How much should i eat to build muscle

Are You Eating Enough to Build Muscle? Here's How to Tell

Are You Eating Enough to Build Muscle? Here's How to Tell17 Jun. 2014
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Pablo Oliva

What's that big ass battery on your shirt lol

George Papa

Just so you know @musclemonsters, The finger gap test for biceps are proven to be a false testing method!

grzegorz gregory

do you take steroids?

Frozen Europe

I think you're eating to little buddy

Kamron Werner

As expert, I'm sure Custokebon Secrets is actually great way to lost a ton of fat. Why don't you give it a chance? maybe it can work for you too.

Drew smith

What if I'm that weird "skinnyfat" or so I feel. Like I'm 6'4, 240. I lave a small gut, love handles. But like.. smaller arms, chest with low fat in those areas.. I want to build the muscle on my arms and chest but I already weigh so much. Idc about the actual weight number I just want to make sure I'm doing it right. Does this still apply, should I still try to take on more calories? I'm clean bulking now. About a month into my journey. Taking in about 320G of protein and 2700 calories. Longest comment ever I know, but if anyone can answer this I would very much appreciate it. I haven't asked questions to anyone until right now. I've just done a lot of research and dedicated myself to the goal. Thanks guys


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if you do it sideways it's alright but facing vertical is rude.
The real peace sign is with two curled fingers pointing outwards


i allways weight the same.... i can live at mc donnalds

Chip Sun

Hi Alain, those weight are very similar to my body weight. I was wondering how tall are you? I'm 5'7"


Great info! Does this work for women too because I'm trying to build a bigger booty. I've been in the gym for a year, lifting heavy and I've had some growth but it seems I'm just maintaining.

Dan Vasquez

All the videos are great. My issue is I keep thinkin that eat enough to maintain but my ectomorph body type quickly becomes catabolic after I gain an inch of muscle. I saw a previous video and the macro formula is really hard to calculate. I end up eating too much, then my stomach grows massive and the muscles only maintain. So the stomach grows and muscles make small gains and end up back where I started. So every 2 weeks my weight goes back to original weight.

Frances Vice

Supplement exploitation side-effects are horrible. You truly don't need any of them to gain at least 10lbs of lean muscle.

Henry Zinn

Anyone tried the Custokebon Secrets (just google it)? We have heard several amazing things about this popular lose weight methods.

Sabab Ahmed


Nathan Mørkeberg Reece

I love this guy, he's not cocky, and he seems to know what he's talking about, and he's really talking about some relevant stuff! You've got a new subscriber ;)


I'm not eating enough it's annoying. I can't do it yet....

Rob Witt

Jesus you gesture a lot.

Brian Schindler

Awesome tips bro!! Thanks!!

Matthew J.


Leilani Rowe

Its still surprises me, just how lots of people don't know about Custokebon Secrets, although lots of people get good results because of it. Thanks to my cooworker who told me about Custokebon Secrets, I've lost a lot of weight by using it without starving myself.

Omar Alahmad

that was useful ,,, for real good advise thank you brother 

Chi Cheng

roach piono is da man!! 5% ftw

Arlene Sanders

This was handy to know, thanks


1 person just isn't sure.

Мики Ricky

So small I don't wanna listen to you


Assumes your workouts are consistent and as intense as possible, to make sure the gained mass isn't muscle.
Including measuring your waistline weekly to keep those stats. If waistline diameter also increased, it was probably fat.

Alaina Benitez

When it comes to eating healthy, you must never fall victim to modern fad diet plans. Extreme diets are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your everyday nutritionary intake. While they may generate fast weight loss, these kinds of diets are never a long-term answer for your waistline. You should search Fenoboci Diet Plan on google as it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

Charles Johnfritz

You look like coach Rocky, the guy on Ilovebasketballtv. Sorry man, had to say it.


great hack thanks a lot man!

Alexander T. Lopez

Supplement overuse side effects are horrible. It's absolutely not a must to gain at least 10lbs of lean muscle.


Plain and simply put; get to a weight u happy at and then maintain ur calories to stay at that weight and then pump the weights and do whatever the FUCK u wanna doooooo


for a lean bulk. Should I aim for 2 lbs to 3 lbs a month.

My height is 6 foot and I weigh 180 lbs at 16% bodyfat

George Kershaw

Subscribed, very knowledgeable guy!


you don't need to do this just perma bulk like my boy tyler fking 1 hehe xd

Trevor Huerta

Anyone know what is Custokebon Secrets about? I hear many individuals burn their fat with this popular weight loss methods.

bumzilla 85

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Rocko99 Rocko99

Do u even lift?


Seriously thought he was doing sign language. Was about to say, that's pretty cool. Haha


Guy looks like Ben Simmons from the 76ers

My thoughts and My Adventures

fuck off your methodology ! you are waste moran

Lets Get It Fitness A.K.A Bigjayinga

Just subscribed, great info and videos

DE-Intro No.2

I need to eat a lot and gain weight gradually so I can bulk up. I don’t wanna be fat but have some more body mass/muscle mass uno

LydiA Jkessi

I dnt know how to eat enough ..

allan walker

It's still astonish me just how some people don't know about Fenoboci Diet Plan (search on google) despite the fact that many people lost crazy amounts of weight using it. Thanks to my mate who told me about this. I've lost crazy amounts of fat.

Jordan Philip

This is the missing link with my scattered attempts at tracking weigh ins. Informative video, thanks man.

josepla yer21

Hey the link for the muscle guide didn't work for me. Anyone else?

shane williams

scales dont meen shit the miror never lies


you doing sign language?

