The low men

Why RICH men can be Dusty’s! The low & high value man!

Why RICH men can be Dusty’s! The low & high value man!1 May. 2020
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Hey friend, We hear the term dusty, low and high-value men a lot, I want to break it down for you guys on what the differences are. As always, all videos are for self-growth and introspection. Enjoy!

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Brittney Garland

You can't walk in your true femininity being with a dusty. A low value man doesn't think it's his duty to provide, he believes in 50/50 and if you don't want to be 50/50 he'll say you're a golddigger. He feels comfortable living off a woman. A man who has no ambition, settles for the bare minimum in career and life. A high value man brings value to your life. He provides without question, he is ambitious, he leads his family, raises his kids. He is responsible with his money, being a gentleman comes naturally to him, he is respected and allows you to walk in your true purpose as a woman.

Taz Mokhtar

High Value Man-
Respectful towards women even the ones he isn’t attracted to
Generally stays out of “women’s business”
Has strong morals and values that don’t budge
Stands up for what he believes in
Doesn’t drink or smoke excessively
Isn’t addicted/obsessed with porn and having sex
Has emotional intelligence and can admit when he’s wrong
Also is self aware and committed to bettering himself
Generally has a commitment/long term mindset financially that makes him more inclined to like the idea of marriage and a family
will stand up for you and defend you if necessary against anyone who disrespects you
Views women as more than just sexual objects made for their pleasure ( he views them as human beings )
Also cares about their women being sexual satisfied
Pushes and encourages you to also towards bettering yourself

Sally Njoki

Your dusty voice is killing me????????

Moon Koral

Please make a video for girls who have no idea on how to use make up ?

Anastasia T.

It's funny because low value men will want women to play traditional roles but then preach about 50/50, while high value men prize women who pursue their own businesses/hobbies but they always want to pay for everything.

Bravado vs Authenticity, ladies.

Jenna Jewels

Asks you out on a date then demands that you pay for your own food ? paying dutch only means you're not his type or he just thinks of you as a friend.

Simone W

Girl!!! You just read my ex whole life!! So I won’t crazy for leaving him ty!! He had my whole life jacked up definitely my self esteem. Now it’s time to work on me!!


My man works hard and earns. But spends minimally on me. Had I been working I'd spoil him time to time. Is this all that I am worth?

Desert Mermaid

Such a great convo here. My father was a big narcissist and I guess he'd be a combo of dusty/low value. He was a skilled jeweler and could've made alot more money than he did but he also was a womanizer that always had side chicks and went to strip clubs n brothels. He hated spending money on his own wife n kids and was very abusive. He beat my brother n I up when we were little cuz we didn't put away groceries and $7 worth of fish got spoiled overnight. He was a monster but he could be so charming and charismatic and women just fell all over themselves around him. Once he bragged about dating five women at once but he had trouble making rent, and he took back a beautiful bracelet he'd given me for high school graduation to pay bills. And he had the nerve to criticize the guys I dated! As if he hadn't set the example for my taste in men! He never bought a house or had savings that I knew of, and always found some gullible woman to mooch off of. Yet he was really controlling with them. I finally cut him out of my life and it was one of the best decisions I ever made!!!!! I knew when I bought my first house that one day he'd show up and expect me to take him in if I didn't toss him to the curb. I'm friends with the only high value woman he ever dated and we shared war stories about him. It's so gross the double standards; he'd make paintings with naked women hidden in them and the relatives would joke about him and his ways but when I was working on a car wearing cut offs they were all scandalized and told me I couldn't wear those anymore. I had to distance myself from all of them and find new surrogate relatives. And get closer w relatives who truly respect me. And my mother's side is a whooooole other bucket of worms. I didn't have any good role models for femininity or masculinity. But I got out and I'm learning now! Getting ready for my mid-life Glow Up.

rock lobster

Hi Karine, I really enjoy your videos, but I've noticed some sound issues you might want to fix. Sometimes the sound gets really quiet, for example in your intro (0:00 - 0:09) and 14:26. In both cases there is another sound that is overlayed on top of your voice. Just a tip!

kayla acevedo

Thanks to you I learned I have been a high valued woman and not to let dustys bother me anymore and find my match


Lebron allegedly constantly cheats on his wife lol But I get the message loud and clear. Love your videos.

Jill Price

A dusty is someone you have to dust off to bring around your family and friends!

