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SheaMoisture Beard CONDITIONER Oil REVIEW Men's Collection! BEARD GROWTHER Product #DefineYourBeard

SheaMoisture Beard CONDITIONER Oil REVIEW Men's Collection! BEARD GROWTHER Product #DefineYourBeard12 Jun. 2020
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Today I'm doing a product

Today I'm doing a product review of Maracuja and Shea Beard Conditioner Oil from SheaMoisture Men's Beard Collection. I will be showing you my live review of the products and will be breaking down my personal beard routine to improve the overall health of your beard growth. Enjoy. Be sure to ask any questions and spark a conversation in the comment section so the Arccway community.

Shea Moisture Mens Beard Conditioning Oil


➜ SheaMoisture Maracuja and Shea Butter Beard Conditioning Oil: https://go.magik.ly/ml/xock/


➜ Garden of Life Coconut Oil: https://amzn.to/3mXM7Cb

➜ Jamaican Black Castor Oil: https://amzn.to/36cSmMs

➜ Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil: https://amzn.to/2EIEHBy

➜ As I Am Daily Moisturizer: https://amzn.to/2S2MAVo

➜ Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning: https://amzn.to/3cBAps2

➜ Velvet Silk Du-Rag: https://amzn.to/3cCzOGE

➜ Tend Skin For Ingrown Hair And Razor Burns: https://amzn.to/2HAdaTP

➜ Diane Sided Club Brush, Medium and Firm Bristles: https://amzn.to/30d8Lwy

➜ Soft Sheen Sportin Waves: https://amzn.to/3je3fBe

➜ Smellgood African Shea Butter: https://amzn.to/34adXlY

➜ Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clips https://amzn.to/346u5F9

➜ Andis T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer https://amzn.to/3iaDkt1


➜ Blue Yeti X https://amzn.to/3mXNK2L

➜ Sony Alpha A5100 Black: https://amzn.to/34lijaj

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#Sheamoisture #mensgrooming #BeardGrowtherOil


➜ LAKEY INSPIRED - Chill Day: https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired

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Henry D. Mena

I have beard stimulation growth and conditioner oil. When should I be applying both ?

D Wavy

Def good has sunflower and black castor oil in it

Marquise Thomas

Your beard is better put together than my life ?

London Alexander

Is this an everyday thing ?

CaLl bOoy

Sup bro, i didn't have beard so can i grow a beard using this oil


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What Is Beard Oil and How to Apply It

What Is Beard Oil and How to Apply It4 May. 2017
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SHOP Beardbrand Beard Oil -- https://www.beardbrand.com/collections/beard-oil

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It's 2017! Which means you've probably already heard about beard oil and all the awesome things it can do for your beard. However, if you haven't, Eric is here to fill you in on not only what this wonderful product is, but how you apply it to your beard!


Beardbrand is a men’s grooming company that is helping men keep on growing by providing education and tools for urban beardsmen to master their morning routine. We’ve found that confidence starts with self investment, and allows men to do great things for their families, co-workers, and community. We are working to break down the negative stereotypes that surround bearded men, and show the world it’s the man who matters, not the way he looks.


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday at 11am EST











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Its Bubba 325

Eric you need to trim the mustache dude wayyy to long


"YESSS... Rubbin'... Beard oll... Into mah bearrrrd." -Eric Bandholz (2013)

Brandon Vazquez

How do you eat bro ?

Drew Stocky

To much talking


How do you eat with that slug


Look at that mustache man.


Bro I don’t want to be rude, but how do you eat with that mustache? ?

Pedro Ramirez

Survive to 2021, 2021 right now and still greeny thanks


I just realized that I'm an idiot


Do beard growth and oils work ?

Carlama Sete

Just imagine ray romano

jesus larios

What kind of watch is he wearing


Why not just use olive oil?

Sky Leathers

very good. (Y) visit us at www.skyleathers.com

Nikhil Koli

He sure sounds like Manny from Ice Age!?

