How to beat off

Best friend beat-off competition.

Best friend beat-off competition.12 Feb. 2019
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The songs we made are so

The songs we made are so fire.

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Comments (100)
Martin K

Cheese feet

The FAWK Chronicles

Bidet wins! ??


I can remember when the one in glasses did minecraft



Savannah Schaffer

Definitely more of this challenge. Definitely.

Theo Gendarme

Too funny

Maya Ehly

I come back to this video every once in a while and it always gets better

Jake Laybolt

love this episode so much, i want an album full of steves songs that are just like this plz

Nick C

Make more jokes about cum

Det svenska tältet

Quality content


Omg this was hilarious.

Scott Wright


Meredith Lemke

Oh my god why did I ever stop watching you guys? I’m losing my shit laughing

Maarten Vorwerk

Ska came before reggae


Literally hilarious

Jeff the retard

Release STARS right fucking now i want it in my spotify

Noah Stronach

This is just incredible, when's the Sugar Pine 7 musical?


jamie's part at the end kills me because he just looks so proud of himself

Babe Lincoln

Stars alone is fracking incredible! Scrap the convoluted plots. This should be your new thing. No joke!

Charles Owens

Well i said i wanted a behind the scenes for them making music.....little did i know they would make nothing but meme music.

Daniel Prieto

Rip to quality content


I need Juvenile Arthritis played at my funeral in full

Steven Mckendry

I still have no clue if this channel is real or satire


As someone who suffered from juvenile arthritis, please release the full song so I can make it my personal anthem.


did y’all sample JPEGmafia with that Jamie bit...?

Rachel Reiz

i think this is genuinely one of my favorite videos on youtube

Truman Grant

I’m expecting all of these to be on their own album


You know you cant do a Ska song/band without Bruce


9/11 song should be played on malaysian airlines

Kealoha 14

Why is bidet freaking bomb tho


Please put all these songs on Spotify

I don't even know.

yo can I get these songs? soundcloud? spotify? hilarious.


jamie won with bidet

Daniel Prieto

"Oh no" -


can someone make a splice pack of stevens drums


4:23 had me dying


They all sucked

Mr J



I think James is secretly blueface based on how off beat he is


This was so fucking funny

Luci Bullock

Can you please put all of these songs on Spotify, especially “Bidet”


anyone know what software they're using?

Kendra .McGinnis

James looks so proud


for better or worse, this was the best sp7 video


i hevent watched sp7 in some time why has he devolved?

tetrahedron in space

I have thought about that pan-over to James at 2:13 every single day since this video was released. Perfect.

Jamal Campbell

I'm dying laughing so hard

Henry Pugh

Please do a part two I’ve watched this video four times already


Jamie won and he wasn't even competing.

Im Full

I’ve watched this like 5 times and it makes me laugh just as hard everytime

Kian Monaghan

How the fuck does this only have 57k views


I choked on my drink like 6 times. I did not at all think about not taking a drink

Im Full

I’m just going to go ahead and say it. Steven is the best song writer of our generation, there’s no argument


Brilliant, was laughing out loud

Dominik Gorski

We need more of you guys just making these hilarious tracks

Yiorgos T

Bidet is a banger don't @ me

Joe Montes

Someone get these guys signed quick!

Robert Graham

I'm so glad you guys are touching up on some topics that never get talked about. Never have I heard a song about jizzing into toilet paper before. You guys are true visionaries!

Mr Bojangles

this is still so funny

Fairuz Fairuz

jamie win

Kol Badar

Poor SP7. View count is still dropping..

Sienna C

Steve is such a grease boy, less of him and more of Jamie


a jerk-off competition on youtube... is this allowed?


wow james is so good, almost as good as aka ak47 tha god

Reborn Beats

Did anyone know Steve used to have a Minecraft Channel called mlghwnt?

Jake Said

James" inner stan coming out. His first song was totally the beat to Eminem's "Not Alike".


Dayum that vibratto from james


This is a truly underrated video. I feel like this is definitely top ten season 4 in terms of pure comedy.


