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Top 15 Hottest NFL Cheerleader Squads In 2016

Top 15 Hottest NFL Cheerleader Squads In 201621 Aug. 2016
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Top 15 Hottest NFL

Top 15 Hottest NFL Cheerleader Squads in 2016.

1. Dallas Cowboys

I know, I know it is too obvious, but still how could you possibly pick any team but the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders for the top spot? It is the one squad that really has some sort of true star appeal. So many women growing up wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, and so many guys lusted after them.

2. Miami Dolphins

For the true football purist it is a bit sad to see what has become of the Miami Dolphins. At one point they were one of the best teams in the National Football League year after year, but as of late they have been more of a doormat, and this year should be more of the same.

3. Houston Texans

You know how Texas is, especially Houston. Everything has to be bigger and better than anyplace else, and the cheerleading team is no exception. Also, people in Texas tend to be more than a little bit excited about football.

4. Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks’ cheerleaders are a bit like the team itself; they used to be kind of a sleeper, and now they are known by all. The Seahawks should once again have a very good team this year and fight for the championship. The cheerleaders are on point as always.

5. New England Patriots

Ah, the Patriots. You either love them or hate them. You think that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are football Gods and are the best thing ever, or you think they made a secret pact with Satan.

6. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are almost always decent as of late and sometimes even better than that. This year should be no exception; with Andrew Luck they have a good shot at winning the division. The Colts always have a hot cheerleading squad as well and this year is no exception.

7. Denver Broncos

The Broncos are one of the old school teams in the National Football League and they always get a lot of respect. The cheerleaders are on the same sort of trajectory.

8. New Orleans Saints

New Orleans is a pretty amazing city. It is not the biggest city in America, not even close actually, but it draws a lot of interesting people, and there is a lot of partying going on.

9. San Diego Chargers

Have you ever been to San Diego? I have. If you look at the photo above this entry you will see some hot blonde women, cavorting around wearing skimpy clothing. Well, in San Diego, that is what you see pretty much everywhere.

10. New York Jets

The Jets are just not that good; they usually aren’t. Sure they have had some good teams in the past, but it has been a while. The same does not apply to their cheerleaders, who they call the Flight Crew. Get it? New York is obviously an area where there are a lot of good looking women.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars

Okay, we have a totally different scene here than we do in Minnesota or Kansas City. While those cheerleaders kind of have a traditional, “girl next door” kind of vibe, the Jacksonville girls have the “let’s have one more margarita vibe” and they look like they smell like suntan lotion.

12. Kansas City Chiefs

While Kansas City is not really a place where you think a lot of good looking women might hang out, believe me, the cheerleaders for the Kansas City Chiefs are nothing to sneeze at. The Chiefs themselves are much the same. They were good last year, and should be even better this year, especially with the addition of Jamaal Charles.

13. Minnesota Vikings

This one is a bit of a hard one to figure out. You just don’t think of Minnesota as a place where there would be a lot of hot chicks, but if you do think that, you would be wrong. First of all, the Vikings are an old school team with a lot of tradition, and also exist in an All-American, apple pie-type atmosphere, and that usually means one thing.

14. Atlanta Falcons

While the Falcons are not the best team, they do have some of the very best cheerleaders. Southern girls are always kind of alluring, and if you check out some of the smoke-shows on the Falcons cheerleader squad you will see that is no exception to that rule.

15. Oakland Raiders

When one thinks of hot women one does not usually think of Oakland, which has always been San Francisco’s ugly sister. But we are talking football here and even though the Raiders have been pretty awful as of late, that was not always the case. Back in the old days they were one of the best franchises in the NFL, and with good franchises usually comes good cheerleaders, and the Raiders are no exception.

Comments (38)
Nathaniel Oakwood


_ JDP2104 _

The cardinals cheerleaders should be here. Them chicks fine af

Kate Faith

I’ve met the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders before :)

Teri Gary

They dance that good ???

Norm Al

Why am I watching this as a gay male?

AyeAyeRon Molay

Yup DCC # 1


#15 for the Raiderettes? No way! #2.

Gavin AM

Seahawks should have replaced the dolphins

nadine wagner

just Pics?

Brayden Cole

Bruh isn't there like 30 nfl teams?

Nora Nilsson

Oh yeah I love seattle seahawks!



Trace zach daniels

the only reason i go to live games.....oooo weeee....


Dallas cowboys by a mile

Randale cole Bittle

Marshall Texas Take us here.

Julian Shipp Jr

Aye Saints

Travis Nevarez

I knew Dallas was gonna get #1

Aimee Bowers

You forgot the Eagles

Neil Patil

Dolphins squad for the win! Florida women!!!!!!!!

Quindell Wilson

Dallas is not number 1


Where are the panthers cheerleading squad?!

Michael Noviello

Philadelphias Liberty Belles blow out the Cowboys!