F61 Band

Can or should I use beard oil along with a beard balm or is that redundant?
I have been using the balm but discovered beard oil and bbn would like to know of they do the same thing

Jerry Clark

I love the beard and growth oils. They feel really good and smell just as good.


Your moustache is incredible


i thank you

private account

This guy look like Ray Romano.

Liam Brodie

Beard oil is pointless ! I tame my beard with coconut oil and wash it with shampoo and conditioner every 2nd day.... People buy into consumerism too quickly. Stop with your oil wash !!!



Freedom Fighter

I want to my mustache not the beard
My Mustache is too light turn my face into a sheikh's face ??


"It is 2017 so you probably already know about it."
My scruffy ass in 2020: 0:

Iain Hamish Stuart Forbes

Is beard oil the same as beard wax? Asking for a friend! ???

alan duncan

What is beard oil? I'm guessing it's a product designed to to sold to bearded idiots. Some company extracting money out of idiots. Nothing more than that. It's soft of the knuckles of the person that's inevitably going to punch you in the stupid face one of these days.

Eric Loyd


Cameron Schmit

I hate that I have to dabble into the beard space to get the beard oil I need. Such a cringe culture

The Reviewer

Thats a cool mustache


Tar Lorax

Shekhar G

India ke andar jisko bhi beard oil chahiye.. mujhe reply karen.. home delivery available hai humare paas

Gaming SIDE

Its smell like coconit

Sunny Khera

Dude sounds like john c reilly


I’m new (2019)

Music of Nature - AGT

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

Carlo Olcese


Kevin Carrizales

I've tried beard guyz I might try beardbrand oil especially the money scent

King James Mayo

Thank U so much

Ha Ho

would you recommend aleppo soap for the beard? if not, why?

Leslie Rod

Is it moisturizing for hair?

Chris R

Hey... question regarding the beard oil.

I recently had to shave the beard off due to some work related PPE fit testing. Shortly after the razor shave the skin rapidly started drying out.

Can this oil be used post clean shaving for dry skin? Would this product encourage breakout/achne?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Stop talking and just show how to apply it, fuck.

Sixto Ramos

How can we get our hands on one of those shirts you are wearing in the video? I went to website and its not on there.

Alrasid Taala

What oil are you using sir ? I have no beards so im willing to have. Thank you sir


This should be in rdr2

Dom Hawtin

You have no idea how much this has helped. I thought my bottle was broken or there was a plug that I wasn't removing. I have a reasonably long beard and this has helped. Thank you.

Lakku Venu

Edhi pani cyesthundha 5 days lo Inka raledhu

محمد الخالدي

شيكول هذا احد يترجم

Mr. Bigglesworth

Bulldog doesn't smell as great as beardbrand..... But compare 7$ to 40$..........yea ill stick to bulldog??

K Smith

*Tutorial starts at 2:16 *


Everybody loves eric

Dark Crusader

Hello,I'm currently 16 and trying to get a little facial hair and have a little bit on the sides of my face,on my chin,and a bit of a moustache. All very thin but there. Nearly none on my cheeks,will beard oil help my already grown hair as well help me grow hair in areas where I don't have any hair?

يوسف الشجيري الموسوي

وين العرب

Markus Lepistö

Simple.. Don't go to shower and you don't need beard oil..

Sterling Shark VR

Working on getting into spme new housing so nidhet is tight but tuning in and settinf aside spme money for soon to be purchases! Would love to review the product as well in fiture videos on mt channels. Thanks guys YOU'RE AWESOME!

Kasam Khan

Oh I I see 919460774697

Frederick Thoms

Just use Johnson's Baby Oil - cheaper and just as effective as the high priced rubbish.

Henry D. Mena

What hair product is that?

Thomas Laux

Excellent presentation


How is beard oil different to general hair oil exactly?


Dude needs to trim his Nigel Thornberry fucking mustache, he looks ridiculous with a mustache 3x as long as his beard

Richard Felix

I have an oily complexion, would a beard oil still be recommended of my beard? Or should only use a small amount?