I can only imagine this ended with a noise complaint lmao


steve’s song ‘stars’ wasn’t even bad, i hope they do something with that


This is the best sp7 out of the entire run!

b o n l o

can you actually release stars please???

Rebecca W.

this was so fucking hilarious, had to stop myself bursting out laughing in the library multiple times ?


Stars (that drop was so tasty) and concentration camps (?) were actually so good!!! Please use them!

Nick Miller

STEVE, you are a comedy genius! I couldn’t stop laughing, you are one of the very best, man!

Ran Ledger

Omg I love Jamie so much

Michael Scott

holy shit I've only watched a couple of videos since the Sugar Pine 7 rebranding but..... holy crap this was good.

Nick Sullivan

This is a great combination of the variety show and the vlogs

Brad Breitenstein



Pls make more of these!

Maya Ehly

i know steve was trying not to laugh so hard at GRATATA DOO DOO DOO

Kris OfChin

You cant have a ska band without Bruce Greene, thats ridicoulous


Fuck boys this one still has me laughing

David Lobitz

this is dope, would u check my latest?

if yes we can support each other <3

Compilations of Compilations

Love the minecraft music


5:25 Is this Radiohead if they were TRAP?

Harry Ellis

I really enjoyed this style, keep it up


Ever try beating off into a fan?


Title mislead me. You are forgiven.


That Bidet song was sublime. I was in physical pain from laughing at it lol

evan sparrold

Lol do more of these


I hope there's a sequel to this video eventually


Damn this is over a year old now. Still makes me laugh uncontrollably. One of the greatest

Noah Spencer

This is one of the best episodes in recent memory

Himanshu Verma

Delivering Quality content again, the best ?


just got told off for laughing too loud because of this. 11/10 great content.

Jada Reed

these songs are so good please put 5hem on spotify

Big Daddy Olive

That concentration camp song is a fucking banger


I love coming back to this gem


i peed everywhere this was amazing wow

How To Play An Off Beat On The Drums

How To Play An Off Beat On The Drums18 Feb. 2013
30 619
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Learning how to play an

Learning how to play an off beat on the drums can be relatively easy with the right instructions. Too many drummers stick to beats that fall within their comfort zone; however, incorporating off beats is one of the only ways to stand out from the other drummers in the industry.

This video will outline exactly how to play an off beat on the drums. It also demonstrate the off beat in action!

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Comments (24)

He has to mute the snare ?


haha.. This beat is soo "ON"...

Ilja Albrecht

I am trying very hard to find rhythm in there

Jason Rushing

Im hearing no difference to the "on" & "off"

Luke Shaddick

That was more like ghost beats

Dave Sheville

You are making it up as you go. Learn the material before trying to teach. I don't know what possesses you to make the claims you do, like "not many drummers play off beats"'ve got nothing to back up your claims so why make them? Seriously, spreading misinformation is a bad thing - as a drum teacher of 22 years experience I've found now, more than ever, my job is having to include fixing what students have been messing up due to really bad info. It's irresponsible, regardless of whether the intention is good or not. It's setting people up to fail.


Offbeat is half of any Rush song. Simple as that.

Matthew Walch

you ever heard of counting when u play? 1 e and a 2 e and a. off beat on the e or a. u have shown up and coming drummers how not to play. well done!!!

wilson banaag

HAHAHA funny 

Raizo Geonzon

what the hell is with all the hate. If anything, the guy put something out there that could be helpful. Good job bro.


More teach drums! Less talking about drums.


That snare drum does need some work done to it...


Errr, Ryan Sander, correct me if I'm wrong but I believe syncopated or "off" beats are actually accented on 2 and 4. 1 and 3 is your basic rock groove.....

James Martin

Do all beginner drummers a favour and take down your channel so that they don't find it, you obviously are not equipped with the knowledge and and ability to teach them

David Laird

all these hits are on a 4/4 beat. this is a joke,

Joe Dambra

thanks great lesson!

Richard Long

Dude, GREAT lesson! I think I saw a few negative comments about this, and just want to let you know that these are lonely, sad people, with NO life!

Simon B.

