How to hook up with a girl at a party

How to Pick Up Girls At a PARTY (13 Tips to Hook Up)

How to Pick Up Girls At a PARTY (13 Tips to Hook Up)12 Nov. 2019
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You want to learn how to

You want to learn how to pick up girls at a party. That’s why you need unshakable confidence:

I can help you, mentor you, and guide you to reach this state:

But why is confidence so damn important when you want to hook up at an event or at a private party?

Well, because unless you have it, you won’t be able to approach girls WITHOUT liquid courage and you will be tempted to drink BEFORE the party to feel better about yourself.

That’s not what a Global Seducer does!

You deserve to talk to beautiful women without using alcohol to loosen up. And you need the unshakable confidence to hold eye contact with her and to isolate her from the crowd. That’s the only way you can pick her up.

You also have to touch her while you take her number and don’t forget that you need the balls to come up with a reason to be alone with her. Most men don’t have enough confidence to lead her away from the party and to a place where they can kiss her.

What about you? Do you have what it takes?

Watch this video and you’ll know how to pick up girls at a party…

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Hey that was a good vid bro with i liked that you had more realistic questions to ask ?


i fw this vid u good at interviewing

To Go


jorge sandoval

You have better gotten at least one of they numbers ??



How To Flirt In a Bar or Club (Two Simple Steps)!

How To Flirt In a Bar or Club (Two Simple Steps)!8 May. 2014
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Alpha M. Confidence

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How To Flirt Without Being Creepy:

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In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and relationship expert, Aaron Marino, teaches you two simple steps to successfully flit in a bar or club.

Alpha's going to attempt to get you action- no fancy dance moves required! The first thing you need to understand is that the most attractive people are NOT the most successful in a bar or club getting dates, numbers, or actions. The ones who are successful are the ones who signal their availability through basic flirting techniques.

Success Boils Down to Four Things:

body language




How to Practice?

Starts with step one. Survey the scene by walking around the place. Make eye contact with whomever you can. Eye contact is simple AND the 1st & most basic component of flirting. Don't wear sunglasses in a club at night! Prowl around the room making contact with everyone! But don't linger.

Time is of the essence. Grab your boys and station yourself near the girl from whom you want attention- about 10 to 15 feet away. Stand at a slight angle so that with a simple turn of the head you have her in your line of sight. Gaze and wait. Be cool when she looks at you by maintaining eye contact and giving a little smirk. Open your posture and face her- wait. In the next 60 seconds, she will glance back at you. If she does, smile! If you get the glance back in 6-0 seconds, walk up and introduce yourself. Never lead with a physical compliment. Instead, be calm, cool, and collected. "Hey, I'm Aaron. What's your name?" If she doesn't glance back at you within that 60 second window, pack up and move on for your 2nd option. You can come back to your 1st choice later in the night.

Body Language Dos and Don'ts

Do smile and make eye contact

Don't mirror someone else's body language

Do touch her arm- the safest place to touch in a non-threatening way

Don't caress her face

Do lightly touch her waist

Don't stay too long- flirt meet then mingle then come back and flirt some more

Do keep it light and fun

Where to Find the Best Bars and Clubs?

Drink Advisor is the best way to find the best bars and clubs in your city. The app features bars and clubs in approximately 130 cities worldwide. If you are looking for a place to go, popular spots come up in a city search. The spots include reviews, descriptions, and pictures as well. Alpha loves to find new cool places, and Drink Advisor is perfect! He also loves the feature that breaks down drinks - names, ingredients, facts, and more. The app streamlines planning- check it out by downloading for free.

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Makwan Dusti

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JinBo Himself

stand on the ground !!! remerber !!!!!!!!!!!

AliTV Vlogs

Drinking is stupid when you are going to clubs just dont it just have a good time and you spend less


No fancy dance moves required?!? That’s all I got :/

Darcy Goodwin

I swore this guy was gay

Santi Ibáñez

He's the nearest thing to Barney I've ever seen.

