Vitamin b and d deficiency

15 Signs You Have Vitamin B12 Deficiency

15 Signs You Have Vitamin B12 Deficiency15 Mar. 2020
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How do you know you have

How do you know you have it? Your body will show many signs including pale skin, fatigue, and glossitis. We're talking all that and more.

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Intro - 0:00

1. Blurred Vision - 00:26

2. Mood swings - 00:56

3. High Temperature - 01:18

4. Messed Up Hand-Eye Coordination And Balance - 01:40

5. Fatigue - 02:02

6. Pale Skin - 02:25

7. Breathlessness - 03:57

8. Glossitis - 03:31

9. Tingling Sensation - 03:57

10. Irritation - 04:36

11. Stomach Problems - 05:03

12. Weight Loss - 05:26

13. Decreased Reasoning Ability - 05:53

14. Increased Heart Rate - 06:18

15. Easy Bruising - 06:43



1. Blurred Vision

When not treated, B12 deficiency can affect your optic nerves. You will have disrupted or blurred vision due to this damage. The next time you feel like you can't see that well, don’t run to grab new glasses just yet. Get your B12 level checked.

2. Mood Swings

Mood swings happen for a lot of reasons. You can add Vitamin B12 deficiency to the list. Studies suggest it.

3. High Temperature

We did a video on what causes a fever. Check it out! We explain how the hypothalamus raises the temperature to get rid of the infection. It does the same when your body lacks Vitamin B12. Only this time you don’t see other fever symptoms.

4. Messed Up Hand-Eye Coordination And Balance

It is not just the optic nerves that can get affected because of Vitamin B12 deficiency. It can also affect your nervous system. Thereby ruining your center of balance and hand-eye coordination. While this is a rare symptom, it has been observed in many cases.

5. Fatigue

Imagine not having one of the most necessary components to make red blood cells. Now you might be wondering, "How are Red Blood Cells related to this?" Well, the answer is very simple, red blood cells transport oxygen throughout your body.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.


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Comments (100)
Gerald Lewis

I'm suffering from All symptoms of Vitamin b12 defiencies

Kelly Chick

I take b12 because I have elplesy it helps me a lot love Kelly ❤

Pinky Paala

Now i feel not better all the symptoms that you shared are very much the same

Donna Riggs

How much vitamin B12 does a person need daily?

James O Neill

My daughter homocysteine level went to over 300 due to being b12 deficient, she went psychotic


15 signs? So it can be anything!

Julian IV Tamayo

It is okay to take vitamin b12 with vitamin e for breastfeeding mom

Larry Crawford

Sometimes I have tingling in my feet and sometimes I feel weak could my vitamin B12 low can you comment and let me know


Can MS cause a b12 deficiency? I cant find answers anywhere

Abhishek Tripathi

Nerve damage is the scariest.
Hurts like hell and can last upto a year.

Stefan Smith

I just checked my vitamin B-12 levels and it was 146 and doctor said that your levels should at least reach 250 to get back to the norm. I mean, I sometime drink milk and yogurt, eat boiled eggs daily, eat chicken or beef when its cooked....I don’t know maybe I should take vitamin b-12 supplements?

Afrin Begum

Since few days in my hands and body some red small spots are comes out..and it's itching too...Is this cause of Vitamin B12..

Marie Montreal

I really liked this video. Time to take care me myself better....☺️


I get white hair

srengenge utara

how about skin feels like burnt?

Julie Casey

I have b12 injections every 12 weeks just had my latest one yesterday I have extreme fatigue

Khan Fateh

I have test defiency of vitamin b12 nd my digestive system gone worst nd i have lost 8 kgs my weight

manikandan basav

Yes the symptoms are correct


WATCH ?: 8 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Low On Essential Vitamins -

Shabista Ahsan

Meri both eyes ka balance bigad chuka h due to b12 deficiency kya ye fir se sahi ho jayega

Rick Narciso

High blood pressure benefits from vitamins b?

