How to say i love

How To Play Jim Croce I'll Have To Say I Love You In a Song Introduction

How To Play Jim Croce I'll Have To Say I Love You In a Song Introduction14 Dec. 2013
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Comments (32)
Brett Piveral

Won’t sound as good but it will keep you out of jail!! ✌?

Glady Jane Caalam

Thanks for this tutorial . Love you! ???

ted lismore

Can you please post the rest of the song?

Robbie Fleming

You are such a great teacher, I could never get my head around tabs for songs such as this and long time ago - also by Jim Croce and your lessons have enabled me to play them, you are in effect, the ultimate wingman.

Human Person Junior, Jr.

This song is not "I'll Have to Say I Love You In a Song."

Vince Milea

It should be C#m7, Bm7?

Xander Botha

My mom loves this song, and she always wanted to hear me play this song on guitar. Thanks to you, I’ll be able to make it happen.

Julius Amolevičius

Really short, but also really good.
Thank you ☺️

E. F.

Dude, you're a total asshat. The best way to play this coffee house style is G, B, C then D. "Now in fact you could continue to pick that chord with the pattern of the root chord..." Please get fucked.

Ojoj Ojoj

it is missing some basses

toib kathwari

Love ur voicee.. so peaceful

Francis Jo Hernando


Rob Walker

Thank you. Very good lesson, easy to follow and concise instruction. Other tutorials take note... this is how it should be done.


First let me say that you are one of the best, if not THE best guitar instructors on you tube. At 4:00, you stated that the open G was "out of tune". Do you have any reason as to why Jim played that note? I'm kinda thinkin that maybe he was feelin mighty good (wink wink) that night and the note was played by accident and they left it in anyway!!  You are making a lot of people with acoustic guitars happy--including me!

Eddie T

I've purchased this, and other tutorials, and his are fantastic! He breaks down the lessons so that it's easily understood. Buy his lessons, and you'll see how good he is at teaching.

Barry Harrell YouTube

Jerry, you do great work.  Thank you, I learned this from you in about 2 days and love to paly it now (but I am used to fingerpicking so it was easy for me).  I'll post a cover on YouTube of this one thanks to you.  Merry Christmas.  By the way, I love your voice - it is so easy to listen to and you do a fantastic job a spelling it out.


That's dope! Thank you very much

kerwin baquiran

Done practicing with jim croce -operator and this will be my next... Glad there is a video like this and your awesome!!!?



roy arrowood

I always wondered why he doesn't just go to a E major instead on that last chord. It may just be from years of playing it wrong but it just sounds nicer to me lol

Dale Gutteridge

Yeah you got a voice for radio dude such good teacher proper calming hah


Thank you so much, very clear!



Patt Vernon

Everyone should just play how they feel it. RIP JIm

jeff jones

gordon lightfoots song "beautiful" starts off with the same chord am7

arvis fletcher

I play the guitar and I am not this great

Bethuel I.

Me in the introduction:
Cool...uhm im gonna go now
*plays guitar*
*keeps guitar*


To much detail. If people are looking for this song People must know these chords anyway.

F. A. Mostafa

Be Generous and post the full lesson !
,hated how the video ends !


Jerry are a great instructor Thanks I will be learning more from you , thats for sure

Paul Quinn

Really great tutorial and playing. Thanks so much!

Jerry Ruffino

Excellent video. I have this song on my you tube video, " Jerry Ruffino Solo ".
I play it a bit differently.

How to Say "I Love You" in English | Valentine's Day ?

How to Say "I Love You" in English | Valentine's Day ?14 Feb. 2020
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mmmEnglishSubscribe 438 721

Wondering how to say "I

Wondering how to say "I love you" this Valentine's Day? ? In this lesson, we're talking about LOVE! I'll be sharing some much lovelier ways to express your love in English on St Valentines Day!

Learn the most magical English expressions to share with your lover - and maybe even write them a little English love note! ??

Plus, I want to hear the beautiful LOVE IDIOMS that you use in your own language to express love - make sure you add them in the comments below! ?