Dj Shepard

Week 1
7/22 248.4 40.8 43.2 38.5 573
7/23 247.8 41.3 42.8 38.4 330
7/24 248.0 40.6 43.3 38.4 716
7/25 247.4 40.8 43.2 38.3 724
7/26 247.4 37.8 45.4 38.3 737
7/27 246.6 37.2 45.8 38.2 759

Week 2
7/28 247.4 37.6 45.5 38.3 712
154.4, 1 lb lost, bf down 3.2%, 1lb week
7/29 246.2 43.0 41.6 38.1 736
7/30 245.6 36.9 46.0 38.0 734
7/31 244.6 35.2 47.3 38.0 862
8/01 244.0 40.2 43.6 37.8 953
8/02 244.4 40.3 43.5 37.9 1264
8/03 244.8 37.5 45.6 37.9 775

Week 3
8/04 243.2 39.7 44.0 37.7 1351
146.6, 5.2lbs lost, bf down 1.1%, 4.2lbs week
8/05 243.4 41.6 42.6 37.7 603
8/06 241.6 39.3 44.3 37.4 1725
8/07 241.2 41.1 42.9 37.4 1348
8/08 241.8 39.7 44.0 37.5 ^1000
8/09 241.8 39.7 44.0 37.5 ^1000
8/10 239.4 37.9 45.3 37.1 ^1000

Week 4
8/11 238.8 38.0 45.2 37.0 ^1000
148.1, 9.6lbs lost, bf down 2.8%, 4.4lbs week
8/12 237.6 38.4 44.9 36.8 ^1000
8/13 238.0 37.6 45.5 36.9 ^1000
8/14 237.4 36.2 46.5 36.8 ^1000
8/15 237.0 39.1 44.6 36.7 ^1000
8/16 236.6 39.4 44.2 36.6 ^1000
8/17 237.2 38.3 45.0 36.8 ^1000

Week 5
8/18 235.8 37.9 45.3 36.5 ^1000
146.4, 12.6lbs lost, bf down 2.9%, 3lbs week
8/19 234.8 37.7 45.4 36.4 ^1000
8/20 234.4 38.2 45.1 36.3 ^1000
8/21 232.8 37.6 45.5 36.1 ^1000
8/22 233.8 36.1 46.6 36.2 ^1000
8/23 233.4 36.3 46.5 36.2 ^1000
8/24 232.2 35.6 47.0 36.0 ^1000

Week 6
8/25 232.0 30.1 51.0 35.9 ^1000
162.2, 16.4lbs lost, bf down 10.7%, 3.8 lbs week
8/26 232.2 34.2 48.0 36.0 ^1000
8/27 232.8 33.8 48.3 36.1 ^1000
8/28 231.8 36.7 46.2 35.9 ^1000
8/29 --- ^1000
8/30 231.6 35.1 47.3 35.9 ^1000
8/31 229.6 37.8 45.4 35.6 ^1000

Week 7
9/01 229.0 34.7 47.6 35.5 ^1000
149.5, 19.4lbs lost, bf down 6.1%, 3lbs week
9/02 228.6 35.1 47.3 35.4 ^1000
9/03 227.6 33.3 48.6 35.3 ^1000
9/04 227.4 35.4 47.1 35.2 ^1000
9/05 227.0 35.4 47.1 35.2 ^1000
9/06 226.6 35.0 47.4 35.1 ^1000
9/07 226.8 43.6 41.1 35.1 ^1000

Week 8
9/08 225.4 36.6 46.2 34.9 ^1000
142.9, 23lbs lost, bf down 4.2%, 3.6 week
9/09 -- ^1000
9/10 -- ^1000
9/11 225.0 34.5 47.8 34.9 ^1000
9/12 224.2 35.3 47.2 34.7 ^1000
9/13 222.8 36.2 46.5 34.5 ^1000
9/14 223.4 34.5 47.8 34.6 ^1000

Week 9
9/15 222.2 37.1 45.9 34.4 ^1000
139.8, 26.2lbs lost, bf down 3.7%, 3.2 week
9/16 223.0 33.3 48.6 34.5 ^1000
9/17 221.2 36.7 46.2 34.3 ^1000
9/18 221.8 35.4 47.1 34.4 ^1000
9/19 220.0 36.5 46.3 34.1 ^1000
9/20 220.8 36.1 46.6 34.2 ^1000
9/21 219.8 32.5 49.2 34.0 ^1000

Week 10
9/22 219.2 32.5 49.2 33.9 ^1000
147.95 lbs muscle, 29.2 lbs lost, bf down 8.3%, 3lbs week
9/23 218.8 36.0 46.7 33.9 ^1000
9/24 218.0 33.8 48.3 33.8 ^1000
9/25 217.8 33.4 48.6 33.8 ^1000
9/26 -- ^1000
9/27 217.0 33.4 48.6 33.6 ^1000
9/28 215.8 33.3 48.6 33.4 ^1000

Week 11
9/29 215.8 33.3 48.6 33.4 ^1000
143.94lbs muscle, 32.6lbs lost, bf down 7.5%, 3.4 week
9/30 --^1000
10/01 215.6 33.6 48.4 33.4 ^1000
10/02 215.0 31.7 49.8 33.3 ^1000
10/03 214.4 32.3 49.4 33.2 ^1000
10/04 213.4 28.7 52.0 33.1 ^1000
10/05 212.6 32.8 49.0 32.9 ^1000

Week 12
10/06 213.0 31.5 50.0 33 ^1000
145.9 muscle, down 35.4lbs, bf down 9.3%, 2.8 week
10/07 -- ^1000
10/08 --^1000
10/09 --^1000
10/10 212.6 31.6 49.9 32.9 ^1000
10/11 211.0 27.2 53.1 32.7 ^1000
10/12 211.8 27.4 52.9 32.8 ^1000

Week 13
10/13 210.4 25.7 54.2 32.6 ^1000
156.3 muscle, down 38lbs, bf down 15.1%, 2.6 week
10/14 210.4 30.9 50.4 32.6 ^1000
10/15 212.0 29.0 51.8 32.8 ^1000
10/16 210.4 29.1 51.7 32.6 ^1000
10/17 209.2 29.5 51.4 32.4 ^1000
10/18 209.6 29.5 51.4 32.5 ^1000
10/19 208.8 29.6 51.3 32.3 ^1000

Week 14
10/20 208.8 27.6 52.8 32.3 ^1000
151.2, down 39.6lbs, bf down 13.2%, down 1.6 week
10/21 --^1000
10/22 208.0 28.4 52.2 32.2 ^1000
10/23 208.0 30.5 50.8 32.2 ^1000
10/24 207.6 30.0 51.1 32.2 ^1000
10/25 207.0 29.3 51.6 32.0 ^1000
10/26 207.0 30.0 51.1 32.1 ^1000