Kirby Ammons jr

I have them all I'm drunk all the time dizzy brain swimming.

Lalithesh Esh

What r the supplyment fot B12 deficiency


How long does the b12 will be consumed?

Sania Gaj

Yeah I’m

Nuzhat Waris

What we should eat during vitamin B deficiency

nj sourav

Hi I’m having severe Vit b12 deficiency, I have taken supplements but still I’m facing , can I know the exact cause of this . I wanted to maintain but my body isn’t managing B12 even though I’m a Non vegetarian

Christine Dsouza

Yes may b I hv vitamin deficiency, tingling n feet

Kimberley -

For anyone reading this. If you’re low in B12, Ferritin and Vitamin D can all also be low! They sort of go hand in hand. So please get checked for the other two also❤️

Gene Williams


Salma Afshan

Meri both eyes ka balance bigad chuka h due to b12 deficiency kya ye fir se sahi ho jaygi

Beetle Juice

Just injected b12 rush I feel alot of energy


What are the causes of deficiency of vitamin B12 ?

Shaun Russell

I appreciate this video! Very informative, and several symptoms lead me to think I might have a need to get my levels checked out... but I do wish that you would’ve stated that it is possible for meat eaters to actually have vitamin B12 deficiency! It all depends on how well your body absorbs it! Thanks again for the great information ?

rajeshree patel

Yes...I am deficient in B12.


I nearly died from this at 30, and i didn't look "pale" overall and my blood tests were apparently normal!

Aida Farah

Dark knuckles can be the sign of b12 deficiency.. but how many micrograms that somebody needs to fix that?? Anybody knows?

Bernadette McKay

Hi presently am having some of these symptoms. Tingling on the skin my tongue looks like it's peeling sometimes dizzy as if am loosing my balance. Gut problems diarrhea feeling etc

Salvador Estenor

Thanks doc

loveu jin

fun facts: they always talk about great amount of symptoms but not much solutions and advices given.

Codog, Joanna Mae

I have a vertigo and and my specialist recommend me a Vitamin B complex. I hope it helps?

Lucky Palattao

where i buye that b12 i fell stomuch pain


you should add ringging in the ear too

Barlin Marak

What are the things ive to eat for the vitamin B12 deficiency..


Deficiency is a walk in the park compared to Pernicious Anemia which causes broken bones due to osteoporosis, paralysis due to spinal nerve damage, intestinal metaplasia, and having intramuscular injections of B12 every 2 weeks for the rest of your life.

Jenny Gibbons

Very helpful. Thanks ?

Daily Dose of Medicine

As people age, they produce less glutathione. Researchers at Baylor School of Medicine used a combination of animal and human studies to explore the role of glutathione in weight management and insulin resistance in older individuals. Study findings indicated that low glutathione levels were associated with less fat burning and higher rates of fat storing in the body.?

Uma Silicon

Yes i am suffering with 3-4 problems that you have mentioned. How do i go about this. Can u help

C.J. Reed

Anyone who has Fibromyalgia can benefit from B vitamins! I take all of the B's, D, C, Biotin, Folic Acid, Magnesium, Elderberry and Zinc on a daily basis. If, by chance I miss, I can surely feel it. I also have Type 2 Diabetes and low thyroid levels. I don't think that you can take too many of these, as your body rids itself.

Angel Gray

As a vegan, I hope I don't have either of these ?

Butterflies and Silk Florals

Thank you.??

Marie Montreal

Full dry hair !!!

Delores Keys

I need something for feet and legg cramps. The other systems you talk about I don't have.

aastha wadhwa

Except 2-3 symptoms I have all and all have been there for like atleast 15 years. thanks for such an awesome video. How much B12 I should take to recover damage

Jenelly Garcia

Very informative video. Goodjob.