Read the full transcript of this lesson on my blog here:

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Comments (100)
Princess Maryem

In my country we have the same meaning like "l'd lost without you" and "you make my world go round"

Marthen Liuspaung

Hay good night

عبد الرزاق جبار

I love you Emma

Gabriele Gibertoni

"You are the light of my eyes " in italian: " Tu sei la luce dei miei occhi "

mostak ahmed

You are so pretty girl.


I love your voice very much Emma...??..your student from Sri Lanka..

Jacob Xiongnu

Koj Yog kuv tus niam nkauj hnub, kuv yog koj tus Txiv nraug hlib, koj yog kuv tus poj txas qaib kuv yog koj tus raug txas noog.

You’re are my Sun and I am your Moon, We are one my dearest and we are inseparable.
Hmong translate.

Akura Akura

I love you too

Shahin Karipakulam

You make my world go round ❤️
You are my everything ??
We are made for each other ☺️?
I'd be lost without you ♥️?

Shivangi Thakur



I love you too

Khaled N

No language can express a true love.

wolfram tichy

Oh.. Emma, I'm don't remember my language!..

Tajmil Abbas x

zakiaria nabi

I love everything u do except the name of chanel ?

Aishwarya Tiwari

My favorite ones are "Love you as always", "Love you a ton", "Love you to the moon and back". :D

Mohamed Ibrahim

I love you more than my life
( in Egypt )

Pr. Abdellah MAMOUNI

My wife is my life

عمران الياس مراد

Im crazy about you ?

MD Shamim Ahmed

You are my crash.i fall in love although I am only 20 years old.plz answer me dear.

malo kl

Thenk u teacher love from somalialand

Qasem Qasem

I love you to the moon and back
You are my life
I'm nothing with out you

Mostak Ahmed Simon

I love you Emma and your channel to the moon and back.

Jacob Alcuadrado

"Eres lo primero en lo que pienso al levantarme y lo último al acostarme"
"You are the first thing I think on the morning and the last I think at night".
We were made for each other
"Estamos hechos el uno para el otro"
Wish you all the best

Abdallah Milaba

Thanks for your Lesson. I will tell you so on Valentine Day.

Dan Ginghina

I love you and your English lessons! Both are awesome and useful!♥️

Be Positive

Hi Emma, any tips on how to improve English listening skills like when I'm watching movies I don't understand everything but I understand mostly in documentaries programs . Please reply it means a lot, thank you

Chantal Leduc

Please, please, continue to have English subtitles... It helps me to speak at the same time and helps my pronounciation.


Thanks alot dear mmmEnglish , you are my best teacher in my life , keep it up , i want to learn all the which i need, thank you agin


What is the most romantic LOVE ? idiom in your native language!! Comment with the English translation below ?

bukola samuel-wemimo

Ok so can you do more videos on love please thank you

Angel CutePink

me: is English ?

นพพร เจียมชัยภูมิ

I'm falling in love with studying with you.

joao andre

You make my world around.

sana rashid

mmm i,m really falling for you

Thawng Zk

I cannot survive without you.

Stefano Burla

I don't have words to express my love for you. you are my world!
Love you more than my own life:
Love you to die for
You are my universe

Salman Rahi Raza Khan

I love you from india?

Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng

"Anh yêu em" if you are a boy
"Em yêu anh" if you are a girl.
( Vietnamese)

Timsah albarari

wow. ilove u from deep best teacher ♥♥♥♥???????

Raj Wali

Za tasa mena kom means l love you this is pashto language which written in Arabic alphabets it is Pakistani language

Rahul Agrwal

You are beautiful

Mohammed uddin Kamal

Have you ever watched cookieswirlc?

Yasin Hashi

In my langouge when you talking about how big love your wife you can say 1. Nolasheydiiyeey.
2. Quruxdeydiiyeey.
3. Indhaheygiiyeey.

These is in my own lagouge Somali

Thank you


I find some of these ways of saying "I love you" too corny! But I love your classes; I love you as well!

Suradun Melan

Emma I m crazy about you ❤
I' d be lost without you ?
Emma im falling for you ?
Your are my word ❤❤❤



Sarko Taha Taman

Here in my country "Kurdistan" if we want to tell someone that we love them excessively, we will say"I love full of earth and sky"??