Where are the Lions and Packers cheerleaders? they are sooooooo hot. oh that's right they don't have any cheerleaders. ok then the Steelers cheerleaders ! oh yeah none there either haha. the Redskin cheerleaders show the most flesh, they may as well be wearing bikini's. and the JAGUAR cheerleaders are very very hot!

hayley chelsea

Oh those are nice- AHHHH GOOD LORD!!!!

Cubefarmer Hkc

Entirely too gorgeous



Barney & Friends

I live in dallas

Izzy McGinty

We're the eagle cheerleaders at this was clearly a cowboys fan come on search up eagle cheerleaders NFL and tell me there not the best

Joash Joseph

Cheer are pretty

TLZ Entertainment

Where's the eagles

lisa Stewart

where my seahawks fans at :)

Mr. Lolster


Jason Olson

The most gorgeous women dancing in the NFL are female Seahawks dancers and the DCC.

Max West

I dislike all of them are the same

Brandon Manuel

I want my mansion in heaven to be full on NFL cheerleaders.

Mark Solarz

Love the purple and gold of the Vikings! But America the Beautiful has many colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy Bonilla

Only thing good about the cowboys is their cheerleaders

Kraz Reaper

Bruh the colts are flat

Top 5 Hottest Cheerleaders / Best Dancers

Top 5 Hottest Cheerleaders / Best Dancers23 Jan. 2017
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Cheerleaders, Anadolu

Cheerleaders, Anadolu Efes, Boca Juniors, Zalgiris Kaunas, Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks.

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Comments (69)

I like the intensity and fierce faces at #4, rather than the plastered on smiles

υмвяα ʝєαииє

LOOK AT THEIR BODIES ????? I want to be like them!!!!! :(((((((((


Can you tell me why young women show their legs, wear their uniforms so tight, and girate to show their bunns and tits ? Also why in front of crowds ?


A bunch of young ladies with childlike bodies, when a sports team going to put in the thick curvy girls, during any game nobody pays attention to these ladies, I believe if they were thicker and more curvier, people will complain and call it obscene, and too provocative


Where did you get the full clip of the Cavaliers cheerleaders?

Dave Beaudry

Ok Stop It that's enough of looking at my harum now ☺


I just grew 3 inches by looking at their racks

Zatch 101

Ok I started dying laughing in number three when i saw the girl with no hair ??? she’s doing all these dances that supposed to make a girls hair fly around but she’s half bald ?


Those Lithuanian girls are hot! Lietuva!


2:27, wow!

Phil Enguita

Check out the Lithuanian Cheerleaders!?

CanDo Caspar

2:40 3:00

Dan Hanley

number 2 with a black bean sauce thanks woggo
I could feast on them for a fuckin week

Neeraj Kumar Kori


Hard Puncher

These dance moves ain't got shit on kpop

I'm Inara

Demet Ozdemir?

Michael Panga

i gotta say, hhhhhmmmm


Name of the song?


Sporty Spice Melanie C looks wonderful in all NBA cheerleader outfits.

Updated Binodon

nice video

Mike G

Only number one was hot. The others? meh

Shivam Tomar

Which song

Cezary Cezary

My firend ask for ig does girls

selena with luv

Wow I didin't expested lithuanian cheerleader will be here!


Larry Bryant

Gesture models

Olivia Dunham

Lol, 1 everyone ?

Willy Hub

what is the title of the music thanks


skirts, cheerleading NEEDS skirts

Donna Ploss

Nuthin beats DCC!

Brandon Allen

My girlfriend actually told me she would worry if I didn't like cheerleaders. Thank goodness I do.

John Brown


Maria J.

Boca Juniors look like hookers from Las Vegas, so not classy, sorry:-(

Babukhali Mgps4

America is a disgusting country

Zig Zag

These are definitely NOT the hottest. Also, what’s with the NFL cheerleaders? Most notable, what’s up with those shoes? Nasty as hell!


Cheerleading or is it pole dancing?

Kevin Simmons

number 1 so hot


My Favorite is Team 4 or place 4. the rest... not really nice - and the bodies from 3 and 1 where my grandma by swimming^^


yes that is Lietuva

ACP Telford

Stupid music ??

John Adrian P. Ibo

Hey Cav's cheerleaders thats not a swimming pool nor a beach thats a basketball court

da bugger

No 3 were the hottest ????


Mavericks dancers were the hottest.
Until the Mavericks went total WOKE and cancelled the dancers.

Vahid Mardani


Jeff Beck

those are dudes.


They are not that hot. I only came twice


The only thing that was missing were the stripper poles, otherwise they made all them stripper moves

Nick Hammer

American subculture , gee good thing these girls aren't shallow attention whores ?

I am Sloth

Cheerleading isn’ t about being pretty it’s about fun and winning


Watch while you can the Feminsts are coming!

Larry Bryant

Their fine just the way they are

Alex in The Middle

Best American. Not best in the world! I'm thinking South America!

Jackson Smith

When it come to teenager 15-17 year old girl cheerleaders. Every man in the audience becomes a pedophile

yareth Cortes

? pay atention on every girl the cam focusss on ...little mix members are there

Joe K

Cleveland’s girls look hot and thick.