Muhammad Shafeeque

1 number vitamin only v.v.i.p high profile society vitamin with mack up bhaka bhak gapp and most sexy figure it's my our energy .....please cigarette darling I will soon there shortly.....

Komal Gupta

I am right now deficient in b12 with no such symptoms ,except the mood swings, said jn vedio. Don't trust these videos! :/

Cristino Santiago

yes I do have this symptoms. I have but B12 but I am not taking it regularly. many thanks for this very timely reminder. GOD BLESS ❤️

Baba Gandu

Wow such a great video, big thanks

Agozie Ibe

Sharp pains from the head like pinning your head together.

Trevor Smith



Being vegan for many years and I have none of these symptoms. I don’t take supplements either.
These symptoms are logically for people with a poor diet which is different.

Marie Dahniram

Thanks for the update on B12 as my hemoglobin is always low and couldn't

Fuzon Bukhari

Yes i m suffring with breath problm also my hand and feet is burning all time

Hadi Safar

What is the link between B12, and the image for this video (the foot with red toes joints)

Justin Bennett

Wow I can't believe this. Glad I saw this I've been sick for a year n I was supposed to get tested for this n never did, I've been having all of theses problems

John Lawrence

We should start a campaign to have people prosecuted for scaremongering about dietary deficiencies. And doctors should be struck off for prescribing statins.

Gul's Expedition

Yes i am also recommend vit B12 due to vertigo

Skills and Thrills

I have weight loss n low appetite n other issues too . My b12 is : 400 . But once I start taking b12 supplements I am getting hyper n anxious . Do I have to reduce dosage ?

Sethu ramakrishnan

What kind of test to do .please explain the test

Love and Light

Lmao I'm on B12 meds lmao I have nerve problems,blurred vision,ringing in ears,..I literally thought I was going crazy huh

Ellen H

I was very tired, needed more than 14 hours of sleep a night. Extreme sore muscles. Balans problems, always cold. A long with al the other things mentioned here. my stomach isn't working well enough to get the b12 in to my body. A docter pruscribbed b12 injections, now even 3 times a week in upper legmuscle. I finally feel better. They said only to lower my injections when complainds dont get back when my neurologic or other symptoms dont get back when i would inject a day later. Lower my injections could take years my neurologist said. If i ever get to lower them.

Ege Saranli

Vegans should consider the consequences of not eating meat or dairy products. Vitamin B12 can be found ONLY in meat.

Natura B.

Thanks for creating this video. I have not been able to find B-12 vitamin brands without ingredients like "flavor" or "natural flavor", which are another names used to mask their real name 'HEK 293" produced by Se onyx (cells of liver from human babies and/or from animals). -yes! They have made of us cannibals and those ingredients sadly are present in candy, soda pop, and most of foods packed in factories. Indeed HEK 293 is used in vaccines, detergents and personal care articles like toothpaste, cosmetics, etc.  I am a vegan and  found my B-12 was almost depleted last year, but I want to honor God by taking care of my body too. Thank you!


Thanks very informative

Lerzoos Lercoos

But I want pale skin ?

Arlety Ramos Ricart

Yes, tingiling sensation, mood swings, lack of balance, pale skin, hard to concentrate

Saba66 Baru

Almost ten years ago I had palms and feet fever, I went to my GP & did blood test. Vitamin B deficiency. I could not sleep because od that.
After taking the supplements everything comes to normal.

Jill Chamberlain

Can you have too much B 1200 vitamin di in your body not mention that I just wondered if you have too much of something by taking vitamins for those complaints B12 and vitamin di

Réka Szebényi

You have very cold hands and feet, high temperature is not true.
And balance and coordinations through brain and nerve damage is staying.

Thresa Fernandes

I have less heamoglobin is it again related to deficiency of vit B12

Janice Johnson

Can this cause symptoms like vertigo

muralidhar ch

Very good video
My homocysteine level is 50
So give me suggestions
My age 52 whight 92 bp 130/90


I get everything but a shrinking waistline and weight loss ... uggh!


