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Simps and Nice Guys: Modern Dating

Simps and Nice Guys: Modern Dating22 May. 2020
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A look at the psychology

A look at the psychology of the simp, their relation to ancient archetypes, and the varieties of simphood through memes. Taking into consideration whether or not Idubbz is a simp, and the significance of the Mordecai Simp Compilation, as well as the dick flattening meme as related to the poetry of William Wordsworth. Then the image of the Niceguy as a failed machiavellian, hey attempt to impress women, to donate money to twitch streams, degrading their own masculinity and still failing.

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You know..... I like the detuned guitar.... It adds a certain kind of charm to the end of your videos.......

sid oso

1:41 how does the god of destruction fit in all of this?

Bork O.

A true simp would reject his humanity and become a superior beeing because its the simple way to farm bitches

The hard way is to do what they want


Lmao texts like that always make me rotfl ?:
Guy: "Hi I'm a NiCe GuY and I think ur cute and want a relationship despite not actually knowing you."
Girl: "Thanks guy but I already have a bf sorry."
Guy: "You stupid ***** ** I never actually liked you at all!!!" ??? like wut ?


4:26 Of collective sexual what? "Milayce"? What word did he say?


Why is it that everyone wants to punish and condemn simps like they're the offenders? Don't get me wrong it's a pathetic and unhealthy lifestyle. But Simps are victims whose mindset is that they only get accepted when they classify their own needs as a 2nd priority and put other people on a pedestrian to get along in life, most people where raised with this settings of believing (which is also deeply rooted in western cultures, think about all those medieval love poetries). The ones who they're damaging are themselves. They need help to find a way to live a healthy life with dignity, not permanet childish bullying, like what most self called "alphas" do here. It's counterprodictive to handle simping like that. All what this is doing is that simps will hate themselves even more and become more simp.

Wileath Stoneswift

Just Look at yourself

Dundo Maroje

Shout-out to Francesco Petrarca man single handedly made simping cool all across Europe .

Providets Kasatka

So glad im not a part of this culture. This shit is never a problem where i live


I simp for the queen of England she take my money every month


straight people are weird



I'm gonna go blow my simping brains out... jk

Holy shit, this is disturbingly accurate!

Ali Dailisan

Within these memes there's always a story behind the laughter...


I simp for only one

Especially the Soos

I don't care about sex anymore. I want to be loved


After watching this video I unmodded myself from her chat and found myself a job, thank you so much!


Fact of the matter is. People don't get that they can befriend the opposite sex, and not expect anything in return. The idea of instant gratification comes from a few things, either they grew up with this, or suffer from a mental issue where they need or crave that gratification. I understand this as say when I come home from work, I may open a bottle of one of my finer bourbons , or maybe get some icecream, as a way to pat myself on the back.


Brutal, i was a simp when i was 15 years old.


Me: goes to bathroom to pee
A dream that i have like 5 years ago: time to get real
Me: what the fuck


Nice guys always finish last but bad asses always kicking ass holes asses

Pianist Swastik

i will simp for earth chan by giving her saplings

Anthony Godinez

society: "if you respect women, your a simp"

Tyler Amon

S i m p: Single introverted male protector.


Short for simpering, I would imagine.

jasper ferbiest

im done with youtube , imma work out

Shampoo Conditioner

The love object? I don't understand this tbh I disagree with everything that you just said.

Lawrence Morris

It's sad. You were going so good but then came way off with the "nice guy" explanation. There will never be someone who hits home with the problems we are really facing.


O Mr.MemeAnalysis where have you been my whole life? nice like and suscribe

Kosma Hyżorek

i love how this gently implies that finn is a mega chad

Das Kind

The algorithm hath delivered you unto me. Good video dude. Guys who simp make me sad.

Abhyudaya Singh Rathore

First of all make your study strong on Indian mythologies and stories before doing judgement on a single picture and consider as SIMP. Don't think I get hurt but I wanted to show the truth before watching and judging something.. that was the pic of Mother Goddess Kali (incarnation of Mother Parwati) and below him is Lord Shiva(God of Destruction).. rest you can find on Wikipedia

Dragoon TV

what's his name Kimiel what?


