Mrantifun trainers to . I am one of the site admins there ..

Tuhin Hansda

Hello Chris Fayte i am having a problem while hacking the Castlevania - Lords of Shadow 2. If you can then please help me with this. please.................

George Stuff



I just looked at your subs and you only have 4.9k right now ??? you deserve way more subscribers for the helpful videos you make that are friendly to beginners.

jef hardie

im using ce 6.7 says it cant be loaded tried both eip and stealth

Stephen Chapman

Great example, Chris! Kind of funny watching the monsters slowly undulate while not being able to come out of stasis, lol. Good to see your workflow! I'm glad that you've come along to give a bunch of game-specific examples. At one point during my early days of learning CE, finding examples like this were everything to me (there weren't many at all, either). Solid job, my friend. =)

Rjon Corpuz

how can i connect with you i need tutorial to make bypass and make cheat in ran online?

Dev Perf

I have a real DUMPER for you if you are interested. I am not advanced in finding a "hard to find" value but I am decent.
It's about the game "Path of Exile". There you got different Potions you can use. Those have "charges" to use - displayed as a normal whole number. Still probably a string since you can only see the visual representation I assume. No matter what I do... not even a glimpse of a hint to that values. I tried all tricks I personally know form your channel.
The game is for free and about 12GB to download (18GB installed). I can provide you a ready to use account where you can start if you like to do so.
I am very sure this is very advanced stuff. I would love to see you going for it to learn more from you!

Josue Gonzalez

Is it possible to hack facebook games? Could you help me hack "Coin Master"?

jef hardie

are you doing this in single player or multiplayer?

lauronjohn xD

Do u think u can find hacks for pixelgun world? :):) and make a tutorial for finding hacks for it? Thanks man!

jef hardie

lol found one game I tried injecting a cheat in to the process found out its write protected

William Aughenbaugh

Hey man great vid, but i do have a question, how would i find something like recoil, its static and wont change, and i dont understand how to find that spesific value
getting more the 800mil items when i search for unchanged values

Emilio Solis

i have problems to find the static address on JOTUN pleas you can help me ?

Shelly Langston

Awesome tutorial Chris, thank you! <333

Roy Tech

hello i really appreciate this video very instructive ..
but i still need help.
oki for example we have a game that have a mini-map and i want the location of my enemy on it.
how do i approach this case ??

thank you

EclecticBread NCircus

Jesus my values keep eventually disappearing. I'm trying to find grenades in Oniken, & using floating point + inc/dec value just eventually dries up. I used just a change in value & it eventually dries up, & I did the "increase" while the grenade count was decreasing & it also eventually dried up. This is too far over my head. I can only seem to find easy 4 byte straight values for like NES emulated games. - Yeah I think I have to watch all of your videos. I don't understand anything once you get to finding what writes to an address.

Dev Perf

17:48 I LMAO'd so hard xD xD xD
Great videos, TYVM!

سي فاروق

Can u make tutorial for hack pubg

Grim Doe

Thank you for this,
Great work and Great video bro also I do a lot of work with Mortal Kombat 9 on The PS3 and with most games comes with a different

Real Hacker

@Cheat The Game can you hack one game for me , please??? I will do anything you want


Thanks for this awesome tutorial :) and also have a great day man you are doing good i am also getting better with cheat engine and that is thanks to you Very good tutorial

Rizal Player Indonesia

bro, if the value has been changed but how come it's back to the beginning, how do you do it?


Please standard deep game item hack??????

luke525lk Carroca

hey can you help em make a trainer for this game watch over 25 videos how to find value and still not working

Chris Stephens

Appreciate the video. It offers more CE wisdom than the material covered.


Man i have an .exe i'm using DnSpy i need to delete something but i dont fucking know where do i go to found it in cheat engine

Guided Hacking

Another game destroyed by Cheat the Game :P

Trevor Thieme

What if you want to make the freeze area a permanent slow zone or change the size of the zone or move its location at will? Or change how strong the slow is?

Linus Debugger

Great video, this is a tutorial is a real class ...


wait y am i there?

Ratchet _061

hey i'd like to ask you about how do i find health bar that has or incate to have a symbol like this: 100%

how do i freez it and how to find it correctly any help please?

ivanildo oliveira

good job.

Pedro Gomez

hi guy can help me I need convert this address(06080CE3) in a gameshark code.

I have only this:
address= 06080CE3
base= 06080000
size= 111000


Can u make tutorial on game guardian ( its like cheat engine for android)....how to find values and save them for next use ...

Empire Modding Team

nice video bro do you have a Skype


That A Good Cheat, Like A Boss

jef hardie

hey chris great job with cheat engine

Ngọc Sinh Nguyễn

Any body here, pls English sub for me. I'm Vietnamese, my listen skill isn't bad but I can't hear clear exactly. So plz help meeeeeee

Dabel Bomb



Are you from Tn?

ivanildo oliveira

good job.

creativeKnowledge Mike

Question I playing a game plants vs zombies and I was trying to get my money up at the bottom it started off at 320 soo i put that in kept as 4 bytes , and i killed a few zombies till i got money to add to it went up to 330 so i increased the value but it took me some where else? what could i do if i know what it increases by?

C20XE l457

Nice work man, I really enjoy the videos, well explained.. Can't wait to learn something new and try it out (Y)

Cheat The Game

If you would like to use my codes, I made a trainer for Dead Space 2 v1.0, you are welcome to have it: http://www.mediafire.com/download/yk08z5cmx8t59cf/DeadSpace2Trainer.zip

Henry Bernreuter

I found a value for health two were floats, one 8 byte, one 4 byte, one 2 byte. When I click the deactivate button the values still change. How can I stop the values from

jef hardie

see that's the problem with most games cant find or noo ne makes a speed cheat or drift cheat for multiplayer all you see on here is ssingle cheats cracks me up

Good Song

good job man you're rock!
i have a question, i found a double value but when i try t change it , do not change... actually it changes but it comes back fast.

Mori Alonzo

i have a problem finding a value on a game, for example is when you carve a monster for a material, and you can only carve it 3x, how to change that for unlimited carve? it has no values, there is just a floating orb that indicates the area where to carve the monster,

jef hardie

saw that trainer oyu made beautiful job

Nanta wibowo

helo... I have question to you.... this cheat working make casino star in facebook ? please tell me if this cheat working
thank you alot

0 Error.

Can you hack Wild West saga idle tycoon for infinite super cash? I can’t find the value, and the gold value changes no matter what if I freeze the address or change the value goes back to normal

MDickie's Hard Time Cheats!

MDickie's Hard Time Cheats!15 Aug. 2019
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This is for the PC

This is for the PC version, not the mobile version.

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