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Trans Guy Reacting To Grindr Messages

Trans Guy Reacting To Grindr Messages21 Nov. 2018
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I signed up for the dating

I signed up for the dating app Grindr and let the messages roll in, this is some of the ones I received!

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When I'm awkward I just go silent.

I'm very awkward.

Trust me my bf is very affectionate and I typically blush so damn hard from compliments. I've never known how to respond to being complimented so I end up just silently sitting there blushing like ”flip what now now I'm happy why am I happy aaaaaaaaaa”

Gossip Girl

Your bi. OMG SAME


I really don't see the point of this video it's a hook- up site what did you expect to get?

James Conley

My name is James lol

Eleanor coxy

You should try Tinder as a very openly trans dude and see how guys and girls react? :)

Joanna Dzenowski

He went from adorable, wholesome guy in a sweater to "your daughter or son calls me daddy to"
? I'm sorry,I meant he looks handsome in this video I'm just awkward with giving and receiving compliments.

Michael John Dennis

As an older “out” gay man myself, I make a point of (not) using gay “dating” apps and websites, as for me, being gay has never and is not all about getting drunk/high on drugs and having lots of random anonymous casual sexual encounters with random strangers (which I did a lot of when I was much younger & when I first came out and which I can do anytime if I choose to do so) - the very idea of (location-based) gay “dating” apps really frightens me and freaks me out - for me, being gay is about so much more than any of these things, like platonic gay friendships for example, where no sexual tension/desire is an issue nor gets in the way - so much of what I see of the gay lifestyle is so unhealthy (the levels of STI’s amongst younger gay men being one example) and is at odds with the values and morals with which I was raised and so, because because of my traditional Irish Catholic outlook on life, as I am a Mass-going Catholic, I have faced discrimination and prejudice from within the LGBT community, especially from other gay men in particular as a consequence of this - my family and friends back in my home village in Rural Ireland all know I’m gay, as do my Catholic faith community and they are far more accepting of my being openly gay, compared to the gay men I’ve known over the years

Nolan Bennett

It’s nice that it’s an ego boost but I wouldn’t watch more of it due to the negative connotations behind your monogamous relationship.


I don't understand how he could maintain his innocentness while on Grindr.

Warren Ayen

I am not surprised you got so many messages because you are very cute. Unfortunately the gay community is ridiculously thirsty and can’t seem to control themselves :(


Jamie: I got a photo of somebody sitting on a car
My brain: On Grindr? Is it Roger Taylor?

modern world

Emotionally Innocent n easily brainwashable....

Alex Converse

I’ve seen a lot of your wholesome videos so seeing you not be wholesome a funny change

Velocity Girl

Fun means sexy?? I had no idea lol!!




ELM 1996

I'm a top, gay, and trans man so I'm gonna have fun on Grindr trying to explain my existence lol.

Danae Kelly

I gad a total dumb moment and forgot you were trans for a minute when you were talking about being James, and I was like "huh why would your parents consider what nickname you'd have?"

Pixie Stixx

In a platonic and respectful way: you look really hot in this video


I love this video and I love all the other trans guys commenting how their experiences of grindr were similar. As someone else described themselves in a comment here, I am "pre-everything" trans, and I'm in the UK and poor so I am years away from accessing anything... plus I have a lot of health problems and it is probably impossible for me to actually take hormones or have surgery. I always feel like I am stuck in a weird limbo where I am not man enough for anybody who is attracted to men, but at the same time I absolutely can't manage to even flirt with people who think of me as a woman, it just feels so totally wrong to me (even before I realised I was trans I couldn't do it). I do wish bodies didn't matter so much in how people perceive gender. I feel like I've been alone and invisible my whole life. Your video and the comments here make me have a little hope that maybe people are more open-minded than I thought.

Sloan Rowe

Hung and hairy ???????

S White

I don't like this video (personally), I know it's jokey but if you're monogamous it's not very wise. And you and Shaaba are so lovely together ?

Stella Δnnie

Thank god i'm not a gay man. o__0

Mrs Gellert Grindelwald

Is Jamie Bi?

The Friend of Many Squirrels

My favorite was “who the fuck are you”

alien baby

Jamie is lyfe

Dolly m1lk

It’s so funny watching him get flustered ?


An interesting look into the minds of gay men!


You assume people read profiles on grindr? That's a misconception xD

Clarina Mascarenhas

He's so sweet. He's the kind of guy I'd want my best friend to marry

the Dying Atheist

I know this vid was one year ago, but when I tried Grindr last year, several trans guys sent me hellos, we would chat a lot, even made plans to meet, but they would never show up. Never could figure out why. I was not sending any dick pics, they contacted me. Not really sure why.