Sagar Rout

0:09 love u too ?

Zafar iqbal

A spectacular, exquisite and thrilled sort of girl is to be loved by me, i don't lie to have been loving her with a single glance since i saw her picturesque and glory in her beauty, i swiftly to have been lost in her dreams, i intend to have a profound relation with her. it would be a miraculous for me to have been having her remarkable and incredible love for me.

adil bouchouk

You are so beautiful teacher I've ever had in my life, and you are awesome too, God bless you.

yassir k.

In my language we are say (اموت عليج),
and if we want that sentence in English is will be (I die for you)

Rahul Agrwal

I want learn English

Dan Ginghina

...certainly,LOVE IS LOVE..of course pretty teacher Emma♥️

Rahul Agrwal

Your eyes very beautiful

Erhan Usta

You are my world
You are my everything
You are my love

mansor Amiri

In our language (Persian)
دوستت دارم

Johann Mendes

Thank you for the lesson, Ms Emma. You're a lovely English teacher whom I always adore ?‍???❤
Have a nice day ?


"I fell in love with you" = "Sana aşığım" in Turkish

"I love you" = Seni seviyorum in Turkish

Am bell na Kupas

Teh ang OA mo?


I love you to the moon and back.

nichiel emao

Filipino: Mahal Kita
English: I love you

Rahul Agrwal

Your beautiful smile

Динара Смагулова

Hello Emma!I appreciate you!!??

นพพร เจียมชัยภูมิ

I'm falling learning for you.

Rahul Agrwal

Your vedio beautiful

Dhats Pinagayao

Hi maam i m falling love with you.

Yonsur Mabodian

you get me very well known to me maybe from the previous life. i love you

Sun rise

You make my English go round.

Flavio Antonio

Almighty LOVE be spread over our heart... early in the morning ... look at my dear love dreaming asleep wife and thank for everything and to have found her to my life..

Qualquer Um



Lipi Haladi

Ninna hucchana thara preethi maduthini : I love you like a madman (in Kannada a regional language from India)

Aprender Inglés con la Biblia

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 1 Corinthians 13 4-7

anurag srivastava


guglielmo centini

II have been married since 1964 and I celebrate Valentine's Day every year. . I couldn't live without her

Bob Omar

Ok tq emma!!!

Javier guainora

I'm fall with you my lov3????


Food and music make my world round ????????????


Nice to heared this New Expression about i Love you❤️

bukola samuel-wemimo

I love your videos


Emma.....What about " I was made for loving you"

Hu Emily

Hi Emma?could you please provide us with more imitation class especially for work use? Thanks very much I find them extremely helpful!

nawal hnach

I looove u Emma’s pls keep up muuah?????✌️?

Maria Mariaa

I enjoyed watching you and I got a lot of good information ..
thank you so much

but I don't believe in valentine's day cuz the main cause of this day is awful ..

Shivangi Thakur


Nguyen Huy

Your voice is so sweet and lovely.

Thawng Zk

You are the only reason I live.

Tulkeshwar Ray

You are looking very beautiful????❣️

Natalia Rector

Thank you, Amma ;). We say: I can’t live without you.
You are my ?. You are into my ❤️.

Giselle Benites

Can u do a lesson about “fronting”?:(

salim roy

I am crazy about you dear

English with lili

We also say you're my life

Ail Ail

Hi emma , try this expression " u r my sun."

Wayan Sukardi

There is no right or wrong about love, but you have to take attention who you love!! because, no matter how attractive a person's potential may be, you have to date their reality!

suzanne tawfik

You are really nice and good I love you to the moon and back

Imanabd Atya

Thanks I love you

Javier guainora

Oh teacher let me tell you that you make my world go around???⚘⚘⚘⚘??

Miss Q


Aris Kalbar

I love you too

Elnare Xelilli

Mən səni göy boyda sevirəm
I love you like the big sky( While translating it changed a little?

How To Say "I Love You" In 55 Different Languages

How To Say "I Love You" In 55 Different Languages12 Feb. 2019
3 311 161
Daud KimSubscribe 438 721

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Jay bee's group chat ➡

Comments (100)

we love you too Kim
(biz de seni seviyoruz Kim)


Wanku jeclahay ??????????????