Moon Koral

You’re so on point sis ? my standards have no room for anything that isn’t a man of value. My friends be looking at me like I’m crazy tho but I’m obviously not about to sit here and entertain people who are just going to be a waste of time

Ruta Mazunaityte

I got outbof toxic relationship of 8 years. That man was a hybrid of a dusty and low value man. When I wanted to run from him I found out that I was pregnant and were trapped because of fear and shame. But what it brought me was complete unhappiness, when you say it straight forward that you arent happy with him but he insist just because of circumstances.there were always debts, money problems, house problems, drama with his family and women, his past. I tried to study and couldnt finish, I become so masculine and I was sacrificing myself to the point I couldnt even go to dentist. There was no respect. No love just obssesion and feeling of control. After it I met a high value man but I didnt feel good enough. He didnt want any my family drama and I totaly understood it. I wasnt in my best version but I am totaly for it right now. I am learning and embracing my feminine side, I am learning to love myself more and enjoying each moment. Even thought it was scary to leave my ex but I didnt regret even once. Of course I am in problematic financial situation and a single mom but I feel happy that I can take control of my life again. And even HV man can take you for granted if you dont have strong boundaries. But at least I healed on my past and traumas and I am moving forward with huge grareful heart and excitement

Lexie Loving u

All these things you said in this video is so accurate . Apparently , i used to talk to a lot of dusty men in life , ok maybe a few low value men but what im taken from this is in order to date a better men you have to do a update within yourself .


I love your laugh ?

Angie Rose

I'm not about the whole religion and gender role thing. I see femininity as a tool to take back the oppression we are given. Getting back at society for its patriarchy and sexism. Using their rules against them. Femininity is a tool, not law.


This is giving me anxiety about my current situation.

Lanthanide Druitt

Love your videos. Please do one on Charisma!!

Gabbs Bee

Yes men making over 6k figures can still be low valued. And the qualities of a low valued man isn’t just the typical 50/50, etc but low value qualities can show up in a man as damaged/not healed, low self esteem, low confidence, being a doormat, not taking the initiative/ leader in the relationship, doesn’t honor his word, doesn’t value how he appears to the world. Don’t let the good career and money fool you. You have to look deeper and observe his character to make sure he isn’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Some guys hide behind meeting the bare minimum of what they believe a man should be. Don’t be fooled ladies!✨?

Haitian Girl

A dusty is the worst type of man. I dated a dusty who stole my car when we broke up and moved from the face of the earth smh Read the signs ladies. Awesome video sis!

Refiloe Ndlovu

You are so beautiful!!!! And BTW, i find myself watching your videos the most out of all the feminity level up channels. You're so soft spoken and kind-hearted, you really care.

MakeupBae Lici

What’s on your lips?

Mykela Brown

I’m so happy to be here.


I'm binge watching to catch up on your older videos loll, but I think it would be great to talk about toxic masculinity and how to identify it, what makes it toxic/negative, what separates it from healthy masculinity per say, etc. And perhaps even dress those things when it comes to femininity.

Winy Mary

I have dated 2 low value man. one who cheated on me because he was envious of other guys liking me sooo he cheated multiple timeS for 3 1/2 years and then i dated another man who I believed he was a high value man but he disrespected me in public and made colourist statements and made comments about my appearance. // I am learning to grow within myself so I do not attract man like this because I realised in the past I allowed all this to occur because I did not have much self respect for myself and did not value myself at all and now that I am growing I am thankful for all the experienced that I have been through because it has taught me a lot. // Beautiful video! Thank you!!!!

Eric Anderson

“Reiterate the 50/50 rule” ?? yeah, that’s definitely a ? to run from, he’s scared of working harder or putting in more hours.

Any man with a real grip on reality will appreciate a woman who can take care of her wants and needs on her own and treat her with that deserved high level respect. If a guy treats anything (his car, clothes, etc.) or anyone (except maybe his mother) better than his woman... he’s a busta, a dusty, he’s trash, put him out on the curb where trash belongs ladies.

Ordinary Extraordinary Brotha - Daimond Axe

The low-value man and the dusty are normally the type of men that get the most women the high-value man is considered to be the lame and boring and when y'all have this femininity anything I guess which could turn out good but let's just be clear about it women don't need to be arrogant and a man with character trumps all the money in the world please understand this

Becky Becky

Dustys are always broke??