Caoimhe Does Stuff

My favourite thing is people on tinder and Grindr saying “Hi” or something that’s just nice before just randomly going full on sexual. Idk why but I find the shock factor hilarious


This was great, I laughed so much!!


You are so adorable. Heh

ItzUrManz Loyall!

I'm sorry ? me? "You fun right now?" ? Uh Yeah "I'm fun all the time ?" I feel like I just watched myself


You just look like my crush! ?

Infinity War

Definitely they are adorable ! Shaaba and Jammi ?
Are you lifting weights Jammi , your neck appears very muscular ? (haven't watched your videos since 5 months)

Chris Eli

As a bi trans man, I don't want to use Grindr because I'm not there for sex, but at the same time, I don't know where else to find men who would date a trans guy

Eva Hopkins

When Jamie says “trans guy” and the subtitles say “trans girl”


I still only prefer, real men

Eduardo Vargas

I love how you didn’t know that looking is not a compliment, but instead a question.


Comletely irrelevant but Ive never in my life seen hry as a short for how are you. This is a thing??


Mini golfing as fun???? luv it❤❤

The Cryptic Cryptid

I would not use dating apps because I am demiromantic and I do not want to date someone I don't know well

Jason Beery

Sexy James Raines is your alter ego who is a sexy musician who has sexy sex!!


Why be surprised? You're very attractive.

Anomie Normie

Jamie is so adorable aaa

Da Pandwitch

Wait... I thought trans people cannot have a sex life, talk about or want sex! Cause terfs say it “proves” it’s a fetish. Btw love your stuff

Amalia Kay

You receive far more messages then I ever have, anywhere, on any site.


Why are transguys always bi or pan? Is there even a straight transguy?

Vishnu Shankar

I'm gay, but this vid confirms it......Bi's rock :') Love u Jamie!!

Avi Drucker

I love the shirt you're wearing!!

ItzUrManz Loyall!

Uh yeah I'm very sexy. Yes, sure thx awkward silence, awkward lauphter and ? I'm dead

R.D. Shepard

I started wheezing because we have a local car dealership called H&H. I'm gonna call them Hung & H0rny from now on

Matt Michel

a dating app? grindr? sure jan lol
my husband and i have a reading rule: if you dont read our profile, we dont waste our time on you
agree with the person surprised by the lack of impolite messages. people in the states will send text and unsolicited photos and then call you names for not replying. its mad

Sammy Last

Grindr is scary ?


Jamie Grindr is scary, I shall very never go there

Kaosi Morah

I'm casually watching this video and I look over and there's ad saying, "Meet Muslim Singles"..

Vishnu Shankar

4:44 ????
I've got a few of those guys in my Grindr chats

Kiera Spane

I wish I could speak English as quick as you do it in the end ))
Eminem would appreciate this ?


I couldn't even listen to the 3rd word because I burst into laughter! ?

Taylor Dehmel

Fun right now?
I’m fun all the time ?????

Ren Hey

This is making me ball up with secondhand embarassment

emília kastrup

This was the most relatable intro, I swear

Johann Larkin

You’re so funny. It’s interesting to hear all of this but I started feeling bad for these guys because it was making fun of them sometimes. Even though they are sometimes being very forward, they are still people! Also, I like you a lot and watch all of your videos so I noticed that you often say “jealous” when you mean “envious”.


And I was thinking those apps are so fked up only on my country. Half relieved half disappointed.

Karen Karen

You are the sweetest and cutest guy. Also, the best FTM transition I have ever seen. Best wishes.


Absolutely pissing myself at this video about to fuckin die

Pablo Maidana

I wonder if the "sit on my face" guy you got was the same one Noah got

Sal m

What's with the different names of your fiance in the subtitles? I thought her name is Shaaba. In the subtitles it's Chava, Chubber and Sharma. I'm surprised she didn't whack you


Off topic: I love what you did with your hair in this one. I'm honestly jealous. How do you do it? (no need to answer that, I will just sit on my chair and sigh and move on.)

Łukasz Lupa

I've met my fiance on Grindr ?

Cheetahjammerplays AJ

Lmao as a gay transgender man, I got a shit ton of people who are so obsessed with transgender men just because of our body

Thomas Alexander Reid

Im just shocked you didn’t get any scam sugar daddies ?

Black KittyCat Happiness

as a person who has never dated but jumped straight into a relationship with their best friend, i relate to the awkward "what even is dating" vibe of this video


ace and confused once again
But this was amusing tho


I think you know what a good portion of the penises in the area you visited look like.

Jethro DiMeo

"Does minigolfing count as fun?" LOL


I always got the impression that men were more hung up about the presence / absence of a penis when it’s on a trans woman, not a trans man

Janet Graham-Russell

I went on a dating site and had to develop a criteria. Dick pic? No. Hi? No. Hi hun? No. And then, had they made any effort to make any conversation? And then, Sid I like what they said.