There's a volume problem in this video. I cannot hear anything at all.

Neetu Kaushal

Hi, I am getting same problem in my tongue which you told in the video , my age is 50 , please suggest medicine for me ??

Morena Campanero

I hope you recomend for us the good b12 vitamin


Very Informative. I too have B12 Deficiency. Have taken Injections and now on Supplements. Nutritional Yeast is excellent source of Vit B12. ??


Yes.. 10 symptoms i have

Ruusa Shuuya

I have forgetfulness and tingling sensation ( my hand are always shaking)problems, it means I have vitamin B12 deficiency

Disha Shah

Yes m suffering all of these leavin loosin waist line

aliya aziz

I think i need to get a test done

Jo Anna

im getting the memory issue, im only 27 i feel like i have dementia most days. i also get the tingling which is annoying. B12 gives me severe acne and i used to have PERFECTLY clear skin. i was on b12 injections but i stopped because i actually went over the threshold of the b12 range so my doctor told me to stop. my last injection was a year ago and symptoms have started to come back. everyone eating foods including myself which is full of b12, but are not absorbing it. im having a gut health test to see intrinsic factors etc and try getting down to the bottom of WHY rather than just covering it up with supplements and injections. im so tired 24/7 even this is tiresome to type hence why i havent bothered with punctuation

ankush nemmaniwar

I m Suffering vitamin b12

Annie Rose Miguel

I had numbness on my hand..

Adeeba Hafeez

Yes i have all these sigens plz prescribe me any syrup of vitamin B 12 bcz i can, t take tablet and injection

Scott Stevens

Does Vitamin b12 deficiency symptons include numbness in feet and legs?

shailendra askar

Tastless toung , feel dizzy all time , weakness , no concentration on work , feel sleep all day

Marie Montreal

I get injections at my doctor's once a month! I feel the energy right away !!

A k s

Super like

Vitamin B Deficiency: Symptoms, Causes, Sources, Treatment || Vitamin B Rich Foods || Practo

Vitamin B Deficiency: Symptoms, Causes, Sources, Treatment || Vitamin B Rich Foods || Practo1 Dec. 2020
22 422
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What are the benefits of

What are the benefits of Vitamin B? What are the symptoms of Vitamin B deficiency? What are Vitamin B rich foods? Are there any easy sources of Vitamin B complex? What are the types of Vitamin B? Who is prone to Vitamin B deficiency? Dr Rajesh Bhardwaj, a senior ENT specialist, tells us all about Vitamin B and its supplementation.

Video Breakdown:

0:33 What is Vitamin B

0:55 Importance of Vitamin B

1:45 Vitamin B Deficiency

2:16 Prone to Vitamin B Deficiency

2:34 Sources of Vitamin B

3:10 Vitamin B Supplementation

#vitaminbsources #vitaminbdeficiency #vitaminbcomplex

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Video Transcript:


Sometimes, certain people may be deficient in Vitamin B. There are some signs that are

indicative of a deficiency of Vitamin B complex. A simple blood test is done to determine your

serum B complex levels and that will tell you whether you are deficient and if you're deficient

you can take supplementation!

Understanding Vitamin B

Vitamin B Complex is a large group of vitamins - Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12.

They are also called by their individual names Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid,

Pyridoxine, Biotin, Folic Acid and Cobalamin.

Importance of Vitamin B

They are all important for bodily functions. They are the building blocks of the human body and

are critical for the human body function. They are responsible for cellular metabolism,

maintaining mental activities and energy levels. Vitamin B complex helps build up red blood

cells or hemoglobin, enables us to have good vision, maintains good cellular function, and are

responsible for neural and muscular functions. They create and help us to have a good appetite.

They are responsible for heart function. Very importantly, pregnant women need a sufficient

amount of Vitamin B Complex for the fetus to develop well, without defects.

