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ASK BJ - How to Perform Kettlebell Snatches and Cleans Without Wrist Pain

ASK BJ - How to Perform Kettlebell Snatches and Cleans Without Wrist Pain13 Apr. 2010
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ASK BJ: How to Perform Kettlebell Snatches and Cleans Without Wrist Pain

Hey BJ,

Ive been using kettle bells for about 8 months now and LOVE them. My only problem is that I get very sore and sometimes bruised

on the top of my wrists (I have small wrists to begin with). I cant do snatches or cleans without heavily wrapping up my wrists. Any suggestions?



Seattle, WA

The biggest complaint with kettlebell training, is the bruising that can occur on the back of the wrists from cleans and snatches. The good thing about this is kettlebell training has instant feedback, so if it hurts (meaning if youre getting bruised) something isnt right.

Its all about form. For kettlebell cleans the biggest mistake is using a kettlebell that is too light. The clean is one of those exercises that benefits from using a heavier kettlebell to perfect the form. If you find that the kettlebell is still flopping down on your wrist and causing impact and pain try doing your cleans in front of a wall. This helps to control the arc of the kettlebell and should greatly decrease the amount of impact you feel on your wrists.

For snatches, practice your one arm high pulls before moving to snatches, pay close attention to how the kettlebell feels at the top of the high pull, notice the point in which the kettlebell feels weightless, this weightless point is key in kettlebell snatches. Once you have perfected your high pulls, start to work on the snatch by punching your hand through the handle of the kettlebell at the weightless point. You want to play a proactive component in kettlebell snatches and make sure that you get your hand around the kettlebell rather than the kettlebell going around your hand; be sure to keep a lose grip on the kettlebell during both cleans and snatches, a grip that is too tight will increase the amount of impact you feel.

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Amalia Squire

This was helpful. Thanks. I have bruising on back of my arm from where the kettle bell hit. Thought would be the writs and forearm but it's the back of my arm. But this was still get helpful

“The Ryan Hall Roll” Ryan Hall vs BJ Penn - ZombieProofBJJ (BreakDown)

“The Ryan Hall Roll” Ryan Hall vs BJ Penn - ZombieProofBJJ (BreakDown)30 Dec. 2018
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Man, BJ Penn just made one of the most important decision of his life....To Tap out from this.


Thanks for the breakdown. When I first saw it I was like wtf?! ?

Brian Hendrix

In the words of a great man!!!!.....???

Bobby Boucher

hahaha "subscribe. buy my shit."

Tyler Vierow

Awesome detail on the neck trap. Totally missed that, even on replay.


Thanks for the breakdown. I was scratching my head and like "how the hell did he snatch Penn like that?"

Brian Bomofob

Lol love the Canadian accent, "oatside in"

lee lunk


Israel Ramos

It took a while for Jiujitsu to become effective in MMA again; Tonnon, Hall, Maia, and Lovato have really been able to implement their advanced jiujitsu. I expect Gordon Ryan to do the same.

RK G96789

Pretty complex even watching you guys break it down slow. I can't believe he actually did it in a fight against a BJ.

Barry Filter

Great breakdown and explanation for the non BJJ audience.

Appreciate this video so much as it actually thought me something new again :).

Have subscribed to that channel.


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Would love to see the breakdown, but I can't tell what's going on because of the unicorn that shit all over your clothes

Jarps Art

Awesome colourfull pants and a great moves!

The Martial Arts Kids

Sweet !!!! Thank you for posting this !

Matrix Jiu Jitsu

The already tremendous breaking power of the position got reinforced by BJ`s wrong side turn. Schockingly disturbing, i hope Mr. Penn is fine.

Nicolas Jeric-Allan

Is there any way to modify this to attack the straight ankle lock?

Adam Ellis

Great video! Thanks for the breakdown ?

Pranay Francis

I would train this but I'm not allowed to go oatside

Courtney M Gibson

I love bjs to dawg


poor knee


You think BJ tried spinning out the wrong way becuase he was confused by Ryan grabbing the other leg at first?

Nick Castine

You earned yourself a subscriber with this video :D

Mike Laugh

His knee is fine re-watch the video its his ankle that took the damage.

Efficiency Jiu Jitsu 417 BJJ

Excellent breakdown!

Lu Jitsu

Good video, happy new year.


Those tights man lol

Hugo Stiglitz

Incredible he was able to pull off a move this complex in the heat of battle against a legend like Penn.

Sean Kim

Nope, sorry, its the Kim roll. Stealing from wrestlers. Has been done over 2 decades ago

Pom Tetty

I've just realized the #1 benefit of training Gi Jiu Jitsu...

Mike Vieira

I squeaked when I saw it go on!

Beginner's Mind BJJ

First ! Fire as usual

Jx Glenn

"I have short arms" ?

Karsten B

eye muh narri. so fucking canadian ya know?