My bf recommended me this channel ^^ pretty good, I'll check other videos

Amara -

I’ve always thought simps were like mythical creatures that I’ve wished that one day I’ll meet one. But this just totally has opened my eyes.

André St-Laurent

Imagine a simp as an oak tree who got trimmed to only be a bonsaï.


I already simp for my country it’s called taxes and I don’t have a choice


As someone who has never had a girlfriend being a cuck is like pissing in an oasis

Inverness Fan

If you are attracted to evil you are evil. You cannot support evil, and claim to be the voice of common sense. It is warped, twisted, depraved, creepy, narcissistic, trite and weak minded to fancy bullies. People who fancy bullies want the power and fear that bullies get. Bullies are evil, and people who fancy bullies are evil. END OF STORY.
I want the nice guys to win and the bad guys to lose. There is nothing wrong with wanting the bullies to lose, and the nice people to win. Fancying bullies is evil.

Fix Nek

Another way to not be a simp put friends hobbies and work in front of love and relationships of romantic meanings


In Italy instead of "simp" we say "morto di fica"


dude all these fucking terms are soo oppressive on anyone trying to get a relationship. like yeah its shitty how some people are like this btt theres just more pressure for people who are not simplike or cucky


I gotta meditate on this

Anish Puri

Quick point; The pictures used to show Kali / Shakti isn’t exactly related to this context better explanation of that image.

Verboten Geist

"Just say yes, ignore and move on."

Anthony Godinez

"just say yes."
nancy reagan: No


04:09 - make a video about this topic.

Will Bramley

Spectacular analysis. One of royal magnitude.

Multi Vitamin

those who watch adventure time and the blue bird cartoon can be considered as bronies too

Nilo de Oxóssi

Dude you so gotta make a video about the current incest porn extravaganz going on today


ok i am a simp


I wonder what Meme Analysis thinks of PUAs


The loosely used term "beta" as a way to belittle and devalue a man also comes to mind.

Tejash Nayak

don't just put hindu god-godess pics without knowing the context

Sqwac Gaming

Nice work

David HK Music

I think I just found the best channel on YouTube. You can learn more here than 12 years of grade school and a college degree can't teach you


I'm not a simp expert because I don't fully understand them, but here's something for betas.

Most people write guides on how to become chad, but they are only giving little tricks to treat the symptoms of beta behavior, but never the root cause.

If you don't have chads worldview, then all you are is an unnatural imitator, and since you are not genuine it will be seen through no matter how good your acting is, and that's why they fail.

Woman prefer chads, and the difference between chad and beta is empathy. Chad doesn't care about anyone but chad. If you're able to change your 1st 2nd and 3rd priorities to chad, chad, and chad, then you'll get woman effortlessly.

You can call it shallow and immoral if you like, but woman like the bad boys, and this is how to create one.

If you are not chad you are beta, and because you are beta, unlike chad, you have a functioning empathy, and this is your biggest hindrance and where the difficulty comes in.

This is going to mean you can't do it naturally like chad does, but will instead need to build his world view for yourself. I'm not going to say how to convince yourself to get to that point because I'm not you, and how hard or easy it will be is going to differ from person to person.

Chads worldview:

The worldview of chad, is that he is the center of the universe. Chad has this worldview naturally because his empathy only extends to himself and not other people. Since he is the only thing he cares for then naturally in his mind he is the center of the universe.

Beta does not have this worldview because his empathy extends to other people. Idiots might praise this as a good trait, but in actuality it has made him into a self conscious pussy that is worried about what people think, and is afraid of being hurt.

Now then...

Once the Chad worldview is achieved for you despite your functioning empathy, you'll be free and unshackled in many ways like chad is, and no longer be capable of caring about what others think. (There is no doubts anymore.)

In this unshackled state you'll be able to focus on getting what you want regardless of anyone else. You are no longer self conscious. You now fear nothing and you don't waste time comparing yourself to anyone else because you are already better than them.

