Relationship fight

Exes Fight Over Who Ended the Relationship

Exes Fight Over Who Ended the Relationship13 Feb. 2020
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Comments (100)

i miss going to target wooooww

No Channel

How is no one taking about how she had just turned 14 and he was 18 when they got together?!


She sounds bitter throughout this whole thing.

Natalee Denlinger

“i made her choose between me and her friends and she chose her friends and that was her toxic trait” ?!?!

Dervon Rodriguez

That's the kind of woman you run the fuck away from


the girl is toxic asf and in the wrong, not justt cause she a girl but you can see the abuse in her demenor

its tv1ous

BYE I feel so bad for him when she called his dick small. . .

Pamela Reyes

She hasnt get over him...


*first meeting*
"Uh when the FUCK do wear Vans?"

Lara Guimarães

Don't give much details?????


Hey Goodhumans, thanks for watching our newest episode of Both Sides! We've always wanted to do an episode with exes. Would you ever do something like this with your ex? Do you think it's possible to be friends with an ex? How do you get closure and move on from relationships?
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YOU WERE BARELY BECOMING A FRESHMAN. 8th grade going into 9th grade, while he’s going freshman year of college? Wowwwwwwwwwweeww

Abigail Borduin

I feel for Richard. She has a very strong personality. I imagine it was hard.


yo she look like she catfishes with those picture, like she do even look like that

Yousef Ghanem

She’s a catfish

Lexi ™

Here from Dylan’s video lol


Ooh they are not good together. Glad that they’ve broken up

Hunter Golber

she looks different on Instagram?

Kristina Jovanovic

Okay so basically he was with her just to have a steady stream of sex while flirting with other girls...She was with him just because he owned a car and would drive her places... GEE I WONDER WHY IT DIDN'T WORK OUT

Vanessa Otor

I'm on the guys side. He knew his faults and admitted to them. while she didn't admit to her faults and kept defending herself, pretty immature in my eyes
Edit: Also both of them are toxic but I'm leaning towards the guys side. in the beginning she only dated him because he had a car.

Vanessa Stout

“thats good u took initiative and blamed urself for once”’ LMAO THE SHADE

katie Lam

yall mad at wendy when yall dont even know what happened.,.. maybe he was lwokey toxic.

Jill Ronan

Except that they didn’t actually “fight over who ended the relationship” lol

Idiot Nation Innovations

He has a car. This will come in handy. Wow. ?

Christopher Rosales

She must be Hmong, talking like that.

Maryam Bangura

I think they loved one another but communication failed. He didn’t let her know he was unhappy and she got more and more resentful towards him blocking her emotionally and started talking down to him. That made him look for love out of the relationship which was like adding gasoline to the fire.

Tibia Fibia

Richard is so toxic

Jackal Ayuzawa

Lesson learned: Don't go to Target

Elliott Hernandez

She is very immature can’t even admit we’re she was wrong in the relationship never did a self reflection and that’s why she brought the issues she had in this relationship into her next ex”when I had arguements with Tom I would say Richard really messed me up”

Gabriel Pacana

She's crazy.

Noordin Nanji

Am I the only person who thinks she's kind of toxic?

Bangtan Girl

I mean she is like pretty aggressive, but she said that a lot of her issues where increased by being with him. Like he would talk to other girls and not appreciate her, but that doesn’t mean she was in the wrong either.


She looks like someone who'd complain about her civil rights being taken away because she couldn't wear a mask in a mall.

Astro Brah

Anyone else find her really annoying?

blinks 888

He looks broken


She was a Freshmen and he was leaving for College ... sorry but wtf

Baobai Lee


A.J. Bready

Morale of the story: Date people your parents like

Sharon Destin

✨This is a Toxic relationship check✨

Celi Luisa

He lied when he said he didnt break up with her cause he wasnt ready. Sorry but if you were talkin to other girls u were ready lol he stayed for the consistent sex. I appreciate him being real about the rest tho and looking genuinely sorry and ashamed. She obviously got her own issues too but honestly this guy doesnt seem concerned with trying to "expose" her like she obviously came to do to him lol

Diana Alfaro

What’s the name of song at the end??

Cat meow

They look the same

Jenny Prasad

I miss going to Target


We gonna talk about the fact that this dude leaving high school had the hots for a kid just outta middle school? No wonder they had a messed up relationship it started on bad footing.
edit It seems she meant freshmen in college, so both consenting adults! My bad my bad!

