Platonic relationship

Platonic Love

Platonic Love25 Jan. 2019
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Platonic relationships are

Platonic relationships are more than just friendships. Essentially, platonic lovers are soulmates without a romantic aspect in their relationship. And, without a want for romance in the relationship; Want is the keyword.


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Mass Looo

Man, the Music is really laut

Anna Mari

thanks fpr educating me. I have like this love for more than 10 years however it is gone now when he got a baby

Tugay Doğan

Hi new friend subscribed and 22.liked stay connect from Turkey open bell by the way really perfect video. i am waiting u to my page

Ann Duaman

Platonic relationships cool may ganito pala


Wow that intro was REALLY cool

Sister Corring

Yes I experienced platonic love during my teenage times! Everything is totally true!

sally tinay

Liked na din

Marion Wilson

With just them you may not worry how you look, your hair spot, what ever. But When they have friends or your grown children have a significant other, or spouse, then worry about those things for your children or your platonic, family members. It is still platonic with your children's friends, or significant other, or spouse. It is just a little different platonic level of adopting, or in grafting, a platonic love.

Sruti Kale

I really liked the content but can't really hear anything cuz of the music

gaze1976 hasan

l thank you for sharing

Trip ng Tropa

ahh ganun pala yun Great video po

EljayGazelle Tio

hi dto n ako hawak kamay lang tau wlang iwanan

Menaka Creations

Lovely video...


nice video thanks for sharing stay blessed


I experienced this kind of love. Thank you for sharing again.

sally tinay

Hallo sis nice video nood lang ako dati kona pala Napindot kampana mo

Receitas da Val

Like 4. Nice video.

Crisybabe 18

Thankyouuu for sharing!

Marion Wilson

So can be socially uncomfortable, and platonic love, also.

lady enaj

Ngayun kolang nalaman to.


Very wise video! Thanks for explanation. We need videos like that. Well done!

lucky women channel المرأة المحظوظه

Thanks my friend for sharing

An Kleh安克麗

Wow! I learn something from this video. Thank you for sharing this.

G Torbz Crafty Channel

nice sharing... very informative.

noemi aran

What a beautiful kind of relationahip?

WilhelmAustin Vlog

It’s a great video thanks for sharing

Sann's kitchen

Nakaka inlove

Ingrid in Bosnia

thank you much love

Charity Wanja

The problem is no one will understand

Bai DiNo Tv

hello sis nandito napo ako nagawa ko napo ang lahat sana masipa mo rin ako hintayin ko ung sipa mo hehehe nice video thanks for sharing

Nena Sweetypie

Great video my friend thumbs up

MasterPhyton [GD]

How do you call a relationship that is kind of a platonic love that also contains sexual attraction, but only contains it because of a crazy strong affection, while not being much jealous of each other and leaving the other person experience other people too, and that makes you think "she's my best friend right now, sometimes we act like more, and who knows maybe one day we'll be ready to switch to a relationship but right now I'm too young and unready"? It feels pretty much the same on both sides.

TV Yours

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Its Cathy's Blog

Wow this is nice to know about Platonic love. Thanks for sharing.

Erwin Martin Formilleza

Love do have different level .. Andits the best feeling in the world. You have each others back and always understand their short comings . Thanks and let's stay connected

Ilectra Paula Olteanu

So with the term "platonic love" we're refering to a best friends relationship ? Or is that possible for lovers too ?

dazzling wave

lovely video

Anj Love01

Ah the platonic love between heterosexual. A deeper bond!

Goddess Truth

So true, awesome share, it's a beautiful relationship if ever offered such a gift


Thats awesome share


Nice video editing. Good Job! keep up! New Friend!

Gayatri's Food And Lifestyle

cute... :)

Dominique B

Video so awesome

Raynna Prinsesa

Respect each other this is very important in the relationship!!! Thanks for sharing this platonic love!!! This is very detailed and very informative!!! Thumbs up with this content!!! God bless

jotunn hime

i love platonic love, i wish it got more attention in movies and stuff instead of it being the the "pre- romantic love" stage. i feel like some people think platonic is not as strong as romantic love because they think that love has levels and that romantic love is the highest one even though you can't compare them because they're totally different :(

Thangavelu Dorairaju

Me experiencing now. And Her name is Caren Lye. #Platonicforlife

Marion Wilson

So there is immediate family, platonic love. Then extended family and friends, platonic love.


True. Experiencing an online platonic love relationship, and it's really cool. Best buddy.

Nerilyn Polinar

OHH Thats the Platonic love Thanks for sharing.

2M Journey

Saw this and its really lovely. Im here, thanks for the connection.

LG’s Kitchen

Hi new friend here

Adam Bisard

Probably the best word I’ve found in my life!