Old street walkers.....fucking yanks

Star Gazer

#2 is misplaced shouldn't even be there

Zatch 101

Number 4 was awful

Evan Pham

Number 4 I did not like

Bobo Vieri

OMG zalgiris Kaunas do hot.

Kenji GF

The first one is badass shit

Watch A video

Wny did 2k did not add this to 2k18


the #1 team is by farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hotter than the rest on the list.


Nr. 1 is good.

Balikesir Türküleri

136 sub+ like - done happy

Matthew schutte

wow wish 1 was my girlfriend


Very nice


As bayrakları as as as

Top 10 Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders in The World | 2020-2021 | By Sports Support

Top 10 Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders in The World | 2020-2021 | By Sports Support3 Oct. 2017
36 062
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Top 10 Most Beautiful NFL

Top 10 Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders in The World 2017 2018 By Sports Support

In This Video I will Be show you Top 10 Most Beautiful NFL Cheerleaders in The World :

10. Liz Rivera, Houston Texans

She is one amazing looker, and this is her 4th year with the team Houston Texans. The cheerleading squads of the Houston Texans never fail to impress, and the girl leads her team to glory all the way. But it is not her only talent! When she does not work as a cheerleader, she works as a hairstylist.

9. Ashley P. Dallas Cowboys

This gorgeous girl is a member of the cheerleading squad of Dallas Cowboys. For 4 years, she cheered the Baylor University. All through college, she has been taking part in competitions and has also won the 2009 Worlds with Cheer Athletics competition. Her beautiful postures are well-settled with the beautiful physique she has.

8. Candace, Denver Broncos

This attractive girl from Richfield, Ohio has been cheerleading for 4 years for the team Denver Broncos. Her glamorous appearance can be counted as one of the plus points she has. Other than pumping up the morale of her side, she can do insulation, roofing and hanging drywall.

7. Patricia, New England Patriots

She cheerleads for the team New England Patriots, and has been dancing in competitions for long. Since 5 years of age, she has been into dancing. She captains the official cheerleading squad of the New England Patriots. In 2010, she graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in Civil and Environmental Engineering as a Bachelor of Science.

6. Sara Bommarito, St, Louis Rams

To be honest this lady is made for the stage. Her performances are just flawless! Since age 5, she began practicing numerous styles of dancing – such as ballet, jazz, contemporary dance, tap and hip hop. She has been also into musical theater until she turned 18. She is the captain of the St, Louis Rams Cheerleader line.

5. Alicia Marie, Philadelphia Eagles

This lovely cheerleader for the team Philadelphia Eagles gets male eyes turning to her whenever she is in the sidelines. For 3 years, she is a part of the squad. Every Sunday, she works her charm on the field. When she is not cheerleading, this Villanova University graduate teaches history. Now if more history teachers looked as good as her, the subject would have hardly been boring for some!

4. Jessica, Jacksonville Jaguars

She belongs to Jacksonville Jaguars, and she is one of the star members of the cheerleading team for the group, The Roar of the Jaguars. Every year, the squad ranks among the hottest cheerleading teams. For Floridians, Jessica happens to be one of the biggest eye-candies who make even tough times for the Jaguars bearable.

3. Cynthia, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

She is into her 2nd season with her team, Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When she is not cheering her team to glory, she works for Power Design as a project engineer. She trains for 6 days a week in the week to stay in shape, and the hard work shows on the sidelines. She is also a water baby, and can be seen as a tournament bass fisherman in her off hours.

2. Charo, Washington Redskins

This girl from Columbia, Maryland is an all-rounder dancer. From 5 years of age, she has been into dancing. She is trained in hip hop, tap, jazz and even modern and contemporary dance styles. When her team sweats it out on the field, she shakes her stuffs on the sidelines as one of the cheer squad captains of the Washington Redskins.

1. Katelyn, San Diego Chargers

This amazingly beautiful girl is a cheerleader for San Diego Chargers for National Football League Sundays. This California stunner is super-fit, courtesy her gymnastics training, and her moves on the soccer field are ample proof. When she is not shaking to the beats on the soccer field, she works as a gymnastics instructor.

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Comments (6)
Jeff Green

I'm so over the robot voices. Street Louie Rams? lol


It’s a great list! This is why it’s a shame the pictures don’t come out right. The resolution i can deal with, but unfortunately many photos were stretched out. Make sure to keep the height/width locked! :)


Omg u dumbass, get better info before u make a vid like this...

The Jags Cheerleader wasn't Jessica, it is Whitney Cowart, she retired from Cheerleading around 2015/16 and already has a 1 y/o kid, she's 28 y/o herself and she studied at UNF. She was with the team for 2 OR 3 years...

That Jessica u thought it was is Jessica Kothe, she still cheers, but the pics shown? Definitely not Jessica Kothe but it's Whitney Cowart..

Look it up ?

Trace zach daniels

BEAUTIFUL....and smart...i wanna marry them ALL.....!!!...Roooooaaaarrr..!

Kyle Leblanc

One thing I, know is all cheerleaders are hoes

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