Cartman Brah!

Do not lick or caress her face is it okay if I T bag it?

Random Bassist

You look like a gay Bradley Cooper

Vedraj r.m

“On your potential future EXgirlfriend”
Best lines ever said

Leo Gamias

I feel like watching this just makes me more nervous when in a party..

Hatake Kakashi

Buddy youre a G ? love it thx for the advice


Yo noob, when I want to flirt i just show my massive cock and girls start flirting with me duuude


Well. You need to do a follow up video on if she flirting “gives that second look” but is with her man.

Sergio Gonzalez

At 5:33 you said "read somebody else's butt"????

JinBo Himself

Need to look like bastard like u bruh


Instructions unclear. Stared at her for 60 seconds got slapped in the face


10 and 15 feet away minimun, don't be too close to a kick boxer or the only action you get is being kicked in the teeth.

Osumah Philomena

Hey can I meet a serious single guy here for a relationship

JinBo Himself

Dont drink in bars clubs ever , need finacial intelligence

mitch mclean

I use hookers. They're actually cheaper and easier than going through this shit.


What a creepy advice

Omar Sarwari

Exercise regularly and focus on your work and get successful guys, anytime spend on girls u gain most beautiful and sexiest one without tension

JinBo Himself

How to deal with her ugly friend I always dont have idea ... if I m alone lol their ugly girlfriends always drag her out

John Cisneros

I think his gay but ok

JinBo Himself

I like your accent r u aussie ?

So merぇフヂ

First time watching this guys videos and damn hes so real and honest. Kind of calms my nerves abit about going to club my first time.

JinBo Himself

Think real man should drink wine or wisky something lol

Dylan Murphy

hahahhaa omg the young Alpha


This sounds like the advice you'd get from a guy who couldn't leave his frat. First off, why would anyone wear sunglasses at night in a night club? That's the basic "I'm a douchebag." Secondly, I don't know if it's because I've watched enough horror movies it could be adequately put I've spent half of my life watching a horror movie, but wouldn't it a female be creeped out if you stare at her for 60 seconds? She might think "hey, I think this guy might want to take me back to his abandoned warehouse and begin to romantically cut my limbs off and wear my face?" In this day and age, do not stare at a girl for 60 seconds, it's creepy. Thirdly, anyone who says "my boys" is a basic bitch boy. Also, nothing says romantic like "you're my second choice."

Levi Stream

In the bathrooooooom ????

Dustin Tooley

I've got to say, you come across so differently with this vid from newer ones lmao

Jakov Gugić

Step one: Look like a gymshark model.

ildefonso cruz

Be a gentleman. First and foremost in speech, in thought and words. and you can find a lady. Start reading how to be a gentlemen. this attracts ladies.

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Alvaro Quevedo

Young alpha

Tequila Prince

How to get a girl in a club
1. Go to the club in a Lamborghini
2. Tell the girl you came in a Lamborghini

June Lam

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Joe Smith

i need to subscribe to this.. :D

Nutri - Gains

Aaron I'm at the police station right now, thanks for the advice


"I am a super sexy tiger"

Aso Kurdy

A guy: be rich, and women will come themselve.
B guy:but they are gold diggers or leave you soon.
A guy:are you searching for your future wife...AT A BAR.
B guy:

Steee Loon

Shit u try to hard, just flip the bitch off , then she'll ask why u flipping her off . The u proceed to tell her how u eat ass!

Aden Jones

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D Lam

Mirroring is much more subtle, like a similar posture


Tbh I am watching this as a girl because it is kinda interesting. But that dude is such a jerk I would never...


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For some reason this was in my suggested and its honestly the cringiest thing Ive ever seen in my life.

Mr. Damfino

Bro, love your content lol

Yu-Gi-Oh Club

Hey Alpha, great video and good advice with that app. I was wondering there's somebody I'm interested in that I met off a dating app but she's kind of went cold in messaging. I'm going to play it cool and do no contact for a little while while I work on myself hit the gym find a new place to live and so forth. But I was wondering when I do decide to contact again if I do what's some advice to help her feel more attracted to me when I talk to her.

blood hunter

Wait, when I approached her,what should I talk about in a club? and for how long? Like I would stand there around like a god damn donut.

