Famous sports injuries

Top 15 Saddest Sports Deaths

Top 15 Saddest Sports Deaths22 Aug. 2015
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Rest in peace to all who

Rest in peace to all who have lost their lives in these tragic events...

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Edited by: Kenneth Castano

Written by: Shel Schillings

The list of the saddest sports deaths:

Miklos Feher

Ghana Soccer Fans

Owen Hart

Shannon Stone

Caleb Moore

Port-Au-Prince Soccer Fans

Dale Earnhardt

Doug Dedge

Kirk Franklin

Tom Cutinella

Benny “The Kid” Paret

Jimmy Morgan

Brittanie Cecil

Tom Simpson

1955 Le Mans Disaster



Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Comments (100)
Lucas Delaney

Regarding Owen Hart, they DID show it, and only after he hit the floor they switched the cameras to the audience view whilst they conducted everything, they kept it rolling on Own for a bit because crowd and announcers alike thought it was a dummy at first


I’m sorry for the people who died, may you rest easy :(

jack Playsgamez

I've seen dale earnhardt crash my dad told me from 2001 he remembers watching the NASCAR Daytona Winston cup when he crashed into the wall with no safety around his neck he crashed into ken Schrader


Number 5 made me cry...???

assassin's creed BG

rest in peace SALA


Hung Gary

Mike Schiffer


Tahmid rakib

Is it a coincidence that most deaths were related to football?


R.i.P to racers,soccer,biker,fighting, and more people we all miss yall

Joshua Smith

I hate this guys voice.

Matty Zomby


Tate Johnson


Mr Jon

I wish number 1 was Kobe Bryant because he died in crash almost a month now

Freddie Armstrong

Could barely finish watching this because of the monotone voice and the lack of footage from these sad events. Tell the story in a regular voice then play the video.


You missed Jochen Rindt he died at Monza

Mariah Sykes

You talk wayyy to much


0:00 Burger King foot Lettuce!


Why are ther almost only americans?

harry works in a bakery

And now we lost kobe bryant and his daughter ? R.I.P

Sam Rankin-Hirst

N0 but rip

Shrawan kumar

Phil Hughes Australian cricketer

Command Music

is it just me or dose this guy sound high


How awful would that have been for that man's son to see his father fall off the stand like that? Not only that, but the man next to him was clearly trying to grab him, but couldn't. He would have felt so helpless.

Diether Santos

Where's Ayrton Senna!?


Why would you have a 20 foot drop in the front row

yeetboi 1997

I cheer for the flames and Dylan probably does because he's from Calgary

Alex The Great

that's incredible. looking for a kinda ski deadly accidents, but everything is near dead but when it's about football, somebody dies without a single chance for surviving

Andy Sanchez Rodriguez

Rip diego Maradona

abdiel miranda

The owen hart one made me very sad. Thank you vince you should've cancelled the show and thank you austin for not hating him even if he ended your career


#12 Shannon Stone was in 2011 not 2001

cheese akhgar

This is just making fans cry


Oof- this is old. Rip.

jack Playsgamez

But what about


anybody in Australia remember Phil Hughes

Trish Chanyeol Park

Watch at 1.25 to save your time


This year or last year there's motogp biker dead of 3 or 4 biker. Others survived. I think so

Luke Lyall

I knew dale was in hear? 3 4 ever

Eugenio De Los Santos

dadad ed4we dtdsygdysfdg v


Tip: Watch this at 1.25x speed.

James Morris

Number 10 is so awful omg

elGreegore X

It is very hard to press "Like" to this video.


This guys voice just makes it sadder

Passionate Picker

Snowmobiles shouldn't be doing flips. That's a death wish right there. But then same could be said for a lot of extreme sports like aerial and downhill skiing, bobsledding....... Are winter sports more dangerous than summer sports?



saruh zz

dude I’m watching this at 12:00 ur voice is getting me paranoid

chuck sellers

Fighting competitions should not be legal. Furthermore, it says nothing good about people who use it as entertainment.