Dakotah Rivers

that mustache is the most powerful thing I've ever seen

Kimmie 88

Why don’t you guys try a more natural oil such as castor oil ? My boyfriend tried many other oils but he found castor oil works best. This article explains how: https://sowourplanet.com/castor-oil-beard-growth/

Castor seed is very rich in omega-6 and omega-9 (ricinoleic) fatty acids. So applying castor oil in combination with a diet rich in plant oils (nuts and seeds) will yield the best results. :)


It's your boy, I nearly quit this video after that....

DSB Productions

How often do you apply? Everyday?


It's 2020 and I'm a new beard guy lol

jt_zoogod _wap

My shits itching ??‍♂️

Adam Flynn

Thanks John C. Reilly

9 17

Whats a good beard product to extend my beard’s growth?


I have beard oil and balm, but I don't use them as often as recommended by the "experts" because I simply don't want an oily or greasy beard. We are all different, and I find that my beard looks better without those products in them on a daily basis.


Can I tickle ur mustache???

Ben Tv Howman

I have a full beard but never used oils. Thank you for the great videos and I will be trying a few oils soon

David Atch

So when did Yosemite Sam start selling beard oil?

Thanks for the tips & info, I'ma go polish up this face-rug right now

zawar chaudry

How do you kiss

Bruno Bedeschi

2017... good times, when videos were straight to the point. New YouTube is making everybody strech simple and informative videos to 10:01.... what has become of the internet?

Anthony Pipia

does this help hair growth

Aaron Hoover

I’m about 9 weeks into my beard. I’ve never used beard oil. I haven’t had the money. I’m getting some soon. It’s not too late is it?

Dawon Fields

I only have very small chin hair

Antoinette Watson

Jojoba oil is great for beards too. You can get it here at: https://www.mothersdivinebeauty.biz

Jordan Bell films

2020 Views give a like

J van der Merwe

"Today on Everyone loves Raymond..."
He really sounds like him

Patrick Rutherford

What do you use for your hair it’s nice

Danica Torres

you look ugly with your beard


how do you eat with that thing?

Enlightened Nomad

coconut oil 80% cheaper and works on short or long pot lasts up to 7 months beard oil balm is a joke how much it costs same results coconut is boss

What ever

Im sorry but, your beard is not a goddamn plant, but if you think it need nutriants, consider using a 500-500-500 NPK fertilizer. It will efficiently kill all your beard cells, or you, not a big loose either. Also a poor advertising video.

Ben Simon

how often should i use it?

nakul shrimali

भाई बहुत दिन हो गए है मै ये ओल सतमाल कर रहा हु लेकिन यह ओल काम नही कर रहा है ???? उपाय क्या है ? भाई


Ginger frog ?

Kyle Norcliffe

33 and thinking about growing my first proper beard ?


Hey man thank for the video. I had no idea how to use this beard oil . Thanks man .

david Barnes

mustache looks stupid af


3:09 Kermit does cocaine

Peter Hughes

Yes I love beard oil, unfortunately I can't seem to get my hands on Beardbrands visions of oils. Because I live in England, so I have to find the best I can


can African American men use this

will manley

This is probably a dumb question but can I use beard oil on the rest of my face? Like as a substitute for a moisturizer? It just doesn't make a lot of sense to me to use 2 different products on my face that do the same thing.


Bruh... you're like 5 face parts of different people put onto one...

L. J. Diamond

"What Is Beard Oil?" Honest Answer: All beard oils (including Beardbrand products) are a marketing company's wet dream, which preys on the stupid and the gullible beard growers of the world. They ALL contain absolutely nothing, nada, zero, zilch, nowt to condition, aid growth, stimulate, speed growth, moisturize, or doing anything else even remotely beneficial for beard growers or their beards. However, just like any other oil, what beard oil DOES do, is clog your pores and hair follicles, thereby causing various types of infection, spots, pimples, lumps, bumps, itching, inflamed skin patches, and (perhaps most ironically of all), prevent normal hair growth to occur by clogging the follicles from which normal hairs are continually trying to push through to the surface of the skin. Nothing being sold, can ever replicate the natural oils produced by, and from within, a reasonably healthy body. So get fit, eat a healthy balanced diet, exercise regularly, and you will grow a superb beard one day my son!