Week 15
10/27 204.6 29.4 51.5 31.7 ^1000
144.4, down 43.8lbs, bf down 11.4%, down 4.2 lbs week
10/28 204.2 28.0 52.5 31.6 ^1000
10/29 205.2 29.0 51.8 31.8 ^1000
10/30 205.0 31.6 49.9 31.7 ^1000
10/31 205.0 30.4 50.8 31.7 ^1000
11/01 203.4 30.4 50.8 31.5 ^1000
11/02 202.8 30.7 50.5 31.4 ^1000

Week 16
11/03 201.6 31.2 50.2 31.2 ^1000
138.8, down 46.8, bf down 9.6%, down 3lbs week
11/04 203.0 28.3 52.3 31.4 ^1000
11/05 202.2 28.8 51.9 31.3 ^1000
11/06 202.0 28.4 52.5 31.3 ^1000
11/07 200.8 29.1 51.7 31.1 ^1000
11/08 201.2 27.6 52.8 31.2 ^1000
11/09 200.2 28.8 51.9 31.0 ^1000

Week 17
11/10 200.4 27.8 52.7 31.0 ^1000
144.7, down 48lbs, bf down 13%, down 1.2 lbs week
11/11 198.4 29.9 51.1 30.7 ^1000
11/12 200.4 27.7 52.7 31.0 ^1000
11/13 199.0 27.2 53.1 30.8 ^1000
11/14 198.6 28.0 52.5 30.7 ^1000
11/15 197.8 26.9 53.3 30.6 ^1000
11/16 197.4 28.1 52.4 30.6 ^1000

Week 18
11/17 196.4 28.6 52.1 30.4 ^1000
140.2, down 52lbs, bf down 12.2%, down 4lbs week
11/18 196.2 25.9 54.0 30.4 ^1000
11/19 194.8 26.9 53.3 30.2 ^1000
11/20 194.0 27.2 53.1 30.1 ^1000
11/21 193.4 26.4 53.7 30.0 ^1000
11/22 192.8 26.8 53.4 29.9 ^1000
11/23 193.2 25.5 54.3 29.9 ^1000

Week 19
11/24 192.6 24.6 55.0 29.8 ^1000
145.2, down 55.8lbs, bf down 16.2%, down 3.8lbs week
11/25 189.0 27.0 53.2 29.3 ^1000
11/26 193.2 24.5 55.1 29.9 ^1000
11/27 192.2 21.9 57.0 29.8 ^1000
11/28 --- ^1000
11/29 191.2 21.7 57.1 29.6 ^1000
11/30 191.0 24.9 54.8 29.6 ^1000

Week 20
12/01 190.2 25.2 54.6 29.4 ^1000
142.3 down 58.2lbs, bf down 15.6%, down 2.4lbs week
12/02 189.6 24.3 55.2 29.3 ^1000
12/03 189.4 23.7 55.6 29.3 ^1000
12/04 189.4 24.2 55.3 29.3 ^1000
12/05 187.8 23.5 55.8 29.1 ^1000
12/06 186.6 22.7 56.4 28.9 ^1000
12/07 186.2 22.9 56.2 28.8 ^1000

Week 21
12/08 186.0 23.4 55.9 28.8 ^1000
142.5, down 62.4lbs, bf down 17.4, down 4 lbs week
12/09 --1000
12/10 --1000
12/11 185.8 23.7 55.6 28.8 ^1000
12/12 185.8 21.7 57.1 28.8 ^1000
12/13 185.0 22.8 56.3 28.6 ^1000
12/14 184.8 22.8 56.3 28.6 ^1000

Week 22
12/15 184.6 22.8 56.3 28.6 ^1000
142.5, down 63.8lbs, bf down 18%, down 1.4 lbs week
12/16 182.4 21.2 57.5 28.2 ^1000
12/17 182.0 19.7 58.6 28.2 ^1000
12/18 182.6 20.0 58.4 28.3 ^1000
12/19 183.0 22.5 56.5 28.3 ^1000
12/20 --^1000
12/21 181.6 22.1 56.8 28.1 ^1000

Week 23
12/22 180.8 21.9 57.0 28.0 ^1000
141.2, down 67.6lbs, bf down 18.9%, down 3.8lbs week
12/23 180.0 22.4 56.6 27.9 ^1000
12/24 180.4 22.1 56.8 27.9 ^1000
12/25 181.6 22.0 56.9 28.1 ^1000
12/26 181.0 23.1 56.1 28.0 ^1000
12/27 180.8 21.8 57.0 28.0 ^1000
12/28 180.0 21.8 57.0 27.9 ^1000

Week 24
12/29 179.6 21.7 57.1 27.8 ^1000
140.6, down 68.8lbs, bf down 19.1%, down 1.2 lbs week
12/30 178.2 20.7 57.8 27.6 ^1000
12/31 178.2 20.7 57.8 27.6 ^1000
1/01 177.2 21.0 57.6 27.4 ^1000
1/02 175.6 20.9 57.7 27.2 ^1000
1/03 --^1000
1/04 175.6 20.7 57.8 27.2 ^1000

Week 25
1/05 175.6 20.7 57.8 27.2 ^1000
139.3, down 72.8 lbs, bf down 20.1%, down 4 lbs week
1/06 173.6 21.0 57.6 26.9 ^1000
1/07 --^1000
1/08 174.6 20.6 57.9 27.0 ^1000
1/09 173.4 20.5 58.0 26.8 ^1000
1/10 173.2 20.5 58.0 26.8 ^1000
1/11 172.4 20.1 58.3 26.7 ^1000

Week 26
1/12 172.4 20.1 58.3 26.7 ^500
137.7, down 76 lbs, bf down 20.7%, down 3.2lbs week
1/13 171.8 18.8 59.2 26.6 ^1000
1/14 172.2 19.0 59.1 26.7 ^1000
1/15 172.2 19.2 58.9 26.7 ^1000
1/16 170.6 19.6 58.6 26.4 ^1000
1/17 169.0 19.6 58.6 26.2 ^1000
1/18 168.4 20.1 58.3 26.1 ^1000

Week 27
1/19 168.2 17.6 60.1 26.1 ^1000
138.6, down 80.2, bf down 23.2%, down 4.2lbs week
1/20 169.6 20.2 58.2 26.3 ^1000
1/21 168.2 16.6 60.8 26.1 ^1000
1/22 168.8 18.6 59.6 26.1 ^1000
1/23 167.4 18.7 59.3 25.9 ^1000
1/24 167.0 18.0 59.8 25.9 ^1000
1/25 166.2 18.2 59.7 25.7 ^1000