JinBo Himself

Need your fancy suite bro


I laughed so hard on the dance he did in begging of video ???this is awesome

JinBo Himself

I saw many handsome simps

Jumbo Star

So creepy

Jose Romero

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Woman are sooo fake at the club.

Joe Smith

heeeey this app don't exist anymore! booooo!

Tim Chrstoffer

You're funny (in a good way). I like it!

Tham Yu Jian

Woah Aaron voice is too gentlemen compared to these years

dewain powell

Here’s how hard it is. I like your get up, Nice shoes, this bar is nice have the music is always good, later on ask about the location. Then find a reason to leave give her the option to contact you later. If they say you can have my social media just say no dude that’s a waste of time.

skate phalife

They just twerk on my dick and then we start talking

Adam Pohlman

Look at this fossil of a video! Before THE intro

billy swonson

What if I don’t have a good smerk

laiii laiii

I dont have a dad...


2:20 i am that ugly friend

Evian Mason

Lookin fresh alpha!..

JinBo Himself

Dont drink any alochols and run at the morning

M Diesel

Atozy brought me here lol


This sims tutorial is good

JinBo Himself

Need to dress like u bruh , where to get such fancy suite


So I learned a long time ago that I had a knack for flirting. I would introduce myself to a woman and ask her for her name. My next line was can you share something about yourself hat no one else knows that would surprise your best friend. They all share something dorky but that’s ok. Then I say it’s great to meet her using her name and a bit of her secret telling her that for the rest of the night we will at least have this little secret to share. I’ll excuse myself leaving her to play out what just happened in her head and with her friends. But look back to smile when you’re about 6 feat away. Then I use this throughout the night to flirt more and increase the heat as we get more acquainted through her secret. Try it out. It works.

Shoaib Khan

Yo can’t do this for shit help me I’ve been going to clubs for over a year and nothing to show for it

Tatum Reyna

Touch my arm, I'll sock you with it ? this man sounds like hell be that creepy uncle at Reunions

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I've already watched this video but after all this months on quarenting myself I really in need of this!

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Non of these shiet works, there is some hot girls out there but I used to date hotkeys

Direnc Sen

Good advice but in a practical world, it all comes a singularity. ``Balls``. I just don't understand how even a dude can be intimidated by a ``woman.`` Don't think I talk inferior but a man and she is yours as long as you don't act like a slaver.

Chris Mckenzie

We need to see a video of you in action

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Is there anyone still watching this in 2020? Hahahaha

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Does Troplusfix Dating Secrets really work? I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Troplusfix Dating Secrets. But Im uncertain if it's good enough to get laid by hot girl.

parker Azz

I'm drunk
But still good info

aamir Naseer

once i did eye contact and the result was handcraft on my hand ?

نور نور

Whau I'm watching this first im Muslim second im women ??WTF. covid19 shit?


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what do u if u dont have any friends there?:(:(:(

Tirtha Nandi

The Patrick Dempsey of Youtube

Kaden Ashlie

Instructions unclear. Fucked an old ladies dead dog.

JinBo Himself

With ugly girls

john kruger

I'm ugly :')

Mikky J

Robin Thickle vibes comin in hot.


I am going to check out your video but before I do... my question is ...did you get a divorce before you did this video? Lol

June Howell

What is Troplusfix Dating Secrets? Does it work? I hear a lot of people become badass with women with this popular dating secrets.


Alpha M ???? hahahahahaHAhaAHAAAHAhaaAHHA wtf is this ??? !!!! haHAHAHAhahaa
perfect, weed time.

David Bourke

Just get hammered and walk up to her the rest takes care of itself

Irving Raymond Cantave Rios

Alpha m you the best imma try lookin for my future ex lol