Heath ledger drug addiction

Heath Ledger Using Drugs

Heath Ledger Using Drugs31 Jan. 2008
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Heath Ledger Using

Heath Ledger Using Drugs

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ciera swetof

that is it i'm sick and tird of these reporters they are sick bastards! he is dead leave him the hell alone! let him rest in peace

Joseph Theriot

wow.. shut the fuck up man.. thats all you foreigners ever say.. you dont see americans commenting videos saying "wow british people suck. australians suck. russians suck." whatever.. youre racist

Joseph Theriot

chill out with the capitals.. buut thats a good point about him smoking since he was 6.. he couldve been exaggerating tho i dunno if i believe it but whatever


Oh no...he did marijuana(note sarcasm). That doesn't mean anything. The coke and heroin...yeah that's not good. But so many famous actors do that crap, it's passed around like party favors.

Valeria Forgione

Fuck all this stuff! I still love him!And I always will..he was a great actor and a great father(I think) Heat RIP!

abolfazl rostami

this video could not reduce Heath ledger's value


One drugs less




:( This makes me upset.


That is such a load of bull, and anyone who can do math will realize it. 5 joints a day for 20 years. So he started smoking when he was eight?

Django Mandingo

The perfect joker since the 90's, dead already. FUUUUUU

Monkey Pox

It was a fvcking scumbag addict, and you morons act like he was some kind of hero! He wasn't a doctor, an educator, or an inventor. He pretended to be someone else for a living. Big deal. He chose drugs over his wife and kid. What a piece of sh1t. He was a loser. Deal with it. Don't lionize him.

Brandon N

yea but they died of lung cancer =P. cigarettes do the same thing though...


No one died becuase of smoking joints...


Why is this rated low it's true, damn.


I happened to be standing next to Heath at the bar at the Met Hotel in London in Dec 2004. I remember hearing him telling a friend that he was having terrible trouble sleeping and had been awake for nearly 3 days. He took drugs, sure, but its now known that he was battling primary insomnia for much of his later life. insomnia results in prefrontal glucose depletion reducing impulse control, leading to more drug abuse and hence in some cases more insomnia in a self perpetuating vicious spiral.


No, it's definitely NOT only you...this is completely fucked up.


@elcubanopapi8 why did you lose respect for him? I don't think this is true but as someone said above, the only person who knew the truth isn't here anymore.

Michelle C

That could have been some guy at a party, who looked enough like him to fool people and Heath''s voice dubbed over. The pot comment could have been something he said goofing around. It's probably a very good fabricated video.

Kathy Whitlatch

His family , friends & fans do .Don't be a hater cause your a nobody, he was a great actor, died way too young, what a shame that people like you can't say something respectful about the dead ,God bless his family & all that mourn his death.


So you guys rather have this videos be buried and never seen? wouldn't that be unfair? everybody has a right to see anything.

xRizzer ghxstx

these comments are old.

Kristen Morlock

GOD DAMNIT HEATH ! LOOK WHAT ITS DONE TO U! oh i dont care i luv him soooo much i would do even worse to get him back!


if any one knows were you can see this video please tell me iam looking for it like crazy bt i cnt find it would some one plz help?


"no disrespect to the family"? No. None.


@elcubanopapi8 why did you lose respect for him? I don't believe this video but as someone said above, the only person who knew the truth is not here anymore.

hellbent bliss

hahaha lionize? what is he, a lion? you meant to say idolize, right? ya, we should definitely take your word then...


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