This answered all my questions I never dared ask.

How I Wash and Soften My Beard

How I Wash and Soften My Beard27 Sep. 2018
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Shop Beardbrand:

Shop Beardbrand: https://www.beardbrand.com/collections/beard-wash-softener-sets

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Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardbrand, shows how he washes and softens his beard using the new Temple Smoke Beard Wash and Softener.


How To Use Beard Wash & Softeners | Eric Bandholz


Taking Care of Your Face and Beard | Carlos Costa


The Difference Between Beard Wash & Utility Bar



Beardbrand is a men’s grooming company that is helping men keep on growing by providing education and tools for urban beardsmen to master their morning routine. We’ve found that confidence starts with self investment, and allows men to do great things for their families, co-workers, and community. We are working to break down the negative stereotypes that surround bearded men, and show the world it’s the man who matters, not the way he looks.









Comments (100)
Manny khan

so im pretty confused on the contradiction, i have seen times where you have said you should not use the softener as a leave in and times like this where you can. i been using the conditioner after i wash and leave it in for as long as possible and then rinse out, i found that did not do as much as i needed as i have a very thick and often wirey beard so i need maximum softness and condition where i can get it ( i literally own every product you offer) i also tried leaving it in so i need to know the best way to use this, if i should wash my beard and then while still damp apply the softer and leave it in i have even considered purchasing a conditioner elsewhere but i wan tot cover all ground and make sure im using it right for maximum potential.
i avoid using the utility balms or styling for shaping also as they leave my beard white.... even when rubbed into the hand with minimal amount..


I use Johnson's Baby Body Wash on my head, face, and beard. Nice and gentle...Problem solved. And...It's cheap.


i have a beard down to my chest, and i would like to show you how i maintain mine, soft, fragrant, and basic information.


Hey its my boy! Eric Bandholz!! Been a while since ive seen you it feels. I got some of your wash from target I believe maybe Walmart cant really remember but I forgot to get the beard softner and man do I regret it. That wash really strips everything out of your beard, literally leaves it squeeky clean and a little dry. Ima have to get some of that softner.

Mouaad Ouahmane

Why they don’t let young ppl working with beard pls give your opinion


Awsome man, love beardbrand! :) However there is one question I feel is left out, I'm having a similar texture as you I think, pretty wild and strong thick hairs in the beard, I love your stash! I'm not there yet but I'm getting g there I think, which raises my question, what does your girlfriends think about it? My feeling is it doesn't invite to kissing xD atleast not in the beginning, just imagine the other way who would want to kiss with a bush? xD so is there any thoughts or experience in this matter you can cover in a video maby? I really wanna grow but she doesn't always like the idea xD otherwise I think my beard gets soooo soft after washing and stuff but it always gets pretty non soft again when it gets dry even if I apply oil xD Cheers from Sweden man! ?? ??

Eric McNugget

Beard scratching asmr ?


I do not what happened to you, you had much cooler beard and hair!

Super AsianGuy

So the beard conditioner can stay in ? I think i have been making a mistake, i have been leaving it in !! after washing my beard lol.

maxi b

No l molesta el bigote en el labio de arriba? A mi si.

apri adams

How often do you use beard wash?


New here with beards. So one needs 3 products, head shampoo, face wash and beard shampoo. Difficult to separate face and beard wash.

Paul L

Thanks, Eric. How do you deal with flaky skin under your beard?


If you go back to the beardstache with this mullet that’s gonna be an iconic look man


If I'm doing this in the shower - how much do I have to worry about getting body soap into my beard? Like, I'll wash my hair, then my face, then my beard and then shave all in the shower. If I'm washing my face and soap in my beard before I do the beard wash, how bad is that for the beard?