Took quite a while to whittle it down.


HH = hung and hairy
Who knew ?

Frank Parent

Jammie is jealous of guys with hairy chest
Me, a 26 y/o cis man, still waiting to get one

Doctor Merc

I used my middle name for grindr, since I never get to use it elsewhere


1:51 how optimistic


I can't understand people who feel they have the right just to be rude and offensive because they have a little anonymity. Why?


Jamie, you are SOOOOO adorable!!! Seriously could be David Tennant's little brother!!! Love that you have done this, I am sure it's a HUGE help for all trans folks, you are so sweet and honest. I am a straight CIS woman but I love watching your videos, very informative and entertaining. Keep up the good work.

Anthony Kerr

You leaving Shaaba is just a bunch of nonsense. You two are the most wholesome couple on the internet!

Sy Wilson

omg thank you for making this video. I recently came out as transmasc and, as a fellow bi-guy, created a grindr - holy shiiiiit i had to turn off notifications within the first hour, soooo many dicks ?

Alex Skye

Oh my gods your voice sounds so damn deep in this video. I hope my voice gets that deep one day

Ronwyn Damora

Funniest part? When you said you assumed people read your profile ;) A lot of times all they need is a pic (regardless of dating site)

Super Moosie

Awww. Wanted to see the profile you created. And the pics you chose.

Theron Gilliland, Jr.

1) No, guys on Grindr absolutely do not read your profile before messaging you (or sending a photo of a penis)
2) I totally would've messaged you if I saw you on Grindr! ?

Dynasty Nakatani

I am completely entertained that every time Jamie mentioned Shaaba in the first MINUTE...the auto-generated CC thought Jamie was saying something different. All were wrong, and none were repeated. Will it keep up? I think so. Only posting this comment and pressing play will tell me.

Henry G.

I was on Grindr long enough to figure out that hookups are not for me. It was actually fairly pleasant, at least compared to flirting I used to get from men when I was female presenting. There was one guy that came across as creepy to me cause right off the bat he was like “I am into FTMs yes, me, that is a thing I am” but he took the rejection fairly well, didn’t get angry or whatevs.

Bryn Hallman

i'm 14 i dont do dating apps lmfao happy pride month xx

Bernadette Devereux

It's not really a dating app though,is it.....more like find a shag app

A Wiebe

jamie your chest hair is so nice tho....

Andrew Williams

"We never dated before we met" ? Lol wat

Markus C.

My only bad experience on grindr was some person who just messaged "ur a girl." Like... deadass, that's the only transphobic thing that ever happened ???

Crystal Rosa

Grindr just call the vile of the vile. Not including yourself of course but those who use grindr. Especially in certain places. I just can’t..


The akward thank you is literally my life.

A White and Asian User Switch Grindr Profiles | What The Flip

A White and Asian User Switch Grindr Profiles | What The Flip13 May. 2018
115 892
GrindrSubscribe 438 721

What the Flip? Episode 1

What the Flip? Episode 1 has two guys switching profiles to explore how our racial preferences can be damaging whether we know it or not.

Get INTO more:

Comments (100)

These people act up like they never made fake grindr profiles and catfished people.......

Andrew Pearson

Why do people think bottoming is feminine lol i generally find majority of Asian attractive, i do prefer guys of anyrace who are feminine twinkish, but who are generally down to earth, not high maintenance but if you're are a gamer, movie tv comicbook geek which a great sense of humour. The white guy annoyed me, like you can see his privileged in one sentence, when talking about how he had to go make conversation and put in effort. Which consider of you horny and are you in to Asian? Like is he for real, I always reply nope to are "you horny" type texts, and the whole are you in to Asian? Wtf who starts a conversation with that. Yea this video didn't really do anything

Jose Gonzalez

What do you call guys the only date Latinos.
? bean eaters... LMAO. I am Spanish and White but look little Korean because I am tall and skinny and light skin yellows skin tone, with almond shape brown eyes and dark blond hair. I dislike when people are attractive to me because of my race. It should have to be about race or skin colors.

My Journey

I’m so sorry but that blonde guy is ugly ?????

Kris Seattle

White guy kinda get hooked with skinny asian and either way, just like a top white and bottom asian... not always but most

Mark Alexander Roberts

Thing is.. Asians only want white men and the white guys don’t want them back which makes the Asians sad.. maybe they should practice wot they preach and pay attention to minority gays? But guess wot, u can’t force people to fuk someone they don’t want to! So stop trying

Mike C

“I don’t want a hug, I’m an old witch.” Me asf ?????