OTO Lion

RIP to all of these players

Bitan Mandal

The voice just matches the kind of the video, making it more heartbreaking


Any of these that involves a vehicle shouldn't be on here. That's like saying doing plane stunts is a sport. Everything else is just sad, though.


Wheres the Watford fire?

Impractical Runner

Before chills developed that annoying draw in his voice...

The Retro Gamer

Rip Kobe?

RunZ Flickz

Both the ref and the boxer are in fault

Monkey _420

Ur commentary sucks

Autoracing News

R.I.P. Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Davis Hayes

#9 was the saddest for me
My dad and grandpa were big fans of him and when he died
The sport died


why is it only been like 2 years since I learned that shannon was a male name aswell lol..


Is this chills?


Munich air disaster?

Saurabh Singh


Chandivali Ice Factory

Can u imagine that they died because of their hobby ?????


9:46 notice 8/24 Rip Kobe

NBA live mobile Man

Number 10 why just why

nasheam rogers

i haven't seen Andre The Giant on here and he was an icon in the world wrestling federation


Your voice makes this seem not serious at all


0:29 wow diaheraa on his pants

3D arts

እረ በስሜክስ

Peppermint Cookie

No. 14 gave me chills when a picture of blood-stained stairs was shown

Jayking 278

I hate ur voice now because it scares me now

Leon Draw

Just how many mushrooms did you eat before narrating this video lol?

wendy best

Rest in peace to all that died

Nigel Pascua



Bro 14 is just heart stopping to watch and listen to..

B- Wizzyy

Anyone here today?

Asbjörn Asmundsson

Are you shitting your self talking?

Rando Paki

isnt it kinda wierd that most of these arent even combat sports

qert v01

Ayrton Senna: ok cool

Colleen Ross

Rest in peace Owen Hart???


RIP Owen Hart and actually RIP everyone ??

Wayne Olsen

Hung Gary?

kevion jackson

What about Chuck Bednarik

Mukulu Tudu

Too much talks...no vids

Kyla predacon [female] sparkling

I feel so sorry for everyone who has lost a loved one......I send vertual hugs!! <3 pls know your loved!

Αντώνης Γκελερής

Where is APOLLO *CREED*?

susan wabbajack

Who all is here after Kobe

Charlotte Bird

slightly surprised you didn't have the hillsborough atrocity on here, where 96 football fans were killed

Chris L B

#12 wasn’t 2001 it was 2011 or 2012

Spanish or Vanish

What about Kobe Bryant?


What about Reggie Lewis


Number 9 is very hard to watch now after watching a documentary about Dale Earnhardt


It's so sad to see that the person who died he is fine 1 sec ago in front of my eyes ?

harry tipton

disliked for voice alone im only 5 seconds in


x1,5 was perfect for this. thx

That Girl With The Coffee

Anyone think of Hillsborough when they saw the title?

Dustin Roberson

I wanted to watch the video. Heard your voice then immediately left

Daniel Carman

This vid has 5,217,059 Damon we have something wrong with us

FaZe rext Zyx

I hate how when people find out why he talks like that never responds back

Rashidah A

The dad just wanted his son have a ball so sad? rip to all the fallen soilders?


Owen was the GOAT back then & deserves to be in the HOF !!!!

Christina Hamilton

The fact that Miklós Fehér died on January 15, 2004, and his death was ranked #15... What a coincidence.

All NBA in-game ACL Tears (2012-2019)

All NBA in-game ACL Tears (2012-2019)24 Jun. 2019
765 263
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Hope Klay gets back

Hope Klay gets back stronger than ever, like Zach did!

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Use promo code: deeball

Comments (100)
matt shandy

Poor Klay...

Hope he comes back even stronger!!!


i immediately skipped over the derrick rose play even though i know it would come up, it's just too sad to watch

Axel Gio Sido

I just feel bad for Jabari Parker. He tore his ACL twice. He had star potential in him. He just had injuries. But man, dude can play!