Any tips on how to grow one out. i got a very small beard but i would love to have a beard around your length

Hunter Broussard

You guys have the best beard products and videos! I own several of yall’s products and use them daily (beard wash and co wash three times a week) but as a barber in training, every video on the channel has helped me on my journey immensely! Thank you guys and much love!

Sofa King Erik

Kermit the frog founder of bread brand


So looking forward to receiving my gold line wash and soften.

Scott Dembinski

Could you do a video of you in the shower to give us a more realistic experience as the viewer? Kidding of course. Thanks for the beard knowledge.


Thanks Eric.. But you forgot to mention how often people should wash their beards . I know it's like 2 or 3 times a week. Unless you work in a dirty environment.

Deepak Kumar

when i wash my hairs , it feels much pain in the roots.
what can i do ?

Brian Griffin

Just waiting for my new gold label beard wash and softener I ordered a couple of days ago to arrive! Good stuff! Great video as usual. Thanks

Eric Bandholz

Hope y'all enjoyed this one and all is well on the other side of the internet. Love you guys!

robbin hasseltof

Never thought the day would come that my beard is longer than Erics ;D

Lord Tankian

Are you the same as dollar beard club? If not you seem similar imo.

Tony Danza

I know theres all these beard washes, wax, balms, oils and other hippy stuff, but I've been using 99 cent suave conditioner from Walmart with a hair dryer and a comb and have had great success for well over a year now. It feels soft and people always say "You take care of that thang" Not saying the other stuff don't work, but the method I'm using now sure is saving money and working, haha.

Jan Haluza

As always, great video Eric! And thanks for these tutorials, my beard owes you so much.

TboneZ Malone!

Love your products and videos man! Keep it up

Albert Castro

Good Video ! Don’t worry I am giving you the finger ??. LOL !

Kevin Cruz

This makes me want a wash and conditioner but how often a week should I was and condition my beard?


Ship to Poland???


damn man you are so agressive with the scrubbing christ!! I always worry about hairs falling out when I scrub, should I not be worrying?

Alex Gabbana

It's very satisfying


I wash my beard daily with an all natural, good quality beard soap bar. Rinse beard, get good lather on hands first then massage into beard and skin underneath, using fingernails to lightly exfoliate skin. I then rinse and use beard pick to detangle beard hair and get natural shape before stepping out of shower. I pat dry my beard, apply natural beard oil to skin under beard and through beard, then finish with natural beard balm for conditioning hair and light hold. I agree with Eric in the application of the different products and differences between head hair and beard hair and your comment on scalp vs face resonated. I believe in using 100% natural products of the highest quality ingredients. Definitely shower is much easier than sink! Keep up the great videos and for your work educating and engaging the bearded community.

Henry Carroll

Eric I have a question for ya . A lot of videos say not to wash your beard everyday and to co-wash . When I co-wash it makes my face break out at least 3-4 pimples. But when I wash everyday . My face doesn’t, am I hurting my beard washing every day??? Thx

Exiled Fishing

Hey can yous do one on beard acne? My first beard, 2 months in and I followed the wash every other day and beard oil in the morning. I am getting acne which I didnt have. Ive started washing daily and now use homemade beard balm, it has settled slightly. I do wash hair every day due to oily hair.

Richard Nikolov

Do i need to wash my beard everyday?

Randolph Tolbert

You call that scruff a beard?

Madam Jim


Matthew Gresham

I have really thick and coarse beard hair and I condition it every day but I still notice a small section of my beard that feels wiry and dry. What can I do to fix it?