Signs of deficiency

These are skin rashes, cracks around the mouth like dryness and cracking scaly lesions on the

lips, swollen tongue, fatigue, weakness, anaemia, irritability or depression, sometimes mental

confusion, Nausea, diarrhea and abdominal cramps. These are some of the common

symptoms of vitamin B complex deficiency.

People who are prone to Vitamin B deficiency

People who are more at risk of developing vitamin B complex deficiency are those who have

celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, chronic alcohol users and sometimes, people with rheumatoid

arthritis and Crohn's disease and HIV. People with these diseases may not be able to absorb

enough vitamin B complex from the intestine and they suffer from deficiencies.

Sources of Vitamin B

Vitamin B12 is readily available to us in a variety of food forms from milk, cheese, eggs and

meat. It is also available to us in green leafy vegetables like spinach. You can also get it from

cereals like wheat germ. It is readily available in nutritional yeast, nuts and seeds, which have

plenty of vitamin B complex. Also, fruits such as citrus fruits, banana and watermelon contain

good quantities of Vitamin B complex.

Do we need vitamin B complex supplementation?

As we have seen most of us get it from our daily food and we do not need supplementation.

There are certain situations where you might need to supplement particularly those who suffer

from chronic alcoholism. Additionally, pregnant ladies may need extra folic acid so that they can

have healthy babies. Those who eat a purely vegetarian diet can sometimes be nutritionally

deficient and sometimes they may be deficient in Vitamin B.

Comments (8)

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Kamal Naser

thank you

Wan BerryHD

i'm 50years old.. i took Nervital capsule one per day as recommended by local pharmacist.. Am i doin it right?

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Naorem Galaxy Mangang

I just come here to check whether it is link with hair growth ??

Suleman Saroya


Larry Larralde


How to increase Vitamin D & Vitamin B12 ? | Swami Ramdev

How to increase Vitamin D & Vitamin B12 ? | Swami Ramdev22 Nov. 2018
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Sumedh Mohod

B12 sirf non veg me hai


Sewaami ji.kya aapke pass morning oil milti hai

Suraj Prakash Thakur

आप ही बोलते है b12 साग सबजी से बनेगा बाबा गुगल तो मना करता है

Dr. Tahira Chaudhary

Plz koe English m btaday ?

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Sprouts Vitamin B12, Kapalbhati,
Sunbathing, Carrot, roasted gram, green veggies


Dhanyavad babaji??

Girirajsinh Parmar


Sidra Ali

I m frm pakistn i need ur products

Tejal Parmar

Jay hind ramdev ji

sanjam enterprises

thanks sir ,love u

Amna Umer

Sir plzzz URDU main bhi btaya karyn.. thanks

Rajinder Kaur

Babaji Mera vitamin D bhi kam hai bahut hi jyada please Kuchh bataiye Baba ji

Sarbjeet kaur Sarbjeet kaur

Hmm mujhe bones and muscles main pain bagut hoti hai. Dr ne test karvaye vitamin d and b 12 bahut kam hai .vitamin d 1000 IU tablet di twice a day ,20 minutes sunlight lene ko bola plus b 12 ka inection

Tajinder Minhas

Love u baba jiii

harsha kotian

Dhoop leneka konsa accha samaai hai. Dupehar ka dhoop achha nehi hai bolthe jai

atul shah

To segregate difference vitiligo and tinea vesicular

Support Modi_Yogi

Thank you baba Swami Ramdev ji

Paras Gogia

It all happens due to the Bad Lifestyle...
And without a good lifestyle
Product / medicines ? won't work...
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siddhartha chaudhuri

Publicity ka duniya /are inko to nobel prize abhi tak kyon nehi dya gaya?modi kya kar raha hai /inko nobel prize for medicine ke liye propose karo jinke chalte aaj tum gaddi me ho

Mohinder Mehra

Kania Baba Murdabad.
HaramDev Murdabad.