Und3fined Gaming

she a b to richard


This girl is super annoying. Her life will be messed up like her mom

Jhaco Meemo

you can tell she is lowkey salty


And im here like where did they even find them???

The Doomer Go Getter

I didn't watch but why is this even a video

Clothes Sewing

8:39 - 8:56 tell me why that seemed so disingenuous


The age gap...

Jaëla van de Poll

She salty this guy seems great but that chick is just crazy

Konstantina Sat

She is so freaking mean wtf

David Davila

That's the way I feel... so crazy that I feel this way but I just had a conversation sit-down conversation for 5 hours at a diner with my ex that left me four and a half months ago I loved this person unconditionally for 6 years recently she started hitting me up I was on no contact and I broke no contact to meet with her to talk about certain things we talked about a month ago on a text message I broke no contact and she was telling me that she's not doing well financially and I thought that the conversation was going to be that maybe we can save our relationship display the ended up talking about she wants to borrow $10,000 from me I feel so conflicted part of me wants to help her and part of me doesn't want to help her because the way she walked out of my life and I realized that she was never in love with me that's why she walked out of my life yesterday we sat down for 5 hours and talked she explained why she walked out of my life basically she's blaming me but certain things I didn't accomplish whole dead in the six years all I did was give it a lot of love took care of pay the bills picked off from work I was there for her love this so much and she left me after I recovered from covid-19 and I explained to her yesterday that why when I got better you just walked out of my life she was trying to say that she was wanting me before I can see the signs but and the conversation not one time she said that she wants to save the relationship she was so adamant about getting this $10,000 from me and basically like kind of like rushing for me to give it to her right away and I told her I will help you we're just let me think about it her face expressions was not happy after the conversation ended I went home she still texts me she text me her account number to dump the money in her account basically she said thank you and she said to be I don't know how I'm going to pay you back but thank you which I haven't made a decision yet she's already making it for me typical with her she was always more bossy in a relationship but anyway after the conversation I went home I realized that she has no bone in her body of any type of love for me the same way I love her I told her the truth I told her that I still love her I still think about her I told her that yesterday she never said anything about stay together she never mentioned anything about us trying to see maybe we can work it out nothing all she kept talking about is the money and I realize that this woman was never in love with me never was in love with me she's in love with herself and she use me for my resources and for that this is why I am so conflicted of helping her out I do want to help us because I do love her airports in me feel like she's using me like a sucker and I don't know what to do can somebody comment and tell me what to do should I help her or not

Hector Primero

U can tell she's still childish...I would never be with someone like her

Elizabeth Macauley

wait she was 14-15 and he was 18... ew.

Hanae *The e is silent*

So an 18 year old dating a 14 year-old??? Umm okay

Just another Waver

I like how y’all asked them the questions separately with earphones and then asked together. This really shows how couples speak about each other when their spouse not around compared to when they are together speaking about the situation. They tend to be blunt separately but when speaking about it together, they tend to tread lightly.

Trickster Channel

Why she talk so fast

Alex Taylor

bruh what do i have to do to work at a company like this


They both suck but the comments are roasting the guy.

Jennifer Lemus

Girl same

1 and 1 Hhh

“She wanted a driver not a boyfriend” well yes, BECAUSE SHE WAS A CHILD

Caleb Hixon

Who else knows the lofi song at the end?


Interesting she looks hot on those instagram pics but looks like a soft 4 here

Jessica Kay

I mentally NEED this with my Ex. We fell apart and he hasn't been able to give me an explanation since or vise versa. Its been almost 8 years now and just last year I finally "got over him." He was the only man in my life that I wanted to marry... it still stings to this day thinking of all the passion and connection that will never be again.

Dejah Joy

God loves you all! You were all created fearfully and wonderfully in Gods image, He loves us so much that he gave his only son Jesus Christ to die for our sins! He did that for us despite our sinful nature. Jesus is coming soon and I don’t want any of you to be left behind. If I’m wrong about my God, then I wasted my life, but if you’re wrong, you wasted an eternity, hell is not fun, the devil does not love you, he wants you to be depressed he wants you to be lost. Jesus loves you unconditionally and cares for you! I’m telling you this because I love you all. Please dm me @dejahjoy on Instagram if you need help turning to God, don’t be scared please, I just want to help you, Repent your sins and surrender it all to God, he doesn’t keep a record of your sins, once you repent your sins and turn to God you will be reborn. P.R.A.Y P- praise him and thank you for waking you up and blessing you R- repent your sins and ask for the lords forgiveness A- ask the Holy Spirit to help you, ask God to bring good people into your life who will help you strengthen your relationship with God,ask him what you can do for him Y- yield for God and ask him what he has to say to you, he can speak through your bible or in your ear, everyone hears him differently. I love you all God bless you. ❤️❤️✝️☺️

Lugubrio MD

They're both pretty crappy people....