Taps Feet In Class

1:43 that's how an NBA crowd should react. Its heartbreaking man. Ive been injured during seasons and its awful. Knowing you want to do something but can't.


Who’s watching after tearing their acl

Advised Gnu69

What about Michael Redd?

Franko Mrkic

And here I am watching this 5 years after left acl surgery and currently preparing for the sam deal on the right knee...


Fuck Danny Green

Tay Loso

I just got my acl/meniscus repaired less than a week ago and idk why I’m watching this

Thomas Berger

This video is so blurry

leatherface pepper

3:53 harden westbrook and durant

Merritt Turner

Why would anyone want to watch this


I swear they fix D Rose’s ACL with duct tape or sum.

Frank Frank

Man d rose had such a promising career? little did he know that injury would have such an effect on him

Krish Bachani

Why did d rose have to get injured it makes me so mad

Herny Pants

Weird to see the Knicks in the playoffs lol

Eduardo Cardenas JR

Nobody saw currys Frustration at 14:42, all eyes were on Klay, except for the ref....

Peter Parker

Whos here after klay tore his achilles


I ripped mine. Im 15 i did it playing soccer.

Calvin Bernardo

The last one is very satisfying nyahahahahaha

Krish Bachani

D rose will always be the most upsetting. ?

Jrdns Wrld

Who's here after Klay Thompson's injury

Bray Fuego

@4:16 top 3 saddest moments in SPORTS history


Recently had ACL surgery, I respect every single one of these guys for coming back from such a traumatic injury


4:15 this pains me the most

Jimmy Kimmel But blackface

4:14 bro the music that was playing during that play in the stadium is forever stuck in my head, when I hear it, I just remember the drose injury

Chris LeDoux

ACL injuries feel like a knife going right through your knee I tore mine 3 days ago in a game and it’s the worst pain imaginable. After about 3 hours it’s just numb it feels like a weight is in your knee with all the swelling

Akercj Playz

these graphics are pretty bad


To be honest, the way Rose used to cut, jump and land he was bound to be injured. It was too much jerky jumping, and hard landings.

Sam Foriphone

Klay and rush’s injury was the exact same

Ya Boi Lobsta Roll

Anyone else noticed kristaps tore his acl in front of a young fan of his?

GasBaby GOON

What purpose does an acl have besides ruining careers

Zayden Orange

D Rose doing all that hopping around injured himself. Very sad though. One like = One prayer for D Rose ?


Derrick Rose's ACL was going to tear no matter what. Be it another time, another place or anything, it was going to happen after all those fancy finishes he did.

Gaston Bulmini

Bruh that aint all the acl in game

Jennel Deladia

As a victim, everytime the incident happens, it makes me cringe.


i like how NBA is full of compassion, guys being hurt but play continuous, for couple possessions.. Fair-play all around.. NBA (don't) care.

Shayla Cowan

I just tore my acl yesterday and will go into surgery soon , keep me in yall prayers and im only a sophomore in high school and i was about to have a volleyball game and i came down in mid air and my leg gave out and when I came down everything popped and my career flashed before my eyes .. ?


Who is watching this in 2020?

Dominique Idly

Every slow motion is Make my knee hurt

Theo Bloomfield

Did mine this morning


The fact Klayjust tore his again while practicing?

GasBaby GOON

Shumpert would’ve been a beast

Extra IamZaro

what about Gordon heyward

Bobby Smoove

Crazy and scary that a lot of these injuries were from just normal movements?

Dream Beaver

Danny Green is such a bitch to try to block Klay

Aarne Tervo



Fuck, I really can't like this video


2020 = all NBA Achilles tears
Klay in the thumbnail tooo

Djarrawy Hobbler

damm i feel bad for Jabari Parker he could have been a good player...

TV Andmusicfan

RIPs legs

Polo J

That D Rose one still breaks my heart man he was and still is one my favorite players


I just wanted to let y’all know, As I was scrolling down my recommendations feed. If you watch this as a basketball fan. You have a f**** problem, Have ***** up day, D***Head

Boss Mafia

The fear you get and flashbacks on the moment you tear your acl ?


