Type 2 diabetes and dehydration

Type 2 diabetes warning symptoms | Excessive thirst | Dehydration

Type 2 diabetes warning symptoms | Excessive thirst | Dehydration12 Oct. 2020

Type 2 diabetes warning

Type 2 diabetes warning symptoms | Excessive thirst | Dehydration

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Diabetes type 2 symptoms. Diabetes mellitus.

Excessive thirst and increased urination are common diabetes signs and symptoms.

Excessive thirst, known as polydipsia, is a classic sign of type 2 diabetes. However, are you really suffering from this disease or do you need to drink more?

The easiest way to measure your water intake is to drink from bottled water – be it in a glass or from a water bottle.

No matter how you keep yourself hydrated (from the tap or from the bottle), many glasses these days come in different sizes.

How do you know if the completion of eight glasses really equals two liters – and how much do you actually need?

Another great way to monitor if you are dehydrated is to check the color of your urine.

Light yellow means you are hydrated, but be sure to drink some water if it is dark yellow. The darker the urine, the more dehydrated you are.

In type 2 diabetes, dehydration is caused by high blood sugar levels.

The kidneys work overtime trying to remove excess sugar from the bloodstream.

Other signs of type 2 diabetes include unexplained weight loss, blurred vision, slow-healing wounds, and tingly hands and feet.

Signs of dehydration video.

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Mastering diabetes.


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Marina Petkovic

Thank you

Diabetes Type II Pathophysiology

Diabetes Type II Pathophysiology19 Sep. 2017
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Where do I get my

Where do I get my information from: http://armandoh.org/resource



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very useful presentation ! But one thing, at 3:03 you say that the insulin receptors don't work properly anymore and you paint the insulin receptor at the liver, but aren't the liver as well as the pancreas insulin independent organs ? I think I am confused haha

Spicy Chicken Sandwich

great video! helped me prepare for our short group discussion on diabetes ?


wtf is Inshulin?

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John Scott

hi, great video, very informative.
i feel like its very important to consider the physiological limitations to diabetes type 2. i know there is endothelial dysfunction and supression of nitric oxide release thats responsible for vascular fibrosis and micro damage, is there any other limitations caused by type 2 diabetes? im sitting my final exams for phsyiology, so any help is appreciated.

Imane Ouadi

Great , I'm studying endocrinology this semester and I'm sure as hell gonna have a visual of how things work now

Shubhankar Ghosh

Sir, has liver GLUT 2 (insulin independent) for glucose uptake unlike muscle and adipose tissue (GLUT 4) ? If it is, then glucose uptake by liver will be unchanged in T2DM.

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So how do insulin injections treat it then? Isn't the body resistant?

Diego Alejandro Pinedo Rodriguez

Inshulin <3

Kar Weng

I have a question here. If extra insulin produced by the pancreas doesn't work anymore due to insulin resistance of the organ tissues and skeletal muscles, then why would insulin injection (which pretty much has the same effect) help in reducing their blood sugar level?

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A 40 year old female presented with 2 months history of polyuria,weakness,fatigability and pruritus vulvae. During her last pregnancy 2 years ago she was found to have raised blood sugar for which she was put on insulin which was discontinued after delivery as followup blood glucose levels remained normal.on examination her BMI is 36,pulse 80/min,BP 150/96mmhg rest of examination is normal what is the diagnosis for this condition .?

Gestational diabetes or type 2 diabetes

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Can someone explain why liver is always depicted in two parts, with that little triangle on the right? Thx in advance.

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How does insulin cause reabsortion of Na and Ca

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Can fatty acids make acetyl CoA?

Fatty acids are broken down to acetyl-CoA by means of beta oxidation inside the mitochondria, whereas fatty acids are synthesized from acetyl-CoA outside the mitochondria, in the cytosol. ... Instead the acetyl-CoA produced by the beta-oxidation of fatty acids condenses with oxaloacetate, to enter the citric acid cycle.

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Mari S

I am having a hard time understanding the part where there is insulin resistance. I understand since there is too much insulin because the receptors are not working but how is too much insulin causing a higher concentration of glucose?

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Can you do a video on gout and why it’s mainly in the big toe and what causes it and why it’s so painful

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What does insulin do to fatty acids?

Insulin inhibits breakdown of fat in adipose tissue by inhibiting the intracellular lipase that hydrolyzes triglycerides to release fatty acids. Insulin facilitates entry of glucose into adipocytes, and within those cells, glucose can be used to synthesize glycerol.