Marcus Chan

Why am I not shocked? The gay world (and I mean world) is racist as fuck.


As a blk guy, I can relate.


I felt so sorry for the asian guy, and the white guy reading his Grindr :,,,( that was too much to handle

Donny Money

im so confused guys dont like asians? wtf why?


I can never understand why gay men (or really ANYONE) would be prejudiced against asians! I like almost everything about them


Are we just gonna ignore the fact that this particular Asian guy is much more attractive than this particular white guy? ?

Thomas E

can someone give me the name of the host ? he seems so fun!


I don't want a hug, I'm an old witch !

Arnold M

I don't understand why all the hoopla about gay men. I couldn't tell if they were gay just by the way they talked.

it ́s time for the moon night

That ending jadhjsgfjk

Adam Stewart

Who is the host? I love him

Matt Hardy

Fuck you all and your virtue signaling and identity politics. You all just love to be victims. ? Preference does not equal discrimination. No one HAS to date or have sex with anyone they don’t want to. Grow up, gays!!!

Hansel Huang

WOW. So insightful, Grindr.


this should have been sadder

D Town

i'm white/asian but I look more asian and i never have a problem on grindr... then again I don't live in racist america

Brent Foster

Now, imagine if this was a white and a black guy?

OHHHHHHH, how hot the T would've been THEN!!!!!!!!!

Fadhil Ramadhani

The asian guy is way more interesting

Mario Purba

What a revelation.. ?


they should do this with white gays switching grindr profiles with every other marginalized group in gay hookup culture (black guys, fat guys, fem guys, etc.)

Hung T

One of the most important features on a face is eyebrows

Calvin Chen

I'm Asian but this is just stupid. You're talking about Grindr, so don't complain if you have a good personality. Nobody cares on Grindr OK? The real problem here is not racism or anything, it's Grindr itself or this hookup thing.



Ðärk‡ronik Art & Music

"What The Flip?" needs to be longer! Love it!


Yup. Don't have issues with people having their own preferences; what we like and what we don't like. That's just how things works.

HOWEVER, having said that, it's how you say it or how you put it out there that makes a difference. If you like Caucasian men for example, you can say "Caucasians to the front of the queue" as opposed to saying "No rice or spice". Or say, "Someone closer to my age group", as oppsed to, "No dads/oldies".

Be more positive and say what you're after and not what you're not looking for. Like when you're at a job interview (I know..I unrelated example), when being asked, you say what attracts you to the position opposed to what threw you off of it.

We have far too much negativity and hate already, why add more to it? Just be nicer and kinder to one another people!

prion lopez

The Asian guy is actually way more attractive than the white dude.

Preslee Carson

Incredible people ever

Dominique McQueen

They're both so cute...but that Asian guy...HOTT DAMN!!

Name Change.

I've met a few guys with a black girl fetish and then they act like I should be grateful!

Ee Tee

Omg I love the host Amazng!

Bashi Sping

The discrimination even in the minority

Su Hugo

All my cute, handsome, fierce, colored, coco butter, sun kiss tan fellas get on the Blued app. ?

Jada Allen


Rob R

Too girly.

Thanos apokapouallou

The thing that upsets me is that i might see some very very beautiful guys in apps like this but actually most of them are feminine and that is disappointing cause i don't like feminine at all


I love Billy Francesca!

AnimeLover 96

As a human being disregarding the race, there’s always a time of our life where we get lonely and we subconsciously want another human being to make us feel special romantically. It’s a human instinct. So I went on social networking sites including grindr. But I realise that people from places like these are likely just there to smash. As an asian guy It was very difficult to catch someone’s attention in these places. At first it bothers me.
But i realised that I just need to go out more. Well, not in clubs .. but travel and what not.. Meet new people in person. For me That’s the fastest way for people to be interested in who you in person.
I like this vid tho. It’s like a trip back to memory lane.

Herp Derp

Honestly, I find the asian guy to be more attractive. He's adorable and has a playful attitude. Idk why people have to make rude comments or just mess with POC just for a fetish and not because of a genuine interest in the person... Then again they're using an app for hooking up. shrugs

Ben Sassy

I think there’s hot guys in all races! Why restrict yourself? Lol!

Jade X

The host MADE this video worth watching

Meneer Bert

The other way around, if you use an Asian dating app such as Blued as a white guy(particularly if you dont look feminine or if your profile says vers or top... all you get is messages saying 'how big?'. 'you big?'.

Blake Gill Puente

Yt Gay Culture really is just fucking trash sometimes. I'm not sorry for saying it, yt gays should be sorry for letting it be true.