Lol...... I completely ruptured my PCL, LCL, and ACL out in timbuktu middle of nowhere while mountain biking in the Oregon Cascades this last summer. My tires skid out from under me, the frame of the bike hit the front of my knee at high speeds and bent it in a way knees should never be bent, causing me to eat dirt.

I had to walk my ass out of this uphill mountain trail in the dead of night, no cars, lights, people, no cell service.
I only had my little bike headlight to help me see.
Took me 7 hours to hobble back to my car with the blown out knee while carrying a heavy pack, using my mountain bike as a crutch..........

Also, just to add more spice to the fucking mix.....some sort of large god damn animal was following me a good half part of the walk back. Either that or I was trippin balls. I do remember nearly shitting myself when what sounded like someone laughing right behind me happened. I mean I was in some sort of shock...so nothing could get me to stop walking regardless of the pain and the noodle-like leg, even fucking disembodied laughing.

I barely remember half of the journey, felt like an hour when in reality it was all night long. I remember the knee shifting in and out of place and the feeling of bone grinding against bone.

Forcing my leg into the drivers side of my car once I got back to drive my stupid ass to the hospital an hour away was also fuckin crazy painful (it was the left knee I fucked up so luckily I could still drive). Plus throwing my mountain bike back in my SUV with no fuckin ligaments in my knee was so damn bad. So damn bad.

This looks like a cake-walk in comparison to what I had to go through with my ACL, PCL, and LCL tear. This makes me wish I had a bunch of strong-as-fuck professional sports players to carry my broke-as-fuck self to a hospital.


I had one bro they suck it took over a month to heal

Lamar Jefferson

Don't know if this is a good subject for a video, or how much of a request there was for it.

Jack Flashy

When drose got his first injury....The whole Nba changed forever

Stephen Curry

Klay: tears ACL
Curry: there goes the ring

Krish Bachani


leatherface pepper

The quality really that bad in games older than 05?

Leon Draw

needs more ads

Yuan Jeremy

I really appreciate your work. Really well done!


5:17 Marv Albert “there was some give on that knee you can see it”

Reggie Miller: “Looks like it went in too”

That’s what Marv said buddy ??

Isaiah Harris

I’ve torn my acl from football and basketball 4 times no joke all in my left knee shit sucks especially the rehab wouldn’t wish it on anyone


Nobody wants to see this shit...clown.?

Mr. Murphy

8:42 Giannis was like “damn not the only other decent player on the team...”

Jake Baker

Who else is watching this with a torn acl ?

Lance Violan

I feel sorry for jabari parker man?


Seen what happened to Ja reminded me of What happened to D Rose

Riley kazama

Good riddance to the Golden State Warriors Dynasty

Jose Polanco

He just said “Antetukoki”???


Sometimes I sit in a dark room with a Derrick rose jersey on and cry

The Big Brain Brawl Boiz

Who's here after Klay teared his other ACL


this just shows you that durability is better than athletism.

Nadine29 Clark234

People forget that Shumpert was supposed to be a star and he never really bloomed to his full potential

gayboi fartis poop sock

I still feel bad for Derrick rose he was supposed to be the next Michael jordan

ensor daniel

Here because I tore my acl and meniscus ??


Lavine should be an all star

Nick naks

Watching this is tuff

Nikolas Lust

12:12 Giannis "Annanakoopoo"

Nikolas Lust

@12:20 Giannis "Annanakoopoo"


Who’s here when Klay Thompsom got injured again

padelis giagk

It happened to me the way it happened to Rush a week ago...a guy at the final point pushed me away (deliberate) and instead of falling down i tried to stay upright on my right leg (maybe if i had fallen i would at worst have some burn-marks and a big body shock) and then...snap...i have made it my mission to be on the court again.

Jack N Sack Sports

Hey rubio laughing at kobe now.

Krish Bachani

RIP monster athlete Derrick rose

Marcus Curry

I like how they completely forgot about Barbosa on the other end.