Jenna Pittman

Richard seems TOXIC

Joon Fanatic

Here after watching Dylan's video lmaoooo


Too many people pointing out “she wanted a driver not a boyfriend” while ignoring how she was around thirteen/fourteen when they got together and he was seventeen/eighteen ?

Sunny KG

Oh come on she is absolutely more attractive than him? she can do so much better

Jonny McGrath

“Don’t give too much details”

Max Mal

The girl is so mean ! I could never be with someone like that

Hannah Chan

They both be sounding toxic. But when she talked about guys on social media complementing her body while her ex didn't, I was like "maybe after a while he got to see your personality. Like, once the personality is exposed, the body don't matter all that much anymore. The compliments start going toward the beauty on the inside. And if you got none, then those compliments aren't coming your way all that much"

alysa tran

omg y’all she has a son and is pregnant at the moment


This might come in handy if I need to drive somewhere! F.

Agnes Smith

I kinda think that the guy has matured and learnt from what he did which is really good but yes what he did was wrong but the fact that the girl was completely blaming him for everything and the fact that she said that she misses him because he went everywhere with her like that's kinda really wrong


I thought Wendy was mia from miaphammy

Cookies AndMilk

He gave her high cholesterol?? Uhh ma'am those were your eating habits.

Aziz Jeddavi

Don't give too much detail lol?

Monsta X's Vibrating Tiddies ft. WonHoe

" i know for a fact that i loved him way more than he ever loved me " oooooooooooooooooooooooof that mf hittttttt


They were , really mature enough to keep it alive , their relationship could work out (my personal opinion)

Sara Elzeiny

Shoutout to this Youtube Channel cause they dox cheaters for us lmao


Idk if it's because I'm a dude and don't know the full situation, but she definitely doesn't seem like someone I would want to spend any time with. She seems kind of caustic and pretty high maintenance. Probably just my personality though.


honestly, that girl is not a catch at all. I feel like she is manipulative and plays a blame-game. There is nothing wrong with talking to other people. If your boy/girlfriend has problem with that, you should break up with them imo...

Buz Buz

She’s obviously still into him lol, her whole “attitude” is just a front.

Jon Crossley

Aw, the Target moment is cute

Dominique Navarrette

1:30 “I wasn’t too attracted to her at first but then eventually I was like oh she’s cute”. Puberty can do that to ya buddy.


Imma say it: Richard seems like an ass.

Haryanto Henry

yess that was a good choice to leave him sis! hes such a jerk

ron burgundy

"I had high cholesterol"
"Ur so salty" Im dead


I'm amazed as none is talking about the age gaps ?

Melissa Lopez

The fact that she’s wearing slides and she sounds so Asian I’m sorry ?

Angela Muhumuza

Clearly is a nice person but has no emotion like doesn’t give a flip about anything


1:00 Freshman in college or high school because those are two VERY different things

Dr Gru

Im glad that guy just dodged a tank bullet...

Tiute Tootoo

this was so funny ?


She is mad toxic


He reminds me of my classmate after my classmate broke up with his girlfriend.

Most Explosive Couple Fights! | 90 Day Fiancé

Most Explosive Couple Fights! | 90 Day Fiancé25 Feb. 2018
4 528 017
tlc ukSubscribe 438 721

Some of the couple's

Some of the couple's biggest fights, about everything from money to partying to drinking, it seems as if the couples can't agree on anything!

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Comments (100)
Brittany Thomas

Your 48 and you still dont have everything straight savage ??

Arabella //

Andrei is way out of her league imo

Gabriela Castillo

When they we're on the ? I was like eww her head big asf?

Pritha Ray-Costello

Andrei has definitely been hurt before.


1:27 - it depends...there are many movies and sitcoms showing run down US cities and people living like...on the brink of bankrupt...the "happy USA" is only seen by those who watch "Clueless like" movies...

Giuseppe Giacomoni

I was going to try and find myself another Wife after living alone for 17 years! The episode when she wants money brought home long lost memories which are better forgotten! I can remember being told by my Father In Law that I wasn't earning enough money!! I did something about it and went self employed and worked my ARSE OFF to accommodate the both of them? I made money and then she went off with another bloke and broke me both mentally and financially and then her Father defended his Daughters guilt by telling me that "I was always working!" Fuck This again??