As the center of the universe your time and energy is more precious than anyone else's, and you spend every second of everyday getting what you want, and you make time for nothing that doesn't benefit you.

When you spend time with people, you are not there for them, you are there for you. Don't take this to mean that you should be a rude, or a high and mighty dick to everyone because that isn't the case. I've seen many beta males think that masculinity is being arrogant and obnoxious, but they look like clowns to me.

You simply have 3 priorities in life, and if those priorities aren't being fulfilled in that moment you move on. That is true masculinity, and it doesn't matter if you're fat, thin, handsome, or ugly.

The benefits of seeing yourself as the center of the universe is:

1: Absolute confidence in yourself.

2: You know where you are going in life. Without any insecurities you can't be stopped.

3: You'll be naturally magnetic because you are the number one in the universe, and woman and beta males will feel that and bow their heads and look away from your greatness.

4: You'll never second guess yourself because whatever you say has to be right even if others say it's wrong, because you are a perfect being that has no flaws. (it's a fact that people don't like people who constantly second guess themselves, even if they turn out to be wrong)

5: Woman will jump on your dick even if you don't look for them. (yes, even if you're ugly or short, woman will take a male who acts masculine over a handsome one that doesn't)

6: When you are in someones company you are a joy to be around, because as a perfect masculine male, that's already more than enough.

7: You don't feel the need to tell anyone about how great you are, because you don't care what they think, and your greatness is already evident, but when you start a conversation, the conversation should be about something that interests you, and not about something that might interest them. If you feign interest, you are not being genuine, and people can pick up on that.

8: You'll be motivated to get in shape because anything that benefits you is something you will take. There's no need to feel insecure even if your fat, because no matter how you look you are already on a different level than anyone else.

9: you'll always be the center of the room, because they are there only for you.

10: You can freely chat with anyone you meet. If you chat up a woman on the street and she rejects you, there is no issue for you, because once you learn there is nothing to gain from her, you are already moving on to the next one. (This is actually highly efficient, and the next girl could even be the one she's standing next to. Wasting time on shame is not in chads worldview) He doesn't even have a concept of it, because what can shame the perfect being?

One more thing,(This is essential) Chad does not sit still, and is always thinking about going to the next place that can benefit him. Once all opportunities in an area that can benefit him are used up he moves on. Don't misinterpret this, and become the creep that wastes time sitting at the bar, waiting for new woman to come in because all the woman there had turned him down.

In this worldview, you stop for nothing. Waiting for others is not part of your new worldview.

This.Is.How.Chad.Sees.The.World.This.Is.Masculinity. Change your worldview, and change your priorities if you want what he has.

It might seem like egocentric and self centered at first glance, but there are subtle but important differences.

Remember, if the results from this worldview are good, then what were you doing all this time wasting your life on what others think? Chad goes through life like a dance, while beta doubts himself.

dylan bowie

What about actual Love?
In internet, social media,most of people Confuses Love with Affection, Toxicity, Belonging, etc
Unfortunately the majority who do that are children, teenagers, and multiple adults, which can lead to a screwed up generation.

The mistick Destroyer

I am a nice guy with everyone, friends, family, crushes ecc.... so does this mean i'm a simp...... did i became the very thing i swore to destroy?!


the last meme that spoofs Poltergeist a tad, perfect.
mother, i have joined the internet

Mitch Petersen

These terms are crazy relative, I've been in situations where in the eyes of people I've acted hellishly Simpish and yet other people would never even suggest such a thing.

I think one thing people need to discuss is the fundamentalness of intention in these identities. You could do everything a Simp does and look like a Simp in the eyes of society, but if you have no INTENT on anything a Simp wants, are you even really a Simp?


I don't even know what to say to this. Just NO!

parzival .mp4

4:36 sauce?


Modern porn has ruined men ?

Security Supreme

Just point me to where the normal people are hanging out!

Nadir Siddique

There was a simp at college, Everytime i saw him at gym. He was holding the girl's bottle and towel cloth while she is working out. If anyone speaks with that girl he will interrupt the conversation and jump in.