Drink Your Nail Polish

I think my cousin's bf may be a dusty. He seemed like a cool guy, easygoing, talkative, etc but then he just up and skipped town last year saying his family in N. Carolina needed him cos his dad died. But I was like "I thought he came from Spanish Harlem?!"
I asked my cousin if she broke up with him like what's the tea and she said they were still together just long distance. Idk I think he straight up dropped her.

Brittney Garland

Some Dusty's are good looking and in shape, they have the gift of gab too those are the ones you really have to look out for. I remember when I taught at an elementary school and would go outside on lunch break there was a park across the street. Several of them were tall, good looking and fit. From playing basketball every day in the middle of the afternoon. Jobless not looking for employment at all. My co worker even dated one by the second week he was driving her car and asking her for money. We both did tutoring after school it ended at 5pm and he would have her waiting outside for her own car. once he never showed up so she took an Uber. He even had a baby on the way. I thought it was so pathetic but I didn't say much because she was not my friend lol. But I am glad I don't fall for crap like that. Women need to realize being hard working, giving, providing, being ambitious and intelligent are not just admirable qualities they should be requirements in a man.

Mykela Brown



What about men asking you for money? They are on child support, have 5 kids, and has a stable job but does not want to increase income but steady asking you for money?

broken string

Can you make a video on what is alpha,beta,omega etc male
I have heard these terms but don't understand?

Sonika Kandy

are those lenses? <33

Stop Cappin 23

You’re average at best

Lisa Flowers

Yay I’m first! ??????


You are COMPLETELY spot on about the low value man ?

Hamza Awad

Beautiful lady

Mia Mia

My sister was dating this super-dusty a few months ago. She didn't break up with him because he kept guilt-tripping her. They were in this park, and her boyfriend was verbally abusing her when this random auntie just came up to him, smacked him in the face, scolded him, and told him that he needed to treat women a lot better. Then she told my sister to break up with him. It was hiliarious! Women should always help each other out <3


My father always told me that a high value man will never say to you (once finding out you earn more then him) "don't get your hopes up". My father always told me to walk away from a man like this as their ego is wounded due to only surrounding themselves by minimum effort women and can never handle a high value, high effort woman.

A high value man would be proud of you however will make waves to match you emotionally or set up his game financially without complaint.

Jamar Powers

Y’all calling all these men “dusties” but these are the main men women want make it make sense ??‍♂️

Jennifer Tate

Great video! Would you mind sharing what lip shade this is?

Iyana Doyle

I think a high value man is also one who takes the initiative and is excited to do things/plan things or at least be involved with the planning of things for his significant other or family whether it be dates, vacations, birthday parties etc. I feel like some men love to leave it up to the woman to plan/choose the location for dates for example, and it’s not cute lol. A high value man would be excited to plan something for is significant other or family, rather than just letting the woman do most things and simply going along with whatever is decided.

Taz Mokhtar

Low Value Man-
Is very misogynistic
Generally disrespectful towards women
Will constantly tear down women based on petty/ superficial qualities
Loves making fun of women period (particularly black women)
Doesn’t give respect to women he doesn’t find attractive
Loves to gaslight women and shame them for being single like alllll the time
Will shame “gold diggers” but loves extremely physically attractive women and is very superficial in their dating standards
Is obsessed with his homeboys opinions
Having sex with many women and will cheat when they’re in a relationship, mainly to boost their egos and brag to their homeboys
Thinks he’s the prize when he’s an average guy who does the bare minimum or worse he barely does anything at all
Expects the woman he marries to provide and do all the the household responsibilities
Is overall a deeply insecure man obviously lol


I dated a low value man for many years. YouTube wasn't around when I was with him. ?


Men who don’t have health insurance.
A man who doesn’t want to better themselves.
A man who has no health insurance.
A man who says you can’t have friends.


Wow I love your personality ❤

Destiny Walker

Just broke up with my low-value excuse of a man today. I’m fed up with feeling like the man in the relationship. He was nothing and everyone he hung around was nothing. I can do so much better.


What about men with mediocre education and a mediocre job but works hard and has a good side job. Iv;e been told by certain unpleasant women that I'm a very sub par man and not worth much to any woman but while my job isn't great along with my education, is still passed school easily and make well over average salary because I work hard and my side business is doing well. ( I have 3 houses, two paid off in cash and I;m yet to hit 30. I;m the landlord of them)

Mia Evonne

It is so amazing that you are educating woman on this topic! 100% accurate in my opinion. I am 23 years old and most if not all of the experiences I have had with men have been a headache. They were all low value. It had taken me a while to understand the difference and this helps so much so thank you?