Polska Górom

Ali_57 VaNs



0:30 - Afrikaans
0:32 - Albanian
0:35 - Arabic
0:42 - Armenian
0:46 - Bangla
0:50 - Basque
0:54 - Belarusian
0:58 - Bosnian
1:00 - Catalan
1:02 - Mandarin
1:08 - Czech
1:10 - Danish
1:13 - Dutch
1:16 - Esperanto
1:18 - Estonian
1:25 - Filipino
1:28 - Finnish
1:39 - French
1:43 - Galician
1:44 - Georgian
1:47 - German
1:49 - Greek
1:51 - Hebrew
1:54 - Hindi
2:06 - Hungarian
2:08 - Icelandic
2:11 - Bahasa
2:15 - Irish
2:16 - Italian
2:19 - Japanese
2:23 - Kazakh
0:30 - Africaans
0:32 - Albanian
0:35 - Arabic
0:42 - Armenian
0:46 - Bangla
0:50 - Basque
0:54 - Belarusian
0:58 - Bosnian
1:00 - Catalan
1:02 - Mandarin
1:08 - Czech
1:10 - Danish
1:13 - Danish
1:16 - Esperanto
1:18 - Estonian
1:25 - Filipino
1:28 - Finnish
1:39 - French
1:43 - Galician
1:44 - Georgian
1:47 - German
1:49 - Greek
1:51 - Hebrew
1:54 - Hindi
2:06 - Hungarian
2:08 - Icelandic
2:11 - Indonesian
2:15 - Irish
2:16 - Italian
2:19 - Japanese
2:23 - Kazakh
2:26 - Korean
2:32 - Latvian
2:35 - Lithuanian
2:38 - Luxembourgish
2:39 - Macedonian
2:41 - Mongolian
2:43 - Nepali
2:49 - Norwegian
2:51 - Persian
2:55 - Polish
2:58 - Portuguese (Brazil)
2:59 - Romanian
3:02 - Russian
3:05 - Slovak
3:08 - Slovenian
3:09 - Somali
3:11 - Spanish
3:14 - Swahill
3:18 - Swedish
3:20 - Thai
3:23 - Turkish
3:25 - Ukrainian
3:28 - Urdu
3:35 - Vietnamese
for all you lazy people ?

lil suga

You got that finnish "rakastan sinua" better on first try, that first try was really good, it sounded like original :)


I'm Russian ♥╣[-_-]╠♥

Мухаббат Маматхонва



Я теж люблю тебе, друже

I am not sus ok

Belarus: я цябе кахаю
Russian people understand this

Rubaba Amir

Bangla ???

DeeemOOnnnKaraneLime Abinay

Ну ты достаточное хорош в Казахском языке

İsmim Yok

3:23 Turkey??❤️??❤️??❤️??❤️??❤️??

chicken with gun

from georgia<3

Mohsen Sheikhaboly

Persian : dostet daram or دوستت دارم

Indac Jan zandrie

Лужвжч цщзвудуыд ??❤

Gamer Togi


Aran Suli

In Kurdish Kurdistan ??☀/ Xoshm Dauêy" (Sorani Kurdish)
Ez Ji Te Hezdikim" ( Kurmanci Kurdish)

Eliana Cruz



?Polska pogu hehe

Yameri Chan


Hack Mod



??=men seni sevirem ,l love you

Lily O'Brien

Omg I'm from Ireland reeee

jonh cena j

Eu te odeio??

Ray Dreemur

Ele: "Eu te amo."

Me: ??? B-Baka!

قطه مثل شوقا ÙvÚ

انا احبك انا عربيه ????

Zeynep Üstün

3:23 çeviride aha as bayrakları as yazıyo ödiskshsknjw

army & saba and luka

from Georgia??
me shen miyvarxar


0:46 ?? He said "Ami tomay barobasi". That was literally so cute ?
I Love You - Ami Tomay Bhalobasi - আমি তোমায় ভালোবাসি

Alanfalla08 Putra

Is your religion islam?
Me religion islam

Sıla Emre

in french it's the cutest ???

Agnieszka K


Maaike Baij

I’m dutch

BikTim GT

3:25 alttaki yazıya bak????