Hahah there's no difference. You just play you only beat you play in every video

Justin Gladle

is that a poster of him shirtless on the wall? 

TGTR 0660

You actually make up your own "theory" as you go.

Ryan De Beer

HI all it's Ryan here from Durban, South Africa, hey Ryan Sander take it easy on this guy. but dude you're right why is this guy giving lessons because your drum theory is way off man and you're posting these vids for beginner drummers! not cool...dude this is not off-beat drumming...this is a syncopated rock beat which Dave Grohl actually pioneered with Nirvana..normal backbeats come in on beats 2 and 4 and the syncopations played on the 'a' of 2 and 3 'e'....People often throw drumming termonologies around very loosely without considering the real theory behind it all. I've noticed that most players often think off beat is any time signature other than 4/4...WRONG!!! Firstly offbeat and off time are two different concepts and secondly off beats are not syncopations! Odd time signatures are 5/8..7/8;9/8, well those are the most common, listen to progressive drummers(Neil Peart, Gavin Harrison) so an odd time signature is any count that is not played in even spaces...and off beat is any beat that takes a shift off the regular back beat ie: playing on the 'and's'..delaying a backbeat or shortening it..and syncopations on 'e' and 'a' of the beat..and remember to be mindful of whether you're playing 8th note or 16th note grooves in a 4/4 pattern..12/8;6/8;3/8...are your 1..2..3's

Luis Mart

lol. just lol

Tatu Pössi

Just a question. Have you ever considered of actually tuning your drums? And how about if you would hit the center of the snare?

Amy Schumer teaches you how to beat off eggs

Amy Schumer teaches you how to beat off eggs24 Feb. 2020
69 590
Amy SchumerSubscribe 438 721

Just because I’m married

Just because I’m married to a chef doesn’t mean he does all the cooking

Comments (100)
Theresa Vaughn

Cause they don't let up ..the non mercy on my love..they do not let up I have to go all the way around with secret officers to get my justice while they all eat shit thinking they got me..they make me go all the way around them when they shove sorry rats to hurt me and then obstruct.

Theresa Vaughn

How nasty they fight my love they hit core....and then they jab jab jab my heart with no mercy...

Theresa Vaughn

Stop making me think you are gonna eat my child!! This is why I need to bring the whole army..cause they will eat children for magical powers cause they are insane!!! Get off my child making him famously delicious!!! Lmfao

Theresa Vaughn

Cause they are all grunts arguing with me all of them are grunts..

Theresa Vaughn

What is the better of two evils is what I was stuck choosing..

Theresa Vaughn

Cause they make shit harder for themselves when they fight with my LOVE like a weapon to punish. They made the entire shit worse!!!

Theresa Vaughn

Cause it can't quite hear me..i will kill anything you love...if you refuse to stop taunting my children s death and my love to DEATH with sorrow..i will take your money your businesses your anything..whatever it is I want it gone until you reap this hell you out my babies through when you are aiding federal crimes..

Theresa Vaughn

Stealing the armies cake and ice cream with DEATH

Theresa Vaughn

Cause I mean with no money and with this swarm of sewer rats trying to threaten my justice it was the best choice...cause I couldn't handle everything. And it really hurts me the system ganged up...they just made tragedy massive tragedy.

Theresa Vaughn

Cause I must look stupid .do I look like a stupid person...why would they fucking tackle my love to if I am nothing and nobidy and it isn't federal then why do any of you care what I'm talking shit about..find it funny they got so defensive over my non human feelings on a blog music horror want to destroy my life

Theresa Vaughn

What we might die...when we might die I need to tell my love I love her!!!! And her sexy breast!!!

Theresa Vaughn

Cause he was he is not happy and he thinks his mother doesn't love him...and they really slammed my heart into pieces that time to prevent my cake they really slammed us..trying to murder us entrap us and then stealing my child while trying to convince him his mother doesn't love him when that is the furthest from the truth they could ever be..

Theresa Vaughn

I love you infinity times...

Theresa Vaughn

Cause they make us get crazy with them when we catch them hurting our love with DEATH. We get crazy to fucking catch them eating the sun and. Betraying love..

