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3 Minerals that People over 50 Need to Supplement With

3 Minerals that People over 50 Need to Supplement With12 Sep. 2020
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Questions that will be answered within this video:

- What is a common supplement for those over 50 that most people don't need?

- What's the importance of mitochondrial health?

- What are 3 of the best minerals those over 50 should incorporate into their diet?


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Sonya Snyder

I wish there was a way to bypass the "subscribe" schpiel everyday. Most of us probably already subscribe.


Great information Tom! I will use this to further research recommended dosages.

Edith Ivhay Rosenblat

I wish it could drink matcha but I am to sensitive to it

George Bebenis

its suppossed a good multivitamin may have many of these.
fasting fatman almost killed any diet coaching, living about 150 days with only a few supplements.

more than zinc,chromiun,magnesium,K,Na, also iron and other vitamins like b12 may be low after 50years.

lets dont speak about 75years old people,where obesity or other illness may make things more complicated


Pine Pollen...He Shu Wo...Creatine...Lions Mane mushroom Mycellium powder...

Judith Perez

I take them everyday.Thank you for sharing Thomas God bless from Belize

Faisal Rafique

I supplement with Zinc-Carnosine Complex for better digestion everyday. Good to know about its other benefits as well.

Marie Louise McLean

I have been taking magnesium for years.The most bio available form is a clear liquid trans dermal spray (bottle).Heart attack is when the heart cant relax between beats and rest and eventually cramps up.Magnesium again.
I spray it on my thighs and rub it well in on the way to bed.If it stings persist bc that is a sign of high deficiency and it will fade as you take it up.
NEVER take calcium....old school nonsense bc it forms a bomb in your body and goes to all the wrong places then causes pain.
Too much zinc replaces copper so look into getting the balance right.
You def. need iodine on a daily basis to push the halides out and keep your thyroid balanced.


How much chromium? I currently take 500mcg each morning.

Savi Narine

Question, can you take magnesium and calcium and zinc in one tablet form? with chromium

Liz & Skatz

↖️ Thank you for this! I hit 50 in November and want to start toning as I’ve lost over 30lbs since June! ?

Steve WO

Do not take a Zinc supplement if you are battling any stage of high blood sugar. That advice came from the RN/Dietician who has helped me bring my blood sugar down significantly. I still take a an excellent Multi Vitamin for men over 50.

Noel Antonio

Nice video, but you talked to fast ?


All you people asking about dosage please use google or ask your doctor

Marco Polo

Great ... a lecture on “maturity”. Are you going to take your shirt off? Grow up you’re not young anymore.

Swamp Daddy

How much of each daily??

Luke & Ash

TIP! Eat an AVOCADO a day to help get in your potassium. Very high in potassium and DELICIOUS!

Claudia lopez

Whats the best magnsium to take? For my mum, shes also on blood presser tablets also i suffer from migraines, which Magnsium would help with that? Thanks in advance

D. Flo



Type of magnesium?


Vit k2 with calcium vit D they say

David Donnelly

Recommending supplements - using a science based discussion - without recommending the amounts of daily supplements (mg/day) gender or age range variable would definitely seem to constitute a 'deficiency' all its own. Is there a potential litigation risk reason for this glaring absence of information (recommendations)? Daily supplementing amounts were not even hinted at in this vid Thomas.

Victor Guani

Im taking vit d3,zinc,magnesium and selenium

Muti plu

Which magnesium should i take???

diana denton

Zinc makes me nauseous, even when I take it on a full stomach

greenboro maryland

you sound like a doctor -thanks

Pal Ashford

I am 70 yrs old. An x-ray showed - as is typical of people my age - loss of bone density and arthritis in my spine. Very low level arthritis. I asked my doc what I can do to combat it. Calcium supplements.

Louisa Irving

What amount of each in mg? Thanks I read you only need 8mg of zinc all I can find is 50mg

Patrick Reilly

How much each?

Stefan Weilhartner

oatmeal once a week, done.

Haute Chocolaate

This was great content but didn't go far enough to explain details of dosages of supplements or what foods to eat to get the nutrients naturally.