Megh Shah

Mere pati ko ek nose bandh rehta hai to iske liye kya kare aur unka 2 years pehle accident huaa tha to unko left leg me heel ke portion par ligament ki problem aayi hai aur abhi tak thik nahi huaa to iska muje kuch upay bataye

Shri Vishal

Thanth me har saal meri hatheli ki chamri ukhana yani apras ki bimari Ka kya karan hota hai.

Aur ye thik kaise hota hai

Megh Shah

Namsakar swamiji

YasminAbdulWajid YasminWajid

Thank u so mch from pakistan yasmin. I really like u .

Santosh Kumar

बाबा आपकी कम्पनी में काम मिलेगा

Anjan Chand

What do you say about Honey purity?

arif khan

naturaly extracted products are always best to use branded product like PATANJALI & EARTHYBOON are best source of natural items

Mayank Bansal

Swami ji mera suger se owait 27 k g kum ho gya h kya kra n

Dheeraj kumar Raut

Thanks svami ji aapko dil se thanks i love you svami ji

Firoz Shahapur

Patanjali mei mera urine dalo or sell karro

Bhanu Varsani

I want to talk with swami ramdevji..can I get no. Please

Adarsh Utakarsh

Siberian wale nhi kapali bhati kar sakte hai

Sun Moon

Very few amount of B12 present in vegetables...non-veg food contains most amount of B12...but vegetarians can get it by powdered milk, milk, cheese, yogurt and cereals. I'm vegan so now I'm using this to overcome the deficiency.

Meena Gupta

12 bada ho to kya Karen

Meenu Sharma

? for baba ji


Vitamin b12 तो सबसे ज्यादा मांसाहार खानों अथवा दुग्ध संबंधी पदार्थों में होता है ☺ ।

Sangule' s

Muze inke shop ka smell bahot pasand hai ek bar andar Gaye to bahar aane ka man hi nahi karta,..

Kamakshya Basak

Pronam Baba

Rajinder Kaur

Hello baba ji Mujhe food pipe ka ulcer hai aur Chhoti aant mein bhi jakhm hai aur Mujhe in digestion ki problem bhi hai Tu Baba JEE Main Kya Karun please bataiye Mujhe Koi medicine bataiye

Pratibha Dwivedi

swami ji mujhe vitamin d ki kami thi ..dwa bhi 3 year chala..baba mera ek side ka part suz gya hai mai kya kru...bahut tention hoti hai ki sujan kaise shi hoga


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Baba Ji Mera critinine bdah gya hai

Dheeraj kumar Raut

Thanks svami ji aap kitane achchhe ho ki aapko pure desh ki chinta hai

vashisht r.k.

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PK Technical

Ek dc bol raha tha ke sprouts khane se cancer hota hai
45 exp hai dr ke paas

Dr. Tahira Chaudhary

Kapal bhaaati kia hota

Pratap Bhoumik

Matlab kuch bhe... PLANT products from land doesn't contain b12 ..but from sea products like spirulina and chollera you can get b12... Vit d is in button mushrooms... Please guys don't follow anyone blindly

Sunil girase

मुझे रात में सेक्स करणे के बाद सुबह जल्दी निंद नहीं खुलती और दिनभर आलस रहती है काम में मन नही लगता और बहुत ज्यादा मात्रा में असीडीटी बढ़ जाती है और स्वास लेने में तकलीफ होती है मुझे ज़बान में कांटे रहते हैं और शरीर दर्द करता है तो बाबाजी मुझे उपाय बताओ


bohot nominal hota hai b12 sprouts me...aur jaldi blood me ghulta bhi nahi ...sirf animal product hi jaroori hai..b12 se mukti k baat se baba ji mai aapsey differ karta hu

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Avallac Glitch

why the f every drug explained in a language we don't understand. Is Youtube deleting English translations?