Life with Jaleel

Russian man

Das Kommando

These dudes get with these women and are surprised when they only care about money. Though to be fair most women are like that, doesn't matter if they are from America or from somewhere else.

Viridiana D B

I love and hate Andrei in every episode.

Leandro Pereira

Take the bible Mohamed ? 5:45


The Moldovian is spot on.

I like his attitude. Girls Night = Hoes night.

Sylv Bell

"guess who else is 24, you're wife" tell him!!!

Kim Mugaisi

andre sucks

galaxy tacos

This girl wrote an entire speech and shows up.

Popo said nah ?‍♂️

Marc D

Gold diggers, and their dumb fucks.


""Pay attention !!""

While its her child and she just keeps on walking... ????????

Kurt Geisler

this is why im a loner

Gareth Davies

Classy lass drinking Guinness

onee chan

Anfisa is straight up spitting facts damn bro even after she is rude n a gold digger she never ever lied n accepted it

Vicki Mully

“ It doesn’t matter. Your just a woman.” I wanna punch him so bad! ?well your just a man!

MoStarFire gamer

So if he wanted to go to a club, with his best buddies she probably be like hell no.. like really lady come on

Chip Chipperson

Women: We're just as smart and capable as men.
Also Women: You have to pay for my entire existence.

boi mac

5:16 The Karen


The Russian guy is 100% correct. Russians are real men. None of the feminism crap flies around them. Like how he called her out on double standards. If American men did that we would be better off

Karolis Qlka

I am happy this show exists, it just makes my being single so much happier. I also only watch the most explosive parts, don't really watch it all, waste of time if you ask me. Top moments on the other hand is lush :D

levi Levi

"Yeah go the gym and be healthy"
I mean it's a pretty reasonable request

Tania Sharma

absolute gold diggers. Ewww

Temporary Bakery

The Moldavian (Andre) guy is like super good looking ngl

Rice Pudding



okay but libby and andrei are cute as hell together.

futuristically fated

2:00 I don't keep up much with this show, but she's gotta go. what a shallow bitch. she doesn't love him.

Riko Smith

Andrei looks like a cute snowman lol


Not y'all thirsting over massive misogynists???

Stephanie Graf

Americans just don’t know how to respect other peoples cultures LOL

Anja Spacecobbler

The girl in the green dress is uGlY

Chubbs -The Chubby Ninja

andrei was actually concerned about her. she wants to be trashy. this is a trainwreck


lmao ?? didn't she want a dominant man

MoStarFire gamer

No u shouldn’t go to a club by your self or even with friends family whatever. if you in a relationship , if you in a relationship guy or girl. You should go together sure, but there are other ways to go girl night out and not need to go to club where you can get drunk and other single guys are there . Ect it’s never really good to do that in a relationship.

Pamela evm

I agree I wouldn't want my spouse going out till 4 in the morning to bars. Whether it's the man or the woman just say


she’s dangerous, super bad, better watch out she’ll take the cash.
she’s a gooooold digger

Pepper P

The Russian (Moldovan actually) is not hot wtf are y’all saying

Rey Steinke

300 million americans and my man MO had to choose the binder throwing karen.


Annie here is a the pillow talk Annie is fake

James Postle

I wouldn't trust Libby either. She wants an all nighter engagement party without her fiancee? Ok ?

Blake T

pathetic when men are so insecure they dont trust their wife to go out with her girlfriends. of theres really no trust you shouldnt be together, thats classic codependency.


annie and david are the least problematic couple.


Andrei got a point tho! Я охуенно люблю Андрея!

Amy Waters

Danielle.....the queen of drama & desperation

Tuby D.

my fav David and Annie


why is it always the american guys who just go marry ppl from across the world they never met

Esoteric UI

All the poor people just using Americans for money lmao. Scum bags.

Angelica Hoff

“If I’m ugly and fat would you date me” girl you’re ugly and have a ugly personality


Ansifa disgusted me. Who complains as soon as they meet their love.She is a perfect example of women who stay outside Jesus


The thai girl saying ‘that’s your job not mine, I’m your lady, if you can’t take care me just say bye’ I mean if a lady says that to you that is a clear sign to leave.

Pink Beans

Damn, David has put on at least 200 pounds in the last few years. Glad Annie is feeding him but maybe she can make a garden salad once in a while?

Immortal Wolfy

Nicole is nasty

Guy Chapman

Backstabbing your man is a normal girls night out ???