Theresa Vaughn

My love like Theresa is fighting rats in the sewers again leave her

Theresa Vaughn

Cause it went from hitting me with a hammer and some cake for my sorrow to what the fuck you got worse and now it's the whole state aiding murder on my child and me at all mother fucking angles!!! Just so I can't have all my kidnapped my child so I am missing a part of my cake..see..see how it is playing saw!!!

Theresa Vaughn

My court cases are fucked up with me as the lawyer. Lol

Theresa Vaughn

Cause I don't love them when they try to murder me or my fucking child..when they wouldn't hate me if they were not being disgusting

Theresa Vaughn

Lol Amy stop making me look like I'm doing stuff ...with other people trying to break the way she fights my love with her..

Theresa Vaughn

Cause they get off to watching victims die...that is why I want maximum time cause I want it to hurt so bad they understand you don't set death traps up on humanity you do not torture humanity for false shit..i don't care if they send them or pay them you don't fucking send people to torture death and sorrow..

Theresa Vaughn

I love you sexy sunshine ice cream..

Theresa Vaughn

Cause those tears you made us cry you will cry 10 fold all my tears so get ready for the black out agony cause I will hunt all you LOVE and kill it if you don't stop threatening my love...i mean it..i will hunt it in the spirit realm and kill the god damn things until you get off my love with DEATH you hear me.

Theresa Vaughn

Amy likes to do stuff. I don't like to do stuff..but I like to watch her do stuff. Cause I love seeing what she makes and feels...

Theresa Vaughn

I will be like bitch..what is THIS ? and whip it all serious

Theresa Vaughn

Both would end up in the same boat with how they were deconstructing my life

Theresa Vaughn

Cause they took being almost massacred by monsters as a means to torture our love to bones!!

Theresa Vaughn

I was fighting a massacre off in style with no money at ALL just my LOVE

Theresa Vaughn

It takes the most deepest betrayals in my fucking life to make me cry like this..hurting my child is the line of war..i will kill them ALL that try me when they hurt his tiny heart to wage war that is enough you sorry rats I want you at war DEAD cause you don't hurt my baby and you don't join it...

Theresa Vaughn

They keep telling me to shut up...and I get more mad when they are robbing my love and life to pieces and arguing with me by telling me to shut shut the fuck up child murderers!!!

Theresa Vaughn

Cause they were trying to use loopholes to punish my love and false information designed to show us fraud...and also reference guides through sorrow..beacons of what the fuck are you trying to pull

Theresa Vaughn

Cause if I did it wrong we would be DEAD

Theresa Vaughn

Cause I get real funny with sewer rats...

Theresa Vaughn

While killing fuckers with all our love .Lol

Theresa Vaughn

Cause their logic was retarded use our love to get into the system to harm victims!!! With false information out of you could see they couldn't be logical at all

Theresa Vaughn

I say something wrong feelings do mean things

Theresa Vaughn

When we meet some non people..we are like these fuckers definitely need to how the army loves

Theresa Vaughn

Cause you for one made Amy really upset you are touching her forever love like that and two you making us fight..cause you touched our forever LOVE like that..

Theresa Vaughn

Cause I don't like that she is getting eggy for waka

Theresa Vaughn

Cause what did I do? Today..i do something everyday I know I do...well if she won't love me all the way she gets half get full devotion like this where is my full kisses???

Theresa Vaughn

Cause all we do is a bunch of sexy killers...

Theresa Vaughn

See simple diary settlement for some dumb ass songs turns into a god damn war!!!

Theresa Vaughn

Nothing like taking they sweetest people on earth and torturing their life and love to bones just to make them look the most EVIL in the world..nothing like that

Theresa Vaughn

Well if it wasn't sneak attacking my love I wouldn't be ready to rip the retarded to pieces with all my LOVE. Cause what i hurt it's feelings? They hurt my loves feelings when they retardedly try to hurt my love with sorrow.