Marianne Browne

Dosage? On these supplements and which brands do you recommend

Pietro Cantuccini


Lauretta Roper

I'm 55 and have taken magnesium glycinate for a year for high blood pressure as recommended by Dr Sanjay Gupta UK Cardiologist. He agrees calcium should not be taken. I also have Epsom salts baths and magnesium oil on the skin to get it down further. (Edited): I started taking vit D3 and K2 as we have insuffient sunlight here, after I saw Dr John Campbell's videos re Covid/anti vitals. I was buying expensive k2 separately although found Tescos A-Z Vits and minerals would give me all the and zinc I need, plus other stuff too, it only has K1 in snd so you do need to get the K2 separate. Since then I feel great, no tiredness. There's not enough vit D in them so i still buy those on top. 2 years ago whilst cycling to work and eating a wide ranging fresh food healthy diet I would have scoffed at the suggestion of any supplementation whatsoever. Other than evening primrose oil for tiredness and cod liver oil for cognition. That was then this is now! Everyone should get a health MOT every 5 years after 40 as health can decline silently earlier than we think and in the UK heart attack and stroke are the top killers (Covid is No 4). I also take apple cider vinegar every day for joint inflammation, as I won't give up sugar which is no doubt causing it. I thought I was fighting fit until my BP came in at 170/100. Luckily Ive been able to lower it (so far) with no caffeine, reduced salt and the magnesium. My doc says if the diastolic is less than 90 I can avoid pills, but regrettably in the US you have a lower figure for these.

Carbage Man

I'd like to warn people about supplementing zinc. You're better off getting your zinc from foods high in it, such as oysters, salmon and other seafood, which also have a lot of copper. Copper and zinc should be in balance, like potassium and sodium, so if you get it in food, it will naturally balance. There are supplements of both copper and zinc, and I'd consider those preferable to simply taking zinc.

Carbage Man

Supplementing magnesium changed my life, even before I went keto. I would wake up in the middle of the night with the "worst headache you've ever had," as a complication to degenerative disc disease. One day I got a headache in the middle of the day and I hadn't eaten anything. I ate sunflower seeds because they were nearby. My headache went away almost instantly. I checked, and sunflower seeds are high in magnesium. I began supplementing with magnesium and stopped waking up with the headaches.

Kees van der Plas

Dear Thomas, do you speak as fast to your wife as you do in your video's? :D As fast as you find the correct words, awsome!


Can you discuss the use of niacin and whether it works raising ketones or is it more risky re side effects and effect on other supplements and meds?


I suppose the lowest dosage of each is better than nothing if the amount of mg is unknown. I’m not sure doctors know exact dosage bc every body is different. I took care of my gma until she died at 103 but I cooked and baked all her food. I researched herbs and seasonings to use in recipes. I fed her all sorts of healthy foods, meat and snacks that people would consider not healthy. Like real bread, cookies and cake! I think the trick was little, to no Rx! She took heart meds and blood pressure meds until I started to care and feed her. Then docs said she did not need meds bc her meals worked.
I am wondering why you gave a mg for magnesium.
What about a multi vitamin for people over 50? Those products have a variety of supplements.

Esteban Ramirez

You talk too fast.

Gene Farmer

I thought he was going to say selenium.

Zlatko Kovach

Nine plus minutes of blabbing to say magnesium, zinc, and chromium.

Maala Carroll

Sir, one more video plz... explaining dosage, frequency and maybe brand.

Petrescu Eduard

Thomas,how it is better to do if long-term:with refeed days or without?

Peter Chestna

I'm surprised that you didn't suggest whole food sources and recommended intake guidance for supplements. Not up to your usual standard.

Elisabeth Rodriguez

You always say ? not the best for potassium but that's the pic you put for potassium...LOL

XRP leatherneck

Does anybody know how much chromium he suggest?

Bill Ram

Thank you, the zinc unbalances the cooper. how to compensate for this?

Nancy Rosendahl

What are the doses for each? Do you have a certain brand that you recommend?