Bharat Shah

I have a problem of pain while sleeping at night on either side I am short of vitamin D & b12



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Munni Kumari

Om Shanti Swamiji, mujhe vitamine d 14.2 hai. Mujhe back pain hota hai . Mai kya karu? Plz suggest me.

praveen lata


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muje bhi vitamin b12 ki problem hai aur depression bhi ho raha hai

Namrata Gowda

Swami ji apse bat karni hai

sudha bio88

In this corona pandemic phase, everyone is facing various health disorders. If anyone affected with Covid 19, then affective treatment part includes, taking vitamin D supplements and boosting up our body immunity. Hence, Vitamin D is very necessary to subside corona symptoms. In the below link you will get vitamin D rich foods, in this pandemic phase, it is obviously necessary to take vitamin D rich foods.

Niwas Singh

Mujhe Babaji Arthritis hi high BP high Aise mein kya Dava hai Khoon Ki Bhi Kami hai

pallavi chhatbar

Swamini mera Vitamin D jyada hai kaun sa yoga keru. Plz suggest. Mere ko.doni.legs mai osteoarthritis hai or legs ki bones bend ho gai hai. 52 yrs ki hu mai. 5 yrs se paresaan hu. 5 yrs mai 25 kg weight gain ho gaya hai. A. Ident b hua thaa leg knee ka . Abhi weight 86 hai

adi yogi

Chal chutiye nikal tumhara ayurved or tum chodu ho bhosdivale gaand me daal tere fake 0% maida vale biscuits


Hey, you can get Vitamin D and B12 with really good price from iHerb!

Ramila Goyal

Babaji koti koti pranam ???

Prateek Pandey

Gajar me b12 Nahi hota hai sir

Abdel Informatique

Vitamins are organic nutrients that are essential for life ?. Our bodies need vitamins to function properly.
We cannot produce most vitamins ourselves, at least not in sufficient quantities to meet our needs.
Therefore, they have to be obtained through the food ?????? we eat.
Sources of
Vitamin C : citrus fruits ,green leafy vegetables ,liver (ox /calf) ...
Vitamin A : egg yolk, butter ...
Vitamin D : oily fish, egg yolk, veal, beef ...
Vitamin E : vocados, sunflower seeds ...
Vitamin C : cabbage, and vegetables oils (soybean, canola, olive) ...
Vitamin B1,B2 ... B12 : soymilk, squash, brewer’s yeast.
more detail in this POST

sher saleem memon

Puran hayn to complication hyn to kia keyn

Khubchand Sahu

According to my best of knowledge Vitamin B12 is only available in Milk (for veg. People), cornflakes (added artificially) and otherwise Meat, Eggs, Chicken etc.

Is this knowledge given by you is scientifically proven !!

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Rajat Nimje

Ky chutiya banaya bhai logo ko?

Vivek Shirodkar

Thanks Swamiji ??

Alisier Drugs



R k Utube

Mobile number

Reema Devi

Safed balo ke liye upaye

atul shah

What is therapy for vitiligo

Kanchan Dharmadhikari

B12 deffinancy & weight loss ? Pls suggest Remedies

Mohinder Mehra

Salvari baba Murdabad

Abhijit Kalambe

Msg on 9579490973 if u have any deficieancy in your body

R.N. Mehrotra

Meri wife ko last 20 yrs se neend ki problem hai . Kripya upay bataywn

shanu prajapati

Muja kami h vitamin b ki

satyam patel

Thank you so much baba ram devji

Psychology & Health

steel kaanch aur plastic ke bartan me kabhi khaana mat khao. Shudh Tambe ke bartan use karo

Sheela Chauhan

Baba aap 22%vitamin B12Body mey rahney waley patients ko kuch salah dey

Pramod Pandit

डाँ. कहते है कि अंडे खाऔ


No vitamin b12 only present in milk product and non veg.why u give false info.

Sunil Kumar

Woman girl'problem ka natural tarike se ilaj karaai 7903953922