Week 28
1/26 165.2 17.4 60.4 25.6 ^1000
136.5, down 83.2, bf down 23.4%, down 3 lbs week
1/27 165.8 18.1 59.7 25.7 ^1000
1/28 165.6 17.0 60.5 25.7 ^1000
1/29 165.4 17.9 59.9 25.6 ^1000
1/30 166.4 17.0 60.5 25.8 ^1000
1/31 165.8 16.7 60.8 25.7 ^1000
2/01 166.0 16.3 61.1 25.8 ^1000

Week 29
2/02 refeed
2/03 165.2 17.7 60.0 25.6 ^1000
2/04 166.0 17.3 60.3 25.7 ^1000
2/05 165.6 17.3 60.3 25.6 ^1000
2/06 163.4 17.7 60.0 25.3 ^1000
2/07 163.6 17.8 60.0 25.3 ^500
2/08 -- ^500

Week 30
2/09 163.0 17.5 60.2 25.2 ^500
2/10 -- ^500
2/11 --^500
2/12 160.8 16.7 60.8 24.8 ^500
2/13 160.2 17.1 60.5 24.8 ^500
2/14 --500

Week 31
2/16 159

Week 32
2/23 158
3/01 157

Daniel Gutierrez

How do I know where the weight is going? I've gained 10 pounds but I don't know where it went! Not even close to being fat.... 9% body fat

zoladoggy 2

what size pmsl

Lashell Wilcox

Hi there, have you considered Custokebon Secrets yet? Just do a google search. On there you'll find a great guidelines about how you can lost crazy amounts of weight. Why not give it a shot? maybe it'll work for you too.

Electric Water

Great information ?only bk off holidays so have to catch up on your vids !

Cesar Villasana

I need your help in losing belly fat and still gain muscle. I'm 5.5 and weight 150

Abu Isma'il of the Dhulbahante:

Do you recommend taking a dump before weighing myself?

Mr. Belding

Ok I'm dumb, how do I work out the average??????


just perfect idk why everyone else (other channels) tend to make such a big deal of something so basic instead of giving you an easy to understand explanation, thanks.


Good video. I also calculate how much I eat by measuring my weight in the morning and at night

Little-Brute Training

Dude can you please explain how you get the average number


You're a smart guy man


Ok so the problem that I am having is that I want to lose fat while gaining muscle. I lost 25 pounds and need to loose another 14 pounds to get to my goal weight. I still have a layer of fat on my arms that prevents my biceps from really showing through and I have quite a bit of stomach fat. How do I lose the fat without losing muscle? If I eat too much to gain muscle, I'm afraid I will gain fat as well. If I eat less then I'm afraid I wont build any muscle. Should I just wait to loose all the fat and then focus on building muscle?


how many calories shuold i add per week to be in a plus calories intake and add a lean mass?


Good and simple advice


Love the tip, very common sense approach. I suppose this same method should also work to tell you if you are at maintenance or cut levels as well. So rather than react daily to the scale, you react weekly or every 2 weeks or so.


No muscles no advice

Tanbir Ahmed

how to track curry in myfitnesspal, mum adds all sorts of spices. how would i track all that lol?


Awesome gonna start doing that from Saturday and see if I am really on a deficit!

Benjamin Maple

But your tiny little man


What if you are an otherwise wiry senior citizen with a big gut but muscles underneath? How can I discern my body fat surplus? I never deviate by more than a couple of pounds!


another 1 of these guys given advice but doesnt have 1 muscle on his body gtfo

Master Davix

How to tell? No gains. Period.

Robert Wilson

I'm eating around 3200 and it still seems like it's not enough. It's so annoying.

Fanuel Polanco

Thanks my dude !!! Clear and to the point.

Ganja Puff

this is a good approach


I think you should rename your channel idk of monster is the correct word you should be using

nick hayes

you look a lot more built than 150lbs, you a small guy? i weigh 10lbs more and don't look as thick as you.

midnight assassin

So this isnt really about my diet but when i work out this seems to be happening when i eat healthy i gain weight. When i weightlift i lose weight. When i run i gain muscle

Kool Burn

Lmao, you know there are muscles on the back parts of your body right??


Stop moving your fucking hands so much!!! Christ

Marco Ibañez

great video bro! greetings from Bolivia (south america)

gamer mo

I know this may sound off topic, but where do you got your T shirt from ? I like it

Madspartan 521

Awesome video, really informative ??


This was good info!

Nevo Elkaslasi

you just answered questions i was looking for a year. Thank You!!


For entertainment i watch the other fitness channels but for real knowledge that i actually use i watch this channel. Keep it up man

joey Rogers

bulking on 3200 5'8 117 .5 a week

Rodger Lucio

this is excellente

Tony Brown

Cool video, you're audio makes it hard to watch the whole thing though.

hardik khatri

i love your vids man!! u really explain it so simply that even a newbie like me gets it easily.
thanks for making videos and keep it up

lisa Lulu

Females tend to hold more water..that could sway in this eqaution correct?..


I want to train to build muscle, but at the same time loose weight. I know i cant eat too much, but will i only get weaker, or will i just feel more sore due to less food after training?

Sierra Yankee

Hi Alain , I was wondering how to calculate the daily calorie intake?

Lord Artos

Your hand movements remind me of Ricky Bobby


Good advice ,alot of people wanted to know how to put lean mass..keep up the videos ..PEACE!!!!

Ronnie James Pux

One of the most useful videos about fitness on YT.

Fobia's Bizarre One Man Band

I love this guy.

zoladoggy 2

what size pmsl


No problem @Wequendi :)



Nice Stuff

Good stuff but how you tell if ur gaining In muscle mass or fat to balance ur diet?

How Much Protein To Build Muscle? The TRUTH !

How Much Protein To Build Muscle? The TRUTH !16 Jun. 2018
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How Much Protein Do I Need

How Much Protein Do I Need to Build Muscle?

Omar Isuf Video:

Eric Helms et al. A systematic review of dietary protein during caloric restriction in resistance trained lean athletes: a case for higher intakes. Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2014 Apr;24(2):127-38. doi: 10.1123/ijsnem.2013-0054. Epub 2013 Oct 2

Morton et. al A systematic review, meta-analysis and meta-regression of the effect of protein supplementation on resistance training-induced gains in muscle mass and strength in healthy adults. Br J Sports Med. 2018 Mar;52(6):376-384. doi: 10.1136/bjsports-2017-097608. Epub 2017 Jul 11.