Turkey Travel Tips

Platonic love is the best love, no expectations, never come together :) I like your channel

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Phenomenal work. New supporter here

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thanks now i know, keep sharing, im here, I already press the reb button i hope you will visit me again,


video Thank you

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Great video, this is very cool

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Hi bautiful watching your video god bless you more

金翰日記Henry Diary

True love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Ku Tun TV

great video

Mien Tay Color

Very nice video
Have a good day too
Love mini x button. Thanks you.

Marion Wilson

Or for grown family to think you are ok. Can be honestly uncomfortable, for them if you are not or everything isn't order. Or messes etc. Can be uncomfortable. Even with platonic love.

Rana Shabab

V nice stay connected

josel endaya

Nice one... I subbed #538. Keep in touch.

Andrei Iusco

lower the music in the background for your next videos

UlleungdoTV 울릉도티비

Hi, my new friend! I'm here to cheer for your channel! Let's always connect!


Wrote a song about platonic love affair in my channel! It would be great to know what you think about it ?


Hi bread & coffee , I subscribed to your channel, greetings from Spain

Shoezetteluvz me

wow informative video! nice video. Thanks for sharing

janice so loved

Thanks for sharing ! Platonic does work ...

Jen Travels

now I know about platonic love.

Elyse N

I hate that people act like this love doesn't exist.

Platonic Relationships

Platonic Relationships16 May. 2020
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Men and women aren’t

Men and women aren’t “friends” in the same manner that 2 members of the same gender are friends. We have evolved through sexual selection and that mere fact means that platonic relationships have a different dynamic then same sex friendships. You must understand these differences in order to set boundaries in committed relationships if you expect them to be successful.

Paul is a Lifestyle and Relationship Coach, and Master EMDR, NLP, and Hypnotherapist. Message to book a session here:

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Six Five and Will Eat You Alive

Glad I did make the right decision, the right way, setting boundaries, walking away from this toxic chick. Very informative gents.
Have Zero tolerance for these 'so-called' platonic friends. There are situations there are genuine platonic friends, but believe me, they are very very rare!!!

Peter Do

Don’t be the “break glass in case need dick” guy for a girl - Paul Janulis ?

Lucie St-Hilaire

hi really good info wow, but what about im 43 yrsl old woman , this 26 yrs old sons best friend decides to move in as roomate, the sexual tension is there !!

Wicklight Consulting

Good video. Appreciate your perspective.

I do have some truly platonic female friends. But it's a rare thing, and it's good to remember what things are and are not.

Marcus Agee

Really appreciated the information here

Bogdan Vladu

One way to get some insight into the dynamics is to look at who puts the effort to maintain that relationship. If it’s her than that is some strong evidence in regard to the investment and interest/desire (sexual or not) to maintain that connection.

CE34 saurabh Damor


Can Men And Women Have Platonic Relationships?

Can Men And Women Have Platonic Relationships?5 May. 2018
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Oliver Ford

People can be friends intellectually. Non-sexually. Remember homosexuality has been observed in animals, so you could argue that noone can be friends without wanting sex. There's caring that's non-sexual.

Avilio Amici

Some guy once told them platonic relationships don’t exist because if a girl asked to smash the guy would always say yes

Because every millions of guys on this world would have the same answer

Hope, Faith & Love

If you are ugly yes

Swetha Radha krishnan

When u started with "no"... Itz was interesting... ?

icysnow57 cold

I have a question. How do males and females bond with each other? I don't see how men and women can bond (especially romantically) with each other. Women can build incredible friendships and become very close to each other in a way men can't bond, and science shows that women can bond very well with each other. Generally, women are even more social than men are. After something bad happens, a woman quickly rushes to talk to all of her female friends to get support, whereas a man can isolate himself and grief alone.

Women tend to be more emotional, more caring, more empathic, more compassionate, more affectionate, more loyal, more nurturing, more understanding, more sympathetic, more sensitive, more kind hearted, more peaceful, more calmer, more gentle, more expressive, more intuitive, and more outward than men are, and thus bond more with other women in a special way that they can’t with men. Men, on the other hand, are not that emotional, and thus can’t bond with other men in a special way.

Women are more comfortable being around with other women than they are with men. They have a type of bond that usually men with women won’t really have, or with men and men.

Most women like to do affectionate things with their female friends like cuddling with them and holding their hands and be touchy-feely towards each other, while most men would never do affectionate things with their male friends (especially not cuddling with them or holding their hands or be touchy-feely towards each other). Men are usually much lonelier than women are. Men don't often talk about their personal problems with their male friends like how women do with their female friends.

Females produce a lot more oxytocin than males do. And that's a reason why women tend to hug a lot more and be a lot more physically affectionate than men do.


Aha. I met a guy, and I honestly feel comfortable around him, yet I do not like him in that way. Are you mad that your loved one decided to call it off as platonic?

Tiggsy Hopp

I mean...

Well im lesbian so...