Chica Limone

A low value man doesn't respect himself so he can never Respect you. A high value man respects you and himself. You'll know because you both feel confident enough to your best you when you spend time together. And together you uplift each other

Dora Adams


imge nerkis

i dont understand if these men are so bad why girls date them ?

Just Call Me Teacup

1. I've noticed dusty dudes say they prefer traditional gender roles (ie. women's job to do all the cleaning, caring for kids, cooking) but then abandon that attitude when the bills role around. Then suddenly they want to go 50/50.

2. I'd also say to look out for dudes who are comfortable sitting back and watching you do all the work. I grew up carrying all the groceries inside the house with my mom after she'd already worked while my stepdad laid on the couch, like he'd been doing since I got home from school, and watched her do it. And when my mom gave birth to my brother, he was pestering her to help him with work, the day of, while she was still laying in the hospital bed. And this was all from a man who wore nice suits and had a pretty good job. Luckily my mom left him and is significantly happy for it

London Tipton

Great video !

alexandra muniz

I know plenty of dusty's


Love your videos, but lebron James cheated early on his NBA career and she left and didn’t put up with it...they were broken up for a period of time and he went back and won her back... while they were broken up he was dating Beyoncé cousin and trying to get in good with beyonce and JAYZ and jay said he was a user and some other stuff and they had a little falling out but he was definitely out playing the field with some hoes but didn’t get caught up in the media like other NBA players and I guess he knew what he lost and took his ass back home to beg for forgiveness and then started acting right and treated her like a queen

Lacloesha Peters

Big Facts Boo!!!

Merci M

The rap career... ????


omg I used to love you for your videos but now I super mega LOVE YOU this video is awesome because Dusty man are master on gaslighting woman, this video broke down exactly how to identify them at a early stage thank you

Datboi Mike

I’ve been looked at as a low value man by many young women because I work construction. I’m dirty, and I may even smell some after the work day ? and I don’t have a college education. Although I laugh at the girls who look at me this way, they’re too shallow to see the intelligence and determination it takes to be a professional builder like me. I’m beyond driven to achieve whatever I WANT, but I will never want a woman who thinks they’re too good or smart for me. Thank you for the very educational video. God bless


Please give us some advice on upgrading our looks. Love you somich


future is the dustiest of all dusties


She's not yours it's just your turn

Ms Pretty Kawaii

Low value men grew up with many shitty childhood, some became narc. They dont have drive because they dont have motivation or love. People who know how to love, they will fight for their marriage.

Nyeesha Thomas

3:13 I’m bout to get this moneyyyy herd this so many times .. Lmaoooo


GOD bless you all. GOD loves you all. Have a blessed day everyone.

m how

there are men that fit the bill...but are mentally unstable....always trying to argue, a narcicist, gas lighting, manipulative...ghosting

olumoba bimbo

Already liked. I haven't listened

Jenna Curtindale

You’re hair is GORGEOUS!!!

nicole piscatella

You just describe the guy i'm seeing., I've known him for years. He has 2 Government jobs but he is slow and still lazy. Even with two jobs. Comes to my place; he brings nothing but dick and slow conversation. Sis, I'm so over it. Nice guy but I'm bored so I give him the same energy he gives me. So, yea they can have money but still be a Dusty. BTW, this dude had the nerve to say, " Well if I had a key, I would not have to wait till you get off of work." No you are going to have to wait till I get off of work.. HOW ARE YOU ASKING FOR KEY ? I TOLD HIM..."i DO NOT PLAY HOUSE WITH NO man!" I told him this straight to his face. When I get a ring on my finger then maybe, maybe I might give you a key. Ladies please stop playing house with dudes who do not deserve the attention from you. If he is not your husband do not act like a wife. Period!!!!!

lena ely

Rapper is codeword for low value dusty and I recently learned that it is also an occupation for down low men. I learned that from a man on the DL, ladies so be ware, not impressed!!!

Also, any man seeking you out for financial support is not it. Period. Don't feel guilty or like you are "supportive"...No! A full grown / high value man doesn't need your financial support even if he is having a hardship. He knows he can survive hardships without demeaning himself by asking a female to take care of HIS responsibilities. Don't try to learn that truth the hard way unless you think it looks fun ??☺️? a high value man appreciates your emotional support as a woman...but he isn't going to lean on you for his backbone because he has his own!