If you hit up an Asian guy because you think they're all the same in some attribute, you're trash. If you refer to yourself as a "rice queen," you're trash. If you don't regularly speak Spanish but in your first messages to a Latino you start calling him "papi" or you tell him he's "spicy," thinking it's cute and flirty, you're trash. If you think black men are supposed to share the same big dick, total top, masculine traits-- you're trash, and racism isn't cute.

I sincerely hope every queen who is like this and doesn't bother to put forth the effort to not be trash someday will just die alone or at least stop annoying POCs with their bullshit. Nobody fucking wants you, go away!


For me, there are two types of guys: guys I like and guys I don't like. I can't understand people saying is cute but he is Asian , Black or whatever ....

Rumple Stiltskin

By this new definition of "Racist", I must admit that yes I am sexually racist, and I really don't give a royal sh*t whether any of you PC morons out there in La La land like it or not. By the way my lover of 16 years is Vietnamese and I'm not. You idiots need to stop pushing this PC Racist crap, as if it is a thing that needs to be changed.

This you will never change; "Birds of a feather flock together", and it is not because of racism, but because belonging to a group of like minded people has to do with safety as we protect ourselves from predators or the human type. If you don't think there is a time for a solid foundation of racism, then you have not been watching the news lately. The Mexicans and Arabs are invading our country at an alarming rate and you PC idiots think it is the neatest thing since sliced bread.


Honestly, one can't judge someone from their PROFILE. and one shouldn't

Bryan Florence

Hi bottom boi tall thin smooth regulare guy

Devon Hughes

Again, tired of these videos that irresponsibly conflate the instances racial prejudice and fetishization with the everyday online coldness, rudeness, and hostility that most people use on apps. Are you aware that you’re doing that? Let’s be honest, it’s the sad digital dating ghetto that many of us LGBT people are now in which exacerbates personality traits which would normally be not as strong or at least handled more civilly if two people were talking over a cup of tea. Texting behind stupid avatars brings out the worst in people.

Lee Jansen

"It is my responsibility as a white person to understand ... " Ladies and Homosexuals, I am shook!

Jonathan G

LOL the ending kinda ruined it, of course you're not everyones cup of tea, no one is. The problem is not being someones cup of tea due to racial stereotypes that dehumanize you. That can be very mentally damaging.

John Kwak

You think this is tough. In the straight world ...Asian men are invisible. Sometimes even Asian women don't want us. It's because in the west there has been this history of sexual racism against Asian men. At one point I really thought of suicide cause dating was that tough in the west.

Is Be

The Asian guys saying “ it was nice” to be a white guy sums up why white guys can look down upon Asian guys and they willingly take it ..... most of them wish they were white #InferiorityComplex!

MacDreyar Asd

Yeah Rice queen. Wtf?? Rice is basically heaven for us Asians and you just need to understand culture. By the way I'm Asian and i am not really into white guys.


Yeah this was probably too drunk and random, and THANK YOU EDITORS but even you couldn't spin gold out of bullshit.

Arie Swanz presents much better, despite being a woman.

popo polo

When you looking for serious relationship on grindr but what you got is just an old men who asking nudes:'(

Vinny Ortiz

To tell you the truth in my personal experiences I suffered more racial discrimination from the "non-white" people than from Caucasians, I've been received and accepted in a better and more positive way from them, than from people who are "non-Caucasians" sad to say but its true

Brian Daguman

Like the proposal of Marx for countering capitalism, why don't gay minorities do the same thing towards the dominating one, like let's revolutionize the idea of not dating white men, or at least not putting them on pedestals. Let's put on our dating apps: "Not into white men. Just preference".

Itz Lix

WHY YOU GUYS WANNA BE LIKED BY WHITE PEOOLE LLE SO BAD? If THEY don't LIKE YOU that's fine it's there preference.


I’m half asian half black and My Grindr experience is nothing like this. I get plenty of attention and almost no one makes comments on my race. When the conversation gets long and deep I might just get asked about my heritage but that’s about it.

Louis Ruffin

Honestly the only time I get a lot of messages is if I have a blank profile with no race listed. Then if I change the race to black no messages at all, if I am talking to somebody and they find out I’m black they block or stop responding. If I have my picture up they either ignore me or only hit me up to fetishize me. There are never any conversations just ass pix the message “are you hung”. It’s a terrible experience, if I go to bars I get ignored there too. Being ostracized is a normal life.

Mas Rifqi

Saw some comments saying that Asian guy didn’t habe to be ripped to get laid, bla bla bla

Let me tell first, that i am 100% sure that most of you who said that are not Asian living in White countries or not People of Color. That is a minus for you.

Asians living in White community and White gays are being poisoned with porn hence building the stereotypes of Asian = bottom, least desired, etc just because we are nice, polite and not aggresive/assertive people. it is just how we raised and being taught ever since we were young.