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Physiologic Effects of Insulin -

Wilford Brimley

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Omg is he is saying - ins-sulin.

I can't watch it.

Camille Deeny

SO helpful, thank you! :)


it could have more details than this, but it still good though.

wild fire

What is the breakdown of fatty acids to acetyl CoA called?


This process, called lipolysis, takes place in the cytoplasm. The resulting fatty acids are oxidized by β-oxidation into acetyl CoA, which is used by the Krebs cycle.

courses.lumenlearning.com › chapter

manjeet singh

I have heard that diabetic persons start secreating uncontrolled insulin?

John Hogue

Insulin has more than one action

Ulises Humberto Acevedo

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Fantastic video, I learned a few interesting points such as why dehydration occurs, rather than just always being told that it causes dehydration! Thank you

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The pancreas looks like the Red Wings logo.......any connection?


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GLUT2 receptors in the liver aren't insulin sensitive, bro.

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Marvin Nelson

The basic thing driving type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance is too much insulin. Using insulin in the short term to avoid glucose toxicity is ok but continued usage just leads to heart attacks, cancer, obesity and on and on. Goal must be to lower insulin, not just control blood sugar.

Mary G

We have been controlling my husband's T2D with diet for 30 years with very low carb, high olive oil. Now I learn that whey protein powder, while reducing blood glucose, does it by SPIKING INSULIN for hours - which is bad. I got into a couple of Australian sites and found that it has been known since at least 1997 that blood glucose means very little. It is the Insulin Demand Index that is relevant. A low carb item such as whey can be horrible because the insulin spike dramatically, while you sit with your blood glucose meter none the wiser. Can you shed any light on this, which flies in the face of the medical advice we have been given? Thanks.

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J.D. F.

Great video! just one thing: don't Bcells hypertrophy instead of atrophy in this case? if they are producing more and more it should make sense that they get bigger, not smaller. Please, help!

Sionyn Jones

Very interesting I've always wondered about the pathology of diabetes. Now I finally understand why a high blood sugar is bad.

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Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) Explained Clearly - Diabetes Complications

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0:47 DKA - cellular anatomy

1:00 mitochondria

1:48 beta-oxidation

2:30 insulin function

3:08 pyruvate

3:19 diabetes mellitus type 1

3:26 diabetes mellitus type 2

4:48 ketone bodies (acetone, acetoacetate, b-hydroxybutyrate)

6:09 carboxylic acid

6:23 conjugate base (anion gap acidosis)

7:38 beta-oxidation

8:17 DKA review

8:57 diabetic ketoacidosis - hyperkalemia

9:37 diabetic ketoacidosis - dehydration

9:50 osmotic diuresis

10:10 dehydration

10:27 diabetic ketoacidosis - potassium effects

11:04 diabetic ketoacidosis - Cr elevation / renal failure

11:30 anion gap metabolic acidosis

12:09 measuring ketone bodies (serum ketones, b-hydroxybutyrate)

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Is potassium also increased intravascularly due to the lack of insulin considering insulin is also involved in potassium transport or is it only due to the na/k transporter?

Tigran Mantashyan

17777USD to treat patient? Normal saline infusion and few ml of insulin cost billions?
it’s over charge treatment, just to milk people

Jasmine J

how does dka cause diabetic coma?

Borinus Drak

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great lecture

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you... are amazing

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The drawing is sooo slow - makes your presentation really slow couldn’t watch any further. Too many large terms which lay people do not understand.

K Venkataram

absolutley fabulous lecture it made analysing acid base peorlems easy

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Thank you ?

Lewis Blenkinsop

just wondering how this can cause hypotension as mentioned at the end of the video if it increases the amount of ions and substances in the blood?


The one issue I see with this video is that per individual, the cost of treatment equals out to 17,000~ USD per person to treat. That's astronomically ridiculous.

Prakash Chavan

Thank you very much Sir?

Majad Bassam

why there is high level of glucose when no insulin how enter glucose the cell s and will be high glucosr !!!!!

Jessica Pierson 11

Very good info, and yes.. who gives thumbs DOWN? My 6 yr old Son had tonsils and adenoids removed. Been a challenging few days. These vids help immensely in keeping ketones, which were spiking, down. Choosing the perfect diet, then maintaining a consistent neutral while also making sure to administer a minimum of " 1 unit incilin/carb every 3 hours". Was no walk in the park. Especially when your child's miserable in pain, running a fever and not wanting to eat or drink. Day 5 and looks like we're on our way to a speedy recovery.


wait so the ketone bodies are produced in the mitochondria when too much acetly-coa builds up, and then they diffuse out to the cytosol and ultimately to the blood?
is the lack of insulin ultimately causing the carnitine shuttle to work because: lack of insulin isnt activating PP2A which then isnt uninhibiting cytosolic ACC, which then wont create malonyl-coa, which will drop in concentration until it no longer inhibits the carnitine shuttle?