Justo More

Fuck that. I am a dusty. I guess all these dudes in the comment section are men of astute intellect. And yes I’m typing this from my baby mommas phone, so what. Every woman needs a dusty phase in her life to provide a stark contrast of what you either want or don’t want. #teamdustystandup

Rose Bing

Honestly it’s very rare that a rich man can be a dusty, NOT THAT IT DOESN’T happen it does. But other than these celebrities, most successful guys with degrees (Doctor or Lawyer), are high value man and ill tell you why. Because being a doctor takes hard work and commitment! But being a rapper doesn’t take hard work and commitment ?. For real, most dusties I meet in my life. Are man that are UNEMPLOYED, HAVE A REALLY LOW PAYING JOB (No ambition or drive), A MAN WHOS COMFORTABLE WITH BEING POOR, A MAN THAT ISNT EMBARRASSED TO ASK FOR MONEY FROM WOMAN (usually bc he has no money himself) A MAN THAT EXPECTS A WOMAN TO PROVIDE AND PROTECT FOR HIM (usually bc he has no money himself) A MAN THATS EXPECTS A WOMAN TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING WHILE YOU GO WORK AND PAY THE BILLS, A MAN THAT ABUSES WOMAN. Honestly most domestic abuse cases happen in low income families, that’s not by accident.

Elle Bassa

a high value man : kind ,polite ,smart. He will allow you to retain your independence and encourages you to grow. He is usually very hardworking and naturally classy .

Misaki Ayazawa

I dated a guy let's call him damian, he treated me with no respect and after we broke up he started calling me a "slut" and he told me to go hate myself and more hurtful things trust me I was bullied by him he is a low value men and that made me cry how he told me he loved me and then he calls me names,I have fallen in that pit hole before and trust me that man is still bad to people.
I'm glad I'm out of that relationship
Damian did a lot of bad things and bullied me a lot, he always victimized himself and pretended to have depression and LIED, and he says I'm acting like the victim.....SIS THIS MAN WAS BADDDDDD, I dont hate him I'm disappointed and disgusted by his behavior I regret ever loving him, but I am happy without him PERIODT.

kev smith

Single Mothers = Low Value Men and Thots!!?

LAM Shine

I am so glad that you explained it in this manner because women usually think that a man is considered as high value if they are striving financially but in reality it all comes down to the morals and values a man has. Money comes and goes especially when you don’t know how to manage it. Sending lots of love

Sereniti Bryan

I used to date dusty b4 would always ask for money...won't get a job but smokes weed n other etc ...doesn't brush their teeth or wash out but wants a relationship ?? I'm glad I broke up with him n move on

Stephanie O.

I’ve definitely experienced both! A high value man doesn’t have to be extremely rich, as long as he has something going for himself and aiming for more. He also takes care of his woman with the little he has and always uplifts her. My boyfriend gets me flowers, sometimes after an argument or just randomly. He opens doors, cooks dinner whenever I visit, while I just relax and watch tv. A high value man will not have that struggle love mentality.

Kamoni Collection

OMG! ? When she described the “Dustys” she literally just described my ex. Thank God for growth ???

••• melodic •••

Perfect title, they are usually entitled ??sholes from my experience too.

Destiny Adivá

It’s settled I’m going to become a high value woman and attract my high quality man!

Gabby Álava

Cheating is bad but Jennifer didn’t wanna have kids...

Ana Mae Achacoso

This is tea but entertainment media conditioned us being dusty is cool :(

Sarah Benver

I got my first boyfriend in freshman year of high school (he was older) and he was 100% a low value guy looking back. At the time I felt he really cared for me and I was just beginning to be more feminine and embrace that. My mother doesn't like romantic relationships much and it's hard for her to connect with people so when it'd tell her about something my boyfriend did that bothered me (or anything relationship wise) she'd say my expectations were too high and that men are just naturally unloving so I really thought his actions were "to be expected". Your videos really help with my expectations because I don't have an experienced older woman in my life to ask questions but I've come to realize I'm just a high value woman and I don't lower my bar. it's not that I'm unrealistic for wanting my lover to actually show their love for me! One of my biggest peeves about him was how I was always starting conversations and as soon as they got personal or important he wouldn't listen and every time something bothered me he would just act distant and go into "kissy mode" where he'd just be telling me how much he loves me and holding my hand and hugging me but that's, in my opinion, not a mature way to deal with someone who'd upset or was seeking to fix a problem not glaze over it. After 6 months of dating he said he wasn't ready to be in a relationship!

