How to make out on a bed

Toga! Toga! Toga! (How to Make a Toga From a Bed Sheet)

Toga! Toga! Toga! (How to Make a Toga From a Bed Sheet)19 Jan. 2008
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Need a costume in a jiffy? Got a bed (with sheets)? Then you're all set! Look no further than the bed sheet toga.

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Alex Buck

Yeah. Tomorrow. :D


I was that fat drunk guy... I hate you...

Azure Skyes

if you just tie it around your waist and let is hang, ain't that a sari?

Inga Ryabchuk

Пиздежа куча

Olivia B.

aye APELC gang represent

Ty Hoffman

My school has a thing where seniors need to wear togas

Jesse baby

Hes cute

Jun Yan Yap


Rhodri Mayer

This may be 13 years old but very useful. I will be applying this! ?


Notice the wine next to him.

Joe Mama

Ha! I never even realized Quagmire was an actual person until this.


thx brah

tudor mardare

This is the stola, and it was worn by women :))))))))

Kyle IsImmortal

My school has a toga tradition for seniors. And I'm lost. ???

Diego Trejo



Thumb this comment up if toga day is coming up at the high school you go to. :)


How this thing has 1.5 Million views

Coco Jackson

Haha why is so cute

Kyle Johansson

Thank you for the great tutorial!

Jack David

"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life." haha cracks me up


shut up

Stephen M

It's tomorrow! :D

alex riches

I'm actually too retarded to do this ?

Esaí Rosado

Unclear now I'm a burrito.

Kaden Mikolajczyk

School project Roman day

Georgia Mercer

Thanks I have to wear a toga for a school project so thank you


regardless whether it's true or not, it's still fun but obviously you don't believe in fun

Daniel Viklander

OMFG that is soo cool
and you are soo hot!!!!

Isaac Fox

How did I end up here...

Calvin Grace

Lying around your house.. or QUAD.

niggadeesi adugara

ewww, u look like a thug, most asian indians wear that thug clothing.


Halloween 2019 anyone? Just me? oof


I was looking for a Himiko Toga cosplay tutorial and found this-

Blow Up Records

Every good toga needs a good party. The Bongolian - B-Boy Toga Party


Lol, tomorrow is toga day at my school, meaning I get to walk around in soft bed-sheets all day




Abit tietää ;)

General Gracious

Thank you. It was simple and reliable.

Ryan Laurence

"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go thought life." This may be true, but it is, however, the ideal way to go through college.


I have a school project for English tomorrow were I have to wear one all day so thanks for the video.

Sardor Toshmatov

I'm just curious what did they wear in winter? at all cold weather?

Kevin Radno

fat drunk n stupid IS the way to go through life !!!!

виктор новиков

класс !


2:09 is my favorite part of this video for personal reasons.... ???

izi moreille

This is from arabic culture....They stole it...


Saw this 8 years ago for Toga day at school

Melody Lewis

LMAO i was looking for himiko toga cosplay??

Shane E. Davis

Fat drunk and stupid, I feel so attacked


Thanks for the tutorial, douche master general

Zak Lee

Phoenix High School wya ⚡️

Yesith Devon

Ouch..u talk way too fucking much. Anyway thank u Jonathon! :*

Artem Lebedev

Just look for the best workout ebook from Unflexal workouts.

Daniel Jairala

I looked this up for throwback thursday during spirit week. Thanks!

Chris Grunska

not really


Toga day is today!!!!! thumbs up!

Daniel Farrel


kamrul Hassan

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Shaune 703


Nathan Foster


J Agathon

im fat... hurtful words brah.  although fuck it.. idgaf

Brandon Ramirez

I guess im here

Viyou _

Was I the only one who fought about Toga from Bnha?


YouTube recommended this to me??

Life is beautiful


Ábel Bálint

Valaki obudai gt???


@CardinalPugwash lol go fuck yourself.


"Dress like a Roman: As Taught by Chuck Norris." How could this fail?

Ярослав Кулаков


Melanie Camero

I am going to murder my friend Alisha for posting that comment

Gabi Begim

worst tutorial ever !!!!!!!!!!!


cant wait to go for my first bacchanalia, thanks!

Bonnie Chen

This is not the toga that I wanted


But what about just fat and drunk?


I made this because i was cold and all my clothes were in the dryer, 10/10, bit of a draft on my bob and robertsons though


Anyone else here because of Good Friday?


Thank you internet! Once again you saved me :)

Matt R



who is thinking about Toga himiko while they are watching this video

Nicolas Adornetto

I'm fat, drunk, and stupid.



Kylie Jackson

Our high school football game is toga themed... cant wait


Shut up

Latin Salad

When it's toga day in Latin tomorrow and you have no idea where to start

_2 4_

Talk way too much for no reason.


Turns out College is exactly like I thought it was. My club wants to do a Toga day.


Alguien mas esta aqui por el final speech del curso

Swirl 4767

Omg this helps me with my Ancient Rome project! Thx

Hero of Kush

I'm tossing out all my ''Normal clothing '' and switch to only wearing Togas

Mike Diaz

Anyone from pink Palace here?



Cydney T.

Can't wait to use this for tomorrow's senior toga day!!


You are so sexy that I watched this video three and a half times.

Ethan Slafter

If anyone from park high sees this, holla

Liongamerpro 89

Thanks u save mi life.

Renato Serafim


Max Samarov

the theme for my school football game is greek attire

Rickroll troller

Does this work with Egyptians

Samuel Roberts

Hey Jonathon

Thank you for the informative video. Short sweet and simple!!! Me and my grandson spent our afternoon making this for his 27th dress up themed birthday party. Anyways lovely content and can't thank you enough.