Jim Stoppani Link:

Mike Dolce Link:

Real Weights Real Heroes:


Business Enquiries: [email protected]



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Farzad Araf Jamil

too much bs


Eating loads of protein and maintaining kidney function is a fun balancing activity for ex-cancer patients hehe. I think it is important to also mention if any has had any renal issues, even just having had chemotherapy for bone cancer treatment made my kidneys very sensitive to too much protein, I'm 60kg, around 8% body fat, 18 years old, aquatic athlete (big wave surfing/competitive surfing, free diving, long-distance swimming) and was informed by various online calculators, to eat 150g of protein, one anemic episode and very sleepy day later and I'm doing just fine with 80-90g a day, do consider longevity and that really you do not need OD levels of nutrition to build muscle as many insecure and easily fooled mass builders may tell you, or protein supplement sellers, of course I will need more as I build even more muscle, but you do not need to look at 1g per pound as many of us eat at 1.2g-1.5g per kg of bodyweight, I go for low as possible due to what I believe to be decreased renal function. Keep in mind, your fundamental health is not based around building muscle mass, but around keeping your organs as safe and healthy as possible, if you disagree, I'm glad I'm not you.

MP Wellness

Holy shit. He actually looked into it. ?

Ana Darlene

Cheers for the Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you researched - Ponnordaz Impressive Remedy (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a good one of a kind guide for discovering how to pack on solid muscle mass minus the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my old buddy Taylor after a lifetime of fighting got great results with it.

Marcelo Carvalho

So much stupidity. Look around at nature, how many grams of protein per kilo of bodyweight does a gorilla intake? A bull? A horse? Is it "high quality protein"? Stop this nonsense people, those animals don't even eat foods high in protein!

Brandon Hart

So basically there’s no way to build muscle and lose fat. Because say you’re a 260 lb man one cup of chicken breast is 335 calories 38 grams protein. That would be 1675 and 190 grams of protein. Any calculator you use to suggest how many calories you should eat says around 1600 to 1700 to lose weight. That means I could eat 5 cups of chicken and that’s all. Unless I want to spend more than 30 minutes to an hour in the gym which isn’t what I’m going to do.

Ryan Hazlett

People worry too much about macros. I spent years trying to get big by tracking everything with little gain I stopped tracking and just ate right and I added a bunch of mass and strength. Just eat right and train

Eddie Avinashi

I live on chicken breast and even then I only get 250g protein for 1300 calories. Need to step up to only egg whites.

250g protein for 1000 calories FTW.

shaun ciok

Yet another video giving to much info on protein intake,let’s make it simple pick a number ie 1 gram of protein per 1lb of body weight (muscle,fat,skin,bone) train hard for 3 months if you haven’t gained muscle increase to 1.25 grams per 1lb of body weight for the next 3 months SIMPLES

Rajeshwar Sharma

When you say per body weight which body weight do you mean; ideal body weight or actual body weight?

Lucius Gantewood

As expert, I do believe Custokebon Secrets is actually great way to lost lots of weight. Why don't you give it a chance? perhaps it can work for you too.

Austin Julius

I love your videos dude.


Like how tf am I supposed to eat 100 grams of protein on top of getting fats, carbs, fiber and vitamins and minerals?

aleks stoke

Appreciate video content! Excuse me for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you ever tried - Ponnordaz Impressive Remedy (erm, check it on google should be there)? It is a great exclusive product for discovering how to pack on solid muscle mass without the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend Sam got astronomical results with it.

Kevin Samuel

Do you need high protein if your aim is to lose weight and get shredded?Is 1.2g/KG (yes i said kilogram not pound) fine?


From my experience 1.8 - 2.2 gram of protein per Kg of bodyweight is best for gaining muscle.
Stay closer to 1.8 if you have excessive bodyfat, stay near 2.2 if you're lean.
People who recommend more than 2.2g per kg of bodyweight are usually trying to sell you protein supplements.

Summarum Fitness

Liked in the first sentence

Garett Hungle

Bro, just wanted to stay I used to think you where just a comedian and called out the bullshit misinformation and general clownieness of the fitness industry right now....but I gotta say I'm in the process of getting a personal training diploma and you're vids are actually incredibly informative and are aiding quite a bit in my studies haha so thanks man (also aswell as giving me a good laugh)


If your on gear take double your body weight. If your natty you need about 1 gram per body weight

Zach Brown

I grasped each point of your lesson. Your lessons are well taught. Thank you.

Marky Elwell

and thats per lb of lean mass as well. not total mass.

Adam Bush

The lower side is still a shit load of protein :D


grams / pounds of bodyweight, who thought of this? xD

Valeria Cordero

I used to count my protein intake before the lockdown, now that I work out less I feel like eating less, just because my body can't take it. It's been more than two months and I still eat healthy but just listening to my body and I work out 3 time a week at home with just a couple of 15 kg dumbells and I don't notice an important lost of muscle ?


USE FUCKING KILOGRAMS! You use grams to measure protein but pounds for a person‘s weight... like wtf?!


i always thought the protein shit was bs.


This foo just said are you training 4 hours a day like whaaaa?


I’ve probably never eaten over 130 grams of protein a day in my life and I’ve been bodybuilding for like 8 years.... I’m 5’10 200lbs lean. For anyone who may find that interesting.....

Andrew Thornton

Can I skip eating and just drink bcaa’s?????????


One variable that was not mentioned is Anabolic resistance which occurs to adults 40+

Mamar Sebai

Cheers for the video content! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried - Ponnordaz Impressive Remedy (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for discovering how to pack on solid muscle mass without the hard work. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my work colleague finally got great success with it.

Adiposity Bites

grams per bodyweight and grams per lean body mass aren't the same thing.

Garrosh Hellscream

0.5 grams per pound is MAX if you eat mostly carbs you can utilize much more protien while also staying healthy.. if health isnt your concern then eat a ton of animal.protiene and hope you dont get cancer or a heart attack.

Jason Sieckmann

Be sure and hit this um, Wim Hof thing when you get a second.

