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Lex's Belly Button, Futures Baby Mamas, Masterbating in a relationship&more! Epi 6 of Wine Down Wed!

Lex's Belly Button, Futures Baby Mamas, Masterbating in a relationship&more! Epi 6 of Wine Down Wed!8 Nov. 2018
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This episode we talk about

This episode we talk about Lex's belly button, future and his many baby mamas, abortions, stalking social medias, masterbating in relationships and more! as always comment as you watch and let us know what you think! Episode also available on itunes!

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Closure talks never work, I always end up having sex and we be back together ?


I love Lex P, Drea had some good points too!

Random Person

lmao drea said being a 5th baby mama aint that bad, im dead


Who Tf is Muriel Streip

Honeit_ 2Perfection

i love how lex p think she not hollywood at all and she got good standards and good morals.....if had to raise a daughter i would would want her to think and up hold herself just like you..keep it up beautiful black queen

Robert Bernard

Beyonce is the artist of the millennium


Damn I'm feeling sorry for y'all. Y'all need these compassionate rounds. Then again y'all only fuck with "Boss" niggas who don't care if y'all cum or not.

Miriam Israel

I love me some Lex. Pro-choice

Bria White

Nah fr!!! Work it out by Beyoncé was my fav song by Beyoncé lol still is.


The nigga who didn't make one of y'all nut disliked.

Imani Harth

???? why is every episode hilarious.. a bitch is addicted


Do all women stalk they nigga? That shit creepy


I’m A Dude And I Gotta Side With Lex On That Future Topic. 1st Or 2nd Baby Mama, Ok Maybe You Were In Love. 4th Or 5th, You Just Wanted To Claim A Status Or Get A Check Cause You Actually KNEW What Was Up. 1st And 2nd Baby Mama Always Gonna Get A Pass Cause They Ain’t Know Buddy Was Gonna Be Handing Out Kids Like Hotcakes. ??‍♂️

Briana Williamson

Here from the 85 south show & I love you bitches (with all due respect lmfao) keep up the good work y’all ❤️✊?

Khari Conception

I’m only watching cause Lex just look lick-able and I even love her voice .


Just stopped in to say both Lex and Drea are fine!


Thats not how you pronounce Kollisons name


I used to be on this girl Twitter everyday who used to fuck with my ex, but thank God I did because that’s how I found out he spent Christmas night with her and bought her the same shoes he was supposedly getting me ?

Ebbs A

If I wanna let that baby go... imma let that baby go LMFAOOOOO I love this show man ????

Annya Lucky

Jesus... Lex wig look like a helmet

Kaptain Kold

Being the 5th BM is mad wild wild, closure is bullshit, even if I dated a pornstar im still beatin it when she leaves and prolly while she sleep too (im a nigga tho its prolly different.....kinda)..........................The Britney

Kitties by Keria

I literally can’t not stop watching you guys lol just hilarious ??. I would love to be on a episode with you guys I don’t have a lot of followers but I’m in ATL all the time ???‍♀️

Kay Dee

Lex you look amazing! Let them hate they can never look as beautiful as you. Love From Your Big Sis in NJ


Lol where is this illusive bellybutton??

Crystal Rubbie

15:00 the debate got hot ..y'all heated


??? that’s true about the niggas tho


IS OFFSET THE BEYONCÉ AFTER ALL?! ???? I’m fucking cryinggggg! But so far, yes he is ?and Casper is a bop

Mr. D

Lex P is a real one

kyra williams

Every bitch worried about another woman’s body is Bad Built and/or broke AF. And that’s Law.


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Hope you enjoyed this

Hope you enjoyed this Omegle prank video! Please share it with friends! and if you enjoyed subscribe :)

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Gucci Nanners

This guys is funny?

Markiplier Gaming2

ssounded like he said drinking off

Alex S

gettin the pussssy

meh watties

are you entertained bitch!

Becca Scheller

" I'm just cleaning dishes "


I have no idea what I said at the end there. Sounded like random grunts and then me flicking my tongue furiously.

Johndale Sison


Okwirry Chloe

2:32 was honestly racist that i had to unscibscibe to your channel

Okwirry Chloe

2:32 was honestly racist that i had to unscibscibe to your channel

Justin Singh


Kook Kook

Bruh I haven’t watch this in a while ?? now I’m in 7th grade I watch this when I was in 6th grade ?

Beyond The Story

When the music started my mum asked me what I was watch and I said a omegle prank. She stood behind watching a second of the video soon as she thought you was 'masterbating' she shouted at me then she saw the water bottle her reaction was classic! xD Thanks for making my day!

sexy girl

sexy girl26 Jan. 2008
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sexy girl, beware of all

sexy girl, beware of all of you ,do it before

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He’s your son to and I’m telling you he’s on drugs



Kevin Sweet


Ogy Palma

Name of the movie I forgot the name

Alexis Lehner