PP Head

2:44 Lieutenant Dan after bitch called Forrest Gump stupid

꧁Elisha Mae꧂

Some dumbass keep texting me to be my gf and meet me in real life on messenger even tho I had Alex from madagascar as my pfp


How do you record these without laughing?

Nathan Prescott

i binged watched all your videos in one day for some reason

James Booth

Do you simps have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Jesus Christ?

Rubastax Akaso

I feel like I've skimmed the very edge of falling into simpdom or inceldom and only avoided either through intentionally leaning into my own egoism to forcefully grasp a sense of self through spite directed at those who tried to dehumanize me.


4:37 original image?




with all these modern sexual dramas i really start to think that sexual revolution was a huge mistake that doomed whole humanity for eternity in hell, bro


Dude I loove your videos

Alex Carney


Kek Collector

idubbbz is absolutely just exploring his sexuality


It is quite strange. When thinking about the concept or individuals who are simps or cuckolds it evokes a sort of primal reaction of disgust and revulsion, greater so at least when considering things that should be considered much worse.

Mono gram adikt

hey guys, you just gotta wake up and realise that theres plenty of chicks that hate themselves also, so it aint exactly game over yet.. just offer her a free steak dinner, you never know you might be able to land a free root

Shampoo Conditioner

I'm curious to learn though...

Aloysius Pelly

Modern women aren't even worth dating, how are you supposed to compete with 2 dozen other dudes in her dms at the same time?

sherpderper 11

I only simp for the son, the father, and the holy spirit

Matthew Patterson

I think a lot of the simping and nice guy syndrome stems from a low self esteem issue as well as other mental illness likely derived from childhood trauma. Instead of constantly shaming other men we should work to build each other up and support our fellow man. This would do a lot more to help the simp problem than shaming would


Ok... What are your advices for a supposedly simp?

Teller of unfortunate Truths

Simps make us rich ?


I must mention that "never apologize" is a very dangerous idea. I'm Russian, and in our culture, apologies mean you are weak and wrong. This leads to a culture of denial and antithetical to making things better


I like how every Youtuber that talks about simps uses footage of Ryans Simp video too visualize typical behaviour


I’m fucking depressed

Exxel Setijadi

I think its also good to consider that they also need help
Don't just let them stay like that and mock them. At the very least just say "Hey, dont be like that because (critical thinking here)"
I also want to say that the word simp is starting to evolve into the same fate as "orwellian", " communist", and "fascist" being used with no regard to what their original meanings were and using it like a throwaway insult

If you have a friend who you think is becoming one, please, do the entire internet community a favor and help them out. Tell them that it isnt worth it and find a new hobby. Give them a reason to atleast make them reconsider their actions. Please ; everyone benefits from it


Doesn't elliot rodger fit the definition of a simp even if the word didn't take off yet? Anger from rejection? It seems from my observation a simp is a guy who either pays for e girls or white knights a female to ingratiate himself, though a lot of definitions seem to incorporate the incels of a few years ago and a few seem to believe in the male gaze like the uberfeminist metoo did, add watching porn, jacking it or unchastity to the definition even tho real simps repulse most people.



Jeremiah N

Can we talk?

Lukas Henrique

Hi! I've had simp sypmtoms until last year, and want to share a little bit of how I got over it for people who are interested.

First, when I noticed these symptoms, it was when some girls I was interested on having a relationship were ignoring me on social media chat. I only talked to them through social media. They kept me as friends and still wanted to talk to me, just, the only problem was that they didn't responded quickly as I did, and that got me anger. So angry to the point of cutting the friendship by blocking them, sending a message with swear words accusing them of being bad people and bad to me.

I used to wait for them to reply when they were online, even if it took 40 minutes to respond to my message.

My background back then was, I was at highschool, had two colleagues who I didn't like much to be actual friends, and... I was the quiet kid in the class. No friends for... 2 years, very low dating experiences, and nervous, anxious, including social anxiety (people who avoid huge crowds, or avoid talking to a whole group of people instead of one at a time). Oh, and introvert, someone who doesn't talk much.