Carlos Vargas

#ericbandholz i wash my beard once a day i use another brand to be honest . what i do is wash it with this daily with this product call wash and conditioner after that i dry it all and then apply beard balm or butter sometimes beard oil and then ready to go

Sodium Fluoride

Such a handsome man

Daniel Durham

I use the tea tree shampoo & conditioner twice a week.  I leave the conditioner in for a few minutes before rinsing it out at the end of the shower.  I then follow up using the tea tree utility balm & gotta tell you that I LOVE it!!  It's a nice cool & refreshing feeling afterwards and the smell is AMAZING... I look forward to every Tuesday & Friday.  I'm thinking about getting something from the gold line too... mix it up a bit and enjoy another scent.  Beard on Bra!!


Very nice, thanks a lot ??

John McGah

Great video! I love temple smoke! Lately I've been trying other brands oils but none of them are as efficient or last as long as beard brands. Great work!
PS any chance for lumber yard return ?

Ryan Fernandez

Why use the conditioner if you're going to add a beard oil or utility balm afterwards?


Great video :D It's nice to have a visual reference on how to correctly use those products ^^

Noel Dávila

I cowash every day, use beard wash every four days. I also put in a bit of coconut oil overnight.

Chuck Berry

He looks like reviewbrah a little bit

The Verbally Abusive Alien

Always use towel. Always pat dry . You are irritating your skin the way you do it sir.


*Adds scientific wording to make his point seem more legitimate*

axl red

You cut your beard? Is more good now

Lindsey Pindsey

I'm going to show this video to my husband because despite the fact that I'm a cosmetologist and have told him to wash his beard this way numerous times, he won't listen to me. Because I'm his wife. And he is stubborn. ??‍♀️


Very nice! Thumb's up buddy!~John

Mr Fuzzy Face

Could definitely see the difference....nice


So I can't use a shampoo on my beard but can I use a facewash for my beard?


Can you co wash with the softener?
And can you deep condition with it

Jake Boss

when i have the time, i enjoy getting my beard wet in the sink and getting beard softener in my beard and one of those elastic plastic covers you put on tupperware for storing food and i'd would put it over my beard and lounge around a bit around the house for 30 minutes or so and then take a shower, then i'd reapply softener, then wash my beard at the end of the shower, I always save this routine for a relaxing weekend


Not to be an complete a hole but what beard?
Well I kinda was I guess. But I still like your vids tho.

Leo Sigman

Thank you. Especially how much to use and how long to leave in. For my beard, conditioner/softener relaxes curls and reduces tangles.

james J

Four vices Is great

Thomas Edison

Your mustache looks so dirty because your mustache hair outar than your upper lips

Laila Husen

I don't even have a beard

Brittany Burr

I don’t have a beard .... but my bf does. I think he might get this as a gift ^_^

Will Dibbs

I have a question. If you choose to use the beard softener as a leave-in conditioner, should you still also apply beard oil after getting out of the shower and drying off your beard, or would the softener work in the same way?

Anil Kumar

Use a face wash ? to cleanse both face and beard instead of beard wash

Charlie Seymour Jr

I'm such a newbie, at 69 years old! Back in college, I had to grow a beard/stache for a theater production but the beard wasn't good but, since I always cut myself while shaving my upper lip, I liked the stache. So... more than 50 years later, and cloistered because of coronavirus, I decided to let my beard grow to catch up with my stache. Oh... and I let the natural all white shine through (no longer coloring my stache a dark brown). It's only been about 2 months and the beard is not thick, but I bought some BeardBrand wash and softener to make this look and feel the best it can. I decided on Beardbrand because I still remembered Lori touching Eric's beard on Shark Tank... and I like how you approach taking care of your beard. Stay well. Stay healthy. Keep growing!

Gert Van Beeck

2:37 you start looking like a golden retriever taking a bath

Hemlock Liberty

My girlfriend bought me beard softener a few months ago, I love it, I love the smell, I even use it on my pubes; TMI, get uncomfortable baby. But I had no idea how bad I was neglecting my poor beard and facial skin till I found this channel and others like it, when it comes to basic things like oils, a wooden comb, all sorts of great things I didn’t know before. Thanks very much you guys.