Filip Zagożdżon

Kocham Cię XD

Haifa Farah Zara Bts

Malaysia huaaa

Artemij Ilcevic

good speaking in russian


На Русском так смешно ты сказал :)

Λndrier style


army & saba and luka

please reaqcion
georgian dance

Amazing World of kanika

He: Me tumhe bhot per karata hu
Real:main tumhe bhot pyar karata hu
I m from India

Islam and Relatable content

He made this video because it wouldn't take long.

AliShair AliShair

Aslam-o-alikum hahaha???mujhy ap sy mohabbt h ???and korean:L-I ❤/\I-?o`-H ???ha haha?plz help .net i ,m sad?

Saidbek Mahkamov

I am hate u don't add Uzbekistan but in the world live 40 millions uzbek

ปองธรรม ฐิติพันธ์รังสฤต

3:20 ไทย

Kulsin Jumagalieva

Казакстан :-)★

Technical Shahid

You Don Like Pashto Afghanistan

Godzila not God

i from indonesia

noob gaming ch


Μαρία Ψαλτάκη

Im greek
Το google Δεν λέει σωστά την μετάφραση...
Nice video

•·•·Itz me·•·•

România,thx UvU

ღLidya-The star of gachaღ

Arabic : Ohiboka ??

SocchoXD SXD

the bangla and india voice is so funny

Mr. Mask

He was stuck in Indian

Amazing World of kanika

If u are from India hit like

Hasibur Rahman



Iove form ????

chris_ hikaru

mahal kita din
i love you too
(dont use din randomly there are some diferences)

Fariya Ahmed

Bangladesh ??

Abdul Basith

Anyone here from India 1:54?


Thanks I am Turkish

Tafsir SaMi

Brother it is not ami tomay barotus it is amy tomay valobashi, and I am frome Bangladesh ?? valobasha frome Bangladesh ???????


????????ես քեզ սիրում եմ??


1:17 esperanto ?

Fake FF

Tôi yêu bạn

King Love

Kurdish: Ez ji te hezdikim ?❤️

Meri Melqumyan

Es kez sirum em (ես քեզ սիրում եմ)։ mi from ARMENIAN ????????

Tuana Yıldız

3:23 I froom Turkey ❤??❤(Türkler❤❤❤❤????????)

Rayyan Hafiey

I’m Islam from Malaysia

Diabolik lovers world

» saranghaeyo ??
» Watashi wa Aishiteru
わたしわ アイシテル??
» Aku mencintaimu ??
» I love you ?? / ??

Because I'm understand Language japanese ✿

Edit: From Indonesian i love you
I like Korean ♡

Marcos Vinícius

Eu te amo❤

Freaky Eye

In ?? language , you r wrong!


Asslamoalykum i'm from Pakistan you translated really well in Urdu

Handika Handika

Aku cinta kamu??

GÜL duru Şahin

????SENİ SEVİYORUM ???????????


kokam cie xD

yasmine emilya

Indonesian ??

ჯAmer_ Ler1

1:44 Mec

Sevcan Canpolat

Çeviri bile as bayrakları diyor???

Gamer Togi



I know u didn't use Mongolia voice BCS Mongolia translation has no voice

Resul Dadasov


GameGaming Four


Tamara Sargsyan


Shariyar Hasan

বাংলা বাংলা বাংলা

Walia Khan

Me tum se mohabat karty ho .As a fan ???

Archana Acharya

U can't say to any language stupid

Among us CLUB

Love you Pakistan ?

Stratos Sarantidis

In greek you need practice??

Gülsüm Aydın

Türkün gücüüüü


3:23 as bayrakları as hhgugyf canım memleketim

Rıza Şentürk

Aha as bayrak ları as eqeqwqeqeqewqeqwqwqewq

Jirka Bulfán

Hi, I'm from Czech
and I want to praise the Czech pronunciation I love you.

Yasmin official yaska queen

From somali Muslim brother ????❤alx everything

Meri Amirgulyan


Degiogoo Degiogoo


F'un. Nurlan Qalam.


asik 09

Мен сені сүйемін

Zai Sumairu

Suki desu????????