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The importance of fixed costs

The importance of fixed costs16 Sep. 2015
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Fixed costs is a critical

Fixed costs is a critical idea in the economics of media.

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I Need My Foundation FIXED - HOW MUCH IS IT GOING TO COST?25 Apr. 2016
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An inside look at what it

An inside look at what it takes to have your residential home repaired properly by having the foundation leveled and fixed! My Friend Pete explains everything from Pier Installation to Engineer Reports, Who to deal with and who NOT to deal with.. If your foundation is BAD--This is a MUST WATCH VIDEO!

A1 Guaranteed Foundation Website

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Comments (58)

Thanks for this video, Pete. It was very interesting. '
Glad you got your foundation fixed! That looks like a pretty nice house, and nice neighborhood.

Grant Jury

hello from new zealand, another great vid pete, the best paint/panel videos on youtube. been very helpful with the 1969 ford xw wagon i have been building for the last four years,

Jennifer Wang

Olshan Foundation Repair in Texas is a high reputation company and they are extremely expensive. They estimate to fix our house for $16,000.


u know pete it looked like some of those workers didn't speak English, so u hired a company that hires illegals & took jobs away from real americans, & your a trump supporter?, I know why u did the work now, because trump will deport those guys who u had work on your house & that cheap labor will be gone, can u say hypocrite pete?, Bernie 2016.......

jim rudolph

What? $3,300? Are those guys working for free? Those were major work they were doing. I just asked a company to patch up a 8 ft x 8 ft section of my driveway and they’re asking for $3,500

Celli Design & Build

wow, what a glorious review! congratulations to you Peter for helping this company and the people in need of foundation repairs with this very educational video!


This is a bit of a departure for you, nice one Pete

DA Brown

Thank you! Seriously .

Erick B

gracias por compartir esa información Dios lo vendiga

Bucks WoodShop

Wow Pete. That's crazy. Never seen this done before. Good information.

Ghetto Wagon

I live in a condo in florida and like every build here, its dug out for a retention pond, and they use that dirt, rocks fill,. to raise the land. Oh yea after 10 years cracks are allover the place. Never heard about foundation repair, It seems its common 2-4 hours north of here. Ramrod has a office up there. lol

Sue C

Why do you need an engineer’s report if you have a 90 year old house and it’s obvious it’s in desperate need of a new foundation? And does the engineer report to the city?

El Plateado 001

It appears that piers are expensive.

Charles Willson Peale

Whoa, RamJet is mighty proud of their shit aren't they ? 21-k for a product that's worth half that price. What are they the Gucci of foundations or something ? Congrats to you my friend Pete and Minnie the body shop girl on getting quality work done at an affordable price.P.S. Maybe you can do a C.O.R.C. on all these idiots that leave bizarre comments. AND to those idiots that have youtube channels that are ass-wipes to those who leave Sensible comments.

James 3rd

good info pete.

Haldane Luttrell

Thanks for covering this situation Pete! I'm in need of foundation repair, and this video has taught me a lot ! You're THE MAN!


My Friend Pete.. You might want to go back and edit the vid and blur out personal info on that bill. Don't want a bunch of Trolls calling your cell.


Cool to see it done. I have a rock foundation and some dirt crawl space for my 1890's house.


anytime you get something big repaired on your house or added to your house they want to ask 20k these pepole are ridiculous what you got it done for is a reasonably good price and I'm glad it worked out for you


Thank you for making this video!

Gary Evans

How is your foundation repair holding up after 3 years ?

This type of foundation repair would be unrealistic in most foundation failure situations.
Your lucky that you have bedrock just a few feet below that slab because those piles that were driven down into the ground under the foundation would fail if they were not perfectly stacked and sitting directly on flat bedrock.
I noticed the piles they were installing under the concrete slab inside the house that were apparently supporting and leveling a grade beam......but that grade beam ( which I can't see ) didn't appear to be under any load bearing walls, not sure what's going on there.

Every foundation failure is different and the only foundation pile system which is driven into the ground I would use for supporting or raising a house foundation would be a helical pile that you screw into the ground.

I have a project coming up where 1/3 of the house sank up to 4", I have to lift and permanently support the foundation ( with the house ) back to close to it's original level.

Each pile will need to permanently support at least 8,000 lbs.

That will be several times more money than what was spent here.


So one corner of the ground that your house is built on is continuously sinking.?..I know that situation..Our place gets to the point where it's hard to shut some doors when it's been dry but perfect after rain because it's built on clay...No fixing that 'cos it will just go the other way...No win situation..That's quite an ordeal to get the place all square again mate.!..One day,,a bunch of workers,,,Materials,equipment etc...All for 3,800 bucks.?..I hope they know how to use a spirit's a shit load of work so labor must be cheap Pete but as long as it works I guess...Essentially they are installing a frame connector to a uni body...You've done that before..What would quote to do a frame connector kit in let's say a 70's Nova and finished in a day.?...You see where I'm at.?..Most things that are too good to be true usually aren't..I hope it's not that way for you and Minnie.

David Meza

We make America great, and make your home great (at the best price too). #Mexico

Paul V

What was their warranty like?

Annette Schall, PharmD, MBA, BCACP

Wow! Wish they did work in Oregon. I just got an estimate from one of the big companies for over $28,000. I knew that had to be BS. Now I'm looking for an independent structural engineer. Glad to know I'm not the only one the big box guys tried to rip off!


I live in ILLannoy and the information here is very definitely going to help me make an educated decision.