Kind regards

Nana Gertrude

Jason Muniz Sanchez

God bless you?

Christopher rc

this vodeo was good enough my drunk ass could do it im going to a toga party on campus

New allotment| Late January low maintenance allotment update| Allotment preparation

New allotment| Late January low maintenance allotment update| Allotment preparation31 Jan. 2021
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Home GardensSubscribe 438 721

How to take on a new

How to take on a new allotment. Video three in this allotment series. I show methods I have used to help create a low maintenance allotment in a short space of time.

My New Allotment! Essex UK.

Building my new allotment No Dig Beds.

Grape growing Autumn (Fall) UK.

More September gardening!

Planning a new allotment. How to make an allotment manageable. Creating a low maintenance allotment. How to build no dig beds. Building no dig beds. UK gardening. UK food security. How to grow your own food. Gardening. Learn how to grow your own fruit and vegetables. How to grow your own food. How to approach a new allotment. Allotment project. Building soil quality. Building soil quality at the allotment. Winter allotment. Winter allotment jobs. Winter gardening. Winter gardening jobs. How to build a low maintenance allotment. Self sufficiency. Partial self sufficiency. I hope people find the video useful.

Comments (25)
Chloe Brown

Thank you for telling us about this ?.

Keep up with all the amazing work in gardening cool love it ???.

I loved all your videos keep up with it awesome ????.

Alan Hitchman

Hi Dan, 2 points i would like to make, 1, its normal to cut out any vine growth thinner than a pencil so next years growth grows from a good cane, also normal to grow 1 stem as a main leader till it reaches the limit of length you want so in years after it gets there the side shotts from it will bear the fruit, each fruited cane gets cut back to 2 buds when the next years growth starts, point 2. you are very in the open with no shelter from the winds etc and open to squirrels, not sure if you have any there, hope not as they love grapes, well they do mine i have had to build a squirrel proof cage to keep them out.

Aubrie Allen


AJ Dexter

Your plot looks amazing already ????

Patrick Meehan

Great you have found a good allotment Dan.No dig is the way to go. I use a lot of leaves on my no-dig beds. I like your composting planes. Take care


Are there any detrimental wood chip types for vegetable patches?

Monara Ahmed


Bobby Hill

Good setup ? Hope the crops are plentyfull ?Best of luck

Louise Walker

Lovely stuff Dan. I'm in a similar position with a new allotment, for my permaculture area I'm thinking herbs like thyme, sage, rosemary and maybe some fruit bushes..

abbas zandi nejad

how do you heat your greenhouse? l did not see any heating device!

Vida Jordan

Make absolutely sure there is no herbicides in your straw as you could lose everything as I lost 75% of all my berry patch from contaminated straw sold by my local farm store.

Home Gardens

Hello peeps. This is how the allotment was shortly after I took it on. My New Allotment! Essex UK.

William Watson

I am happy for you to getting an allotment, ❤️❤️

Exploring Nature Together

I'm late (sorry, so behind on YT!!)! Your vineyard is going to be so beautiful!! So exciting!! I like the Rhea, personally!! Lovely colour!! I like the idea of the squash in that bed with peas trellised beside it! Both will be low maintenance!! I think it's great that you'll have bays for compost!! A treasure for the allotment!! No dig is always the best method, if you can get it started for sure! Very nice to see you, my friend!!!?


I would just put in some trees and not worry about what grows beneath. In fact that is what I have done and turned half my own plot into a mini orchard. I would check your rules though some allotment sites have rules on max number of trees etc. I am fortunate that mine allows me to have as many trees (even full size ones!) as my little heart desires, as long as they stay on my plot.

Black Dog Allotment

Great video. Looking forward to your tips on how you are making it low maintenance/ using permaculture principles.

Gardening Online

That was a great video Cheers Ray

Darren Chown

I am also in the SE of England, I had great success growing melons through membrane for the first time last year.

Alan Hitchman

Hi Dan, meant to add, when the vine main leader gets to the right height in the center of the top wire, you stop it at the top and train the 2 top shoots 1 left and one right removing shoots below those, these 2 become the the main cordons for future fruiting, usually stopped at about 5 feet each.

Luke shaw Music

Nice work! Thanks Dan ??

Krampus Nacht

what about a small fruit tree orchard?

Nick F

Plot looking good already Dan....allotment looks deserted only you there..:-)

Sam Lloyd

It's looking fantastic already, the patch at the end of the video would make a fantastic area for a fruit cage, raspberries black/red/white currants and then you could mulch underneath them with woodchip to help with maintenance.

Mrs Bowes Grows on the allotment

Great look round the plot Dan ?

Simplify Gardening

Great video Dan. that allotment will produce well and relatively maintenance free

How to prepare veggie beds and pots for transplants - Part 3 seed starting series

How to prepare veggie beds and pots for transplants - Part 3 seed starting series31 Jan. 2021

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In this video, I talk about how to locate the right location to transplant your seedlings. I also show you how I prepare my veggie bed and containers ahead of time for transplanting. i go over the type of soil, manure and fertilizers I use plus show you how you can use plant materials to rebuild and feed your soil.

Comments (4)
Missy Grando

The bok choy is ever ready. I may add that next year.


I didn't get the notification for this video

Mr Rivas

Am back thank you again this angel from Miami

Mr Rivas

Hey hi hope all is well quick question can I use the Kellogg raised bed & potting mix for container