Theresa Vaughn

This is the last time cause I told them..quit trying to kill my love to deny my life and cake..quit trying to torture my love..cause they are making the army and everyone just wish they were all dead...and I'm like see see why I loathe snakes..trying to enlave our army and torture their children while making us find monsters with our sweethearts..

Theresa Vaughn

Two times this snake bit me to evade paying the fuck up!!!

Theresa Vaughn

We are just crazy when we want our justice..we get like that like we are about to tank these mother I'm serious they really start planning some like you can just roll up and tank society..they are like we will if they don't stop..lmfao

Theresa Vaughn

They eat shit and die and then hunt love to shame them..well stop eating shit...that is for start...

Theresa Vaughn

Cause you won't flip the shit on her I know my sweetheart..fucking monsters always flipping the whole entire shit to shame love cause they are monsters that is all they ever do..

Theresa Vaughn

Sweetest people in the world..amy and I are the sweetest people in the world...that is what...

Theresa Vaughn

Cause it went into no man's land with its entrapment it went to that place to set me up as a monster..cause it went to that place to blackmail and entrap my love to death all the fucking laws and they broke them all to betray my love and they fucking wouldn't even let me save my love they blocked me and made me watch all my love be slowly tortured by sewer rats and I have to sit here and watch them be hurt and I told them get away from them they show no mercy on love they are all dying and show NO mercy on love cause they don't listen to love..

Theresa Vaughn

Cause I felt shit but I couldn't be irritational with my damn son..i have to be logical

Theresa Vaughn

Under sewer rat terrorist attack they shamed my broken heart to bones. With the dumbest shit I ever heard!!! Spit in my face

Theresa Vaughn

Cause when I was building something they were jumping in being nosey...and what happened....they punished my love cause they think I was neglecting my life when I was protecting myself from what was coming no matter what I did or didn't do..they were swarming and it was taking jabs at my life and it was hurting us with hate and I was trying to get out but blocked me in..theu blocked me in from escape cause it was all times the time of year all of it. Planned kidnap and torture on my baby..

Theresa Vaughn

Cause they will kill their damn children for torturing humanity they will snake bite them back...and they are not heeding...

Theresa Vaughn

It keeps taking parts of me makes me give up parts of myself to be in my love and it tries to force me yo love people I do NOT love to control my love..cause I caught them..

Theresa Vaughn

I'm just talking to a wall...mind your own business...i am playing on killing police departments with all my love for trying the laws with me..sense it's a game..when those snakes eat their babies I will spit in your face for trying my love..

Theresa Vaughn

And nobody gave me any kudos at ALL doing everything righy!

Theresa Vaughn

And sexy belly and sexy hands and face..

Theresa Vaughn

We know no other us another way?? Cause killing sounds good to

Theresa Vaughn

Cause it's ganging up that's what. With the system to threaten victims.thats exactly what it means.

Theresa Vaughn

Cause I even asked the bitch..why do I know more than YOU? 15 years and I know more than you?? Explain Why ?? She called me out of control lol yeah let me try to destroy your life with fraud and see how you feel..

Theresa Vaughn

Cause you want all my thoughts all my feelings all my EVERYTHING.. then bend.

Theresa Vaughn

I love him so much I am in agony cause they kept punishing him the more I protected his heart and feelings and was making him laugh..they I slowly kept backing off..cause i would rather them think they are winning then to keep hurting him..when at first I thought I was just being over protective..and then I thought it was just a mistake and then I was Like these bitches ate taunting my child's death to punish my love.

Theresa Vaughn

Cause this is what I'm saying they went to places I can not understand to break my heart you have to be doing the most grossest shit in the world to break my heart like that..i mean it had to go to places no man should ever go to make my love cry like this..i never takes a WORLD of hurt to make me cry.

Theresa Vaughn

Well can they read??? I asked them to stop letting them hurt the baby when I told them it wasn't a game don't go left to DEATH

Theresa Vaughn

They trapped me..cause they trapped me and my child was happy until they touched him..

Theresa Vaughn

She is trying to have waka flakas turkey baby..

Theresa Vaughn

I'm the one ALL the way at the bottom..the tiny little grain of sand...that is very important..