Ozzstar's Cars

Nice to know you did not get ripped off! That was a reasonable price for the piece of mind you got.

Jack Williams

Lol you need to talk to the guys much nicer... jst a recommebdation

J Whit

Man!!! I am glad I found this video. Thank you

Diego González

No sodas, no tacos for them good workers who are fixing your house?


Pete, When I built my shop in 1986, I poured out a " Monolith foundation " @ six inches thick on the floor The parameter is 16" wide X 24" deep. Also a shit load of re-bar & re-wire. Still not even a crack in it.

Harley Handler

What a fucking project that was my friend Pete!!! It's behind you now....


Thank you so much just for being real, I learned a lot now. I know what to do. Could you please recommend similar foundation repair companies to me in San Jose, California? What's total cost for your foundation repair? Only a few thousands dollars? Great & unbelievable ...

Conservative Amber

Not too Expensive depending on how much it has Sank..$10 - $15K on Average

Jon A

Pete, I make the hydraulic rams used world wide in the industry. our stuff can lift houses, bridges any application or pull train car wheels and axles. OTC is our stuff also PS they were using our ram units.

Lars Tomasson

that would be a high COMPRESSIVE concrete pier, not high tensile.


Never seen that before..........Glad you got it fixed!

Johanna Cartagena

wish I could find a good company in FL.....Im happy your home is fixed

Reality is a Comedy

Thank you for this video! I do foundation work (new construction) here in Michigan. I'm a small company. I don't fix foundations, but I install new foundations. This looked really involved! Took a lot of employees to complete the job. I don't know if I could have done this job for that price. Concrete in Michigan is over $115+ per yard and proper insurance here is outrageously expensive. Maybe it could be cheaper in Texas. I'm happy for you getting this done and not getting ripped off. Hard to find honest companies these days. This was very interesting and thank you for posting!

Daddy Richard

got any foundation repair co's recommendations for san antonio?

Lars Tomasson

Great info. No BS and you give the prices which is what we all want to know.

Jen Jen 4 JESUS

RAMJACK-- interestingly enough that company is 100% Freemasonic founded- RAM and JACK is just another nickname for the one they worship. Devil is in the details when it comes to these companies- they're all about the money and never based on being a good neighbor. Ridiculous - Just goes to show who's allowed to become rich and dominating the industry. Sorry to go off topic but companies like that pisses me off because they're totally okay with ripping people off because they just don't know.

Junky Mailhai

Thank you so much for this video! You are a life saver. God bless you.


do you know of any reputable companies for foundation repair in corpus christi area.?

Aaron de la Haye - Artist

All these people mouthing off about the Mexican workers. Same situation here. We had an influx of Polish workers come here when the EU opened the door and now everyone complains how the Poles have stolen all the jobs blah blah. They're doing the jobs that all the lazy asses DONT WANT TO DO! They sit on their couches saying, "oh I cant get a job because of the Polish" Wrong! they cant get a job cause they cant be arsed. They're getting their free government money. Great video once again Pete :)

Robert Gwinn

good long have you had the house? i would not buy a house in house because of the same problems

Stumpy LawnmowerGuy

looks pretty good....I put 12ft bell bottomed piers around my pier and beam foundation (slightly different from slab idea is the same)    you find a 'zero' point somewhere in the house and shoot the laser all the way around to find 'deltas'  and use that information to guide you in  'lifting' the foundation.      I had a problem where we couldn't raise the perimeter beam any more without damaging it.    it wasn't 'perfect' but the foundation will be stable til the house falls down  (G)

larry shelby

thank you just for being real ,I learned alot,now i know what to do

Ricky Ellis

wow. All in one day. I am amazed. keep the videos coming. I have learned alot.

Junk Box Mike Calvert

Damn thats a big job! Im not scared of nuthin but id be scared of trying that on my own!

Rod Marsh

Foundations ??? WHAT Foundations. our australian government couldnt give a shit...fundations are your problem if and when they collapse ROFL..YES its true...


Glad to see you found a good repair company Pete. Looks like it was done right.
Hi Minnie. God bless you folks.


Nice house Pete.


All that oil, gas and water being sucked out of the ground there must be a big contributing factor to this problem as it's not like Texas is on a fault line to cause such a common problem. I'm sure modern cheap housing construction is also a culprit in eventual failure of these foundations too. The question Is how did you know you needed a repair to this extent or is an inspection required to sell your house?


Wow, $21,0000? vs $3,800? That’s a great bargain! And great job they did it seems.

Jennifer Wang

We found another company to do ours and I think it’s set to around $4,000


Saskatchewan Canada

Aside from one lake community with slope failure due to excessive rain I've never heard of this and my cousin was a general contractor for 35 years. Our water table locally is 15 feet. Full basements are the norm, slabs are extremely rare

Stephen Berger

One thing I gleaned from this is getting an independent engineering assessment. I the engineer made an assessment and told me I had no foundation issues. He said that the acceptable range of deviance at construction is 1 1/2 inches and my house was less than an inch. He informed me that 6 out of 10 foundation repairs are unnecessary. Certain I would have had a different assessment if I had brought in a foundation repair company.


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Shrita 63

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Nice explanation dear sir

divya chaudhary

Such a great teacher


Thank You Sir

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Sir Maja agaya
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Mohit Rathi

Again thanks sir

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Vry nice sir?

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Thanks sir....

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wah yar padha likha sardar, badi Khushi hui

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Sir you are the best teacher , please make more and more videos .?

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