Jorge carrejo

Can a type 1 diabetic get euglycemic DKA by fasting for 7 days?


Currently 6 days out in my keto diet and I found myself here in concerns of ketoacidosis. I was doing OMAD (one meal a day) or a 23 hour fast on top of following a strict keto diet. By day 3 my ketones were off the chart. Doc pulled me in for a urine test and apparently I was at 80. Doctor didn’t seem too concerned because I’m not diabetic and my blood sugar is fine.

Should I be concerned about potentially damaging my body with the high level of ketones? I’m curious why my ketones spiked so high? I’m tracking all macros and calories and everything is in line with keto.

Moon bright



Why is the overall potassium depleted? I quite don't get that part. can someone pls simplify that part?

evelyn ildefonso

I am a prediabetic and dont take meds yet as my Blood sugar is on the borderline but could smell acetone. Do i have ketoacidosis and needs insulin?

xx heartless xx

In bed with DKA, you fail to mention that it EFFING HURTS! no but really, thank you for the explanation, although I can’t say it makes me feel any better( WAIT THATS HAPPENING INSIDE ME WTH?) it’s nice to understand.

Jose Hernandez


Lisa Towe

Excellent video! I am an RN but I like to know the how and why of everything in life, sometimes it is just too much information but you have a way of sorting out the tangle and presenting it with the how and why, love that. Thank you!


omg this makes so much sense

Lauren Ainslie

This has definitely provided me more relief than anything else freedomfromdiabetes.site

miriam adorno

thank you for that wonderful explanation on DKA


Another awesone lesson.thought u were going to leave me hanging on why K+ was High but [email protected] time but u ended w/ great explication. Thanks again.

Bethany Miller

Can you please explain how DKA becomes fatal? My 25 year old son with type 1 died from it according to the medical examiner. I need to understand it, in order to move forward.I was not there when he died,so I didn't see what happened,did he suffer,or would it render him unconscious?

mai hassan

thank you

Shooby Doo

you make chemistry seem simple too. What a cracking lecture. I liked how the little telephone call brought the vid to the end too lol.?


Great video.

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Thank you so much!

Thanuja Ashani

I have question.
Patient known case of DM type 2
On sc Insulatard 16 units on Night and sc actrapid 10 units TDS.
Suddenly noted after sc insulatard 16 units admission One hour later , glucose levels at blood 30.
But no symptoms of DKA.
Patient no polydipsia or poly uria..no fast breathing. He is totally well.
After another hour later HGT 26
After another Hour later 18
Do we need to work out DKA ??

Yumm with Ayeza

Mind blowing video.Thanks


Every time I ask “why” in my head, you answer lol I love it thanks ?

Aqua Vitae

So this is explicitly about someone who is not doing a ketogenic diet? You get the high blood glucose levels by absorbing dietary carbohydrates in the absence of insulin or functional insulin receptors.

Victoria Smith

Thank you! This is fantastic! (and addictive). V the nurse.

Lee Trader

We have ketones but not high glucose.... any thoughts?

Ravi Kumar


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amazing job!!! thank you so much. we need more of your work!!

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This helps a ton! Its been a while since I've had this in school. Thanks for the refresher!

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what happend to natremia on DKA

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Where can I watch the rest of the videos?

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I was just diagnosed in March and I got this like a week later, my sugar was 1094....

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Brilliant ...

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This is so well done. I really really appreciate it, thank you.

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This video is great for nursing students too ^_^

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this video is best watched with a playback speed of 1.5x

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Thank you for great, simple explanations.


This was a great video. I would like to request if you can cover hypothyroidism vs hyperthyroidism

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Your explanation is really good ?

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Superb sir


Great lecture. In case anyone is curious, the reason why the Acetyl COA (ACA) made from B-oxidation doesn't go through the Krebs cycle here is because in diabetes there is also a lack of Oxaloacetate (OAA). OAA gets depleted for gluconeogenesis to provide glucose for the brain. (In Krebs Cycle, the first step is combination of ACA and OAA to make citrate.)

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Clearly? Maybe if I was a med student?

Yvette Jaffe

Thanks for the video! Could you explain why there is depleted total body potassium ?