Shanny Roams

I die every time you try not to laugh because I can see in your face that you have somebody specific in mind when you mention dusty or low value ?


Her laugh is so cute! I live for it!

Len Frohemian

I was actually happy to see Brads photo, cause I always thought him and Tom Cruise were dusty

Asia P

This great wow, I have always wanted high value guys/men and stated as much but then been told “my standards are to high” and I’m “high maintenance” and been surrounded my low value men and dusty’s both in fam(a low value man raises their son to be a dusty rather they realize it or not, and then shame them for being like their first “role model”)and the guys I had to deal with at school or around my town including one in particular that was playing the most ridiculous games and I thought it was ok both bc I had very strong feelings for him as well as playing those games right back, so obvi this didn’t work out well and ended in heartbreak.there we’re definitely others around like this and a few of my close friends got debatably worse hands such as getting baby trapped by abusive dusty’s that are all cheaters and stay in these patterns. This mess has made me extra determined to not settle for less than my standards (which are admittedly sky ? high but I’m learning to accept that’s what I want and to not feel so guilty for it anymore) however as my own situation is far from in order I don’t feel as if I can even pursue those sort of guys if they dropped from the sky in front of me as I could be seen as the “dusty” one,which is very lonely tbh it honestly is really hard being alone/single when constantly craving the connection of the person I’m meant to be with(my soulmate;who must be a high value man that meets my standards).


Thank you for stating that both rich and poor men can be dusties. Also dusties will also use you especially if they see that you don’t value yourself and they will leave once they are done using you and take care of the woman they really want.

rosie coco

A rich dusty tried to turn me into a “ sexy sugar baby” under the cloak of “ taking care of me.” When I dated this man my appearance was classy, neat, and fashionable. There was nothing wrong with my dressing but he suggested taking me shopping so he could try and get me to dress super provocative. (He didn’t blatantly say it either I could just tell) He made it seem like he wanted to be a gentleman and treat me when in reality he just wanted something to look at. I stopped talking to him from then on. A lot of times it’s a feeling. Trust your gut ladies! Some of these rich men are looking for a trophy not a wife.


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Dude doesnt sound much like Maynard. His vocal layering and smoothness in Purge do, but in most of his songs he sounds more like Hungry Lights. Similar inflections and just a tad deeper timbre.

Musically the band doesnt sound like tool either. Except for Purge. I hear a little more Chevelle's heavier songs and a little bit of nu metal in the music.

Also when they come to the "I cant do this anymore" he sounds a small bit like Travis Mewks on the Yellow Album.

Possible they mixed all the influences together to make their own sound? 90% sure.

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Now this album sounds more like Tool than the 1st album, but they still are more alt/heavy rock than what ever you'd like to classify tool as


This album deserves more attention its great

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The dude in the yellow jacket was obviously a plant by the production crew to make it seem like all male rights activists are like this thankfully the other two dudes carry the conversation


He’s a sick what marcel ????

That boy G

Best combo


This channel is the best thing to come out of 2021 so far real shit



The Cook

Kursat really came for destruction

Andy Vickers

and for the argument about bias in divorce court, I use to think the same way, but after hours of research because I wanted to father educate my self on the subject this was roughly a year ago I was able to come to the conclusion that for each time a father doesn't get primary custody of the child in a mutual divorce, there are several cases of women having to give visitation to abusers because of the bias against women in the courts. There are countless articles speaking on the biases women accusing men of domestic abuse face out there and it would be beneficial to anyone forming an opinion based off of this video to read. And on top of that majority of surveys used to gain a perspective on bias against males in the divorce court system are answered by mostly men. One of the biggest ones used asked 160 people with 140 of them being lawyers and 20 being judges. 90 something of the lawyers asked were men and most of them said there was a bias against men, and most of the women said there were biases against women. Proving that they all let there subconscious bias answer the question making it harder to find the actual truth of it. Which is that both sides face biases but for the sake of the children it is smarter to lean to the side of the mother. If anyone actually reads this and would like me to site and send links just ask and I will.