Cheryl McManus

Could you please tell me how much Magnesium we should be taking daily. I just turned 52.

Lily Gold

Thank you, Thomas. Which Mag? Malate, Glyconate, oxide, etc.?
Thank you.

john mirbach



Is it good that i take all these and im not 50 yet? Lol


What minerals or supplements do younger people need?! Thanks Thomas!

Main 1

I've been taking magnesium for years, but only recently found out that I really need potassium because I was getting bad sleep cramps

Kevin U.

I'm T2 diabetic and recently began taking vanadium with chromium as well as glutathione. Does anyone have experience with this? I read it has been effective in helping put it into remission and restoring insulin sensitivity. Although I have kind of already done that with fasting/carnivore/ketovore, however I want to give it the 1-2 punch anyway.

Rosie Jaan


Jeffrey Lorien

Matcha is shade finished, to be precise. ?

duncan page

Hey Thomas. Where do i find Chromium ....drug store? Thanks Buddy

anw abd

Forget crappy keto...all u need is Air..go n try Wim Hof breathing techniQ

willy sagonas

Hey Thomas,do you mean chromium picolonate?

Travel Guy

Thomas - Looks like your vids are commercials now! WOW!!!!!! Not interested anymore!

pradeep mudliar

Videos of 3-4 mins means you can keep it simple, to the point. Anything more than that is just wasting time of viewers. Hope the you tubers will understand this simple thing to increase the views.



Charles Knight

A list of recommended supplements without dosing information and information on the forms of the supplements is useless to me. What forms of magnesium, zinc, chromium and potassium would you recommend and what doses of each please? Me and mine wish you and yours all things great and good. Take care, be safe, all my best and God bless. Chuck Knight from Buffalo, Texas, USA. ???✝️?

T Hutch

My wife has an over active thyroid. What should she do to help it naturally without taking levothyroxine? Would magnesium supplements help?

aundrea dalrymple

thank YOU!

Glock 34 3rd Gen.

Good stuff, so what are the doses for those minerals, and which brand do you recommend? I currently take 50 milligrams of zinc, 400 mil of magnesium. No chromium as yet.

Mentor Timothy

I'm 59, lost over 10 lbs of muscle last 7 years...type 2, 5 heart attacks. I'm supplementing now, but energy levels are in the basement. I think that is due mostly to drugs i'm taking for my heart and sugars, and lack of activity. Workin on it. Thanks for the video Thomas, I have started taking these in a multi with extra Magnesium. Gonna take a while for me I think

Yvonne Shelton

You’re great ??

p m

I wish you would have talked about where to get these minerals. From what foods. I don't want to take supplements. Would you do one that says where these are found please?

Cynthia Shutler

What’s better to take, potassium gluconate or or potassium citrate?

hope beary

Hi, I got the dosage for Mg+, can you please state the other three dosages?

Michael burgos

True story on those minerals...I've been taking magnesium,zinc and niacin since my middle 50's....I'm 60 yrs old now been lifting weights since and for an old man I'm pushing 315 lbs on bench press...I owe it on those supplements...

Aida M

Thomas if you are over 50 and fast 18-20 three to four times a week when to you take all these vitamins.

Charity B.

Great video! Thanks Thomas!

Robdrums Studios

Magnesium Calm is great for sleep issues - Highly recommend.


The start sounds like Alan Watts or Terence McKenna: All Flows. Nothing Lasts.

Vin Stipoli

Love ujido tea. It says that each single serving has 20 carbs. Your thoughts? I was drinking this during my fasts. Is that a problem?

Pietro Cantuccini

WT.. “No current, reliable evidence” that Chromium can help overweight adults slim down. There is also no clear evidence that it can enhance insulin action and or mediate blood glucose, and the US Food and Drug Administration says such benefits are “highly uncertain“.
Other claims, that it raises “good” cholesterol and lowers heart attack risk, also lack solid evidence. Broccoli is the better choice. Supplements may pose a risk for people with high blood pressure or certain kinds of kidney disease that mean they cannot get rid of Potassium. Get it safely from a Vegetable Chow Main e.g. (Check it out on PubMed).