Ok, so that was me then. When I realised the people I was trying to communicate with weren't showing the same interest as I was with them, I thought there could have been a lack of skills to communicate. Then I talked to my uncle, he is a very wise man, I trust him a lot, and he told me I talk normal with him, so it wasn't a problem talking to him or anything like that.

SO, after researching, reading about psychology, and actually going to a psychologist, I began to understand me better.

I talk better with people who I don't know anything about, either colleagues at work, at university, or asking strangers for directions. But I talk like a needy guy with people of my interest. Trying to make them feel like I'm a nice guy, but it turns out to be really weird. Or fake. And people notice it. Just... I didn't. I was so worried about making them feel good, that didn't notice they were like "ah, he sent me a message again... oh well, making him company won't hurt me", and these thoughts right here they don't show it to you, not even to themselves, but are inside their heads, their feelings when you show off as a needy person. I learnt something from it: Even if they respond to all your messages, you have to be aware of when the interest stops.

OK! Gosh this is a huge text wall, but keep going, the interesting part is coming.

So, what the heeeeeee-- did I do to overcome this? This... necesity to contact some "interesting people". It came to me naturally, it's plain and simple. Don't try anymore. Focus on your things first, I know you want to do something other than having a relationship. People might boost your moral to start doing things, by getting your humor up because they're fun to be with, and you're not wrong, you know, if you think like that, but things is, it's not working out. So instead of going from "getting friends and/or girlfriend/bf" to becoming a better person, do the opposite! Because simple, it also works! and works better!!! being honest here, works even better than the regular way.

By becoming a better person, the other people will start showing much more interest on you. By you doing better jokes, being more serious, more respectful, more handsome... Makes sense that people will like you a lot, right? And by improving yourself, you'd be so much more focused, that your feelings of need will get lower and lower in time, and people will start to approach you more because your confidence will be boosted, body language will be working more, so first impressions of people will be that you're actually a very nice approachable guy. Also, dress up nice. Remember to have a style when you go out if you want ppl to approach you, because it also works like a charm. As for me, I tend to mix two to three colors of clothes, like a gray shirt with a dark-blue jeans and a black+gray+blue sneakers. One of my best setups, quite simple but by mixing colors the right way makes it better. For other people, it gets nice to look at.

One more thing to add... try not to talk over the internet. I know, I know... but this place here is where the problem lies in. It's the place where you'll get hurt by trusting random people, specially intimate relationships. To build up the skills, IRL is the real deal. It almost rhymes! People IRL can be werid sometimes, but they won't hurt, like I used to think they would. They're more... patience than I thought, and can keep up with me. Might not be exaaactly what I previously was aiming at, but I got surprised. It's even better! they are real. And the feelings I had with these people, memories, laughs, were all real. Real life isn't something to be scared of as an adult or a grow teen. People are better at that age than they used to be at highschool. You'd be surprised, but not more than I was!

AND that's it! Phew, yup, I'm tired, and who had the courage to read all this might be even more. If you have any questions, wants me to add something up, tell a story about the theme, please do tell, I'm gladly willing to help anyone through this as I did with myself, but instead of being alone, you'd be with me. =)

Philip Lee

i just broke up with my last and first girlfriend because all we'd do is argue. in the beginning, i'd do anything to accept her love and worshipped her because i lack all masculinity. i just couldnt keep disappointing her week after week. all i did was try to work on myself to meet her needs i always fell short. it was time to end it after a year of her just constantly bringing up how much of a loser and how i fuck everything up. after it i looked to other females so i can use them to affirm myself that im good enough, and it hasnt done shit. just got me stuck with the exact same girl who "wants to marry me" in the same words as my ex. please if anyone is reading this, this is a cry for help. i just want to know where to go from here. im about to be 21 and i havent done shit with my life excpet flunkk out of college and dwell in my basement. i want the feeling of someone respecting me for who i am but i must change. i need to alter my mindset comepletely to get out of this prison ive made to myself. i just want to learn how to respect myself, because everytime ive tried my brain just tells me im not ever gonna be good enough. ive thought about suicide multiple times, but i will never have the guts to do it. i know i shouldnt give up but, i feel like theres no hope for me. the future seems so cloudy. someone help me. please dont let me pity you into commenting i just have no one else to talk to about this. its hard to string the words together.