Alex Sp

Well none of those dudes in the thumbnail are telling the truth :)) it’s called roids my friend.... roids

Jason Jarod Coetzer

That's a lot of meat

Benjamin Ravikumar

If I'm 220 pounds and on a weight loss program how much should my protein intake be?

avi bank

Bet none of these gurus are worried about their sodium intake. RIP.


People who use grams with lbs should be executed without mercy

Christian Fröhlich

These units make me sick...


Stopani has put people in the hospital plenty times

Mark Dubin

per pounds of body that lean body weight? not including body fat?

Jason Lewing

Certain info says grams of protein per pound of body weight and others say grams of protein per kg of body weight. Which is correct?

Akhil john thomas

i am at 19% body fat at the moment so my protein intake should be on the moderate end?

Daniel Iddo Abera-Balcha

Eatig the chicken shouldn't be rocket science level complicated.

IF Nutrition

As you get older you become less sensitive so your going to want to increase slightly!

Claudia mariani

Trace minerals, vitamin c, B vitamins , fat soluble vitamins. 3 meals a day, no snacking, intermittent fasting, and moderate protein from a fatty protein source. Vitamins and minerals more important than just protein.


Didnt you give chris heria shit for saying 1g protein per 1lb of bodyweight was too much?


These numbers never added up for me. Even without doing research.

Katrina Katien

Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about "how much protein should you eat at each meal?" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Tanarah Noteworthy Transcendence - (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? It is a smashing exclusive guide for discovering how to get rid of your painful tooth cavities naturally without the hard work. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my partner got excellent success with it.

jay Aych are

how much baby oil is needed in photos to add 10kg of muscle?


Felt like I just took a class, so much great information. thank you for the video sir

Sergio Briseno

I dunno about anything, only know it depends on how much you work on the day, and genetic profile.
I have worked out every single day for 20 years, been playing around with macros for a loong time, so far ive found on MYSELF that 2lbs per lb is making me both gain muscle Way faster, and loose fat somewhat well with HIIT 10min sprints 3x a week for Cardio only, I believe when gyms open up ill loose fat and gain more every day because I will be able to walk more while fasted ( the best anabolic cardio )
<Im not consuming any Carbs at all, may (may not) eat post workout when gyms open up>
Very nice video! im glad I watched it and will keep on working out every single day.

Rohan Narula

The only reason Jim Stoppani wants you to get 1.5-2g/lb bw is to coax you into buying more Pro Jym.

robert hingston

I get 0.5 gram of protein per pound and I’m fine with that


Thanks for the Video! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you considered - Ponnordaz Impressive Remedy (do a search on google)? It is a smashing exclusive product for discovering how to pack on solid muscle mass without the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend Sam at last got amazing results with it.


Isn't there some substitution effect. If you get something like 0.5 g/kg but are eating enough calories, your carbs and fats will be used for energy, and you'll get good results? Or is that wrong

You Tube

Why do they combine gramms and pounds?

Nick Meale

I do believe in Somatotypes and I do believe everyone differs drastically. I know a lot of vegan bodybuilders get 100g of protein a day. Some 80g. Who can argue with a man eating 2g of protein per lb when he's shredded.


I struggle to get 70-80g of protein in.. being poor sucks


Mate. I know you are busy man as you lost hair by stress. It happened to me too and I never noticed it because I shaved my head since my military service and your case as imagined you were rocking a afro it was more tragic. But I would love if you had a old fashioned blog or home page. Reason I state is that I am fucking lazy and searching the tube and then finding the info. This time I was wondering how much meat need to it, my vegan gf think I eat to much. But science probably says need more or I just lie like every other person does about science to win the argument. I think it makes me catabolic to watch same videos over and over again. My protein synthesis is broken and I can't make memories. This worry me because this only happens when I am drunk or have tasks I don't want to do. So like info info Short site. I trust you because you are not selling me shit. Which is why you should troll people you get away amusing stunts


Very well documented ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Smart Auth

You only need 2.4 grams of protein per body weight kg excluding bodyfat. So if you weight 80kg and bone+muscle is = 60kg you would need to eat 60 x 2.4 = 144 grams of protein(This is maximum. Target should be 130, minimum 120)


What does eating 1-2 grams per body weight mean? Should I only eat 1-2 grams a day then just consume goodies or 1-2 grams each meal?im lightweight skinny btw trying to put muscle


I fast and do cardio and do some muscle and eat lots of carbs but I eat 125g pf protein.

Bas Dost

I find it impossible to hit 1g per 1lb of body weight.. Its just not sustainable..

Jose Jones

I don't believe you. You're missing protein on your head. Being protein defficient causes you to lose hair.

ariana nene

You deleted a video about push-ups I was trying to download, why


i think the question should be
how much protein for how much calories/carbs
if you eat more carbs you need less protein

Nathan Dean

you need 1 gram per pound of LEAN mass

yolo dolo

I find that the minimum 0.8 is perfectly fine during rest days.

Ramón González

But my mocha coffee flavored egg white protein powder is yummy yummy on my tummy dude.


What the fuck is lbs. Nigga i weigh kilos. Ffs


If you aren’t selling anything: 1g per lb of bw is enough. If you’re selling something: 2g per lb of bw minimum.

Mars Kickass

Weight loss= body fat loss= muscle gain
I have 40% body fat about
5’8” body weight unknown since I haven’t measured that just using waist, neck, and hip like on prt for the navy
3 times a week to four times a week
Health and fitness is my goal but I also am training to complete the navy prt test
I run 15minutes
Then I play with weights and equipment for an hour. Pushing my max weights at the end
I eat mostly whole veggies sometimes fruit. I don’t eat beef. Tuna and chicken are my most common proteins once a day or every other day. Not sure if this is a good diet just trying to eat more foods I make myself and steaming is easy.
Not even sure about my caloric count but much much lower than what I was one month ago
I also intermittently fast
If I am a beginner should I increase my protein? I was doing high protein via powder before and I hated it honestly I have a giant container of some walmart cheap whey

Franco Sanson

3:13 Note that he states "per lbs of LEAN BODY MASS", not per pound of bodyweight. This approach would be similar to the one in the beginning of the video.


2g per 1kg of bw, right?


I always advise 1g/lbs. it’s easy to calculate, it’s not gonna be too much, and if you don’t hit it, you probably still got enough anyway. Simple.

Mrwapluv Hbside

Is 250colories of peanut butter enough

Jason Mackay

I had to drop a like for that Eddie Bravo clip???