A weird face in every video

Mick sharpe

thank you

Neelofer Pathan

Thankyou for sharing such valuable info I am going to add them from today

William Mourningcrow

Black pepper, good source of chromium

Veritas Muy

but you didn't tell us HOW MUCH (mg) to take of each..... (sigh)

Luke & Ash

Be sure to get your MAGNESIUM! We ALL need our SLEEP and anything that’s natural that can aide in better sleep is always welcome!


Before watching this I bet it's vitamin d3, zinc and magnesium.
Edit: close enough but chromium isn't something I worry about since you can get it from vegetables and meat with a healthy diet. Maybe if you are vegetarian though.

Ozzy Bear

Hey Thomas, your video's are incredible keep up the work. Just wondering if could ever do a video on Sea Moss and Bladdwewhack? Been hearing and looking into it but I dont really know the facts.

Manal Attalla

What kind of magnesium and what kind of zinc ..please let me know . It has 7 kinds ?

Zora BW

Hi Thomas, I appreciate your regular and very informative videos, but here I really miss an indication of recommended quanitites. There is no need to mention brands. Otherwise this turns into a commercial, and not everybody who listens to you can buy the stuff that is sold in the States. From what I have learnt so far, there are different sorts of magnesium, and some are more bioavailable than others (for ex. malate is bioavailable). And one should differentiate whether a person eats 3 times a day or does IF. I got severe headaches when I started IF, and it got better when I started supplementing potassium, magnesium and salt. But regarding the potassium I am always a bit nervous because overdosing that can have consequences. And how much potassium does one need on a day of water-fasting?

Scott C

this could be a three-minute video ... still thumb up

Angel Garcia

And Boron!

orley del

I learn so much from this man thank you


I take 4500iu D3 and 90 K2...That's enough.

MoFitMeals by Monica

I’m 43 doesn’t hurt to take those now right?

Pietro Cantuccini

Good start, but halfway through it turned a bit sour. ->

Supplements may pose a risk for people with high blood pressure or certain kinds of kidney disease that mean they cannot get rid of .

Cathie Minkus

Will too much magnesium cause bone spurs on hips and spine


Which kind of Magnesium is best?

Pandora’s Box

I’ve been obsessed with the beef liver supplement from antler farms.

Dr. Michael Wohlschlaeger

If you supplement with zinc it needs to be balanced in the proper ratio with copper, which is 5:1 zinc to copper. The best form of minerals are chelated to amino acids for better absorption and assimilation.

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Comments (11)
Tony Boetto

You only need BCAAs when you're cutting weight. No need for them if you're bulking and eating a lot of food. She raises my testosterone by just watching her and I'm 46

Sean Balfour

Thankyou soo much , I always really enjoy your vibrant approach to herbs and supplements and plant medicine
I’m 45 and need a little boost here and there ????.

Rachel Sweets

Thank you beauty

charles kaplan

Very informative video, Leda!

Zoë Wolfchild

Thanks Leda your efforts are much appreciated! ❤❤❤


can you something for progesterone deficiency

Adonis M

Hey, this makes total sense, awesome stuff. You may be able to accelerate the process and boost your T levels by 42%-60% within weeks, as long as you carefully read and apply what's suggested in Brett Bindeoni's website.

Karla Corral

Great informative video leda! I’m definitely telling my bf about these supplements ?. Can you please make a video about glutathione and superoxide dismutase and how these help with anti aging. I recently researched about these antioxidants and was interested to learn more. Also how can we increase their levels in our body. Thank you so much beauty ☺️ love your videos so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Mark Squire

Ok. I accidentally came across these videos from a web search for concentrace minerals. Now I'm mesmerized by her beauty, knowledge and overall essence. Sounds like I'm some big time creep! I promise I'm totally normal lol.


She's spending a fortune on these supps!

Daniela Carneiro

OMG...I so wish I could afford it allll that you is almost painful to watch but not be able to...My father has been dealing with a bad urinary incontinence and he is devastading with that...would you have any good advice for us? Thank you so much and God bless you and your mind always! Thanks for all. <3