Theresa Vaughn

Cause that is what they look like to me they have a wig on with a baby and they are putting the baby on a prep food table and seasoning the baby with spices like a dish!!! Lol

Theresa Vaughn

Degrading her intelligence. Lol

Theresa Vaughn

Well you want me to share my feelings or not? I am being considerate of your baby feelings..sometimes I get really upset when me like this a i tussle with you..cause stop taking cake like that you didn't earn..

Theresa Vaughn

I love you Amy I know that though..

Theresa Vaughn

They make me take that word out cause it hurts it's know handicap people are smarter than the retards...we know who the true retards the people calling anyone who hates baby killers handicap..i caught them taking hatred for baby killings and making them mentally unwell I caught it..

Theresa Vaughn

You hit me you hit the entire army...

Theresa Vaughn

Cause they send rats to hurt love to male love sorry thwy are fucjing sorry.

.told you they hurt my love out of sport..they sport hurt my love cause they are dying and trying to cause hell...that is all they do..they eat shit and die then hunt to harm our love...that is how it goes..and they set these death traps up..cause they want to watch their victims die...

Theresa Vaughn

No you know what they did shamed me for spilled sugar.and farts

Theresa Vaughn

The army likes it loud!!!!!!!! Like boom!!!!!!

Theresa Vaughn

She wants to break up and she's making me look like the one breaking see.

Theresa Vaughn

Cause trying to drag all my sweethearts to war cause they want to break the laws with evil dead rats and betray love so everyone needs to be dead.? See see what I'm saying they take everyone with them when they are trying to defeat the world with EVIL

Theresa Vaughn

How they play they hurt my love to bones and pieces and then tell me not to hurt their feelings .

Theresa Vaughn

Cause the army is LOVE

Theresa Vaughn

I'm telling you on our GHOST heads we are tanking these fuckers just driving over citizens and through the town like die animals die!!!! How we get about our children we just want war!!!

Theresa Vaughn

Cause if I am to be held in prison for my mistakes you better better they are held for the same not playing I warned them don't try us with death to force false shit in federal not taunt the victims with death and torture I will end you worlds..

Theresa Vaughn

I do not love anyone who harms my son

Theresa Vaughn

Cause the way they set this was a hole of MURDER on my love for catching monsters betraying my love like that..and trying to can't rip my heart out cause you commit crimes on my love..that is what I'm saying they are going to these places of MURDER to blame my love..its just like stop marching the beat of death to try and entrap my feelings to escape my justice with my diary..i don't understand this need to destroy sweetheart..i don't get it..

Theresa Vaughn

Ohh what he makes you eggy ???is that what you are saying??? Waka flaka makes Amy eggy...i don't like people making you eggy...

Theresa Vaughn

She just wants to hear how sexy she is

Theresa Vaughn

Well they won't stop making me shut up when they are hurting all my love to pieces with fraud!!!

Theresa Vaughn

Cause I will never find another Amy...never...i am sure I will find another sexy ice cream somewhere..i am sure someone else can be my ice cream...i guess...

Theresa Vaughn

Cause I defeat them by talking them right to mother fucking DEATH.lmfao

Theresa Vaughn

One is shorter more evidence more pain one is longer more bullshit and more time wasted..and maybe if he was hurt I needed him to have help to nurture when I was so upset I would maybe no be as great as i could be to nurture...cause that is the TRUTH I couldn't nurture fightin these god damn monsters away that think I'm a fucking meal snack

Theresa Vaughn

Cause I swear to god it's going to get really nasty when love earns cake and they try to rape and torture our children with frauds to evade justice and then gang stalk it's going to get nasty.

Theresa Vaughn

Cause you can see me in the entire army!!! And you can see them in me...

Theresa Vaughn

Yeah well if she is married then whatever that doesnt stop my love for the sense i love you and you are my sexy sunshine ice cream forever and that is ALL I really was trying to say while I defeat these evil dead rats

Theresa Vaughn

Father killer..

Theresa Vaughn

they do not hear when I speak I'm trying to see if they can read....