Rebekah Hicks

I tore my ACL and they told me it wasn’t bruised or swollen so it was fine. I had to get up and keep doing dances, jumps, and cheers at a UCA camp for 4 days. Then I went 2months with it torn. No one believed me.

Sithara Ibrahim

Poor NBA Players That got An Acl Injured


i swear this happened to me i was playing basketball and i tried blocking my brother but then i twisted my leg as soon as i landed im okay now but when it happened it hurts so much that i had to take snow from outside and put by feet on it and it was so cold


it’s crazy how one step can mess up your career in basketball but it’s harder to tear in football just shows how different training prepares you and experience

Cassie Petersen

notice how he forgot the john wall acl tear

7-11 Slurpees

i’m watching this cus i tore mine

Ian929 _

2:16 looks the same as klay

Krish Bachani

Be thankful for your health, never know when injuries can come


The D Rose and Klay ones are the worst in my opinion

Nick naks

How bad is this injury Ave done my acl end of June the muscle on my leg is gone

Martavious Tisby



Poor parker. In such short time, he done it twice

GasBaby GOON

14:00 those 2 have no clue what happened I hate women?

NBA Blacked Out Moments

NBA Blacked Out Moments12 Dec. 2018
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Comments (100)
Ryker Galloway

Damn harden got hit harrrrd

Branson Wars123

It’s always magic vs Celtics

kai phoenix

Metta should really consider fighting in the UFC or WWE

Prince Arnold Zapata

carmelo what a dumb way to take a time out

Olivia Cohee

“WHAT is he doing?”

Tara Hinderks

Omg I feel so bad for the players they completely fell and one of them went to the hospital right away

Dylan Wallace

What’s the outro music


3:54 gets me so mad at the refs

R Rogers

The melo one is comedy I’m sorry.

Kris Verdine

They call me gay but this is the reason why basketball is the sport I don't want to play

Beyond Allbros

Outro song?

Kali Cox

The first two were Boston vs Orlando

Dylan Skeens

Why did the refs keep playing the game when Carmelo Anthony is laying down on the floor

Chris Corros

i only say one legit knock out...David Robinson and Karl Malone.

The Rest are poor acting and an embarrassing flops.

Bobby Younger


Glenn's Mix Videos

WTF!!stupid refs didn't see this???

Zyara Pouria

Who was the first one? What is his full name? I want to know so I can look up the whole video.

Kirby Calitis

Davis got hit with howard's left elbow on the way down I think.

Jac Mageles

Touchdown Bryan

Mariza Pelisco

When you're blacked out you need to lie down straight and put your feet up

Bæbÿ Lęvį Åçkêrmãñ

Why Boston it’s my fav team


That clip of Carmelo Anthony pissed me off. The commentators completely dismissed the fact that he might actually be hurt.

Ben10 Fishing

Durant knew exactly what melo was going to do, so he just laying there acting like he got fouled instead of owning up to a travel. Every other one except the Glen Davis one you can see what happened and why they're on here.

JT Akbar

Artest was a Monster. In the worst way.

Awsome little Sunset



Where’s Jaylen Brown?

Jianyuan Min

Uhh I have a question: Why do fans cheer when a NBA player has to be loaded off court on a stretcher?


I absolutely don't like the Celtics playing against the Magic cause Magic plays hard.

becky perry

3:22 why tf would he do that.


What’s the name of your outro

Peterson Oliveira

Boa tarde FIRST vai amém BOM ??


3:29 what the


The NBA does not protect their player's health. Go see reactions of football(soccer) players to understand what caring looks like

Leon Draw

needs more ads

Ima Nalien

Metta World Peace is a world class thug and a total piece of shit. I'll bet he ends up in prison some day.

Vince Plays Chess

You have to understand that Carmelo had a reputation for being a diva. Players and refs thought he was just sulking on the floor, not actually knocked out


Big baby davis


F* Karl Malone


Blacked is something else now...


0:44 first time Joey Crawford was actually nice

Megan B.