I swear Derrick was a plant. He was just there to make the MRA look bad ??‍♂️

Sihoon Kim

U can tell the guys have never had sex everrrrrr


"Jokes that are harmful jokes are not healthy."

Hey, ladies. Just a heads up, but if you truly believe that, I better not be hearing anymore jokes about small dicks. Because that's body shaming.

Justin Caldwell

I think most of these comments are people that don’t think outside of their own perspective. And nobody learned anything after this video. Gotta love America

Gary P. Hann

I left my work because of that seek on-line this g r e a t e a s y p a y

Ray Burks

Remember watching this when it came out I was getting pissed mainly at that black woman spewing bull out her ass and the white woman adding in unnecessary stuff the one in the middle is the only one that was actually listening to the topics and staying on track??‍♂️


Bruh that Derek dude is really an incel jubilee did a video called “I’m an incel ask me anything” and he’s the one answering the questions.

Darion Kristopher

Kursat did not come to play games. He came with facts


The wage gap is a damn myth, that guy spitting facts!


I wish when concerning this topic both parties will genuinely open their ears to one another


bruh cmon LOW 6:11

Dan Haze

boy in the blue real talk

Sunny Games

Kursat called game

Trevor Patterson

when women art talking about toxic masculinity just bring up there periods you know something that is real

Jayden Farrar

Did he say the n word with hard r

Guy Person

I think that Derrick dude just came to shit on some feminists, but ended up looking like the dumbest one there, even dumber than the woman that made fun of the foreign dude for having facts to back up his opinion.

Sh0otr r

Yo low forgot to fix his hat

Samir Mansour

the yellow jacket guy threatened to attempt suicide if his gf left him. check his yt

Moshpit The dilf

7:32 man if u lived where I lived you’d get your pockets ran for wearing anything even a little bit decent out on the streets. MAN OR WOMAN!

MCS Marcus

Bro these niggas are actually hilarious, they got that “best friend since middle school” Chemistry and it’s funny asf


Low take my hat off ??


No knock on the content but can we PLEASE get some irl videos

Its Ya Boi Shadow

Derrick looks like a broken simp ngl

Joe Mama

Kursat went HARD on Mimi


Personally I can’t take woman seriously when they say they want equal treatment. They always want to pick and choose what aspects should apply to them


Did low just... hard r 6:09

Garrett zell

Her morale was compromised just like agents bed????

Xpert _mug

Did anyone notice them dirty ass looks from the women. Every time the men spoke.

JB Bandholtz

Every time I watch this jubilee vid I gotta skip pass Derrick. I cringe too hard.


“Women... being lost” yooooooo ???????

alchem lifestyle

Honestly I wouldn't mind watching kursat speaking all the video long...he's the most composed of the bunch

pim b

Personal experiences do not equal a systematic problem. The whole talk about not telling women to dress different, but telling men to stop raping just misses the point. I haven't ever heard a man near me promote rape or sexual assault, I've only heard them tell me that it's wrong. Bad people are out there, that's not a systemic thing.

The Cook

"I just want men to be held accountable"
Meanwhile men are falsely accused of sexual assault and rape every day while the women face zero consequences

Afro Jack

Derrick should have just been kicked out that man was not right when he said he wouldn’t be friends with a woman

IBody Bag

Just recently went thru a break up n how these girls only focus on the their own problems and not anyone elses is exactly why I broke up with her toxiccccccc

Michael Varden

lmao 8:20 when she says "i dont hate men i like sports i like video games" yea i dont hate black people because i like chicken and watermelon.

Olu's Balling

You should watch I'm dontai reacting to this

2k 1v1er

This video was quite af

Mohammed Khalil

6:10 Ayo

Bryan Solorio

That nigga croissant brought up a good point with the death penalty topic

Connor Calnan

Derrick had to be a setup


Is this an actual podcast? I’ve been fucking this channel for last couple weeks

Just Ramirez

When i think of a weak person i think someone who cant do anything for themselves and always looking for handout. Being emotional doesnt mean your weak, it's way harder for people to open up emotional to others.

J_ Stackz

Ai the black girl talked about personal issues but not facts on how and why America is harmful for women now there are some ways America is harmful to women but there’s some ways it’s harmful to men too

Alex Castillo

Watch more middle ground videos ?

Eli Harrington

They gotta be gay?

Serge Ibaka

5:18 low a titan???

