Going down on girl

Dum Dum Girls - Coming Down

Dum Dum Girls - Coming Down8 Aug. 2011
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Dum Dum Girls

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Comments (100)
Cherqaoui Myriam

Gossip girl brought me here...???

Talita Souza


Dragon Ball Number One Fan

This the song i listened to when my grandfather died.

Iroquois Pliskin

This song is perfect for a main protagonist to die to in slow-motion during the end scene.

Emily Girón

Bird Box ❤ brought me here

Sneaky Reg

Everyone about to be here from Tell Me Why...get ready comments section

Egemen Civelek

My Friend share with me this song, can you know just like this song please comment I can listen.

Bianca Gregorio

Dare me brought me here tho...


this was my song in my herion and meth addiction.. 3 months sober today

Patricia Reagan

Orange is the new black ? this takes depression for a walk.

Heinrich Thiart

Tell Me Why brought me here.

Rachel Amanns

This song means so much to me.

Lissandro Lima

Bird box 2018 ?

aakash t

Quarantine and life and this song

Should I end it the pain the life? This might give me some courage

Alasdair Ekpenyong

The Canyons brought me here

This Charming LoveHound

Authentically sounds like it's from a 1994 coming of age drama.

Ajay Pahra

Just come here with my blindfold on ???


If you came here because Tell Me Why game, SUBCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL! Be safe everyone <3


Knock, knock, knocking on heavens door

Berfin E.

everyone know that this song played first in The Secret Circle :D I came from there.



Irene Atencio

I thought it's Mazzy Star.

M 0696

'secret circle' brought me here


Damn this is a good song

Cruz Santos

Off The Air about 5 years ago showed me this song haha

Cbx Batman

the secret circle

Nm Boliek

The Canyons proposed trailer brought me here....and a long boring california summer.


anybody found this song just because it kinda just popped up in the recommends?

R Saxena

Wow just heard of
Dum Dum Girl very cool tracks. Great for 2020 !

Tridi Butik

Todavía se me pone la piel de gallina

Typical• AAA

Who’s listening to this after watching Bird Box?

random account

oitnb brought me here. season 3-4 were nothing without nicky


Burd box sucked.

Alex Board

Bob Dylan vibes

Henry Wirth

Tell me why?

flowers in my hair

no i did not come here from gossip girl or orange is the new black.

Eric Johnson

Still playing this in 2032


Timing is everything Team DEVGRU cadet band members

Isaac Bobonis

Who's here after Dare Me?

Iain Clinkingbeard

That moment when you listen to a song again and realize, wait... This is a waltz?

Lee Lee

Thank u for ur service

Recipes For Runtz

Thinking about Nicky :(


god Tell Me Why had good licensed music

Lexo TheWacko

Off the air


sure, bird box brought you here ... but the real MVPs here are the one's crying over nicky nichols right now

Tumo Mukani

Reminds me of Fade Into You by Mazzy Star

s c

I’m here because of CHUCK AND BLAIR ??‍♀️❤️

Leticia Aguiar

I always cry listening to this song, don't know why...


bird box bought me here


i came from tell me why cuz i loved this tune


Bird box brought me

Odd Phasing

Birdbox brought me here

Nadia Alexis

Thanks to Gossip Girl I found this beautiful song


Whos here cause its a brilliant tune and not cause it was in a tv show.....

Gris griz

You abused the ones who love you ???

BTS paved the way


Anna borealis

Tell me why brought me here, most relatable game ever. Had to take a pause on season 3 because it became to real for me. Was finally able to finish it 2 months after.

Julie L

Bird box brought me here

Candice James

Dare Me brought me here

Valéria M

Vim parar aqui por causa de Bird Box. Filme e música: incríveis.

Belen Lopez

Bird box brought me here :)

Apotheosis Cacoethes

At some point you need to calm down and realize what matters in life

Kristen Murdock

tvd and gossip girl brought me here


A Soulful tribute to MaZZY Star & the Pretenders knock knockin'' on heavens doors ...:)



Juan Francisco Sánchez

Knoc knoc knoc

Lulu Star

Feels like LA...

mark dempsey

stunning song

Honey Gonzalez

I’m coming down N coming back into reality..


Oitnb and Gossip Girl brought me here?

Isaac Bobonis

Who is here for Trinkets?

stella végh

good to know there are people at the comment section whos alredy feels like me


Honestly no one cares where you've heard this. The imaginary connection you try to make with others to validate your taste in music or shows to satisfy your ego is callow at best, and it cheapens the song. Just relax, sit back and enjoy the music.


omg I'm reading the comments and this song played in a lot of series I watched
I actually came because of Dare Me last week and now I'm coming because I just heard in OINTB and I had to read the comments to see if that played in Dare Me because I didn't remember if I heard in Dare Me or it played in OINTB twice hahaha

now I'm seeing this played in Trinkets and Bird Box too.

such a coincidence

aris osorio

Ugh gossip girl brought me here ??

Johanna Siegel

❤️ straight to the heart and soul......

Genesis Villasenor Zepeda

Chuck and Blair ❤️❤️

Orion 99

My life brought me here

Shirley Alfaro

Netflix bird box brought me here ?

Moreno Putra

So scary


Beautyfull song and beautyfulllll sandra on this movie
Bird box thinks

Rock & Blues

Nobody gives a FLYING FUCK about where did you come from or what/who brought you here. And no one also gives a damn about your "awesome life story".

Christopher Demmer

Off the air-falling brought me hear the trampoline artist scene rocked too


Off the Air on adult swim anyone?

Sneakers Addict

"Bird box"


Killer song. Gives me chills

Marissa Leal

Bird box brought me here

filippos stavro

Goodbye grandma. I love you. I miss you already. <3

Strange Wayfaring Stranger

Tell Me Why brought me here. This game is amazing so far. I haven't even got that far into it, and i'm hooked.

Babi Milgrau

Nicky ????

Vic Peters

Tell me why brought me here ?

Nash Gaming

Bird box brought me here .

ella grace

my power went out and i’m trying to savor the little bit of data i’ll get because i live in a dead zone most of the time. immediately came to this song. i just want to sit and think to a beautiful song for a minute

Takis With Sugar

Who’s here because of Off the Air?

Cruz Santos

Off The Air always has good music haha

Christopher Demmer

I could slow dance with my fiancée to this

Kate H

nicky :( ?

White Orange

Tell Me Why vibes

wesley alves


Carlos Alfenas

I accidentally found this song or am i wrong? Maybe, YouTube brought me here but I don`t care, i am happy to hear such song.

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SadGirl - Vol. Three: Head To The Mountains - Going Down (2016)

SadGirl - Vol. Three: Head To The Mountains - Going Down (2016)23 Sep. 2016
9 111
SadGirlSubscribe 438 721

From Vol. Three: Head To

From Vol. Three: Head To The Mountains

Released October 7, 2016



Waste my time going down

Why do I even try?

Can you tell when I'm around

or do you turn a blind eye?

Going Down

Then my nights turn to day

Why do I even try?

Can you tell when I'm around

Or do you turn and walk away?

Going Down



Written by Misha Lindes

Produced and Engineered by Misha Lindes and Greg Hartunian

Mastered by Heba Kadry








Comments (9)
Bipedal Churro

Sierra Nevada ' s Northern California

Milkman Cometh

Finally! I've been waiting for this!


So good

Randy Herrera

great guitar work. the vocals a bit weak for me.

Thurston Day


MrBacon559 *

I wonder what the cassette will cost.

Adrian Chavez

Loveeeee it


release on google play pleease i neeed it alll

giannialexus _

Yessss I've been waiting for sooooo lonnnggg