Smoke Screen

So the question wasn't really answered, bunch of vague explanations. Dislike. This guy just likes to talk a lot.

Tommy Cox

Just gimme some hGH and I'm good ,?

Lal Sangkima

But arnt carbs a substitude for protein too?

Dario Wirtha

I may be stupid or something. If I weigh 144lbs, I need 144 grams of protein?

Nola Grimes

Does Custokebon Secrets (search on google) help me lost crazy amounts of weight? I notice lots of people keep on talking about this popular weight loss method.

Geee Orilla

doesnt make any sense. i weight 300lbs and fat as hell. dieting is fking me up. i cant exercise on a diet and i was thinking just find out how much protein i need to gain muscle but, im 300lbs so if i go for 0.8 per lbs i have to eat 240g of protein. which if i eat in just eggs for protein i need to eat 18 eggs a day or 768g of beef. that doesn't make any sense. thats 2700 calories in just eggs. wtf am i gonna do?eat 1.125 eggs a hour?. or 4 beef steaks a day?. looks like im eating the same as body builders but im eating the minimum recommendation for my weight.


What if you are sauces to the gills? Could you take advantage of more protein?

Bat Eats Moth

I've put on muscle eating a gram per kilo of bodyweight.

Jay Pay

I got some whey protein powder because I dont always eat enough of protein especially for building muscle. Im thinking that you need a lot of protein daily if you are a bodybuilder but if you are just trying to just look fit you dont need as much from what I gather.

Warren Rae

Isn't it true that carbs are protein sparing? If so then if your carb to protein ratio increases then
It's likely that your need for the extra protein decreases that those who follow a lower carb,higher protein to carb ratio insist upon.

Обычный Парень

1 gramm per kilo its more than enough even on a cut. its if that plant protein. you are eating so much protein cause most of this number you are shiting, cause animal protein not good digesting. if bodybuilders worked on moving or constructions - they will know how much protein do they need.


Why not just be sensible and start at 1g per pound, monitor your weight gain and muscle gain and adjust accordingly


Protein makes me shit bricks. This, is like to know how much fiber I need to eat while eating all this damn protein.

Len J

8 chicken breasts a day? On a day you didn’t train?


My muscles have increased at a average rate. I work out intensely 3-4x per week, I still eat .08 grams of my 150lbs weight each day. Some days I slow down the amount because I know I can consume more, however to be honest for my digestion system and long term health, if I ate anymore I know that wouldn't be good for my organs or anyone's to recover if you're constantly over working it but to each its own. Listen to your body feels.

Antonia Uribe

I’m about 130lbs and gained about 10lbs of muscle in 6ish months slacking on what I thought was my ideal protein intake, clearly the protein hype is real

Bruce Bias

So what was ur range? 0.7g/lb ???

Josh Williams

Hate your accent

Bimbambu tV

Look at the science. 1.6 per KG - 0.8 per LB


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do not forgot your day gear rods after dinner ridiculous.

Charlie Nixon

Happy with the longer videos, are perfect to watch when I start my cardio again! :)

alexandros pappas

man im 65kg and im tall about 1,84cm i started a program and im eating about 8 times per day (3 fruits 1 morning meal and 4 good meals )could you tell me what should i eat cause im working hard and i dont have much time for gym

Richard Gray

very funny beginning!

Dharminder Singh

Hey Lex, hope you're well. Really enjoy your videos, I feel like I'm learning a lot! I had two questions for you: 1. Have you ever followed a Ketogenic diet? If so what was your experience and thoughts. 2. Have you ever tried the 5x5 Stronglifts workout? Again what was your experience and thoughts.

Rose Petal

really made me laugh when you slapped yourself over the chicken wrapped in tinfoil lol

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Hey lex, I started a fitness Instagram. Can you follow- DJMileski. I'm figured I might want to focus on something I enjoy ?

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What about Shakes.Where do those come in this picture...

A l



song at the end?

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Great short video Lex! Lots of great information in a short time !

Karyssa Caron

Okay so I’m new at the meal prep deal I’m 152 pounds and female trying to gain muscle how many times I should eat a day ?

Timothy Mueller

Thanks buff Jason Momoa ❤️?.

Nathan Pye

loved this.... danger zone


I don't usually eat meals I just jizz in my mouth after each workout for raw test and protein gains.

Abu Yusuf

nice video. intermittent fasting works for me. I like enjoy big meals, saving my calories for later in the day so I can enjoy bigger meals and it feels rewarding even if you're in a deficit.


I've read that your body can only consume a certain amount of proteins per hour, does that mean that the quantity left is discard when you go to the bathroom or is it consume over time to it's fullest? Does it help to split meals if some get discard?

pranesh sonawane

Thank you sir your tip free me from the 6 times 7 time mela myth ?

Harshil Singh

Thank you so much for the info, much needed video although your personality is just like mine but not muscles so i m trying to get there!!???

Jovel Williams

Yup truth but I need at least five meals all whole foods and hard work reached my goal at 6'3 230 10% took years of hard work and I never starved myself just did the same but gradually bulit muacle and lost fat.
The macros part I will never get, sorry but I will never get it.
Curious here since I'm 6'3 230 pounds.
How much do you think of protien, carbs, and fats do I get? I will bet anything it's not what you think I take in.

Liam Ames

Is it possible to gain with one meal a day?

Night King

It all depends on how active u are, if u dont have a job and not be so active outside the gym then u cant eat alot or u will look like a hippo


Haha that intro ??? so chiller

Filmilen Fitness

Lex is totally right

Carey Walsh

I'm picturing Lex in a huge trench coat asking students if they want to buy a chicken breast haha!

Carlos Olascoaga

Wao thank you so much for this advice sometimes we forget and family suffer

jose daniel guerrero


Daddy lsagnia

omg was this video for me because i asked for this a couple vids ago


i eat 1 time a day and im bigger than this guy

Josh Hetman

What did you study at university

Mike Cola

When you eat 3 meals per day or more, your body is always producing the storage hormone Insulin. When Insulin is up, Glucagon (the fat and sugar releasing hormone ) is down. Eating fewer meals each day is advantageous because it will put you in a better fat burning state.

adka datka

Did you get any hernias because of lifting?

Érico Estroia

Hey man, could you do a video talking about your thoughts on intermittent fasting? It would be a good one ;p

Chris Cure

Simple and straight to the point...lots of know what I mean lol ?