I'm type 1 diabetic and a Highschool AP biology student. I came here with the question why if both hyper and hypoglycemia prevent glucose from entering the cells why are they diffrent. I knew that your body turns fat into energy in situations with high bloodsugar, but I didn't realize that insulin keeps the fatty acids from entering the mitochondria. So that's why! To much insulin = lack of both glucose and ketosis.

Wilson Lei

Not even in medical school yet but I still enjoy all this stuff! Thanks for helping me satisfy my knowledge cravings!


DKA is so cool...deadly but cool


amazing! thank you very much

Real eyes realize real lies

I almost died from dka 18 years ago. I was a newly diagnosed type 1 and was still learning how to manage my diabetes. I went to work and forgot my insulin and tester, I figured I could get through the day without it. At the end of my shift I started to feel nauseated and like I was getting the flu. I had a 1.5 hour commute home and during that time I was pulling over to vomit all the way home and felt like death. I finally made it home and immediately crawled into bed because I felt so awful. I didn't check sugars because I was so out of it. I passed out and went into a comatose state. Thank God my girlfriend came over a few hours later and found me. I don't remember anything but she told me I was basically dead, barely breathing and ghostly white. Thanks to great doctors and nurses about one week later I was well enough to go home from the hospital, with no lasting damage.

Jean Gerald Gilles

I love this videos. Should the phosphate level be high prior to giving insulin for a patient with DKA? Phosphate is needed for glycolysis and there's a lack of insulin or inability of the cell to respond to insulin in DKA, therefore, phosphate can't go in the cell to help metabolize the glucose.

Dave Masse III

Definitely a med student video. A bit advanced for me, but I love learning new things.

Jorge carrejo

If someone that's type 1 diabetic fasts for 3 weeks and 1 week in they only need 2.1 units per day to keep sugars in the range of 65 to 120... Drinking 2 liters of water each day.. Half of which has potassium, sodium and baking soda.. 3/4 of a teaspoon per 750 mL of water.. Is this a recipe for DKA because how little insulin is being used?

Jamie Browning

Can you do a video on intermittent fasting?


Any doctor here can help me answer my question.. when do I have to check my ketonuria level? It was 4+ 10 days ago. And now it's +3 I was not admitted to any hospital because of corona virus. I kept my blood sugar level less than 150 for the past 10 days but my ketonuria is still high. Does it usually take weeks to go down? I'm 14 years old and English is not my 1st language, so please avoid using big words. Thanks

Todd Bouton

Great video, however you clearly showed FA and ACA going into your mitochondria, and you repeatedly said 'moving into the cell, when they were already in the cell in your diagram?  again, nice video

MrsCheddargetter QueenPinkPop


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Plz make good animations bro
U r drawing good but consuming lots of time

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Great video, very clearly explained. Thanks!

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Keep making videos! its helping me a ot


Great video!

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Karen Cheever

You keep saying 'inside the cell' when you should say 'into the mitochondria' for the fatty acids, etc.

That Type1

Im a type 1 diabetic of 29 years and had dka a few years back......ouch!!! Was not pleasant to say the least!!


I'm having a week were dka decided to exist
Nice to know dka doesn't always mean high blood sugar

Emmanuel Obadoni

Excellent ?

Holly Milam

This video was exactly what I was looking for. Fantastic.


the reason there is an increase in potassium is because of its competition with hydrogen on albumin. the more hydrogen, the more it binds to albumin, and the more potassium is released into the blood.

Gopalachary Sangoji

Put 1.25x and listen

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Dr roger ,do you ha ve any videos explaining diabetes 1 and 2?
Thank you for magnificent enlightenment always...

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Nice & concise explanation

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I love your channel you are the best thank you so much

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Is the treatment video out there? I can't find it

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Hi , my pee test have found high cetonic corps (+15) , i am not diabetic my glycemi is normal , what should i eat ?

Kathleen Chambers

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Very nice video also check it https://youtu.be/RWHwqwezLsc

Alejandro Enriquez

minute 6:11.... arent those aldahides not carboxilic acids? (i know spelling sucks)

Diana B

Thank you! You made it much more simple.

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Thanks for your great video. Ketogenic diet along with intermittent fasting is getting very popular. Can you please give us an analysis of this diet in relation to the belief that the cells will switch from using glucose to ketones for energy?

And if this is true, how easy is that source of energy is available in case of an emergency, like for example running to catch a bus?

If you can provide an in depth analysis, that would be so appreciated.

I really hope you cover this topic.

Thanks in advance