Dolgov Lite [УСТАРЕЛ]

Ultimate way not to be a simp: Do play it.

Josh Sullivan

I'm not so sure I like the whole simp and chad thing. it's all a bit off-putting. I don't consider Mordecai manipulative for wanting to be nice to someone he wants to date. nor do I for any man or woman. that's the only natural thing to do initially. to treat someone whom you're fond of with extra attention and to show off your "glow" so to speak. If I went in for a job interview, of course I would put my best foot forward to try and show how qualified I am for the job/position and to show I am an able being in society. I treat my employers and others with respect. yes, it's not entirely genuine I suppose, but at the same time, it is because I really want to show how qualified I am.

the thought of if a woman was to be extra nice to me and show me extra attention because she has a crush on me is very cute. even if I don't find her attractive it still is cute. unless after she finds out I'm not interested and keeps treating me the same way, then that's a bit weird I suppose.

Mordecai is a simp however, for killing his best friend for a girl. But to be honest, most men's first crush they don't even see the woman who they chase after, they see the image of their ideal woman. and this is again natural. and most men would choose the ideal over anyone else because that is who they see themselves as who they are meant to be with. thus Mordecai chooses his crush over his best friend. but choosing and killing are who separate things, Mordecai is still young and hasn't fully developed yet.


0:41 lol "6 Million?"


I'm so glad I disliked William Wordsworth. Also, a few months on from iDubbz and he isn't even getting the credit of being stuck up for by his girlfriend, as she just admitted to having no sympathy for him if his content cop videos got struck down.

Never the Simp life. Not even once.

Air Conditioner

simping over women instead of mother earth is cringe

himalayan dream

You have used images of a hindu goddess about who you dont know nothing about. The image refers to maa kaali, who was a hindu goddess. She or her story has nothing to do with simps, know before you talk about something.

Dating MEME's

Dating MEME's22 Apr. 2018
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Lilly Trucker

???????funny stopping in to support

Valerie Reese

LOL. too cute


Dropped a huge like!! Supporting your channel now!! Come check us out see if you like the channel!!


i lov e the adams family show and the meme lol


#bringbackpetmonster ?

The Laughing Lion

ha ha, i love these meme,s lol

Trucking Review Channel


Bits of Real Panther

Full view and like #7 from me!
That first one started off the video JUST RIGHT!
"Achievement unlocked." haha
1:33... that's....uh.... wow?
You can't go wrong with Napoleon Dynamite!
Pretty good, Llama Monster. Thanks for sharing!

Jamey On Youtube

Yes, stuffed crust pizza is better than dating. And, so is music and video games.

Sam and Sugar

That was cool my dear friend


Going to do a live callab with Spooby HD in about 2 hours tune in if you can yippee yahoo!!!! PS Love your ending

SkyDancer Diana


AVGN Football Dating Meme

AVGN Football Dating Meme25 May. 2020
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football football

football football football

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Intergalactic Human Empire

Good meme, very nice.


You a poopy head

Foxy 02016

This has the energy of a Game Grumps animated


Bro that's kinda cringe

Ducc '

0:15 wh- wut da fuk?



I. M. Aaron Douche

And out of all sports- It's the one that people go most ape-shit about! Makes them act live fuckin' maniacs!

Green Man

I have the same question

Ben Tramer


44 Calibre

Wasnt this made by Julian whatshisface


Wtf lol




this is TOO underrated

Intergalactic Human Empire

Google the USS Liberty.

Dolan French

This is great lmao

omar olmos studios

I'm sick and tired of football because nobody shuts up about it that's why I hate football


Where could I find the original? I saw it on twitter once but I can't remember where.

fresher turtle


Xereta P

Meu deus genial