You being noisy and ask about everything in Asian countries will get a smack. And that is not because of submission, it is because of how to adapt. Now take note on White living in Asian countries,. Are their behavior to be more quiet in the countries means they are submissive? should they become Logan Paul to maintain their image as being an assertive? just giving an example, a hyper one

now back to the case, now you know the background, the cause of the common behaviors being expressed by Asian. And you got judged/stereotyped. People think that we are inferior to them, which you probably will say “no, i never thought about them like that”. Oh come on, at least if you are not, that is how gay society in white countries depicted us as.

Do you know what happens when you are being told that you are a bad guy and you never do things right? you START TO BELIEVE that you are bad and useless in some way. Hence why he truly believed that the least he can do when Asian are desired the least, is to met the least standard in gay world. Which is good body shape. So reality check in general did not really apply in here and that is people, how depression and bad mental health started. At least you can relate with this way

And you mister no Asian or mister top who believe all Asians are bottom, contributed to something that you should not be proud of

AND last, if you are White, you probably rolling your eyes and swipe this away anyway

Sterling Lacaden

I think racial preference is something people notice in themselves like “hey of all the guys I’ve msged/tapped most of them are X but I’m just looking for people I’m attracted to in general” as opposed to a discrimination where they actively avoid certain races or say they’re exclusively attracted to one race or view being attracted to any particular race as a fetish. And people might think they aren’t racist but if the only people they’re msging and tapping are white people exclusively then either there isn’t much diversity in their area or they might be tricking themselves. And you don’t have to be white too to have an exclusive, discriminatory bias like that either.


Wow people have preferences? That’s crazy!

couch potat

Brutal racepill....

Khanh Kha Minh

I cannot say this represents everybody, especially in the gay community, but at least in straight relationships, this 'preference' may have been inculcated from parents. I am living in Japan, so most of my friends are Asian. Some of my friends' parents will only approve of their boyfriends/girlfriends if the boyfriend/girlfriend is Asian, too. Asian people tend to need parents' permission to date, although it seems to be changing.

Aleister LaVey

I am Hispanic/latino, and my dad says I pass off as white and Asian. I don't know how to feel about that.

Michael S

The editing is so out of whack in these videos. Just 3 minutes of jumping back and forth every 2 seconds between random interviews. No flow at all. Annoying because the content and topics are usually really interesting

Snuggle metight

Buuut the asian guy is way WAY more attractive

Ethereal Mortal

Wow, the asian guy reminds me of someone I dated who I really liked, except he was half-latino, not asian. He has the same cute mannerisms (smile, the way he moved his eyes) and similar voice and body type. God, I miss him. He moved away. But I would date the asian guy for sure. He's very beautiful, physically and spiritually.


The issue here is the blatant insensitivity and racist tone of these 'preferences.' Look, I absolutely understand we all have preferences in life, even who we choose to date and are attracted to. However, why the unnecessary need for many in the gay community to be so blatant and cold about deliberately putting down other races in dating profiles? I don't see straight people on dating profiles being so obnoxious in saying they want to see only white profiles. You can have preferences and yet still treat others with respect and dignity. And the thing that sticks in my craw, is that the gay community will be the first to complain about racism against them in society. How can you expect society to respect you, if you don't respect others. Such hypocrisy.


It’s so confusing to me we lgbtq+ people have been discriminated against like a lot yet theirs still shit like this it honestly confuses me

Ved Pel

Shoot I'm a pretty attractive geek/black guy, light tan. I hardly get responses unless I'm an ass. Barely texting, hours to days to respond back, or online solely for sex without any nudes. It's really strange. When I do send more than one picture people think I'm fake or something I'm not. Who else?


The Asian guy doesn't even look that Asian. A large part of it is all expectations.

misael franco

They should make one with a Latino.

Julio Hernandez

1:35 everybody is interested in you

Ariel Lesmana

This is exactly what i experienced when i first moved to europe a year ago. And it's frustrating to explain to my friends back home about how hard it is for me to just converse with someone (or getting laid)

Sugar Poo

these r just preferences bitch come on dont wanna be judged but judging them for their preferences? just not in to it live whit that done


There's been some changes since the early 2000s. Although it is not nearly as bad, it is still there. The problem I have is white guys feel that you have to talk to them, no matter how they look. I do get a better selection of Asians, but we are so different. See, Asians tend to look much, much younger than their actual age - particularly Filipinos. They lack very masculine features. They also don't have strong masculine mannerisms that I'm use to. I'm Black by the way. And being a body type of person, that is really important to me.

But back in the 2000s not once did I get an Asian response. So that part changed. Filipinos are very friendly people to talk to though.