Devin Thomas

The wage Gap is a Myth And has been debunked multiple times.

Slang Bender

I dont agree with that u cant become immediately emotional crap in an argument. Which she wasnt by the way it was a slpw progression. Especially when your debating against problem that u lived from, that u survived multiple times. Its not as easy to surpress those emotions for another person. Its the same words. Also it wasnt like she was cussing them out or calling them idiots, thats when an arguments over

Jason Andrews

Man they really just had to add the dude in the yellow coat just to try and fuck it all up. 2 other guys were carrying that team


6:40 that’s not what she was saying at all


Clearly this is just a reaction channel cause I don’t see any competition sports on this channel

Your Mother

I don’t think any guy(except dude in yellow jacket) has a lack of remorse for women who have been abused and stuff like that. But it’s the fact that they throw all men into that bunch which is hurtful. And I think when that dude was saying having a healthy space to talk about women I think he just meant the little stuff we talk about like “Damn you seen Sasha she lookin bad” and not the “damn you seen Sasha I swear imma just- ughhg imma snatch her up and do things to her without consent”?


"I KNOW YOU think RESARCH matters..." -_-


What did Derrick say when the base dropped and they paused?

Robert Golda

They really went from joking about this dude to ? in 10 seconds flat.

Also whose mans is this, I think he’s broken


If anyone knows the Anime reviewer King Of Lightning, does he not look JUST like LOW or could be his older brother? ???

Nichol Queen

Kursat was right in that most second wave feminist organizations did not focus on the things that not only harm women but men as well. Third wave feminism focuses on intersections and how these things affect everyone. Third wave feminism hasn't gotten established yet and the organizations aren't as powerful. However, the issues these men bring up will be solved by dissolving patriarchy and toxic masculinity. I wish Jubilee had better representatives for this video to actually combat the points Kursat made.


this litterly shows you its feelings vs facts

Connor Calnan

kursat woke up and chose violence


Im glad 1 of the white men atleast didnt sound american, if they got all white americans i could definantly see a race card or two thrown in.

Black Noise

Yall should have been made this channel!!


Low acts more sus every video lol

Slite Konto

This type of content I was waiting for I’m glad y’all did that. I don’t think anybody could leave the channel and think this is misogynistic channel or anything related to that now. We seen y’all and watched y’all and know that’s not what y’all about. I just think some of the videos y’all reacted to, if somebody never knew agent 0 or LOW, it might be easy to have that view. But this is a W vid

Flores ._.

Idk bro This Kinda looks like aba and preach. Like a lil to much maybe ???

Brown Lame

Bro they gotta get yall on jubliee

Big 4x

Kursat a demon ?


The fact she said that I believe it’s the other way around

Dylan P

if mens rights dont exist and we are supposed to be equal then women dont have rights either

Drippy2kg0d _

Bro after that dude said woman are lost I paused in shock

Kwame Brown

It’s crazy to me that there are two things that are basically the same thing, why can’t it just be “Humanism” or “Human rights activists”


I clicked so fast

LD Sylent

who else watched imdontai's reaction?

Ejack TV

Kursat is a fucking god bruh they was scared to talk to him lmaooo

Mark Rodriguez

That bulls hat fire

WhiteTrash Games

The one point of view this need is Patrice O'neals pimping attitude


anybody else wondering why LOW was playing the creep so well ?????? 7:50


this is slowly becoming my favorite channel

Pedro Ponceano

W vid

Marcus Smart

can yall react to literally anything else other than "women bad"

Chef Zeph

Feminists have bros? ? ? ?

Ryan H

That dude was so starving that any women he meets can not be a friend ??

The Old Jake From State Farm

Kursat on demon timing

Dan Pewpewman

Why is the video so quiet I had to turn up my volume then I get an ad and go deaf

Field Tech

me and my homies hate derrick


“Yell at me more” ???

Phelly Landveld

Nigga in the middle is doing too much, I’m with the other dudes tho

The Cook

You know as soon as Kursat said "I have a PhD" all the women in their heads thought immediately "I'm not arguing with him"

Print TM

This jubilee vid wouldve been so productive if the incel wasnt there...

Aidan Reynaud

This channel is ?

Dan Haze

white boy in talk real shit

Jason Andrews

If you see a woman watching kids at a playground you assume shes there with her kid. If you see a man watching kids at a playground you assume hes a pedophile.