4:15 Wow not even his own teammates give a crap. :/

Sinoda Strong

Im early so weird.. Im out of words

Legit Boss up

I used to pass out before

Will Carder

Jeez Malone dropped David Robinson

Laura R. Kanai

they all have gatorade signs


Absolute fucking disgrace that they continued to play with that dude laying on the floor. Wtf was that?


The referees , should have been fined for allowing play to continue with a seemingly dead body on the floor.



Shatter Sucks

First clip seems like he was going to defend unconsciously. His bench was the opposite direction. I’ve ben injured badly in soccer before and continued playing without thinking.

Isaac Stout

What's up with Orlando and Boston ?


So tired of these idiotic intros


outro song?


Malone was always throwing elbows. He was good but he was a dirty player

Lil Tayski


Gab Jenkins

Aretes should have been kicked out of the league and have charges filed against him

Jony corrtez

is it weird the first wer orlando vs boston

Arteem John Manlatican

poor melo ?

Oldschool gamer and Lover


helpU 2health

Joey crawford called a T on davis for contact with a game official.....

House Grumpy Boys Universe

J.R Smith drives through the whole Thunder defense and meanwhile Melo’s laying on the floor

Kazle Curry

Click bait I thought Blake blacked out

Ace Polo

Davis team mates didn’t give a fuck

Alexis Florial

Intro song??


Looked like he had a seizure?


The Blake Griffin play though...?


Metta World Nigga with the elbow of doom!


*guy literally collapsing*

Refs: TRAVEL!! OKC's ball!!

Dan Ortega

Slowmo plays would really sjow if an action will be intentional or not. Malone and Artest are foremost of them.

Jeffrey White

I dont care what vid you watch, no one notices the injured player, ever


Didn't the One Celtic player that got hurt off of Gilbert Arenas end up being paralyzed???

Iam WhoIam

How disgraceful was it for them to play around Carmelo Anthony like that?

No Forwhat


Dantrell White

Karl dirty asl for that and Ron

Young Savage 2.0

What’s the outro

Zeb ML

I only watched this cause I saw Curry in the thumbnail...


I was looking for the Skip Ad bottom lmao

Vico Villa

Karl Malone was a dirty player back then

Isaac Flash

4:06 how did they turn over the ball there was one dude defending the whole team

Colton on Crack

I was playing basketball and I went up for a layup I got fouled, but the ref did not call it (big deal), but then as I was about to get up, their center stomped on my knee. Luckily I was fine after about 20 minutes.

Bj Hill

Kd look weird with arm sleeve

Joy Hudspeth

I'm still mad at Karl Malone.?

Paul Folden

We can all blame Ron Artest for 5 years of flopping from James Harden

Zachary Jones

Thanks for the arrow in the thumbnail.... We definitely wouldn't have noticed Blake's big ass lying on the court ?

ThreeX 111

Hello World!

Betty Blue

Everyone gets mad at the refs but ignores that even their own teams keep playing and leave their ass on the ground haha. Thats the cost of playing a sport where people are constantly flopping for no reason.


Thumbnail photo not in video, thats some wack ass click bait shit

jerome callec

On voie le résulta t avec le dopage et la drogue ts sa ds le mele sac vs été la honte de ts les sport

Yanis Agodor

Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16"

But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)_

Star Wars Info

K something is wrong with Celtics Orlando games how tf are the first two from two different match ups with the same two teams

Bald Sword

5:02 when you die in gta

Jackson Doak

They got up faster than Nate Robinson

Kaz Kaan

out like a light

Matt Collins

why is 3 in a row boston

Mythic Juicy

Robinson on the celtics looks like Isaiah Thomas

Justin Gish

Malone and Artest the 2 dirtiest players to play the game, Karl was just more sneaky about it.

Risze Triple 8

That melo flop doe ?

Mr206 Go hawks

Karl Malone is a pos

Mario Chitu

i wonder how the refs feel on the field (or idk) among the players

Titan Fall

A lot of Flop's in this vid!


These are just well executed flops.