Anyway, it is pretty clear I'm into Black men. For me, it is about preference center around their body. I'm not big on Hair, but hair does show some maturity, which is important to me.

Asians also tend to be shorter than the average Black man. But my 6'2 height is not average for anyone human. We also have a stronger muscular and bone density, which explains why usually play dominant positions when we are paired with white men. But I saw things changing in this area as well. I have seen several videos showing white men being the top.

But in the context of racism, slavery and jim crow, I find a problem with that. At least the top position did give sometype of authority and power over white men. I'm just saying.

None of my comments is meant to offend anyone. It is meant to inform readers what it is to be a black man. But I'm not even the majority of Black men. And I might actually be the minority of Black men who don't do interracial dating. So if I'm rejected by them (Asians, White, Latinos), I don't care. I know what I like.

But the difference between me and others, I can still be friends with a person. Thank you for reading.

wig 5000

the way the white girl talks gets on my nerves


Good! Give me all the Asians! More for me

Ian Asian PH • 23 years ago

"I don't wanna get pregnant" LOL

Chad Thundercock



Imagine being black

Archer Langfield

The gay community is racist. Conversation over

Derek Berry

I can't believe that some names that people come up with to describe other people.

As a another gay guy, I tried to be subconscious of myself constantly. When I look at people online I have to ask myself am I being racist or am I being something else. Sometimes I can't even bring myself to communicate with them. I was just so nervous. I tried to actually Focus that their people and not something completely different. Everybody is a person and it doesn't matter what they look like it's what they they are as a person and their personality Not For What ethnicity is. I tried to keep in that in mind. And hope to meet other people and see where things will go.

Rini Rini

Is that white guy even attractive?

Marlon Elias

IG: @elias_marlon

Cridge McKing

White guys and Latinos are attractive.

Samm Bai

Why do people even bother using this gross app ? ?

Daniel Calvert

As a white guy living in Japan, I see so so many ‘Asian only’ profiles.
I feel like this happens with the majority in whatever country you got to. It just so happens that people are more tuned on to this issue now in America.


The asian guy is more attractive—on another note, white men don’t age well and they stomp around like they’re still all that lol


His hair ???

blah blah blah blah blah blah

I feel this.. If only I can explain how it feels like an Asian..

Don get me wrong... I love being Asian.. But hooking up... ???

Edgeboy Eee

The most discriminatory are Asian gays,,, they will die for a white or middle Eastern or Latino guy but never ever everrrrr date a black guy

Giovani de Oliveira

And both white and asian aren't into blacks....oh wait....even blacks arent into


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"I don't want to be grouped together like an animal" ♥️

Austin And Patrick

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Edgar Yarin

Ho am 8

Daniel Gerdin

Penis-safari 2018 !!! XD


You should both find a date for each other on Grindr, then go on a double date and film it

Charles Magaao

You guys couple?


6:58 he said oh... im definitely learning a lot, can I see that a little bit closer, please? Lol ?

Lukas Wahlbrink

The scream ???

Kiilakas Vaablane

That lag

Jason Rich

Hi Mom’s...Great video. But I am not sure if I should be more worried about what could happen to you guys as a result of being on Grindr, or scared for the guys brave enough to respond to your listings.

Andre Lommerse

I love Austin's tank top!!

Andre Lommerse

Why don't you do a video with Hornet?


Be careful

Yuki Mavis

You guys are growing fast, You already have 9000+ Subscribers, That's amazing. I'll support your channel. <3

Anthony smith

Love you guys.

Mikele Pérez

Dios mio, amo sus vídeos, deberían tener 1.000.000 de suscriptores, saludos muchos éxitos!

Randy 415

Loved your video guys :)  love both of you hugs :-)

Lorenzo Frison

8:42 What's more boring than Ryan.
Bryan? XD jk.

Juan Reyes

I'm 4'11 lmao dead like literally but not but kind of most of the time.

Holly Haun

R u guys going to do a Christmas video


new subscriber! love your vids ❤️ btw.... am i the only one who thinks that Austin literally looks like a ken doll..... and Sterling Knight? lol ?


Patrick being shook was the best part XD

Water Dr8plet

12:20 what was that lol

Thomas Furret

Austin, you are too cute... You guys aren't dating right?

Ryan Wilson

'nothing more boring than a Ryan'- cheers guys not all of us are boring ahahaha

Melvin Osiel Maldonado

I really would like to Believe ! That there ‘s a gay guys that don’t use gridr cus I know a guy in my job And i think he’s into me .he is from my area but I’ve never see him before on Grindr .... so I guess that means he’s not even gay lol ... but idk .


I’m so proud of how far you’ve come!!!!