Keith Beckett

i wash my beard differently:

I have a massive block of soap, 20x20 inch.
I stand over said soap block and position myself adequately.
I then proceed to face-plant into the soap with about 75% total power.
I ensure I sink my skull into the block with enough force that I get a full and even distribution across my face and beard.
I then retract my face from the now indented block, with a little force and a pop.
And rinse!

Easy as that, feel free to try my method out at home and share results.

Next, I may share my conditioning/oiling technique
which involves a big bar of butter and a 1 litre bottle of vegetable cooking oil.

Sofa King Erik

Its Kermit the frog founder of beard brand

Banana Lamma

I don't even have a beard. I just want to know if men wash their beard with shampoo or some sort of special wash.


Love the old money softener and wash. I find that the wash goes a really long way bc it foams up really well. I am able to get away with a tiny drop or two. The softener I find I have to use a little more of to get good coverage. Maybe it's my beard but it just seems to get absorbed and I keep going back for more to work it thru my entire beard. My beard is a little longer than yours in this video but not much long. Keep up the awesome work and great products!

Saul Y.

I always avoid detergents with beard and hair, sulfates, parabens and dyes


You can also use hand sanitizer make sure you use a good squirt move it around in your hands then apply to your bears don’t rinse it or wash it for 3 days and repeat everyday it makes it look more filled and helps it grow due to the cytoplasm

Tiktok Unofficial

Will this work on the pubic hair cause I was searching on the internet for these answers but only how to remove it

Ni ck

When I use the Beard Softener, I leave it in my beard for about 5 minutes before rinsing, and my beard is insanely soft afterward. Then, after using my Utility Balm............ DAMN. Feels good. ???

Lance Kienholz

I wash with a beard wash and softener. I leave this softener in for about 2-3 minutes. Dry it off and apply beard oil and balm. Thank you for this video.


this is some good ASMR

JP Alpharo

I went to get something me beard wash and they told me we didn’t know you needed that

Michael Wilson

I saw this video and I thought "obviously I'm not going to watch a video on how to wash and soften my beard" but then eight or so minutes later I found "ah shit, I watched the whole damn thing". But I'm glad I did because there were a couple of things Eric said that turned out to be a gamechanger this morning.

1) You can apply this to a dry beard.
2) You can use this as a leave-in conditioner.

So instead of going for my usual co(or so)-washing routine where I apply it to a wet beard and leave for five minutes before washing it off I switched gears. I put it in a dry beard and then left it for half an hour whilst I drank coffee, read etc.

After washing it off and applying some beard oil I noticed it had really tamed the curls in my beard more and it looked fuller and was just more manageable. So, if you have a difficult to control beard that loves to curl at the bottom (think somewhere between a Milocco and a Bandholz in terms of texture) then the whole 'in dry beard/leave for half an hour' might be a gamechanger for you, too.

Thanks for the tip, Eric!

Fleotus Bing

Good stuff, Eric. I use Beardbrand wash and softener-- bought at Target-- and love it!


dude what about those of us who have sensitive skin .. i break out really bad

Old School Cop

You have a gorgeous beard ?


My beard is so fragile, i will lose it if i wash it like that

Lina Müller

I think your length of beard looks really good among many men :)

Everton Melo

Agora eu entendi este creme e. pra passar na barba


Is it ok to use hair conditioner on my beard?


So you're saying, I wet it ... put the stuff on ... and rinse it off. Gotcha

Fortunato Evolo

Is it normal to lose hair when I wash my beard?

Wooden Heart

This video is realxing


Don't have a beard crew checking in

Teo Al

I tried telling my wife that her beard is so thicc that it needs some softening but she won't listen to me! So I hope this video will change her mind!

Trigger Happy

your beard is actually very beautiful.

Mohamed Nadif

Rinse beard with cold or warm water
What is preferable ?

Gabe Araya

How often is recommended to wash and condition?

Ni ck

Dat Gold Line, doe. ?

Göktürk Buğra

3:30 when you fart and check if it smells

Stu Pidasso

Butter also works great to soften your beard AND is all natural