Melly Bean

Where does one start in figuring out the "macros" needed? if you want to lose 10lbs and gain muscle to promote strength what would be a great ratio?

Paul Miley

Great work on this video Lex looking forward to next one



Brett Baker

Not gonna lie, coming into this life style, this was comforting to learn !

sam hope

I hope this fella is right Cost me a arm and a leg six meals a day

jr mercado

LOL from the slap at the end

dhahri amen allah

this video make me comfortable xD bcz i get so fucking worry when i miss a meal

Luke Rimmer

I eat breakfast and then not hungry for lunch

Theichoose me

cheers lex

Anima Dark

my question is in my plan i have 6 meals per day but sometimes i fell like i am stuffed already & cannot add more or take so can i replace it with protein shake or its OK to skip the snack meal that's all i want to know & thanks in advance for answering my question

pumping iron

This new change on the channel made me watch your vids again.

cheers man

LiftYourself Fitness

Time to EAT!

David Fava

Bro, I can't believe it took me this long to come across your channel! Watched some of your vids today, already impressed! No bull, down to earth and straight to the point. Keep em' comin'

Chris A

All the top bodybuilders whether natural or enhanced eat at least 6 meals a day. Show me someone with a great physique who eats 3 times a day. Even top pro Olympia competitor's don't comsume more than 900 calories in one sitting, hence the reason why multiple meals are required.
This video will appeal to people who can't be arsed putting the effort into their nutrition. However if this guy making this video was to tell the truth by saying that you require at least 6 meals a day, the video wouldn't be very popular at all!

Pablo Moreno

This video needs music ;D

Rawi Mousa

Actually you can gain muscle and get lean with intermittent fasting ...

Iron Mikes Gym !

good video Lex, what's the new life style change? shaving the beard? my fitness pal is now used daily as part of my routine, so easy to keep track, especially if you want a little cheat, etc, this is all calculated into my macros.

Jim 123

you help me so much..keep this nice work up!!

Scrappy Muscle


Jordan McDonald

vlogasm ?? this video was so helpful thankyou man! #vikinggains

Buck Perc

Don't agree everyone has different metabolism if I don't eat 6 times a day I'm not getting any bigger!

Andy Standing

Mr lex, is there any chance of doing a "benifits" of foam rolling and how to doing it properly.. I've started rolling after legs days ect but not 100% sure I'm doing it right.. keep up the great work :-)

Stavros Moschos

Great work mate!

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#lexfitness You are the best!!!! thank you for advices

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Thumbs up because Lex is goofy AF. In a good way.

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Real fucking food


Lex beard is best beard

Ben ny

nice video !

Branislav Kašuba

i love you Lex !!! you are da Best


Great video!

Luke Ook

I eat 2 meals a day and have been increasing my lifting weights without increasing my weight on the scale.
everyone will feel different about how much they eat.

Arun Hazell

Another great vid lex!

marc murphy

On my phone so can't edit my comment or id add in I'm 5f 9 36 yrs old and loved this video!

Balkan Intros

wish I had body like you


You sound a bit like John Snow

Joe K

Great vid as usual Lex ??

Just a quick question, obviously your body burns calories throughout the day, but for example, if your maintenance is 3000 calories and you burn an additional 1000 calories at the gym can you then consume an extra 1000 calories and still maintain? Or is that not how it works.

Sorry if this is a stupid question.


8 pack holy abs

Willie Lopez

Are you going to FIBO?

viktor petrov

i feel like shit when i eat carbs, no matter if it's rice, fruits, whole grain bread, honey or donut. hIGH PROTEIN + some damnn fats work best for me. Don't follow what you hear, try some diffrent shitt and see what your body tellls you, not what this dude tell you.

Гальванизированный Труп

this is bro science

My Wellness Challenge

What if I have a lot of body fat? Should I still eat regularly or should I cut back on calories while exercising to drop the fat?


4:44 There are so many bodubuilders who do this. Literally have cans of tuna and chicken breasts in their bag. No way they're going to stop doing this ever!

PJ Pythons

Just eat all your macros in 1 meal and then go about your day

Shihab Al-Farsi

Hey Lex sometimes im not hungry when cutting so i dont eat my last meals, is that okay or should i force feed?


macro counting hmm now i have always found this so damn hard to the point i just dont understand it fully. and i need to so i can hit my goal of weight loss any more info on how to do it?? and apps that can help im at a loss


This is a great video. You always do an amazing job !!!! thumbs up !!! great to be friends with you :) Our like # 2811

Josh Mccabe

Yo great videos, can you recommend and macro app to use ? My diet is my weak point atm cheers !?


I eat breakfast after I eat Breakfast lunch and dinner then I eat Breakfast lunch then dinner then a snack then lunch then snack then I eat my dinner after eating my lunch

Markus Mustermann

Anyone who agree on this thumbs up: When i feel sad or angry i just visit Vegan Gains channel, randomly insult him and feel happy again?

Rittik Chhetry

Watch rich piana's videos

Umar Sayyad

Light in the morning(fruit and tea), heavy at lunch(sandwich, sweet potato etc) and heavy at night( meat, meat,meat,meat,meat,meat,meat,meat,meat,meat,)

The Infamous PQ

WTF is this bullshit? Thought it was Jason Momoa in the thumbnail...

Scrappy Muscle


Peadar Mccomiskey

perfect simple advice . well done Lex. #LEGEND#

marc murphy

I'm 17st with a big fat belly , that's where majority of fat is. So what happens quicker/easier having to loose a ton of fat or when your lean and you want to get 17st of muscle naturally does the body build muscle quicker than it looses fat?

Narendra Cheema

Love from India sir ? good teaching thank you sir


Thank you #LexFitness for the information this will help me alot from now on

SVEN TheViking

I think you need to ride another bicycle cuz your looking small bro


I just eat 100+g protein a day and lift heavy. Pretty active guy so low bf and daily gym routine. Being fit is the best thing ever, lift heavy, eat pizza <3

Big Mink

That slap made me spit out my food lex hah


I eat meals when I take a shit to replace the lost calories

Louise Corrans

Good advice.


if i only do one meal a day with 2000 calories will it work the same?

Callum F.

Hey Lex, how long before training should you "carb up"?


Very helpful videos man

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