Avner Barak

Miss Piggy and Kermit.

Mark Anthony

If you weren’t “lazy” you’d not be pushing obesity (unless you have a medical condition) , you’d feed your child nutritious food rather than junk and have more ambition!

Shaggy Shaggy

why does Libby always refer to her friends as “girlfriends” it’s annoying and sounds like she’s stuck in a teen movie

Shahnaz Naaz

Except that sensible russian guy. . Remaining all are Mad!?
Am sorry but fact.


bee beaten Anfisa


these weren’t “explosive” AT ALL.

mohamed attia

This show turned in into asexual being

Chubbs -The Chubby Ninja

also, anfisa has like RANK plastic surgery

Sara Machado

The Moldovan guy,I kinda get him.His culture is a bit conservative so if she wants to be with him she has to accept this fact


4:48 i mean its true ...Shes hot and hes fat so the money is the only thing that connects them

bella bella

0:16 girl, hes asking you to take better care of urself..

hussle for love

You 48 and have nothing lmao look whos talking

Mark Anthony

What does the Russian broad bring to the table - other than her youth and the fact she’s currently attractive? Get job buy your own designer handbag lol Read a copy of the Feminine Mystique and rely on yourself not another person!

Maria El bakri

I don't understand these women they want their right respect but they want man to provide for them !

Aykut agras

Never watched the show. Youtube magic brought me here. But this is all too funy to be true. Kudos to the Tlc. Keep up the funny work.


why the hell. that chung-lee, thinks always about money, emergency money, money here, money there. on the hell with money... and those who "loves" as long money is there

Pranjal Prakash

How is it possible that every one of the 90 day fiance couples are gold standards of toxic relationships. Who are these people? And why are you even setting them up they are so freaking incompatible.

Samantha Montano

Azan kills me "sometimes you are" hahahah


1. The Russian guy is not Russian, he’s Moldovan.
2. There’s a cultural difference here. In Eastern Europe people are generally more conservative and he actually has a point. I’m not sexist, I’m a Romanian woman and I see where he’s coming from.

Chris Harris

Why does everyone want to come here so bad and then complain about everything when they get here?


BRUTAL. I can’t afford one of these chicks?

Stephanie Graf

Moldavian guy makes sense tho ? . Don’t expect for stuff from him and don’t give back . You wanna marry a European guy that’s what you get , that’s their mentality. Enjoy LOL


I’m everywhere too.


Dude, I get that you don't want her to cheat but she can stay out as long as she effing wants, she's a grown ass woman


I love how everyone is defending all these women that are gold digging by saying they expect a man to "provide". Like there is a huge difference between wanting someone to provide a life, and wanting someone to provide for your expensive tastes. Buying someone cars and expensive furniture, jewelry, cars, clothes, food etc is not providing, that's spoiling and should not be expected.

BbyxZaddy _


Is she for real ???


I'm scared of marriages now

Stephanie Graf

The first couple , he’s not asking you to change he’s asking you to be freaking healthy ? Tf .

Emaan G

When there’s a thousand red flags but red is your favorite color

It's Laysia Tho

Told her to exercise ? You should not be with a man like that. You should be with a man who loves you for you. Don't keep going back to him. Wtf

radolf p

The girl from Thailand is most honest so far and she can become a good wife

Taka Konobe

i cant stand how stuck up thai girls are.

Kurt Geisler

people are strange

Yuki shotogami

Every girl wants money


2:07 That's the problem. This guy wants a women who wants to be taken care of but he can't even take care of himself.

They're both fools. The guy for taking on something that he knows he can't and the woman for her expectations. Learn to take care of yourself.


Dont be in a relationship if you think your bf/gf telling you not to do something is being "controlled".

Djuro Milovic

Americans think dating a foreigner is a piece of cake lol, eventually they gonna find out that you ain't who you said you were. Lol

Peter G

Teenaged relationships that somehow became as juvenile in later life .. you emotionally poor people. Emotionally childish as adults.

Anη ω!n¢нє§тєя✿

when Annie say: "are you sure you can take care of me" she mean "can you buy me expensive jewelry", when David say "yes, i'm sure" he means "i can probably feed you" ???

PuK Soros

American Liberal girls dating Third World Conservatives males is highly entertaining..

Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes

David gained so much weight. He must spend all his money on food now. Lol

Jamie Weber

Does anyone else notice that any other time Nicole's daughter is with her an Azan, Azan is the one carrying her and taking care of her? Let's just give him props that it's not even his kid and he's already stepped up to that role.


My ears?