Ryan Davis

It is shocking that BJ made that mistake! He was the first American Gold Medalist of the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship! And he is a 5th Degree Black Belt! ?‍♂️

Kwaku Anansi

... Well, maybe it was real different.

Joe Vega

I have seen submission 10 time i never once sine Ryan Hall put his leg BJ Penn head

Richard I. Tait

Good stuff. Thanks.

Nick MacLeod



Dude how does you're brain even notice this shit. So many details.


Thanks alot! I landed it in mma sparring!

Effective Martial Arts

Thanks a lot for the breakdown, very clear and concise! - Patrick

ding dong

ryan hall is probably the most underappreciated fighter of today. he's really pushing the boundaries of modern mma and most people don't even notice...

Joe Vega

Your right these techniques are new to me happen split second. Ryan Hall is a world class BJJ fighter. ✌

Russell Jorden

Can you show the possible/options counters, (lol, besides tapping) that BJ could have used to buy time/escape?

Warren Grace


Living MMA

It was slick like in a video game! Amazing!

The Shirt Of Shame

I would have liked to see a proper defense to it like what was the proper tbing for BJ to do rather than throw that leg over (i think he was going to try and grab the head so h e could stomp the foot through)

Brian Bouchard

Man, BJJ could really use some help with nomenclature control. We're running out of things to call positions.

E Penn “Thanh Le roll”


The “Ryan Hall Role”, luv it, so appropriate

David Yoder

I don’t know how people are gonna prepare for hall with this stuff. Gotta be super tough to find somebody to emulate his leg lock game for a training camp.

Demian 'The Backpack' Maia

On your game as always. Good shit

kota karguy

Buy my shit

Michael Nathan-Pepple

Would it have been best for BJ to try and shift that's knee line and kick out the back door? Also are those choke n dye and your spats gonna be for sale or are those customs?
Have a happy New year ☺️

john philip

That accent is as gay as those pants


The foot-behind rock climber grip is ironically referred to as a toe-hook.

Tyler Moore

Thanks bro! Nailed it as usual


We can say that BJ turned to the wrong side because his heel was already caught right? If it wasn't then it would have been a good escape reaction because it would have hid his heel?

Comic Bound Weekly

Good explanation, really gives a good understanding of how BJ tore his knee in the fight.

Cody Mathes

Those tie dye tights ?

? UPDATED WOW - 10/14/2020 | METABOLIC MAYHEM 2.0 | BJ Gaddour Home Follow-Along Workout

? UPDATED WOW - 10/14/2020 | METABOLIC MAYHEM 2.0 | BJ Gaddour Home Follow-Along Workout16 Oct. 2020
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- A low box/step for split squats and 1-leg low box jumps

- A lighter dumbbell (BJ used 25lbs)

- A heavier dumbbell or kettlebell (BJ used two 50s for 100lbs total)

- 2 resistance bands: 1 lighter, 1 heavier

- A hand towel for overhead triceps extensions


- Perform each move for 90 seconds of work at the prescribed tempo with 30 seconds of rest between moves:

Shin Box Raise- Left

Shin Box Raise- Right

- The training tempo (or rep speed) will change from cycle to cycle as outlined below:

Cycle 1: Eccentric-Isometric Emphasis- 4 seconds down, 4 seconds hover hold

Cycle 2: Isometric Emphasis- Pause halfway down AND halfway up

Cycle 3: Pulsing at Top

Cycle 4: Pulsing at Bottom




Minute 1: DB 1-Arm Overhead Situp L/R

Minute 2: DB 1-Arm Overhead Situp + Press L/R

Minute 3: DB 1-Arm Overhead Situp + Double Press L/R


Minute 1: Band Jabs L/R

Minute 2: Band Step Jabs L/R

Minute 3: Band Leap Jabs L/R


Perform each move for 30 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest between moves:

Goblet Split Squat

X-Band Split Runner

1-Leg Low Box Jumps


Perform each move for 30 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest between moves:

Goblet Split Squat

X-Band Split Runner

1-Leg Low Box Jumps


Perform each move for 30 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest between moves:

Band Overhead Triceps Extension

Band Pushups

Band Overhead Press


Perform each move for 30 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest between moves:

Band Hammer Curls

Band Bent-Over Row

Band Pull-Aparts

That’s 1 cycle. Perform up to 2 total cycles. Rest a minute between rounds. Rest 3 minutes between cycles.



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Calejan Monteiro

Today in São Paulo, it is the teacher's day, that God bless you, that your students continue to learn and that you continue to be a good teacher

A Veterans Perspective

Bruh...alot of YouTubers think they have that thing and don’t....but you do BJ...binge watching your vids....good shit?????

A Veterans Perspective


Catalin Manolache

Great ☝️ as always!!
Sry to be offtopic, but I’m not sure what to do on Fridays and Saturdays. No GCG posted for october on . ?

hunter hubby

That leg set was brutal. Surprising how tired my legs were after working the box like I did.