Christian DeLuca

your picture looks good. you are both cute by the way

Mark Daniels

U guys r toooooo funny

andrew soekahar

Yas committed to a friendship ... hmm hmm hmm

Brian Perkins

I deleted done with that life.

Pablo Delos Santos

Marilyn Monroe???

Pablo Padial

You look as good as always Austin??‍♂️

Someone Elsewhere

Meanwhile no messages for me


Is That Justin Timberlake on the left

Efren Martinez

7:45 LMAO u guys r adorable. pls when will this song be up on itunes xD

Angel Meza

love you both! New Sub <3


Why do you only have 9k? ? You deserve more ??

Anika Batzdorf

Second ?

Mark Daniels

Your shirtless pic was super cute

Noah Solorzano

I have seen el presidente before

Susanna Witles

U guys made my day ❤ I love you guys?


Adorable you both!

Monde Zwane

I love my abs so much that I protect them using a layer of fat

Mrs. Cringe

Yes yes yeeeees???????????


lol, the blur didn't catch up with the pic at 6:59

Garrett Swanson

Y’all crack me up ?

alex brink

Would y'all do a gruff page claiming to be a 'bear' ? but use the normal pictures? Bet you'll get some funny responses.

irishcupof tea

Are they together or just friends


so like....tWiNks

amelia ricci


Christopher Dahl

When you say you're 'hungry' that's code for 'poor' or 'oral'.


How about the newlywed challenge for best friends! You ask stuff about the other one and each of you write the answer down and reveal at the same time...or where you ask stuff and count to three and then both say an answer. You guys are so much fun together!! (and Austin, you have abs, you're not fooling anyone :P)

Sarah Wever

Thank you guys for making Youtube videos! I had a shit day at work and I come home and watch this video and i ended it crying from laughing so hard..Patrick using Austin's finger as his microphone put me over the top i literally had to pause because I just couldn't breathe! You two are so hilarious and I love you both so much!!!

Ed C

You two are HOOT!!!


austin is adorable


Do part 3 where you manage to set a date, a real meet up at a cafe. To show us how tricky is it

Gay Green

0:56 I mean his mouth ??? #WideMouthAlert

Shawn F.

Fuck you vanilla is amazing lol

Terry Fang

Please do a part 3, this is hilarious


Lmao these are hilarious. Do more of these.


Austin’s fucken hot af!!! ?❤️?

The Gay_churro

My god y’all are adorable?? not even joking y’all are me on so many levels, I’m way too awkward for Grindr. On top of that, I’m 14 soooo.....? but yeah, too gay for Grindr ??

Von Keegan

Honestly you guys are great at making videos. However, you should be doing it without pants on.

Alejandro Correa

Holaaa guyss jajaja hii from Colombia.... ???

Travis Krzemienski


Izumi Sena



Hey guys, you‘re very funny.???
Greets from Frankfurt✌?

Robin Hemsworth


Charlie Jean

Well... I did subscribe ?

Stephanie Kellum

You guys are too cute and too funny..innocent beans ☺️❤


Use tinder next please!?

Jack Z

“I think you’re friend had a stroke” XD

Patrick Dyer

I love ur guys videos...I hope u guys had a good weekend and I hope ur guys have a good week also ?

Harry Benham

Eyyyyyyyyy new video. What do you guys dor for jobs? It cant be youtube can it? Not yet.

Gabriel N Cali

Love you guys! You always make you me smile! :) LoL!

Jessica Melerski

Just date each other’s


This video is amazing... Love it ❤️❤️ I really want to meet you guys you are so funny and pretty ??


Oh my god guys, was that scream of Patrick real or did you edit it in? ?
I guess even if I could text you on grindr I wouldn't dare because I would be afraid of you making fun of me ?? but I loved the video and Patrick's c*ck looks amazing ? ...I hope I won't be banned for this ??

Adam Rose Games

I really dont like the fact that i want to do things like use grindr and go to gay bars and clubs but im only 15?

Jonny Phillips

This may sound weird but I love Austin's teeth... omg..

Don Z Dryver

Dogpile challenge ... ?


Im usually not into twinks but I’d give Austins bum a lick lol

Javan Garber

Why are these guys both hotter than I ever will be ?


Say "like" much.

Matteo Palumbo

First!!! Love you <3

Victor M

There videos are funny and I love the Lana Del Rey reference with the happy birthday.

Scott Simpson

Love your reactions to pics on Grindr, so funny!

KC Raviv

I just subscribed and you guys are so much fun. I found you guys after coming across a pic of Austin on a web page. Cant wait for the next video.

Rhys BC

Do a celebrity smash or pass please also you to are like goals

Elias COdoubleB

Are you too dating cos I’m confused


Your profil photo looks like Ken.?